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How to craft the hammer of notch

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How to craft the hammer of notch
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Gun terminology

Gun terminology - the craft shows it's age...

This article looks at gun terminology, specifically those elements with numerous names. Gun terminology is such a broad topic that when coupled with the colloquialisms and their company/regional histories it can be a little tricky to navigate, hopefully this quick overview will help.

At Boxall and Edmiston we have gunmakers from all over the UK (and South Africa). Some were classically trained at Holland and Holland or other well known names, others are self taught with more years of experience than they like to admit and some are being trained here as we take on apprentices. Their training has given each member of staff a diction and it can be quite entertaining to listen for translations between gunmakers benches.

Below are just a few examples of the varying names and their definitions, some of the information is taken from Lewis Potter's book "The art of Gunsmithing" - a worthy read written by one of the UK's finest gunsmiths:

Ball fences/Detonation - refers to the section around the top of the action body, the names originate from pin fire guns, Purdeys have been known to call this section the 'Detonation' as originally it would have housed the powder primed for detonation.

Barrel face/Breech face/Breech end - these terms are all used to describe the end of the barrels that sit on the face of the action body.

Bent/Hammer notch - This is the position the gun sits when primed, the hammers (or tumblers) are held in place by the sears with the spring primed. 'Bent' or 'in Bent' is a Birmingham term whilst 'Hammer notch' tends to be the favoured definition in London.

Bob weight/Inertia block - the component that re-primes an over and under to fire the next barrel. The 'Bob weight' is more of a London term. 'Inertia block' stems from its use of recoil to activate the system and the term seems to have come across from European gunmakers.

Cam/Toe - on a side by side this component protrudes from the knuckle of the action and primes the extractors if a cartridge has been fired. 'Cam' is predominantly used in Birmingham whilst 'Toe' is used in London.

Draw/Circle - this is the curved face of the barrel lumps (protruding section under the barrels) with the centre of the arc (circle) centred just above the hinge pin to create a cam action that pulls the barrels onto the action - 'draws them together'.

Extractor bed/Extractor way - the recessed section of the barrel face for the extractor heads to sit within, ready to expel a cartridge.

Forcing cone/lead in - this is the tapered area inside the barrel formation immediately in front of the chamber, which guides the shot into the chamber.

Hammer/tumbler - the component that hits the striker or firing pin to detonate the cartridge.

Hinge pins/Trunnions - the pivot location in the front of the action body for the barrels to hook into on some over and under shotguns. The term Trunnions comes from the Trunnions on a cannon, the pivot points that a cannon sits upon.

Interceptor sears/choker - a safety component on a Sidelock known commonly as an interceptor sear but Boss refer to it as a choker.

Main spring/hammer spring - a large vee or leaf spring that operates the hammer. In Birmingham it is usually the mainspring and in London, the hammer spring.

Safety/Safety catch/Safety thumb-piece/safety button - All terms to describe the safety operating device for a gun.

One of the most interesting terms is 'Spring' or 'Bounce', a term that Vic Venters (famous American journalist) consulted us on for a study. The terms, in our opinion, refer to the gap between the barrel and action flats before the gun is sent for proofing. When at the proof house the forces used to test the guns safety are such that the gun 'beds in' and some movement occurs, the 'spring' or 'bounce' is the space left to compensate for this movement before the gun is brought 'back to the face'.

When studying this term Vic approached the majority of the UK's gunmakers and was amazed to get quite differing responses regarding the definition of these terms. It also became evident that London trained gunmakers refer to it as 'Spring' with Birmingham using 'Bounce'. - A great place to buy computers, computer parts, electronics, software, accessories, and DVDs online. With great prices, fast shipping, and top-rated customer service - Newegg shopping upgraded ™

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Drywall Hammer, Steel, Str Hickory Handle

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The axe blade also has a puller notch for pulling nails. The head is perfectly balanced on a 16" handle for ease of movements. Hi-Craft offers valued-priced trade.

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External sources (not reviewed)

NOTE: Make surenotch on lockbracket is facing to the front of [...]
NOTA: Asegurarse de que la ranura del soporte de bloqueo queda hacia la parte [...]
[...] firing pin safetylock,safetynotch onthe hammer, decocking [...]
lever and the double-action trigger ensure safe
carrying of the weapon and permanent, rapid firing readiness without actuating a manual safety lock.
[...] del percutor, el pestillo de seguridad en el martillo, [...]
la palanca de desarme y el gatillo de armar
garantizan tanto que el arma pueda llevarse de manera segura como también una disponibilidad permanente y ágil sin tener que accionar un dispositivo de seguridad manual.
Note thenotch onthe head of the key and the small dotonthelock.
Note la muesca sobre la cabeza de la llave y el pequeño punto sobre la cerradura
The automatic firing pin safetylock,safetynotch onthe hammer and the manual safety enable a quick readiness for firing.
El seguro automático del percutor, el pestillo de seguridad en el martillo y el dispositivo de seguridad manual garantizan la disposición para disparar más rápida posible.
Place cart lock bar (A) through slot in drawbar (B) withnotch(C) inlockbar to rear of cart.
[...] barra de bloqueo del carro (A) a través de la ranura en la barra de tiro (B), con la muesca (C) en la barra [...]
de bloqueo hacia la parte trasera del carro.
If necessary, to facilitate the motor separation insert the end of a
[...] lever in thenotch onthe reduction [...]
unit body and prise until the motor separates from the flange.
De ser necesario, para favorecer la
separación del motor, introducir el extremo de una
[...] palanca en la muesca obtenida en el [...]
cuerpo del reductor y hacer palanca hasta separar el motor de la brida.
[...] whether the topnotch onthis yardstick [...]
La cuestión estriba en saber si alguna [...]
vez se llegará a alcanzar la marca superior de esta vara de medir.
The goal is to put a culturallock onintegration.
[...] es ponerle un candado cultural a la integración.
Alock onthe Notebook compartment [...]
additionally makes forbidden access more complicated.
Una cerradura en el compartimiento [...]
del portátil impide también el acceso a personas no autorizadas.
Thenotchmarkedonthe silkscreen of [...]
the plate must match the flat side of the button.
La muesca señalada en la serigrafía [...]
de la placa deberá coincidir con el lado plano del pulsador.
[...] probe and the instrument have a positioningnotch,while a threadedlockingring grants a tight hold.
[...] instrumento disponen de una muesca de colocacn y de un casquillo roscado que asegura un cierre resistente.
4. Make a reference mark on bracket
[...] end, oppositeanotch onouter end cap.
4. Haga una marca de referencia en el extremo del soporte, en el sentido
[...] contrario de la muesca del capacete extremo [...]
Please ensure that the end of the spring
[...] comes to rest in thenotch onthe housing slide ring.
Observe en este punto que el extremo del
[...] muelle se asiente sobre la ranura del anillo deslizante [...]
I would express one hope: that this debate
[...] does not become a thirdlock onthe door of enlargement.
Yo expresaría una ilusión: que este debate no
[...] se convierta en un tercer candado en la puerta de la [...]
And, third, the finallock onher fate is a [...]
threat to kill her family if she doesn't submit, or if she attempts to escape.
Y en tercer lugar, el clavo que sella [...]
su destino es la amenaza de que matarán a su familia si ella no se sometiera o si intentara escapar.
Es posible que haya un bloqueo de SIM en tu teléfono.
The secondlock onthe door is that we ourselves, [...]
as fifteen, needed to recognise the fundamental need to reform how we
do business in order to continue to do business effectively, indeed to begin to do business even more effectively than at present.
El segundo cerrojo consistía en que nosotros [...]
mismos, los Quince, debíamos reconocer la necesidad fundamental de reforma
de nuestros procedimientos para seguir funcionando eficazmente y, de hecho, para empezar a funcionar más eficazmente incluso que ahora.
To find out if there is a SIMlock onyour phone, insert your SIM card in your phone.
Para saber si hay un bloqueo de SIM en tu teléfono, inserta la tarjeta SIM en tu teléfono.
VEGAPULS radar sensors with rinsing air connection or with antenna
[...] extension haveanotch onthe antenna socket.
Los sensores de radar VEGAPULS con conexión de aire de soplado o con prolongación de
[...] antena tiene una muesca en la base de la antena.
After this processing phase, the instrument is ratchet washed out in an ultrasound
[...] tank to remove dirt particles in the joints andnotch lock.
Después de este tratamiento se lava a
fondo el instrumento en la taza ultrasónica, para eliminar las
[...] suciedades en el cierre y en las entalladuras de enganche.
The spring inside the column housing mustlockinto place within the cylindricalnotch.
La arandela existente en la estructura del soporte tiene que encajar en la mueca cilíndrica.
When combined with the outstanding evacuation provided by high-vacuum technology,
[...] the result is a top-notchproduct with no trapped [...]
En colaboración con la excelente
evacuación de la tecnología de alto vacío
[...] se produce un producto de primera clase [...]
sin inclusiones de aire o gelificación.
[...] adjustment is fixed onenotchor 10 mm rearward [...]
of the most forward normal driving position or position
of use as indicated by the manufacturer (for seats with independent vertical adjustment, the cushion shall be placed in its highest position)
[...] longitudinal fijada a un grado o 10 mm hacia atrás [...]
de la posición normal de conducción o de uso más avanzada,
según las indicaciones del fabricante (si el asiento dispone de regulación vertical independiente, el cojín se colocará en su posición más alta)
Electr.lock oneach wing of a double-wing gate construction (2 x electr. ground locks, code no. 564 509 and - if not provided - stop [...] [...]
to accept electr. lock bolt, code no. 564 518, required).
Cerradura eléctrica en ambas hojas de una instalación de puerta de 2 hojas (son necesarias 2 cerraduras para bloqueo en el suelo -Nº [...] [...]
no existe, un tope de retención con escotadura para el pestillo para la cerradura eléctrica -Nº art. 564 518-).
The quick-releaselock onthe side opens the trimmer door.
A través del cierre rápido lateral, se abre la puerta de la recortadora.
[...] craftspersons of one craft are involved, the foreman may place onelock onthe multi-lockdevice, then the craftspersons may place their locks and tagsonthe multi-lockdevice.
Cuando se vean afectados varios obreros de un
[...] [...] colocar un bloqueo en el dispositivo de bloqueos múltiples, para que luego los obreros coloquen sus bloqueos y etiquetas de seguridad en el dispositivo de bloqueosltiples.
It can be used for remote tripping (by means of
[...] normally closed type pushbuttons), asalock onclosing or to control the voltage [...]
in the primary and secondary circuits.
Se puede utilizar para el disparo a distancia (mediante
[...] [...] normalmente cerrado), bloqueo al cierre o para controlar la tensn en los circuitos [...]

Pixelmon Anvil Recipe

how to craft the hammer of notch

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9.5% ABV

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Big additions of American-grown Centennial hops give this beer big grapefruit flavor Show More
Big additions of American-grown Centennial hops give this beer big grapefruit flavors. At 9.5 this beer will surely take you to HammerTown. Show Less

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9.5% ABV

35 IBU


487 Ratings

Big additions of American-grown Centennial hops give this beer big grapefruit flavor Show More
Big additions of American-grown Centennial hops give this beer big grapefruit flavors. At 9.5 this beer will surely take you to HammerTown. Show Less

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Syed is a Sales Team Lead at Prezly and has helped to build sales teams in UsabilityTools, Livechat, and Unamo. He also was a consultant for companies like.

Meet Your Outfitter

By Michael Beshears, professor of criminal justice at American Military University

Being an effective manager is critical in all professions, but it is especially important for those working in the various fields associated with public safety. Police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical service personnel require people who have the tools and skills to be top-notch managers and leaders. What does it take to be a leader in public safety?

Management and leadership is a craft that demands specific tools. However, quality managerial tools are not forged easily. It takes hard work, diligence and dedication to improve one’s knowledge, skills and understanding of people. Such tools are forged through education, an empathetic understanding of people (an ability to step into the shoes of another person, aiming to understand their feelings and perspectives, and to use that understanding to make good managerial decisions in the best interest of the subordinate and the organization), and of course hands-on experience.

A Master Mechanic’s Toolbox
“When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail” (Maslow, 1966).

Let us use the following analogy to further explain my toolbox of management concept. A master mechanic’s toolbox is organized and contains several tools. When the master mechanic examines a needed repair he/she does so with the exact tool or tools required. The true master mechanic seldom, if ever, has to return to one’s toolbox, because a real master knows the specific tool needed. This requires education, experience, and understanding of one’s craft.

A “shade tree” mechanic (an amateur mechanic) may have a toolbox with few or several tools, but the tools are usually not organized and the correct tool is seldom selected the first time. The shade tree mechanic usually attempts to apply the wrong tool or simply tries to make do with what they have. The master mechanic, on the other hand, never makes do but seeks to ensure optimal performance by applying their craft to the best of their abilities.

Have you ever known a shade tree manager, (phrase coined by Michael L. Beshears), a person who may have the title of manager, but seldom repairs or makes adjustments for optimal performance? I submit that most likely you have encountered such individuals in various managerial positions. To avoid becoming a shade tree manager; do not limit your managerial toolbox to only a hammer. It is important to educate yourself. Read about and study management and continue to learn as much as you can about your chosen field. “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers” (Truman, nd).

The Importance of Education
“Education is the mother of leadership” (Willkie, 1943).

Add tools to your managerial toolbox by taking advantage of every opportunity to learn more about managerial concepts and theories via continuing education courses. However, remember when reading and studying different concepts and theories you do so with an open mind and do not discount any theories. It is okay to agree or disagree with a concept or theory, but do not discard it. In fact, the educational journey should be full of disagreement, valid argument, and debate over theories. The key word here is valid, that is, information that supports one’s arguments with scholarly research rather than from unreliable and/or biased sources. In other words, be on the lookout for confirmation bias from unreliable non-scholarly sources i.e., from classmate know-it-alls, non-scholarly online sources, or from previously known shade tree managers.

An education will not only add more managerial tools to your toolbox, it will begin your educational journey to be a master at your chosen craft as a quality manager/leader. Remember an education in itself does not make one a top-notch manager/leader—top-notch managers know the value of actively listening to colleagues, as well as subordinates. They have an empathetic understanding of people and basic human nature.

The Value of Understanding People
“If you treat an individual as he is, he will stay as he is, but if you treat him, as if he were what he ought to be, he will become what he ought to be and could be” (Geothe, 1842).

An empathetic understanding of people and human nature in general is a primary tool that should constantly be improved upon in the craft of management and/or leadership. A quality manager/leader understands that people may be simple, complex and/or multifaceted, as each person is driven by different motivators above and beyond Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Simply put: Self-actualization is different for each individual depending on what is important to that individual and their stage in life e.g., a 50 year old cannot be managed the same as a 30 year old as each is in a different stage in their life. The shade tree manager often fails to understand this basic reality. This is due to their lack of an empathetic understanding of people and human nature in general. Or, it may simply be that theshade tree manager has not been adequately trained or educated in the importance of empathy and the understanding of human nature. In addition, the shade tree manager may lack the hands-on experience and/or lack the maturity it takes to deal with others as a manager. As a result this type of manager tends to manage by fear, where every problem resembles a nail.

Remember, the understanding of human nature and people in general is a primary tool that should constantly be improved upon in the craft of management or leadership. People who have the ability to empathize with others usually know how to talk with and motivate others to overcome obstacles. These individuals are usually able to break communication barriers and achieve both positive organizational results and earn respect from others.

I submit that it should be every manager’s ambition to become a top-notch manager, continually seeking to fill his or her toolbox and seeking to master such tools in an effort to lead people efficiently and effectively.

Who would you rather work for, someone whothinks they’re unapproachable or untouchable orsomeone who is willing to listen to you with empathy? I would submit the latter.

About the Author: Michael L. Beshears has two B.S. degrees, one in psychology and another in criminal justice from Drury University. He also has two graduate degrees, a M.S. in criminology from Indiana State University and a M.A. in health services management from Webster University. Mike is a retired senior noncommissioned officer in the U.S. Army. His 22-year active duty career includes work with the Special Forces, as well as assisting other agencies in their performance of criminal investigations. He has an extensive background in emergency medicine and intensive care medical treatment, as a Special Forces medic, emergency medical technician and licensed practical nurse. As a lifelong learner, he is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in business with a concentration in criminal justice. Mike is currently an assistant professor of criminal justice at American Military University & American Public University and is full-time faculty in the School of Public Service & Health. You can contact him at michael.beshears(at)


Goethe, J. W. (1842). Faust: Eine Tragodie. C. Van der Post.

Maslow, A. H. (1966). The psychology of science: A reconnaissance. New York: Harper & Row.

Truman, H.S. (nd). Goodreads. Retrieved from

Willkie, W. L. (1943). Freedom and the Liberal Arts. The American Scholar, 12(2), 135-142.


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how to craft the hammer of notch

Anvil (Pixelmon) An anvil which lets you hammer Pokeball discs and lids. Unlimited mod can take it up another notch. x Achievements PvP Survival Modded. . Hammer Kingdoms has a big staff team to make sure the players are having the.

how to craft the hammer of notch
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