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How to craft a fishing rod in minecrft

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How to craft a fishing rod in minecrft
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Fishing Rod







First Appearance

Update 0.11.0

Fishing Rods are Tools that were added in Update 0.11.0.



Fishing Rods are used in the process of Fishing, in which the Player can catch Fish, or other Items.

To fish, the Player must throw the Fishing Rod into a body of Water, and when the bobber bobs down, the Player must reel in the line (aka hit Fish button) and a Fish or other Item may be caught. There is a stream of air bubbles right before the bobber bobs down to indicate that a catch is prominent. 

Fishing Rods can be Enchanted with Lure to increase the speed of catching Items or with Luck of The Sea to increase the times the Player catches treasures. The chance of catching something increases if the Player fishes at nighttime, and even a little more if fishing during rain.

In addition Fishing Rods can also be used to hook Mobs and Players closer, which is useful for pulling them into traps or getting them close enough to hit. It counts as an attack, so they will react as if they were attacked, even though it does not do any damage. However, it takes a long time to kill a Mob using a Fishing Rod.

WoodenButtons and Wooden Pressure Plates can also be triggered by a Fishing Rod.

Fishing Rods can also be used to reel in other certain entities such as falling Armor Stands, Sand, Gravel, Red Sand, Anvils, Concrete Powder and primed TNT.


  • Fishing was supposed to be added in Update 0.9.0 but was delayed due to Ocelots being buggy.
  • When the Player uses a rod to reel in an item, the rod uses 3 points of durability. 
  • Bedrock Exclusive: Fishing Rods have 3D (cubic) fishing bobbers.
  • After Update 0.12.1, fishing takes longer than in Update 0.11.0.
  • After Update 0.14.0, the texture of the Fishing Bobbers is more like the PC version.

Fishing Rod



Dropped by

Drowned (if holding one)

First Appearance

Alpha v1.1.1

Data Values

Hex: 15A

Technical Name

  1. A fishing rod is a Tool primarily used for Fishing in the Overworld.


The primary use for the fishing rod is to catch Raw Cod, Raw Salmon, Tropical Fish, and Pufferfish from any body of water. Catching an item costs 1 durability, reeling in while the hook is on the ground costs 2 durability, and reeling in while in water does not reduce durability.

It can also be used to pull some types of entities and Mobs such as Boats or Minecarts closer to the player. It can also trigger Pressure Plates from a distance.

It is usable as a crafting ingredient with a Carrot to make a Carrot on a Stick, which is used to steer a Pig while riding it.


  • Can be crafted by players, by combining Sticks and String.
  • Enchanted fishing rods can occasionally be caught while fishing, as treasure.
  • A Villager may be willing to trade an enchanted fishing rod in exchange of Emeralds.
  • Can rarely be found in Underwater Ruins.
  • A Drowned may drop a fishing rod if it happens to be holding one.



A fishing rod is usable on any body of Water, from small rivers and ponds, to vast oceans. A player can cast the line by right-clicking the water, while holding the rod. This action will cast the line. Right-clicking again will reel the line in. At maximum Durability, a rod can be cast and reeled in 33 times before it breaks. However, reeling in the line from water before catching anything (or before the hook reaches its destination) does not reduce its durability. The line will "break" automatically if a player wanders more than 34 blocks away from the place the bobber is stuck.

If a fishing line is cast into any body of water, whether natural or player-made, after a while, the bobber on the end of the line will sink briefly, before bobbing back up to the surface and there will be a "splash" sound effect. The line must be reeled in at that precise moment, otherwise the catch will escape. The line can be left indefinitely in the water, to wait for another catch opportunity. If successful, a Raw Fish, Raw Salmon, Clownfish or Pufferfish will fly out of the water, and land somewhere around the player (although it can sometimes fly over a player's head and land far behind them). While waiting for a fish to bite, bubble Particles can be seen in the water, moving closer to the bobber. Items other than fish can occasionally be caught when fishing, such as Saddles, Name Tags, leather boots and Enchanted Books.

If a fishing rod is cast at a mob, item, or entity, the hook will stick in. Clicking again will quickly "reel" the object slightly closer to the player. This is especially helpful when fighting flying mobs, such as a Ghast or Ender Dragon, as they can be dragged into a range more suitable for combat. Similarly, this is also a handy method for retrieving dropped items from hard-to-reach places.


Fishing rods have two exclusive Enchantments that cannot be applied on any other item:

  • Luck of the Sea - Increases the likelihood of catching treasure (such as a Saddle or Name Tag) while Fishing, as opposed to fish
  • Lure - Decreases the time it takes a fish to bite, once the line has been cast in the water.
  • Unbreaking - The fishing rod will become more durable.


  • Fishing rods can be used offensively by right-clicking with the target in the path of the hook. This will do a little bit of knockback to the victim.
  • Fishing rods can be used underwater.
  • If fishing in rain, the time to catch a fish is reduced (about every 15 seconds, on average).
  • Although it was added to Minecraft in an earlier update, the fishing rod did not function until the Halloween Update.
  • All of the enchantments that a fishing rod can have, can be applied to a fishing rod that was caught as treasure.


The Fishing Rod is the tool used for obtaining fish. This article will help the game lovers about how he can make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft with.

  • 1

    Open Minecraft. It's a brown app with a green tuft of grass atop it.

  • 2

    Select a game to load. Make sure that the game you load is in Survival, not Creative.
    • You can also create a new game if need be. Make sure you're in Survival mode if you do so.
  • 3

    Gather the resources needed to build a fishing rod. To build a fishing rod, you will first need to build a crafting table. The total list of resources needed is as follows:
    • Two blocks of wood - Chop two blocks from any tree trunk. You'll use these to create wooden planks, which you'll then use to make the crafting table and the sticks for the rod.
    • Two balls of string - Kill spiders. Spiders, which drop string, can typically be found in the shade or in caves, though they actively come out at night. If you choose to fight spiders at night, make sure you have a safe place to which you can retreat.
  • 4

    Press . This will open your inventory and quick-crafting area.
    • If you've changed the default key bindings, you can press , click Options, and then click Controls to review your computer's Minecraft controls.
  • 5

    Locate the quick-crafting area. It's the two-by-two grid of squares in the top-right corner of the Inventory window.

  • 6

    Click a wood block, then click the crafting area. You should have a stack of two blocks of wood with which to do so.
    • If you chopped your two blocks of wood from two different types of trees, you'll have to turn these blocks into planks separately of one another.
  • 7

    Click the stack of four planks. This icon will appear to the right of the quick crafting area once you drop the wood blocks in.

  • 8

    Right-click each square in the crafting area. Doing so will place each of your four planks in each box of the crafting area.
    • On Mac, you'll use two fingers to click if you're using your computer's track pad.
  • 9

    Click the crafting table icon. It's to the right of the crafting area.

  • 10

    Click your hotbar. It's the row of boxes at the bottom of the screen. This will place your crafting table in your hand.
    • You may have to scroll up or down with your mouse to select the table.
  • 11

    Press again. This will close your inventory.

  • 12

    Select the crafting table, then right-click the ground. Doing so will place it on the ground in front of you.

  • 13

    Right-click the crafting table. This will open the crafting window.

  • 14

    Place a stack of four planks in the crafting table. Simply click the stack of planks and then click any box in the bottom or middle row of the crafting table's interface to do so.

  • 15

    Right-click your stack of planks, then click a box above it. This will halve your stack of planks and place the second half above the first, which will allow you to craft sticks.

  • 16

    Click twice the stick icon. It's on the right side of the crafting area. You should now have sticks on your cursor.

  • 17

    Place your sticks to create the rod. To do this, you'll right-click the bottom-left box in the crafting area, the middle box, and the top-right box. You should have a diagonal line of sticks after doing so.

  • 18

    Place the remaining sticks in your inventory, then click the string. Doing so will select the string.

  • 19

    Place the string to create the fishing line. To do this, you'll right-click the two empty boxes on the far-right side of the crafting grid.

  • 20

    Click the fishing pole icon. It's to the right of the crafting area. Doing this will craft your fishing pole and place it on your cursor.

  • 21

    Click your inventory to save the fishing pole. You can also click your hotbar to have it as an equippable item.

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    Building a fishing rod

    Fishing rods are far more useful than most players realize. Obviously, their primary use is to catch fish, which are abundant and a good source of food. But fishing rods can also reel in junk or treasure (just as in real life).

    An unenchanted rod has an 85 percent chance of catching fish, a 10 percent chance of catching junk, and a 5 percent chance of hauling in some treasure. The odds of catching treasure increase with enchantment. Treasures include a bow, an enchanted book, an enchanted fishing rod, a saddle, name tags, and lily pads.

    Ironically, the junk may not be worthless. If you reel in sticks, string, leather, or tripwire hook, you can use all these items in other recipes. You can also use fishing rods to hook mobs, boats, and minecarts or to activate pressure plates.

    Like other tools, such as swords or pickaxes, a fishing rod has limited durability and can be used only 65 times before breaking.

    To craft a fishing rod, place 3 sticks in an upward diagonal with 2 strings in the lower right blocks.

    Fishing while raining increases the chance of making a good catch.

    This pokemon Fishing Rod Minecraft Items was remixed by Perfumed Copy. Check out other cool remixes by Perfumed Copy and Tynker's community.

    Making enchanted bows/ Fishing rods repairable

    I have built a whole bunch of AFK fish farms in the last 6 months on vanilla java/PC minecraft, and I have seen lots of fishing rods disappear like this. It happens every time your storage fills up. This is why I always make sure to have more storage than needed. On single player I usually setup 8 double chests connected by hoppers. On a server where I've been playing, the performance isn't as good, and I rarely need that many. However, when you're first starting out, losing that one mending/lure3/luck3 rod can really slow you down.

    This is my current setup:

    1) Isolate your fishing setup. One mob will kill you and your rod will despawn. Seems obvious, buy I've had somebody in multiplayer open a door and then left me to die. I'm sure one slime cube could do the same thing.

    2) Put EVERYTHING, including your armor, in a chest before fishing AFK. You should only be risking your rod, nothing else. Yes, I woke up to find all of my equipment in a chest, my rod missing, and then...all my enchanted diamond armor gone that I forgot to take off. Ouch. Don't be this guy.

    3) Make sure and have way too much storage. You can reuse those chests and hoppers later on if you want, but it's not worth the risk of running out and losing your rod.

    I have seen this happen enough times to myself that I am certain this is the problem if you notice that your storage is full and rod is missing after a long AFK session. I don't know WHY you don't get xp/mending, but I know it happens every time the storage fills up, without exception (a couple times I caught it with all full chests, items floating on top of the water, and my rod nearly broken).

    how to craft a fishing rod in minecrft

    The Fishing Rod is the tool used for obtaining fish. This article will help the game lovers about how he can make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft with.

    how to craft a fishing rod in minecrft
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