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How to craft makeshift rope dayz

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How to craft makeshift rope dayz
February 08, 2019 Events Calendar 3 comments

There are endless ways to die in DayZ, from the infected to overdosing on morphine, death will always catch up to you. However, there are ways to delay the inevitable, so we created an in-depth list of 100 Dayz tips and tricks to help you survive for longer.


DayZ Tips (Beginner’s Tips: 1-25)

These tips are for those who are new to the game and will include the most basic aspects of survival in DayZ.

  • 1. Use an online map, such as iZurvive, to help you navigate around the game.
  • 2. Bandanas can be used as a bandage
  • 3. Rags can be disinfected with alcohol to prevent infection.
  • 4. Rope can be created with 12 rags – combine 2 stacks of 6 together
  • 5. Melee weapons add too much weight, use a can of food instead
  • 6. Food and drink are commonly found at the small wooden boats around the coast
  • 7. Killing zombies is a great way to get supplies such as food, drink, batteries, tools etc.
  • 8. Tools are most commonly found in sheds/farms
  • 9. Crouching will be less likely to alert zombies than walking/running
  • 10. Zombies can attract each other by screaming
  • 11. Drinking water from a pond/stream has a chance to make you ill
  • 12. Antibiotics are used to clear illnesses/infections
  • 13. Use duct tape to repair weapons, tools, bags and other similar items
  • 14. Using a sewing kit will stitch up your wounds or repair civilian clothing
  • 15. Use a leather sewing kit to repair military gear
  • 16. When an item is ruined, it is unable to be repaired. Once a ruined item is removed, it can no longer be re-equipped
  • 17. Sprint until your stamina bar is half full – this gives you to have a reserve of stamina in case you get attacked
  • 18. Your character is heavier when wet, reducing your stamina
  • 19. When wet, you become cold, causing your health to decreases. Find a source of heat/shelter to dry off.
  • 20. Road flares can be used to light fires
  • 21. You can store water in containers such as bottles and cooking pots
  • 22. Rags are better than bandages in terms of inventory space
  • 23. Wear waterproof clothing to keep yourself and your items dry
  • 24. When hitting zombies, aim slightly above their heads in 1st person to guarantee headshots
  • 25. Wearing a backpack makes you much louder

DayZ Tips (Intermediate Tips: 26-50)

Our intermediate tips are for those who’ve already put a few hours into the game but want to prolong their survival experience.

  • 26. You jump higher with your weapon out
  • 27. Rags can be stored in your mouth as a gag
  • 28. The ‘press’ police vest is just as strong as a plate carrier
  • 29. Combine a rope with a burlap sack and sticks to make an improvised backpack
  • 30. It only takes 9-10 hits to knock you unconscious from a zombie, and 27-30 to kill you.
  • 31. Apples, plums and pears are found in certain trees
  • 32. Stones spawn alongside trails and train tracks
  • 33. Mushrooms spawn around trees, trails and hay bails. They are edible and do not cause any poisonous effects.
  • 34. Sharing a canteen with an ill/infected player has a chance to give you their sickness
  • 35. Combining a bottle and duct tape will craft an improvised suppressor
  • 36. Weapons are more likely to jam when badly damaged
  • 37. Always carry a lockpick – they can only be unlocked by another lockpick
  • 38. Not wearing shoes makes you much quieter, but causes you to bleed
  • 39. Jump when you’re wounded, this makes you almost as fast as when you’re sprinting
  • 30. Items and water can be stored inside a cooking pot, making it the best container
  • 41. The description of a weapon will tell you which type of ammo it takes
  • 42. Your weapon will always reset to single fire upon rejoining the game
  • 43. You can adjust the firing range of your weapon to decrease the amount of bullet drop. For example, shooting over a 500m distance on 500m firing range will eliminate the need to adjust the crosshairs vertically
  • 44. Drinking from a bottle is much faster than drinking from your hands
  • 45. A hunting/combat knife can be stored inside of an assault boot
  • 46. The shipwreck north of Berezino spawns military gear
  • 47. Red radio towers are great locations to find weapons
  • 48. Cooked food will give more energy
  • 49. You can restrain players using different items such as rope, duct tape, metal wire, barbed wire and handcuffs (in order of effectiveness)
  • 50. Hit a person who is struggling whilst restrained to cancel the struggling animation

DayZ Tips (Advanced Tips: 51-75)

Here’s where things start to get complicated. These advanced DayZ tips and tricks are for the more experienced player and will cover everything from advanced movement to life-saving skills.

  • 51. Clouds always head to the east
  • 52. Power lines always lead to towns
  • 53. The clock on the tower in Chernarus displays the exact time of day in that server
  • 54. Refil canisters at gas pumps from petrol stations (or gas stations for you Americans)
  • 55. Before reloading, chamber a bullet in your gun for an extra shot
  • 56. Performing the heart emote with tents/sea chests allow you to carry them faster (F3)
  • 57. Jumping while reloading cancels the reload and drops the magazine by your feet
  • 58. When carrying heavy objects, walk backwards and continuously drop and pick up the item you’re holding. This is much faster than walking
  • 59. Barrels can be dropped in water, where they are out of sight
  • 60. In base building, a hatchet can be used instead of a hammer to construct structures
  • 61. Use a hacksaw on a log to get 3 planks
  • 62. Planks can also be found at sawmills in lumber piles. Sawing through lumber piles will give you the planks
  • 63. Players can boost over base walls
  • 64. Aggroed zombies can run through player built structures
  • 65. Containers such as cooking pots and protective cases are just as persistent as tents and barrels
  • 66. The handheld tranceiver has a range of up to 3km, whereas the base radio has a range of 20km
  • 67. Putting items inside containers will protect them from bullets
  • 68. Use a knife to cut seeds out of vegetables
  • 69. Craft armbands out of raincoats, then craft the armbands into 5 rags
  • 70. Use ALT (PC) or the right bumper (console) whilst running to free look without changing direction
  • 71. Take out your weapon much faster by putting it on the left side of your backpack
  • 72. Make sure you wear gloves when sliding down a ladder as this will prevent bleeding
  • 73. Green storage containers, located all around the map, spawn military gear
  • 74. You can attach the assault backpack to the assault vest (Smersh vest)
  • 75. Eating the fat from a human body will not give you Kuru (a brain disease)

DayZ Tips (Expert Tips: 76-100)

Finally, our expert DayZ tips and tricks are for the fully adept players who want to significantly expand their existing range of skills

  • 76. Tying yourself up with duct tape and breaking free will give you a full roll of duct tape
  • 77. Spamming the crouch button whilst reloading a magazine is quicker
  • 78. Taking your barrel attachment off while aiming through a window/wall will stop your gun from pointing upwards
  • 79. Falling against a wall allows you to see through it
  • 80. Radios that are on the ground can still be spoken through
  • 81. Testing your blood with a blood test kit displays your blood type above your HUD (see the chart above for blood type info)
  • 82. You can saw the barrel off a Mosin or BK rifle to reduce its size. However, this significantly increases recoil and wear rate
  • 83. Cut open the body of a dead player inside a car in order to get the loot
  • 84. Locks only have 1000 combinations so can be guessed easily
  • 85. Eating human flesh will cause your character to laugh and twitch – a sure warning sign for any other players
  • 86. Craft a hand drill kit from bark and a stick. This will allow you to ignite a fire as an alternative to matches
  • 87. A fire can be crafted in houses with a fireplace, however smoke will come from the chimney alerting nearby players
  • 88. Following the chicken’s call in the morning will lead you to a chicken
  • 89. Raising your hands just as you pick up a heavy item will put you in a glitched state which is quicker than walking
  • 90. Cut down a tree, bury a container full of items in the tree’s location and after the server resets your items will be well hidden
  • 91. Bury a stash in a graveyard, train track or under a radio tower, as there will be no pile showing where the stash is
  • 92. The tank in Chernarus allows you to clip inside it, making you invisible
  • 93. Use a long stick as storage for vegetables, fruits and meats
  • 94. It’s possible to load both slugs and buckshot rounds into the same shotgun
  • 95. Similarly, you can load both tracer and non-tracer rounds into the same gun
  • 96. Gunshots can be heard from up to 3.5km away
  • 97. Put a battery of a headtorch into your Hotbar, spam it to make the headtorch flicker
  • 98. Most surfaces in DayZ are penetrable with bullets
  • 99. Set your graphics settings to low. This makes grass and trees render in 2D, making enemies stick out easily
  • 100. When swimming in water, carry 3 pieces of cooked meat to avoid getting cold

You’ve reached the end of our 100 DayZ tips and tricks guide! Hopefully you’ve learnt something new that will increase your chances of survival in this post-apocalyptic nightmare.

Thanks to Rav Plays on youtube for providing some of these tips.

If you do not yet have DayZ, you can purchase it here: (Xbox One) (PS4) (PC) (Affiliate Links)

Have we missed anything? If so, let us know by leaving a comment…


Since the latest updates, it is difficult to find an Ashwood Stick by looting. But, it can be created by chopping down an Ashwood Tree. In order to complete this task, you must first have a Fireman's or Splitting Axe. They can often be found inside industrial buildings, barns, garages, Firehouses, storage units, and other shed like structures.

Ashwood Tree

The Ashwood Tree is a small or medium size tree with bushy leaves. It has a short grey trunk, that has a greenish tint that is noticeable when looking at it up close. Many long branches expand from the truck at a low level, causing the leaves of the tree to create a canape that covers most of the branches and trunk.

It can be found inside several towns, and is common in the areas between towns and heavily wooded areas. It has been easier for me to find this tree on the central west cost, between several small towns. I have also found these on the east cost, between the beach and the heavily wooded area to the west.

Rope is a type of tool used for crafting in DayZ. Rope can be used, along with other materials, to create an improvised courier bag or an improvised backpack.

If you recently started playing Mini DayZ, you may be wondering how to craft items. Much like its PC-based big brother, Mini DayZ features a handy crafting system which allows you to combine specific items in order to create new items that can aid you in your survival efforts.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to craft items in Mini DayZ and also list some of the various crafting recipes that players have already discovered.

Mini DayZ - Drag and Drop Crafting Items

Crafting items in Mini DayZ functions in virtually the same way as it does in DayZ proper. Once you have all the items you need, simply drag and drop each item on top of the other to initiate the crafting process.

Of course, knowing which specific items to drop on each other does require a little trial and error as the actual item combinations aren’t listed anywhere. To help get you started, we’ve listed all of the currently known crafting recipes in Mini DayZ below.

Mini DayZ - Crafting Recipes

If you’d rather not take the time to figure out Mini DayZ’s crafting recipes on your own, we’ve gathered all of the recipes that players have already discovered below. Again, once you have the requisite crafting materials, all you need to do to craft the item in question is to drag and drop the materials onto each other in your inventory.

  • Bow: Ashwood Stick, Piece of Rope.
  • Arrows: Wooden Sticks, Knife.
  • Improvised Storage Bag: Burlap Sack, Piece of Rope.
  • Improvised Backpack: Improvised Storage Bag, Wooden Sticks (x3).
  • Fireplace: Wood Pile, Rags (Wooden Sticks or Paper can be used in place of Rags as well).

Along with the above crafting recipes, Duct Tape can be used with most items to repair their durability by 15 percent. A Sewing Kit can be used to repair most gear pieces by 50 percent, and a Cleaning Kit can repair any firearm by 25 percent.

There you have it, the basics to crafting items in Mini DayZ. Have you discovered any interesting crafting recipes? Let us know in the comments below!

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to craft items in Mini DayZ.

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Improvised short bow

how to craft makeshift rope dayz

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How to craft rope

Certainly happened to you, that you could not find any gun after a long searching. You found it maybe, but you hadn’t any ammo for it. Or you’re just a fan of stealth moving or tradicional guns. In that case, the bow is exactly what you need. It’s quiet, it can kill by just one shot and make it isn’t hard.

BOW | List of important things
  • Axe
  • Ashwood Stick
  • Rope / Pile of Guts

We need an ashwood stick, which you can get by chop down the Ashwood tree. These trees are specific. They can be small and ramifying a bit above the ground or they are big with a long bald stem and bushy treetop. Combine the stick with rope or with pile of guts and make the bow (“Improvised Ashwood Short Bow”). All we need now is some munition – arrows.

ARROWS | List of important things
  • Axe
  • Wooden Stick
  • Knife
  • Chicken feather
STEP 1 | Getting sticks

At first, you will need some wooden stick. You take some axe, machete or another sharp weapon and chop down some bush or split some log (Firewood). Also you can find some stick on the ground in forrest (look on the ground and there will be choice “search for kindling”).

STEP 2 | Treatment and completion

Modify stick to “sharpened stick” by knife. Then just combine Sharpened Stick with Chicken Leather. You can find them in henhouse or from hens, which you have to kill first.

BONE ARROW | List of important things
STEP 1 | Crafting

Now you can upgrade your arrows. You need to kill some animal and take its bones. Then you just combine it with your arrow. You get Bone Arrow. You need only one bone for one arrow.

  • ARTIC_DayZ_Improvised_ashwood_short_bow_10
  • ARTIC_DayZ_Improvised_ashwood_short_bow_02
  • ARTIC_DayZ_Improvised_ashwood_short_bow_03
  • ARTIC_DayZ_Improvised_ashwood_short_bow_04
  • ARTIC_DayZ_Improvised_ashwood_short_bow_05
  • ARTIC_DayZ_Improvised_ashwood_short_bow_06
  • ARTIC_DayZ_Improvised_ashwood_short_bow_07
  • ARTIC_DayZ_Improvised_ashwood_short_bow_08
  • ARTIC_DayZ_Improvised_ashwood_short_bow_09

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This mod is not used in MyDayZ Server This is a small collection of new crafting recipes with lots of help from Hennessy - check out his great.

how to craft improvised rope dayz on xbox

Repairable WithNone
Size 3 Slots (1x3)
Weight 280 g (0.62 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Locations Camping, Farm, Work, Forester, Hunting, Crafting
Strong rope, used to tie stuff together, be it things or people. — In-game description

Rope is a type of equipment in DayZ Standalone. It can be used to craft Backpacks, an Improvised Fishing Rod, or an Improvised Ashwood Short Bow.

In addition to its use in crafting, rope can also be used to restrict an individual's ability to resist or use objects (by restraining their wrists like Handcuffs). The rope can be cut by a knife to free the person who is restrained.

Rope itself can be crafted (referred to as Improvised Rope in these cases) by combining two stacks of six Rags each (see below).

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Improvised Rope

how to craft makeshift rope dayz

In addition to a series of fixes, MiniDayZ is adding a new crafting feature Improvised bag, Improvised backpack, Burlap sack, Duct tape, Rope.

how to craft makeshift rope dayz
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