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How to craft gilded cheese in mousehunt

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How to craft gilded cheese in mousehunt
September 23, 2018 Events Calendar 5 comments

Mousehunt season 3 map

3: 31 PM by mh tehhowch; Archaeology 2. The lowest- priced brand- new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging ( where packaging is applicable). Say I have a ' season 3' treasure map, and I opened it now ( season 5), do the loot.

Finishing this map in the past gives you the following prize: Elaborate Treasure Chest ( Season 3) Elaborate Treasure Chest ( Season 2) Elaborate Treasure Chest ( Season 1) With Rare Map Dust, the prize can be upgraded to: Rare Elaborate Treasure Chest ( Season 3) Rare Elaborate Treasure Chest ( Season 2) Rare Elaborate Treasure Chest ( Season 1). 0 Quick Links: Map SolverTreasure Chest. With Season 6 comes a new type of map: Scavenger Hunts! From the award- winning game studio HitGrab, comes an adventure unlike any other! The Rest of Knight: You will notice that after completing the Big 3, you will probably have a big portion of the Knight rank still to complete.
Inside the treasure chest you' ll find Points, Gold, Ancient Charms, as well as some supplies to help your hunting endeavours at the Fiery Warpath. If you still had not received it after 29 successful maps, upon completing your 30th map, you will automatically be awarded this trap. People frequently will take one or two map helpers on really rare big maps like arduous slayers or giant rainbow, and sell the remaining slots. The third season of the Relic Hunter has now begun!Mousehunt season 3 map. Mία σκηνή από μία κωμωδία για όλη την οικογένεια. Developers of the wildly popular MouseHunt app on Facebook. I' m just finishing up some of the leftover mice from a. A game of epic proportions.

Season Three ended 27 July. With the beginning of Season 3 of Treasure Maps, Bounty Rewards begin rewarding a much smaller selection of items that are targeted at the. I use this site to host all of my MouseHunt tools - - past, present, and future. The MouseHunt version 1.

Toronto, Ontario. Mousehunt map services allows sniping/ slot selling talk too. Sell all the Marble cheese you' re given at the start. Gingerbread House Surprise ( 2200 power ) Strange that the Mousehunt developers didn' t label this as a Limited Edition, since it will probably no longer be available to loot and craft after the Christmas Festive season. You are a hunter, hired by the king to trap the mice that infest his kingdom. MouseHunt is a Facebook game where you set traps to catch various weird and wacky mice.
The latest Tweets from MouseHunt Developers of the wildly popular MouseHunt app on Facebook. Catching 15 mice in Town of Gnawnia or catching 3 mice, including a. 0 was upgraded to version 2. The loot between Season 1 and Season 2 treasure chests is largely similar.

While waiting for the Lord/ Lady promotion, you can either chill out, farm gold, redo some of the goals, catch mice you may have skipped and pretty much everything. Mouse Hunt is a 1997 American dark comedy slapstick film directed by Gore Verbinski in his directorial debut, written by Adam Rifkin and starring Nathan Lane and Lee Evans, and featured William Hickey, who died shortly after the film was shot. 0 on 6 October, boasting significantly improved coding and design. Download page for tehhowch' s MouseHunt Archaeology Map Solver, the Excel- based VBA tool that lets you input and store the list of mice currently on your Treasure Map while also ranking all the location and cheese combinations by usefulness. Can now see how many maps you' ve completed this season within the.

Relic Hunter Treasure Maps are subject to changes in the season of treasure. Find Season 6 Treasure Chests in a whole new way by taking on a Scavenger. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non- retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. I' m a returning player who left around when LAW traps are starting to pop up. I use this site to host all of my MouseHunt tools - - past, present, and future.

This part of the game is not so much an area as it is a scavenger hunt, kind of a combination of the Easter event and tournaments. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective: 02. Arduous Treasure Map detailed information including treasure chest prize, and.

Dusting a Gilded Map will lead to a Rare Gilded Treasure Chest that has double the chance of a. These items are found in each Hard Treasure Chest. The Total Mousehunt FAQ 4 out of 5 Bionic Mice are scared of this site; the 5th simply failed to comment.
There are a few that only allow helpers ( love of maps of mousehunt, mousehunt map helpers, mousehunt map helpers [ mmh]. Απολαύστε την! MouseHunt version 3. Chests from each season will contain rewards only from that season. The Early Levels If you' re just starting the game, pick the Tacky Glue Trap. Finishing this map in the past gives you the following prize: Arduous Treasure Chest ( Season 3) Arduous Treasure Chest ( Season 2) Arduous Treasure Chest ( Season 1) With Rare Map Dust, the prize can be upgraded to: Rare Arduous Treasure Chest ( Season 3) Rare Arduous Treasure Chest ( Season 2) Rare Arduous Treasure Chest ( Season 1).For each mouse you catch, you' ll receive a unique r. Over the years it has developed into a content- rich game, with many paths and possible strategies. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 371, 557 likes · 1, 124 talking about this. Join the excitement when you play as a MouseHunter, tasked by the King to catch the unique and ridiculous mice that have invaded the magical kingdom of Gnawnia!
Completing a Treasure Map found from the Relic Hunter Mouse will now award a " Season Three" chest containing new rewards. The mice here have mastered the elements, namely wind and rain, but live in fear of a terrible creature they call the Mountain Queen: a dragon named Ful' Mina. This group is for people who help on maps.

Join GitHub today. We post here because. Rare Arduous Treasure Chest ( Season 3) · Rare Arduous Treasure Chest.

The new, Limited Edition trap to be found is the Warden Slayer Trap. Amongst all the Season 5 discoveries is a new Warpath Scroll Case containing a treasure map leading to a new Warpath Treasure Chest. The previous special loot from previous seasons are gone. 3, Warden Slayer, 23 June, 27 July. Posted Aug 15, 3: 26pm by Dave Vanderburg.

These Rainbow Scroll Cases contain a massive map with 60. MouseHunt Mappers has 1874 members. MouseHunt is a fun adventure game where players engage in royal quests as a MouseHunter, hired by. It is fun to explore, but there are certain areas where new players might get lost in, not knowing what to do next. Season 3 also changed everything about Treasure Maps, and one of those changes was that the more maps you completed, the better your chance would be at looting this LE trap.

Beyond the Labyrinth and the City of Zokor a secluded region has been found high up in the southern mountains. That' s what this guide is here for. In order to participate, you. Relic Hunter Season 5 has brought with it a new limited edition base that can be found. Guaranteed Items.Season Three chest are no longer awarded, but any such chests in a Hunter' s inventory will still provide rewards as outlined below. Treasure Hunting Kit - Contains 3 Rare Map Dust and 125 SUPER| brie+ ; Season Three Rewards. In wave 3 but happy to go for warmonger.Σαν να βλέπεις Τομ και Τζέρυ. Treasure Map Solver and Mouse Finder for MouseHunt - olf/ mhmapsolver. MouseHunt was officially launched on 7 March after praised responses from 100 beta testers.
Section 1: Gnawnia. ; Go to Shops → Merchants → Cheese Shoppe. 0 was launched on 8 June, reworking several aspects of the game' s mechanics and interface.

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Sidequest: The King's Gauntlet

  • You need to be at least a Hero to earn access to the King's Gauntlet.
  • First obtain a stolen Crown Jewel from a Master Burglar mouse in the Town of Gnawnia or the Bazaar.
    • The Master Burglar mouse is only attracted to either Gilded or Super Brie cheese.
    • Gilded cheese can be obtained from the Burglar mice in either the Harbour, Laboratory, or the Bazaar (the Bazaar probably has a higher population of Burglars, but the Laboratory allows you to collect Radioactive Blue potions at the same time). Burglar mice are most attracted to Brie cheese.
  • Once you have obtained the Crown Jewel, go to the Bazaar. There is a Cartographer there, who can make you a copy of the King's Gauntlet Floor Plans for 50,000 gold and the safe return of the Crown Jewel.
  • The King's Gauntlet is in the "Valour" region, and contains many "tiers", each harder than the last.
  • There is no need to travel between tiers; mice in each tier drop potions that can be used to create cheese needed to attract mice for the next tier.
  • Using regular cheese will attract mice from the first tier, the "puppet" tier:
    • Wound Up White
    • Hapless Marionette
    • Toy Sylvan
    • Clockwork Samurai
    • Puppet Master
    • Sock Puppet Ghost
  • It is recommended that you use Swiss or Marble instead of Brie, as the first tier mice give extremely low rewards.
  • Note that there is a cheese shoppe in the King's Gauntlet, that sells Swiss and Brie. The price here is the same as that in the Town of Gnawnia, thus saving you any return trips.
  • These mice are extremely easy to catch with most Physical or Tactical traps, and drop Gauntlet Potions Tier 2.
  • Note: If you happen to have the Ancient Gauntlet weapon, you may equip it to increase the drop rate of Tier 2 potions.
  • These potions can be used on either Super Brie, Swiss, or Marble to create Gauntlet Cheese Tier 2, used to attract mice from the second tier, the "thief" tier:
    • Impersonator
    • Lockpick
    • Escape Artist
    • Bandit
    • Stealth
    • Rogue
  • Tier 2 mice are best caught with Physical traps, and drop Gauntlet Potions Tier 3
  • Note that the Gauntlet cheese for each tier also has the recommended power type in its description.
  • The cheese made from those potions are used to attract mice from the third tier, the "melee" tier:
    • Fencer
    • Page
    • Beserker
    • Knight
    • Phalanx
    • Cavalier
  • Tier 3 mice are best caught with Tactical traps, and drop Gauntlet Potions Tier 4
  • The cheese made from those potions are used to attract mice from the fourth tier, the "bard" tier:
    • Cowbell
    • Drummer
    • Dancer
    • Fiddler
    • Guqin Player
  • Tier 4 mice are also best caught with Tactical traps, and drop Gauntlet Potions Tier 5
  • The cheese made from those potions are used to attract mice from the fifth tier, the "magic" tier:
    • Black Mage
    • Terra
    • Ignis
    • Zephyr
    • Aquos
  • Tier 5 mice are best caught with Shadow traps, and drop Gauntlet Potions Tier 6
  • The cheese made from those potions are used to attract mice from the sixth tier, the "noble" tier:
    • Sacred Shrine
    • White Mage
    • Paladin
  • Tier 6 mice are best caught with Arcane traps, and drop Gauntlet Potions Tier 7
  • The cheese made from those potions are used to attract mice from the seventh tier, the "dust" tier:
  • Tier 7 mice are best caught with Hydro traps, and drop Gauntlet Potions Tier 8
  • The Fiend is worth 50,000 gold per catch!
  • The cheese made from those potions are used to attract the sole mouse of the eighth and final tier, the Eclipse Mouse.
  • It is best caught with a Forgotten trap. They give a 300,000 gold reward upon capture!
  • Summary:
    TierThemeRec. Power Type

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MHG Search

and move | Town of Gnawnia | Buy cheese; Do the bounties; Rank up and move | Great Gnarled Tree, Collect potions, craft gnarled cheese, hunt with Bazaar, Catch burglar; Use Gilded cheese to catch Master Burglar.

On the 8th June 2010, MH had released a new location called King's Gauntlet in Valour region.

A quotes from Dave Vanderburg:
As many hunters are already aware, a new location is now open! The Valour region is home to the King's Gauntlet, the King's challenge to MouseHunters everywhere! If you've been away, or are looking for a few more details about this new, exciting area, read on, hunter!
To access the Gauntlet, you will need to purchase floor plans from the Cartographer in the Harbour. Before the Cartographer will sell you the plans, you will have to prove your dedication to the King by capturing a Master Burglar and recovering a Crown Jewel. The Master Burglar can be hunted in the Town of Gnawnia or the Burroughs Bazaar by using SUPERbrie+ or Gilded cheese. Gilded cheese can be looted from normal Burglar mice scattered throughout the world.
The King’s Gauntlet works on a tier system, where Hunters advance to the next floor by hunting with cheese that they collect on the current floor. The King is paying close attention to which hunters amass the most potions before opening the next floor. By order of the King, the potions you collect cannot be used until specified dates. The poster below outlines when each floor of the Gauntlet will open.
Now, the entireKingdom is wondering: Who will collect the most potions, and be the first to catch the mysterious Eclipse mouse? The King is offering a 300,000 gold reward for the Eclipse Mouse’s capture, and that Hunter could be you!

The construction of King's Gauntlet & King's Stockade.

Then how to start accessing to King's Gauntlet in Valour region. First of all to catch Master Burglar mouse which are available in Town of Gnawnia and Bazaar. The main bait preference for Master Burglar mouse are SuperBrie+ and Gilded cheese. Once Master Burglar mouse is caught, it drops a loot of brie cheese, Crown Jewel and Satchel of Gold (1,000 gold).Then travel to Harbour store to find a cartographer to buy King's Gauntlet Floorplan with a cost of 50,000 gold. The Floorplan will be ready within one hour while hunting mice in Harbour. Once the Floorplan is completed, the map of King's Gauntlet has been updated.

Then, proceed to a new world of King's Gauntlet in Valour region which requires a minimum rank of Apprentice. Mice in this location may steal points, gold or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.

The toy mice of Tier One on the first floor:

On the 15th June 2010, a thief mice on the second floor has been released.

A quotes from Dave Vanderburg:
Tier two mice of the King's Gauntlet are now released. The King will now allow hunters to use their Tier Two Gauntlet Potions to produce the cheese required to hunt the next tier of mice!
The thieving mice on the second floor of the King's Gauntlet can't keep their hands off Tier Two Gauntlet Cheese. To keep the little pickpockets from getting away with too much of your cheese, use a physical trap to stop them in their tracks.
Tier Two now makes the following mice available:

On the 22nd June 2010, a melee mice on the third floor has been released.A quotes from Dave Vanderburg:
Tier three mice of the King's Gauntlet are now released! The King will now allow hunters to use their Tier Three
Gauntlet Potions to produce the cheese required to hunt the next tier of mice!
When you equip Tier Three Gauntlet Cheese, you can expect the sword fighting mice on the third floor of the King's Gauntlet to slash their way through just about anything to try and get it. To counteract their amazing swordsmanship, make sure to use a tactical trap.
Tier three now makes the following mice available:

On the 29th June 2010, a bard mice on the fourth floor has been released.

A quotes from Dave Vanderburg:
Tier four mice of the King's Gauntlet are now released! The King will now allow hunters to use their Tier Four
Gauntlet Potions to produce the cheese required to hunt the next tier of mice!
The music-making mice on the fourth tier of the King's Gauntlet rely on this cheese blend to make their taste buds sing. Bards can be quite wily, so using a strong tactical trap will help the aspiring hunter stay on-key.
Tier four now makes the following mice available:On the 2nd July 2010, a magic mice on the fifth floor has been released.A quotes from Dave Vanderburg:
Tier five mice of the King's Gauntlet are now released! The King will now allow hunters to use their Tier Five
Gauntlet Potions to produce the cheese required to hunt the next tier of mice!
Tier five is where the mice of the Gauntlet begin to garner a greater reward for their capture. Each tier draws hunters close to the Eclipse Mouse and the 300,000 gold reward for its capture, use shadow trap.
Tier five now makes the following mice available:On the 5th July 2010, a noble mice on the sixth floor has been released.A quotes from Dave Vanderburg:
Tier six mice of the King's Gauntlet are now released! The King will now allow hunters to use their Tier Six
Gauntlet Potions to produce the cheese required to hunt the next tier of mice!
Tier six mice are quite valuable! Paladin mice are worth more than 25,000 points while White Mage and Sacred Shrine mice are worth 9,000 gold each, use arcane trap.
Tier six now makes the following mice available:On the 7th July 2010, a dust mice on the seventh floor has been released.A quotes from Dave Vanderburg:
Tier seven mice of the King's Gauntlet are now released! The King will now allow hunters to use their Tier Seven Gauntlet Potions to produce the cheese required to hunt the next tier of mice!
Tier seven mice are extremely valuable! Fiend mice are 50,000 gold and 72,000 points per catch, use hydro trap.
Tier seven now makes the following mice available:On the 9th July 2010, a eclipse mouse on the eighth and final floor has been released.A quotes from Dave Vanderburg:
The eight and final tier of the King's Gauntlet is now released! The Eclipse mouse awaits hunters who have managed to hunt their way through all the tiers of the gauntlet to acquire the extraordinarily rare Gauntlet Potion Tier 8.
The Eclipse is an extremely powerful mouse and only has one notable weakness. Although, it is possible to capture the Eclipse using any power type, discovering its true weakness will make for an almost guaranteed catch.
Congratulations to any hunters that has made it this far - You have proven to be well equipped with a variety of traps and a sense of patience that is vital to any successful hunter. The journey to the top of the King's Gauntlet has been a long one, needing equipment gathered from across the entire map. Capturing an Eclipse is a sign of a seasoned hunter, who has mastered nearly every region within the game.
Once again, a big congratulations to those have made it this far, and good luck against the mysterious Eclipse Mouse!
Trap setup: Forgotten trap

Season 5 treasure chest mousehunt

how to craft gilded cheese in mousehunt

how to craft the builder buildcraft
How to use magic to craft paper
how to craft taser gun catalyst ticket on game of dice
How to make a hat craft life
how to stain a wood craft box
How do you add people to your plot on destruction craft
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How to sell your homemade crafts online
Whoo hoo! So it has begun... actually I thought it has already begun but the news appears to be only on the 27th July which is about 4 days ago?!?

I was wondering why there was a spike in site visitations ;)

Anyways happy hunters, I can't start documenting my experience yet because I am stuck in a map with only the owner of the map who has gone M.I.A. .... it happens I gues :/

Anywasy I can only embark on the chase for the next Treasure Chest limited edition trap after this map.... soo...  ermm stay tuned I guess :)

Feel free to share your thoughts while I have nothing to offer you :p

You can find more details at the MH wiki

But in Summary:

New Trap:

The Crystal Mineral Crusher Trap. 
8000 Power
10% Power
5% Attraction
5 Luck
Special effect: Provides bonus Minerals when finding any as loot
Requirements: 50,000,000 points to equip, so its really for people already hunting there? BUT you can still have it even if you do not have the points, you just cannot equip it... yet :)

Remember! the trap drop is not a guarantee! The more season 4 chests you open, the greater your chances of finding the limited edition trap!
If you still do not have the trap after opening 29 chests, the 30th is a guaranteed drop.

Gilded Treasure Maps

There is also the limited time only Gilded Treasure Maps, these have more goodies, but is a paid product :) Go see the the wiki for details and if you like it, do support the devs for providing this sweet game ;)

like me :p

Slayer Treasure Maps

There is also a map within a map!!!! the Slayer Treasure Maps! These are tougher and from the description is for trasure map addicts :p
(again, please read the wiki for the details)

Some Changes

There also other changes to gameplay, mostly positive, like the Relic mouse not eating your cheese when you encounter it... hmmm thats weird thematically but I guess it is for those ppl hunting with specialised hard to craft cheese :p
Changes to consolation prizes too! So go read the wiki :p

Happy Hunting ppl!
[20160731 12:43]

Labels: 2016, MouseHunt, nh, Relic Hunter Mouse

Gilded cheese can be obtained from the Burglar mice in either the Laboratory or the Bazaar (the Bazaar probably has a higher population of.

Item Database

Hello Mousehunt Heroes…

Welcome to you all in the quiet, peacefull times of no-events and a somewhat confumbled return to our Mousehunt-chores. I am so happy there was for once not much news in the Kingdom. At least not much that i could keep up with: I might have had a black out, cause i couldn’t see what everyone is writing anymore. These eye-problems of mine, amongst others, have been the reason i was able to spend much time on Mousing & Mibbling these past 6 months. Changes are to come to this, more about that at the very end of this Mibbler so just read on and you will get to that. Take your time reading, no hurries mate!

First things first: some mouse-things did happen in the mean time…

Short recap:

– Ronza has left Gnawnia and the Hope Mouse came into Action! (official news Post)
– Charm pack 1 is released Charm Pack #1 Released (official news post)

Almost everybody seems back to what they still had to do or finish, whether it be restocking gold, or finding the next bet, the next crown or finally catching their (next) missing mouse. A few mousehunters have been explicitly hunting Hope mice… and the Hope is badly needed with the weather circumstances in Queensland this last month! 
Probably besides that badly needed for a lot of mousers out there anywayz. But they are limited and will go ‘lay low’ soon! How soon? No exact clue.

Oh and ehm, anybody waiting for a Chinese New year event or at least some happy wishes in Mousehunt? Remember the devs do use an outer-space-calender!

King’s Luck Charms on “first” mouse-catch

When a hunter has caught a mouse for the first time and publishes it, you can claim luck charms from their profile-page post. It reads like this: “xxx caught a Bottled Mouse for the first time! To celebrate xxx’s hard work the King is giving out Luck Charms!”
Hmmm, nice way to get more luck charms! At times i am getting this as a result: “Sorry, you may only claim 10 gifts per day.”  So it seems there is a connection between these charms and the gifts.

New on FB This week: FB-connect problems

“The FB Connect site is acting up a bit! Please stick to MouseHunt on Facebook while this is sorted out. Thanks! – MouseHunt” Indeed my friends page and -functionality is still a bit on the slow-side...

Which reminds me: never forget to check in on the Current Known Issues (Last updated 2nd Feb 6.30pm GMT)

Jacob Johnson’s IceWing painting video

From -The Artist Formerly Known as Mousstachio- comes a mouse-painting video. It was painted live during a very special Feedback Friday by Jacob Johnson who took everyone’s suggestions as they continually flowed in and created a mouse truly designed by the community.

Icewing Painting Video [HQ]

Feedback Friday – 3 of those!

Of course we all wonder if the armed Charm will show on our hunter’s profile pages someday? Turns out, it was an oversight. Next we got a little insight on the intricate workings of luck: “Luck is not linear it’s exponential meaning the more you have the more effective it is.” News about the Baron area? They’re pushing hard to complete it by early February but they don’t want to rush it…..

Read all this and more in the reviews of the 21st:
– Jeremiah’s: Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 21st Jan
– and The-always one click away-Review: FBF Review 21 Jan 2011

The second FBF (28th jan.) is full of dry Doughnuts crumbs, but the Juicy stuff is about charms (they will never be smashable!) and about Luck in the Gauntlet (which comes down to 10 luck x 0.000001 lootdrop = … still an infinitesimal bit of higher lootdrops).
Besides that we still wondered  whether we will sometime be able to see images of charms on our traps? The answer is: The devs tried a bunch of different designs but nothing was cool enough. Feel free to submit your ideas!
– MHCC – ultimate surprise writer! :D Jessica is back! – review: *** Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 28th Jan. ***
– Review delivered by Tofu in T(he)TT no.69

Feedback Friday on 4th of february announces that the Lunar New Year and Valentine Day festivities will not be a big event. It is due shortly: New Year will last about 2 weeks and over lap with Valentines day’s. And yes, they are keeping us on our toes re Baron-area… *looking good!* There is some explanation to the extension version numbers of the game, and a lot of talk about Franco’s shop indeed. (Salt people salt!)
– Go read the Feedback Friday Review by MHCC 4th Feb

== Forum Features: What’s keeping hunters busy? ==

Helpful places on both Charms & Orbs

You are getting these links from me, to check if you know-it-all:
– Orb List
– Charms recipes in first post & Orb droppers in spreadsheet: Orbs Loot list
– Compiled info on orbs/charms (includes a faq & on the Old Forums): Compiled List of Orb Drops, Charms, and other Update Info!
– Note: You can use the “Send Supplies” option to give orbs to friends.

– Charm recipe chart – nice graphics! – from the MHA, made by Ninz A.
– A rather complete source that started during the race on the new forums (and sorta missed the “Firsts” on the old forum) is: Collection of Charm recepy’s (so far)
– And now that they are around & tried for a bit, there is the Charm page on The Guide to Mousehunt. Recipes, stats and effects of all charms are included.

It sure was a Race: finding the recipe’s…

For first hunters deciphering pack 1 charm recipe’s i have these names:

Elizabeth K.was first for the Antiskele Charm Recipe! (source: The Antiskele Charm Recipe!)
James H. first for Prospector’s charm (source: Prospector’s Charm Recipe)
Ben L. appeared to be first for: rotten charm
Lewis H. appeared to be first for – Anchor Charm (both in: Recipe testing thread)
Robert S. appeared to be first for the Dragonbane (source: Dragonbane Baby!!!!)
Draobyek appeared to be first for the scientist charm (source: Scientist Charm)
Huge congrats to you all on fastness & inventiveness! :)

What to use the Ultimate Luck Charm (ULC) for?

Some hunters wonder about this, and Ahmed put out a poll which makes it possible to see some big-numbers-outcome: most answers go to T7 & “other” ( which may or may not mean something that is yet to come…).
source: what are you going to use the ultimate luck charms for?

We long to know if the Ultimate Luck Charm gives any significant increase in the chance for a Zugzwang’s Left sock from the Chessmaster. But don’t count on it, cause 20 luck times a insignificant small chance is still an insignificant small chance… no, the ULC won’t help in the cases of extremely rare drops like the left sock.
source: ULC for Sock?

UPDATED!!! The Petition for the Tweak of Tiki’s Stats in Tribal Isles…

Do you remember the petition for the Tiki tweak? This is the updated version… and after looking at the votes, who are fairly distributed but slightly in favor of tweaking, the petition now takes  a new turn: The active hunters in this thread have decided to back up their idea with numbers and stats , they have send an email directly to the devs & support.

Numbers & stats lead to this conclusion for now: “Regardless of what the devs are saying, it’s clear that the runic base is certainly not making the mice drop runes double the time compared to other bases. In fact, for ALL of the cases examined, it is dropping runes less frequently per catch.”

Like Dave D. says:  “There’s nothing to say that They™ are not investigating the Runic Issue behind the scenes. Sure it would be nice if they told us they were looking into it”

source: Some Runic base data
source:: UPDATED!!! The Petition for the Tweak of Tiki’s Stats in Tribal Isles…

Now that we are back to hunting Mysterious boxes, we want to know…

We are again seriously wondering (yes we did this before) whether anything else then runes is in these boxes. 

While we all know that Runes are (by far) the most common, we don’t know the exact answers to these questions. Chad M’s initiative wants to investigate: “What percentage of the boxes contain Runes? What percentage of the boxes contain Rumble cheese? What percentage of the boxes contain Fire Salt?”

Here is the spreadsheet of current data with the probability of getting Runes vs. Rumble, etc…

Over time, and with a high enough sample size (more and more new submissions), the spreadsheet will become more accurate… so here is the form to submit your data

source: Contents of Mysterious Boxes (dropped by Acolyte) – *Data Collection Thread*

Gnawnia News Network: Live from the Elub Shores

…where hunters can relax after a hectic day battling dragons….

Rumors are spreading that a small group of Divas and Dominators are discussing a new Battle of the Sexes.. The GNN reporter has personally seen Elizabeth Kitterman entering a small hunting cab…in with several male hunters…stay tuned!! – source: ~*~*~The Ultimate BotS~*~*~

[Kitterman here:] “Guilty! There is talk of it! And it’ll def. be dragons as that’s all we know. But rest assured it won’t be happening in the coming months, more like 6 or more months from today. Could be August, Could be November so please do not change your current plans just yet.”

The Divas have responded to this great prospect with catching the very First Known Silver Crown for Dragons!!
On january 30th in the early morning hours (3:40 am in gmt that is), Maz B. reported this: “Dracano, I caught my 100th Dragon Mouse and earned a Silver King’s Crown! 
I can view my trophy crowns on my hunter profile.” Congrats Maz!

This reporter has as of yet not heard a worthy response from the Dominators side, although, yes, hmmm: a rumor has it that famous hunter Curt S. is quietly leaving the scene of the upcoming battle. He left this message: “Geoff I am skipping this round of Doms/Divas battle, the addition of the Dragonbane charms really messes things up.” – post 230 in: Dragon Dominators !!
We are sorry to see Curt go, but he has a point! (I think.)

How many Boss mice have you got?

Is this the next thing after Crowns and after the 90% Club? (Nonono i am not going to explain the latter!) Is it finally officially coming, this adaption to the idea of a “boss’ in the game? (see the sneak peek taken when the game was glitchy!)

We can always apply a wink & mountains of Salt-miner’s Salt to this! I thought the King was Boss! Grrr. For anyone not playing some other (video-)games the concept of a boss mouse may be weird: a reference.
But whatever: just count how many you have got! Without my 106 Mojo’s (they don’t count for some reason) i have 73 at the mo. ^^

There are 8 of the Bosses inside Mousehunt that count for this count, go see which ones: >> How many Boss Mice have you got?

And while you at it (but not yet with impressive numbers perhaps?), you can dive into this Bronze Bosses Challenge (on the old forum): >>  The Boss Mice Bronze Challenge

Furoma’s Log Summarizer back up!

After some time having a well deserved break, and after some time – and still – working on an overhaul, Furoma (formerly known as Pooflinger) is getting back with us, step by step. Submissions to the database are also working properly, so do help by posting your results here:

No Duke-Duchess Rank Collecting Stats?!

Just repeating for the good cause: 
Mousehunt Horn Tracker said: “Still no Duke or Duchess sounding the horn with horn tracker installed. Really wonder who’ll be first.”

source: MouseHunt Horn Tracker

* Quick & Usefull Tips:

– First news is: the old forums won’t die! One piece of proof, although now a week out of order and thus ‘old’, may be/have been this one: THE OLDIES THREAD! (People who have been here for years, are bored and now lurk).
Like Chua Zhihong says: “It’s like they live in a different world there, completely unaware of this [new] forum…”
Tactical Trap Comparison by The Guide: The Tactical section is done!
– The loot glitchpaws drop in specific locations remains the same every time they come. It’s listed in the wiki at
– 500 Sensei’s caught! Yannick V. is the first to report a Sensei Gold Crown! Congratulations Yannick! source: First Dojo Sensei Gold crown!
– And to get that Big Bad Burroughs What am I possibly doing wrong? Trevor H. has the answer: “What You are doing wrong is coming to the conclusion that you are doing something wrong.”
Never Ever sell your traps! (Not even whenR. is around!) See for yourselfs on the first post: What’s the dumbest mistake that you have made in mousehunt?
– Suggestion you may want to support: Order trap selector by most recently used
– No need to set up an account before expressing your support for the above suggestion: just click on the FB connect button on top of the forums and it automatically makes a profile for you using your FB settings and names and pics and such.
Don’t wanna see them at times awefull signatures on the new Forum? Go to your settings-page: and click on the left hand side on ‘general settings’, scroll down to ‘show signatures’ and un-check! 
Phew, that makes for a readable nice difference! Should be disabled by default, if you ask me.
iPhone App: The issue behind the constant “session expired” error has been found. Hopefully all of you suffering from “session expired” errors will be able to join everyone on the hunt with your iPhones. The release is available now on the app store! source: iPhone App – Issue found for constant “session expired” error

– Just so you remember to spread the guides around: Guides for New Players

– And pssst: This Just In! (Thanks to Taraka P.)
“I caught a Nugget Mouse! But i never knew we could get Onyx Stones outside of Furoma! >> “I checked my trap and found that I had caught a mouse! I caught a 2 oz. Nugget Mouse worth 6,875 points and 550 gold. The mouse also dropped the following loot:1 Onyx Stone”

==== Rumors… Opinions & Stories ====

Chinese New year! happy Year of the Rabbit to all!

In FBF it has become clear it is not going to be as big as an “Event’. Still we are rather curious, and looking forward to it! Personally, i am very much looking forward to the Year of the Rabbit! * sighs *
Earlier i said something about the dev’s calender in this Mibbler. Next to that we must consider this one the dev’s side, as you realise they work with codes, yes? Ah, well, Captain Barbossa would say about that: “the code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.” So Patience, Patience!

In the mean time we can enjoy this spectacular ideas and suggestion on the forum for a Lion Dance Trap – It really looks amazing! Go see the Lion Dance Trap >>
*** Disclaimer: Remember this is made up, and suggested by a fellow mousehunter for the devs to pick up, it is not anything we expect to be released soon in the game! ***

The original thread for further details: Improved Lion Dance Trap and a new Red Envelope Base

* I am Silth hunting, so what!

Whenever i feel like! Doh. I don’t get all this “hold onto your cheese” stuff. But another courageous hunter was kept from Silth hunting on grounds of a map-rumor. Luckily a person of some authority has sprinkled some salt on that rumor as well. I quote:

“The Silth has been “supposed to drop a map piece” for almost a year now (seeing as it’s been meant for a map piece since its release in March of 2010). Waiting to get the Silth on the hope of a map piece is like waiting to buy a trap in the hope that Ronza is coming.” – SdH

Thread: 710 Wicked Gnarly Silth Lagoon Run

Share your Zug’s Tower-Limited-SB+ Strategies!

Yes another ZT thread, but we all want to find out WHEN to use that sb+ if we are going to use limited sb+ in a run. Start straight with it to get the pawns out of the way and keep a high amp as possible for the tougher pieces? Or get through it on gouda & wait with the sb+ for the Rooks & Queen?
Read all and intricate thoughts on this: sorry for yet another ZT thread, but…

Of course the other burning question about sb+ in the Tower is: How much sb+ does one use in a Towerrun? And the answer is: “It’s all dependent on your own tolerance of failure.” – SdH
Still, if you want to gain some more feedback on this you may want to look into this exchange of thoughts & experiences:
source: How much SB in Zugzwang’s Tower run?

To Rewers Riposte in Zug’s Tower – or not to

Chua Zhihang: “I’m fairly sure the Rewer’s Riposte is better in the tower at catching mice as well. Whether it’s better for completing runs is another matter though. (…) Some of us have been using RR/magma recently in the tower, and it’s crazy good at high amps against knights and bishops. TOO good, such that when we are having trouble attracting rooks, they catch almost all the knights/bishops that come up.
That’s why OAT/BPT are definitely still the best for completing runs in tower, but RR/Mag may actually be better than them at high amps. I’m thinking ZFM may actually be better at doing a run, since it misses more of the stray knights and bishops.”

source: is Rewers Riposte beter than the ZFM?

Zug’s Tower planning

Yes. There is this thing with the Tower: when in your busy week is the time right & ripe to go in on a Towerrun? And how long do these runs usually, or roughly, run for? And how active or passive can we run in the Tower?
One answer is: “I’ve finished tower runs in a day, but often they take 2 and sometimes 3. Depends too much on your luck and traps available.” And i would add: depends on the cheese too.
Some of hunter’s observations on Tower-planning are shared in this thread: Zugzwangs Tower – Planning Help.

That @#$%&%$#@ Gauntlet!

Where are the potions? I noticed many hunters crying out for the T4 potions in pain. Personally i have been avoiding the Gauntlet much after getting to the top once. But for those braving that experience there is some advice available these days. One of which is: be aware the potion drops drop significantly after level 2!
source: Where are the Gauntlet Tier 4 potions??

Another advice consists of a list by George O. to get you through the tiers, better still: on which aspect to prioritize in your setup, on which tiers!
source: CLT or CoT; HB or DDA; Acro or Arby @ KG

And please take it from the statisticians that there is: “ … absolutely no correlation” for Luck & drop rates of potions in the Gauntlet. Or there is, but it is infinitesimal small small small. Like Michael M states: “The devs have said that luck affects drop rate, in general, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the gauntlet is its own beast and the drop rate is the drop rate, regardless of how lucky or powerful the setup is. I think its just supposed to be difficult, an endurance test of your horn sounding.”
To be complete on this: the latest FBF says Luck kinda works, but more so on mice that normally drop stuff. For rare drops, its a very small difference – so small you are bound not to notice it individually.
source: Tier I Drop Rates vs. Luck

Still many many hunters, and ever new ones each day, wonder about how many potions they need on the first level to make it on top? The shortest answer is: nothing is guaranteed in mousehunt, and especially not in the Gauntlet!
The long answer is here, and i would advise anyone to especially look on the last info-graphic:

One plain straight forward observation to add: IM or ABT for eclipse mouse?
Kitteh says:”ABT. Wouldn’t want to risk restarting the Gauntlet would you?”
source: IM or ABT for eclipse mouse?

Highly unpredictable but going in one direction: sb+ prices

Hans C. wondered: ”Sb+ prices: Do you think it will go down because of orbs?”
We don’t think so. Chad M. summarized: “SB+ prices will, barring fluctuations here and there, gradually rise, rise, rise, rise, rise……
It was “stable” around 800 for the first quarter of 2009… Then “stable” around 1500 for the first quarter of 2010… Now “stable” around 4500 for the first quarter of 2011…”

Join any price speculations in here: Sb+ prices
For following Superbrie trends visually >>

Have you been in cryopreservation state lately?

Please do wake up and help this hunter out, he needs advice for catching the Demetastabilization Mouse!

source: Need advice for the Demetastabilization Mouse

Do the Mousehunt Quiz & don’t Cheat!

It’s 18 mousehunt related questions! Just 4 minutes! It is NOT a piece of cake! 
(I failed…) But you can do it!

how to craft gilded cheese in mousehunt

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: How to Make Sbrinz Style Cheese

Most Updated High Quality MouseHunt Guide Maki cheese could be required for this assignment, however if that's the case and you don't have If you can't or not planning to craft Onyx Mallet, then smash this assignment. mice in the Town of Gnawnia (Use Gilded Cheese); 6 Luscious Lumbers from Kung Fu, Monk.

how to craft gilded cheese in mousehunt
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