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How to craft mcmmo items
September 24, 2018 Events Calendar 5 comments

What is McMMO?

It adds skills and leveling similar to traditional MMORPGs (think Runescape/Ultima Online/EverQuest). You increase your skills through practice, which in turn leads to rewards. Some of the skills include mining, fishing, archery, and acrobatics.

Getting Started with the Bear Nation Changes

Getting started with McMMO is easy. Just start playing survival. As you perform various tasks you will generate skill specific XP that will lead to gaining levels in the skills you use the most. Of course this is a modified version of McMMO.

Why the changes? Standard McMMO is very over powered at high levels. Since Bear Nation tried to keep a more vanilla survival feel, the decision was made to limit the benefits added by McMMO while increasing the difficulty of achieving those that remain.

What does that mean to me? First, if you have ever played on an McMMO server before you will notice that leveling is really slow. The XP gain for many tasks has been reduced, while the requirements to gain levels have been significantly increased. In addition, the level cap has been set to 100 for each skill instead of 1000. Each level you gain takes more work and functions as 10 standard levels. Don't worry though, skill unlocks have been likewise reduced! If standard McMMO unlocked a skill at 50, you only need 5 Bear Nation levels to unlock it. Of course this means that skills that unlocked at odd levels like 32 will not become available until you reach the next level past where they would have unlocked. Parties, Party Chat and Party TPs have also been disabled.

Anything else I should be aware of? With the level cap set to 100 skills that increased your % chance of something based on your level are capped much lower than the would have been, this is intentional. Further, some skill benefits have been further nerfed or removed entirely for being too powerful. Bear Nation reserves the right to further modify McMMO at any time, up to and including resetting all McMMO stats as needed to keep Bear Nation a balanced SMP.

Does McMMO work in the Minigame World? Nope. You cannot gain XP or use your skills in any of the minigames to keep everyone on a level playing field.


This is a list of handy Commands relating to McMMO:

  • /mcstats - This lets you view all of you main stats
  • /mcrank - This shows you each of your skills based on your rank compared to other players on the server
  • /mctop - Shows the top 10 players (by Power Level)
    • /mctop <skillname> - Shows the top 10 players for the specified skill
  • /<skillname> - Shows the scoreboard for the current skill, along with more detailed information about your current bonuses
    • /<skillname> ? [page] - shows help about the current skill
  • /mcscorboard keep - this locks the scoreboard up while it is visible. Use one of the previous commands first, then use this command to keep the scoreboard up until you use /mcscoreboard clear or issue another command that changes the scoreboard. You can also use the shortened form: /mcsbk & /mcsbc


There are 13 standard skills and 3 "child skills" broken down into two main categories:

  • Combat Skills
    • Archery
    • Axes
    • Swords
    • Taming
    • Unarmed
  • Non-Combat Skills
    • Acrobatics
    • Alchemy
    • Excavation
    • Fishing
    • Herbalism
    • Mining
    • Repair
    • Woodcutting
  • Child Skills
    • Salvage
    • Smelting
    • Power Level

Read below to find out more about these skills, how they level and what they do for you. Many of them also have so called right click abilities that you can activate once every few minuets that will be discussed.

This is an overview only, more information can be found at The Offical McMMO Wiki but remember that Bear Nation runs a customized version and not everything you find on the official wiki will work on Bear Nation.

Combat Skills

All Combat skills level the same way- by dealing damage to mobs with the corresponding weapon. The more damage you deal, the more XP you get, and different mobs have different multipliers- dangerous mobs like Endermen help you level faster. Please note that Mobs that are spawned from a mob spawner do NOT give you McMMO XP.

Since McMMO does not currently work in the mini-game world, and PVP is off in the main world, no info on PVP abilities are listed here unless they also work on mobs.


How to level: Use your Bow and Arrow to deal damage to mobs.


  • Skill Shot - % Chance to do bonus Damage, increases with level.
  • Arrow Retrieval - % chance to reclaim some of your arrows from the mobs you kill

Right click ability: None.


How to level: Use your Axe to deal damage to mobs.


  • Axe Mastery - Bonus Damage when using an axe.
  • Critical Strike - % chance for 2x damage
  • Armor Impact - Bonus damage to Armor's durability, causing it to break down faster
  • Greater Impact - 25% of bonus damage to Unarmored mobs and knockback. The knockback effect will cause an explosion sound/animation to play and the words 'struck with great force' to appear in your chat.

Right click ability: Skull Splitter- Area of Effect for 1/2 damage to mobs around the main target. Leveling up increases how long this effect lasts


How to level: Use your Sword to deal damage to mobs.


  • Counter Attack - % chance to Reflect 50% damage back at enemies when you are struck while blocking.
  • Bleed - Causes enemies to slowly bleed out, taking damage over time (DoT-1/2 heart of damage every tick). Increasing you level increases both how long the effect lasts and the % chance of causing bleed

Right click ability: Serrated Strikes- AoE does a bonus 25% damage and a 5 sec bleed.


How to level: Use wild animals to to deal damage to mobs OR tame wild wolves, ocelots and horses.


  • Beast Lore - click on a tamed animal with a bone to learn more about it.
  • Gore - % chance that your wolves will inflict the bleed status (see the Swords section for more info).
  • Sharpened Claws - Wolves do bonus damage (unlocks at level 100)
  • Thick Fur - Wolves take less damage (Unlocks at 25)
  • Shock Proof - Wolves take less damage from explosions (Unlocks at 50)
  • Fast Food Service - Wolves have a chance to heal themselves when they attack (Unlocks at 5)
  • Holy Hound - Wolves are healed by negative potion effects like poison (Unlocks at 75)
  • Call of the Wild - Summons an animal- see the right click ability for more info

Right click ability: None. However with Call of the Wild, holding crouch (Shift) + Left clicking on the ground with the correct items will summon a wolf (10 bones), horse(10 apples),or ocelot (10 raw fish) to you for a short time. Be aware that the summoning items will be consumed in this process. Summoned animals de-spawn after a short period, and you can't have a tamed/summoned animal within 1 chunk of you for it to work. Summoned animals can be breed in the same way as normal tamed animals.


How to level: Use your bare hands on mobs. Note: using anything else in your hand will not work- your hand must be empty


  • Iron Arm Style - Increase the damage you do bare handed- make your fists work like Diamond Swords! User results may vary- damage bonus dependent on unarmed level
  • Arrow Deflect - Do you hate skeletons? This skill gives you a % chance of deflecting arrows shot at you, and a smaller chance of sending it right back at their stupid skeleton faces.

Right click ability: Berserk- Do an extra 50% unarmed damage to mobs, or speed up breaking dirt/sand/gravel and other "weak" blocks. You can also trigger this then hit Stone Brick once to turn it into Cracked Stone Brick.

Non-Combat Skills


How to level: Take at least 1/2 heart of fall damage and survive. The more damage you take, the more XP you gain, so long as you survive. Since XP is based on damage taken Slime Blocks, Water or anything else that negates fall damage also prevents XP gain. Falling form the exact same spot over and over again during one log-in will also eventually stop working- there is a script that will eliminate XP gain from that spot until you log out if you use the same spot too many times in a row. While Ender Pearl damage is called fall damage by Minecraft, it does not count towards Acrobatics XP gain.

Using Feather Falling boots increases the height you have to fall from to receive damage to begin with, but increases the amount of XP gained per half-heart of damage. Skills:

  • Roll- Gives you a chance of automatically performing a roll when you land from a fall/jump- this chance increases as you level at a rate of 1% per level all the way up to level 100. Rolls reduce fall damage by 3.5 hearts- but you gain (a reduced amount of) XP for the damage taken plus the damage that was negated by the roll. That means you can fall from a greater height to take the same amount of damage, and you would get slightly more total XP for that same amount of damage (but less total XP than you would get from a non-rolled jump at the same height).
  • Graceful Roll- Hold shift while falling for a chance to perform a Graceful Roll- but you must trigger it no more than 20 blocks above impact. Like roll your chance to perform a graceful roll increases with every level in acrobatics (2% per level up to 100% at level 50). Graceful Roll negates more damage than a standard roll (7 hearts)- XP gain with Graceful Roll works exactly the same as with Roll.
  • Dodge- gives you a small chance to take 1/2 damage from mobs (including creeper explosions). This chance increases as you level and maxes at 20% at level 800.

Right click ability: None. But holding Shift while falling triggers Graceful Roll (see above)


How to level: Brew Potions. Just. Brew some potions. What did you THINK you would need to do?


  • Catalysis - Increases the speed of potion brewing
  • Concoctions - Adds fun new potion effects/ingredients. There are 8 levels of Concoctions- you start at level one and unlock a new level every 12.5 levels (so levels 13, 25, 38, 50, etc.). Each level adds new ingredients you can use to brew fun new potions that aren't in vanilla. Try the Lily Pad from Level 0 on to get a potion of Water Breathing! You can use /alchemy ? [#] to view the full list of new potions and ingredients.

Right click ability: Nope!


How to level: Break naturally generated blocks with a shovel- specifically those blocks meant to be broken with shovels: Dirt/Gravel/Mycelium/Sand/Gravel/Clay Blocks (the soft ones, not the hard stuff in the Mesa Biome)/Soul Sand/Snow. You get no XP from player placed blocks.


  • Treasure Hunter - You like treasure, yes? As your level increases you gain the chance to get random "treasure" from the blocks you break- higher levels unlock better rewards. The full list of what can be found from each block is on the Official McMMO Wiki's Excavation page. Remember to divide the skill requirement by 10 and round up to the next whole level, and ignore both the % Chance and XP reward columns as those are not accurate on Bear Nation.

Right click ability: Giga Drill Breaker- Gives your shovel a temporary speed boost and allows instant block breaking. Lasts longer at higher levels, but wears down your tool super-fast. Giga Drill breaker can cause the invisible block glitch where you will bounce off blocks that broke on your screen but didn't break server side. You can clear this glitch by tp'ing away, re-logging, or right clicking the problem blocks to make them reappear. "Torch spamming" is often the suggested method to do this to avoid triggering other McMMO abilities.


How to level: Catch Fish and other goodies with a fishing pole


  • Master Angler - Catch fish faster when fishing from a boat or in an Ocean biome
  • Ice Fishing - Catch fish from solid ice. Casting your rod will cause one block of ice to turn back to water
  • Treasure Hunter - Like excavation you have a chance of pulling up loot instead of fish
    • Magic Hunter - At higher levels the loot may also come with enchantments
  • Shake - Cast your rod at a mob and steal their loot
  • Fisherman's Diet - Increases the saturation you get from eating fish

Right click ability: None, all fishing is done with a right click. However do be aware all that awesome loot comes at a price- you have a chance of pulling up rotten fish (fish with a poison splash potion attached) or lit super-TNT out of the water. If you see the words something doesn't smell quite right... or BOOM TIME that's your cue to dodge.


How to level: Harvest crops (including sugar cane, cactus, cocoa, beetroot, and melons); pick flowers, mushrooms, and lily-pads; shear vines; and/or break grasses. However like with excavation, player placed blocks don't work. You have to wait until a player-placed plant has matured before you can get XP. Further, force-grown (ie plants forced to mature through bone-meal) crops yield no XP. Wild crops (such as wild jungle melons) or villager planted crops also work. Cactus and sugar cane will only give you XP for the segments not placed by players- so if you place the first segment and then let it grow to 3 high, you will only see XP for the top 2 segments- you get the same amount of XP for harvesting both at the same time as for harvesting the top and middle segments individually.


  • Green Thumb - Has two different types of effects:
    • When harvesting fully grown wheat/carrot/potato/warts it gives you a chance of both double drops and, if you have the right item (seeds/carrots/raw potato/nether wart) already in your inventory, a chance of auto-replanting the crop. Higher levels yield a higher chance, and yield a chance of planting crop at a later stage of growth.
    • Green Thumb also gives you a chance to convert cobble and stone brick to their mossy counterpart or turn dirt to grass by right clicking them with seeds.
  • Farmer's Diet - Like Fisherman's Diet this increases the saturation you receive when eating "grown" foods like carrots, as well as crafted options (made with your produce) such as mushroom stew, cookies and bread. At high levels becoming a vegetarian starts to make sense.
  • Hylian Luck (Luck of Hyrule) - Gives you a chance at finding rupees.... wait no. But when you break certain blocks like grass, shrubs and dead plants with a sword, something good might drop.
  • Shroom Thumb - Hit dirt with a mushroom for a chance to convert it to mycelium. You must have both red and brown mushrooms in your inventory to do this, and each attempt will consume a mushroom of the type you don't have selected currently.
  • Double Drop- As the name implies, you have a chance (that increases with level) to get bonus drops when you harvest/break plants.

Right click ability: Green Terra- This is activated while holding a Hoe. It gives you a chance for 3x drops and makes Green Thumb's block conversion effect succeed 100% of the time as long as you have the seed in your inventory.


How to level: Do I really need to explain this? Mine stuff (like stone and ore)! With a pickaxe!


  • Double Drop Chance - If you can't figure this out by this point, I don't think this guide can help you. This only works on ores, so you won't get double the cobble or granite taking up space in your inventory.

Right click ability: Super Breaker! Like Giga Drill this gives a speed and efficiency boost to your pickaxe for a short period. Your double drop chance becomes a triple drop chance while this is active. However, if your pick breaks while using this (which it might because its durability decreases more than normal) you will take damage, so keep an eye on your tools. And like Giga Drill, you may have to deal with invisible blocks as a result. Just re-log, tp away, or right click to make the blocks reappear. Very useful for mining but beware of unleashing fiery death on yourself.


How to level: Repair tools and armor with an McMMO anvil (NOT a Vanilla Anvil). The McMMO Anvil is an iron block placed directly on the ground.


  • Repair - Right click the item you wish to repair on the anvil with the correct material in your inventory. For example to repair iron tools and armor you need iron ingots. Bows and Fishing Poles can be repaired with string. Does not require vanilla XP levels.
  • Repair Mastery - Increases how much durability you repair per item, and increases as you level. A high repair mastery decreases the cost of repairs by allowing you to do more with less.
  • Super Repair - Gives a small chance of getting double the normal durability repaired- indicated by the chat message that felt easier than normal
  • Diamond Repair - Allows for the repair of diamond tools and armor, starting at level 5
  • Arcane Forging - Typically enchantments are lost when using the McMMO anvil, but arcane forging allows for the possibility that enchanted goods will keep either their current enchantment or downgraded enchantments when repaired. every 12.5 levels increases your chance to keep enchantments, and reduces the probability that those enchantments will be downgraded.

Right click ability: Repair is a right click skill. All of it.


How to level: Uh. Does this need an explanation? Break log blocks with an axe. You get no XP from player placed blocks. However if you plant a tree, once the tree matures you get XP.


  • Leaf Blower - Starting at level 10 leaf blocks will break instantly when hit with an axe.
  • Double Drops - Like with mining this gives you a chance of getting two logs at once.

Right click ability: Tree Feller: With this active break a block on a tree (or giant mushroom) to cause it and every connected block above it to break at once. This will instantly drop the durability of your axe by the total number of blocks. Be warned if you axe does not have enough durability to do this, it will shatter, damaging you and only breaking the single block. The length of tree feller and the size of tree it can break will increase with level- at low level you may be told that some trees are just too big. Regular trees will yield the exact same amount of XP as they normally would, but large trees (2x2) will actually yield less than normal XP.

Child Skills

Child skills are those you cannot level directly.


How to level: Average of your Repair and Fishing Skills, rounded down. If you have 50 levels of Repair and 9 levels in Fishing, you only have 29 levels in Salvage, not 30. Like Repair, Salvage is used with a Salvage anvil- a Gold block.


  • Salvage - right click fully repaired items on the salvage anvil to get back a portion of the materials (except for sticks) used to craft the item- at higher levels you may get all of your ore back
  • Advanced Salvage - Starting at level 62 you can use Salvage on damaged items as well. You will get less material back depending on how badly the item is damaged.
  • Arcane Salvage - Like Arcane Repair this gives you a chance to preserve enchantments on items. In this case you get a small chance at getting books holding the item's current enchantments. These books may be exactly the same as the current enchants or downgraded- the higher your level the better chance of keeping enchantments.

Right click ability: Salvage is a right click ability.


How to level:Average of your Repair and Mining Skills.


  • Fuel Efficiency - When smelting ores in a furnace (iron/gold) the burn time on your fuel will increase, smelting more ore with less fuel
  • Second Smelt - The Double Drop of Smelting, this gives you a chance to get bonus smelted ore, getting more ingots out of your furnace than the amount of raw ore you put in.
  • Vanilla XP Boost - Get extra experience orbs from smelting.
  • Flux Mining - Give you a level-dependent chance that when you mine gold/iron ore that it will smelt itself- yielding ingots instead of ore blocks.

Right click ability: Nope. Not a One.

Power Level

How to level: Sum of you Primary Stats. Has no use beyond bragging rights for /mctop


  • Annoy others - Brag about having the highest Power Level. Go on, try it, see what you get.

Right click ability: None

Resetting your Skill Levels

If you level up any of your skills to the cap (level 100), you can reset it back to 0 for a reward by using /mcmmoreset.

Done with this guide? Head back to the Main Page.

What is Mcmmo?
Mcmmo is a plugin which has been on Noobcraft since the first day. This plugin allows for new, interesting, and fun skills to be added

How do we get Mcmmo?
Mcmmo can be obtained in multiple ways, including supply crates, normal crates, monthly crate keys, and pouches!

What are the skills?
• Acrobatics-
This Mcmmo type allows for a new skill to be added, a graceful fall This allows for less fall damage to be taken.

• Archery- This skill allows you to be able to daze your target (essentially give them nausea) when you shoot your bow at them.

• Axes- This is a skill where it gives you the power to activate a new ability, Skull Splitter. This allows for your axe to do area damage to people.

• Repair- This skill allows you to repair your items using an iron block, and salvage with a gold block, though beware as if your level is not high enough, your enchants may be lost!

• Excavation- This skill allows for a new ability to be activated, which allows for instant breakage of blocks which can be easily mined by shovels (ex: Dirt)

• Swords- This skill allows for a Dot (Damage over time) called Bleed to be put on the target. It also allows for an ability called Serrated Strikes, which also has Area Damage.

• Fishing- This skill allows for new things to be caught, which can benefit your island, though beware as there are traps which could lead to death!

• Taming- As your level increases, your wolves will get abilities that increase damage, defense, and other things!

• Herbalism- This increases crop production when you plant them.

Unarmed- Unarmed is a combat skill; it uses the player's empty hand as a weapon. It includes many perks, such as disarming, deflecting arrows, higher base unarmed attack, and more.

• Mining-
Mining increases ore drops, and also allows for a special ability to be activated, Super Breaker, which mines blocks instantly!

• Woodcutting- This allows for more drops to be added when you mine wood, and it also allows for an ability to be activated which can instantly cut down trees.
How to use it?
To use your skills, use this following command: /redeem (skill) (# of mcmmo). This will increase the amount of time for abilities and much more!
Feel free to let me know if I missed anything!


To salvage an item, you first need to place a gold block. that can be salvaged are limited to tools and armor you can craft.

McMMO bug: 1 material per salvaged item


Soo after grinding emeralds from villagers and buying iron armours, I salvaged the armours and only got one iron ingot per armour back. Is that a bug or is that wanted?


I’d classify this as a bug,
I myself enchant Gold Armor / Tools to salvage them for enhants I get, but I’ve been getting 1-3 per armor, tool.


It’s random and depends on the level you have as well.

More info: .


In 1.12.2 I & others got back 100% (since we’ee 1,000+ salvage.

Now it’s just 1-3


I have above 1k+ salvaging too, and I never got 100% back, at least not consistently.


I got it back, constantly.
But not in 1.13.2

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McMMO Salvage

how to craft mcmmo items

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Repair is one of the parent skills of the first child skill, Smelting also a parent of salvage. It can be use to repair tools and armor on Blocks of Iron.

How to repair items in MinecraftEdit

You can repair items in Minecraft by Using the McMMO anvil (an iron block) and right-clicking it with the item you would like to repair in your hand. The higher the level, the more durability is restored. Every time you repair an item with the McMMO anvil, it consumes a singular amount of the material the item was made of (For example an iron chestplate would cost one iron ingot per click).

Arcane Forging 1-8 Edit

Arcane Forging is used to keep enchantments on items after repairing them, It starts at level 1 of the [Repair] skill.At a 10% success chance, this is the level at which Arcane Forging starts.

Each level afterwards adds a small % increase. such as at level 125 you gain a 10%, level 250 a 20%, at level 750 you get a 50%.cap

Along with this, there is a chance for a downgrade on the enchantment. For example, a Power II Bow could potentially become a Power I Bow.To turn off downgrades simply change [true] to a [false].




Rank 1 125 10% 90%
Rank 2 250 20% 80%
Rank 3 375 30% 70%
Rank 4 500 40% 60%
Rank 5 625 50% 50%
Rank 6 750 60% 40%
Rank 7 875 70% 30%
Rank 8 1000 80% 20%

Base Durability RestoredEdit

Experience and LevelingEdit

Experience CalculationEdit

For each repair, the experience gained is the amount of durability restored multiplied by the value of the material in the chart below. All armor of a material type has the same multiplier.

Tools, however, have a multiplier based on the number of material components of the tool (1, 2, or 3 pieces). This is because all tools of the same material have the same durability, whereas armor durability scales with the number of components.

Experience is only awarded for durability restored; any restoration beyond maximum is ignored, making repairing near-perfect items inefficient.

  1. The average durability restored by one material is calculated as the durability of the full set of armor divided by the number of materials required to fully repair the entire set. If repairing armor in full sets, each material used will provide this much experience on average.
  2. The 3 figures refer to tools requiring 3 materials (e.g. pickaxes), 2 materials (swords and hoes) and 1 material (shovel) to fully repair respectively.
  3. The amount of experience gained if the material is fully used up in repairing the tool.


  • For maximum exp efficiency per material used, boots provide the most exp per repair, due to armor durability being independent of number of materials required. After boots, the second most efficient things are tools, all providing more than any other armor, without counting in-game rounding errors.
  • Use Diamonds to repair boots only after level 50 for highest XP gain in order to save expensive materials. Material XP gain: Diamond> Gold> Iron> Strings, Cobblestone, Wood

TIP: if you press the keys F3 + H, you can see the ID and durability of a tool, armor, or items by hovering over it in the inventory.

Cactus damages armor (best method for expensive material) Damage armor by standing next to a cactus and repair it when it reaches a low durability. Beacons with Resistance II and Regeneration to reduce health problem when receiving damage.

Magma blocks also damage armor (better than cactus) Magma blocks have a significant advantage over cactus for a couple of different reasons. First off, they damage armor at the same rate as cactuses. Second, they don't deal as much damage directly to the player, which also means you can stay alive longer if you don't have expensive beacons to heal or protect you. Lastly, they don't destroy items, which means you can't lose your gear if you accidentally die, unlike cactus.

Mining or Excavation ( Mining/Excavation + Repair) Refer to Mining/Excavation Technique ( Levelling methods ) while mining/Excavation to train both skills together.

Mob Farm with Fishing Rod ( Repair + Fishing ) Using a mob farm, hold a fishing rod in hand and hold right click on the mouse to spam "shake" continuously at mobs until rod durability low to repair. The effectiveness of this method drop after level 120. Tip: Use a spider farm to create a loop of grinding by having a constant supply of strings.

Natural Mob Farm with Bow or Golden Combat tools ( Sword/Axes/Archery + Repair ) Shoot mobs with bow and arrow until low durability to repair. Spam bow and arrow at ground constantly if there is limited arrow source. Tip: Use a skeleton farm to get a constant source of arrows. Use your Sword/Axes to kill mobs until 1-3 durability to repair. This method requires a good amount of gold, but it is efficient. If killing mobs isn't an option, herd animals and kill them.

Tree Farm ( Woodcutting + Repair) Build or find a large tree farm and use Tree Feller and Leaf Blower (woodcutting skills). Axes of any material can be damaged quickly to be repaired through these 2 woodcutting skills

Shearing or Tilling ( Repair + Herbalism) Use Shear to get wool, leaves, tall grass, ferns, dead bushes, vines (all of the things that can be shear) in forest biome or a large tree farm. While for tilling, find a land and use hoe quickly by running across the land to till. Repair hoe and shear when low durability.


WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: How to level up mcmmo repair tool in minecraft - Tutorial

Create a Minecraft MCMMO server of your own in minutes with our Obviously the rest is up to you at this point but make sure that you keep any Such as how potion brewing works or what items players may have a chance.

Start a MCMMO Server

We customized many treasures for this server, both to make some things more fun and make some of the Skyblock Challenges more reasonable.

Fishing Loot

We use MCMMO, which means fishing loot is based on MCMMO rules, and your MCMMO rank.

The drop % is the exactly double the default MCMMO, which you can find by Clicking Here.

However, the loot is different. When you fish, it checks your current fishing level, and determines if you get a treasure, and the treasure “Level” you get. We customized the treasures – on this sever they are:

Common Loot:

Uncommon Loot

  • Lily Pads
  • Saddles
  • Name Tags
  • Tripwire Hooks

Rare Loot

  • Nether Wart
  • Blaze Rods
  • Gold Ingots
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Bow
  • Fishing Rod
  • Ghast Tears

Epic Loot

  • Soul Sand
  • Diamonds
  • Enchanted Books

Legendary Loot

Other Loot (These have a constant drop rate of 15%, regardless of level)

This loot list is subject to change!

Hylian Luck

Hylian Luck is what you get when breaking some plants with a sword. In addition to the default MCMMO loot, we have the following changes:

  • Bushes also drop Brown Mushrooms
  • Flowers also drop Red Mushrooms
  • Oak leaves can also drop Jungle Saplings and Spruce Saplings
  • Spruce leaves can also drop Snowballs


“Shake” is what you get from hooking a mob with your fishing rod, and yanking to steal their stuff! In addition to the standard MCMMO loot, you can also obtain the extra following items by Shaking:

  • Witches also drop Brown Mushrooms
  • Slimes also drop Cactus
  • Pigs also drop Beetroot Seeds
  • Pig Zombies also drop Quartz


There are also some neat custom drops from excavation!

  • Sand can drop Prismarine Shards at level 50 (1% chance)
  • Gravel can drop Prismarine Crystals at level 50 (1% chance)
  • Soul Sand can drop Ghast Tears at level 500 (0.25% chance)
  • Soul Sand can drop Wither Skeleton Skulls at level 750 (0.07% chance)

how to craft mcmmo items

We customized many treasures for this server, both to make some things We use MCMMO, which means fishing loot is based on MCMMO rules, and your.

how to craft mcmmo items
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  • Shalabar

    ShalabarOctober 02, 2018 4:07 PM

    You have hit the mark. It is excellent thought. I support you.

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