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How to get star craft 20th anniversery profile
December 21, 2018 Events Calendar 5 comments

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Player Icons are Rare cosmetics that are displayed next to a player's username and act as avatars. Player Icons can depict heroes, abilities, other Blizzard games, and more. Players start with two different versions of the Overwatch logo by default, and may earn new icons through various means. Player Icons are currently the only cosmetic not purchasable with currency.

There are currently 409 total Player Icons:

  • 16 default Player Icons available for every player.
  • 164 Player Icons unlockable by opening any Loot Boxes.
  • 198 Player Icons only available during seasonal events:
  • 1 Player Icon unlocked during the Diablo 20th Anniversary.
  • 2 Player Icons unlocked with purchase of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Collector's Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition.
  • 1 Player Icon unlocked with purchase of the Overwatch League All-Access Pass.
  • 27 Player Icons that can only be earned through Competitive Play:
    • 1 Player Icon for reaching top 500 at any point during any season.
    • 10 Player Icons for reaching top 500 at any point during a specific season ("Hero").
    • 10 Player Icons for completing the ten placement matches for a specific season ("Competitor").
    • 3 Player Icons for completing the placement matches of a specific season of 6v6 Elimination, CTF and Lúcioball.
    • 3 Player Icons for reaching top 500 at any point during a specific season of 6v6 Elimination, CTF and Lúcioball.

Default Icons[edit | edit source]

The following icons are available to all players from the start.

Overwatch Light

Overwatch Dark

You Are Not Prepared

Overwatch League[edit | edit source]

Collectible Icons[edit | edit source]

The following icons must be unlocked.

Overwatch-themed Icons[edit | edit source]

General Icons[edit | edit source]

Hero-themed Icons[edit | edit source]

Nexus Challenge[edit | edit source]

These icons were originally offered as rewards for the Nexus Challenge promotional event. They were later changed to be available in base loot boxes.

Law (D.Va)

Oni (Genji)

Summer Games Icons[edit | edit source]

Celebrating 20 Years of StarCraft - Upcoming Tavern Brawl to Reward 3 Kobolds Packs

All of Blizzard's titles are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the StarCraft franchise throughout the month by giving away goodies.

Hearthstone is included in the celebration through a special Tavern Brawl though unlike the Diablo 20th Anniversary Brawl that we saw last year, there will not be a card back reward and instead, players who participate will receive 3 Kobolds card packs. The Tavern Brawl will run near the end of the month from March 21 until March 25.

Do you have any idea what the brawl could be?

Other Goodies

All of Blizzard's games will be getting something for the anniversary. Here's the breakdown!

  • Brood War - 20th Anniversary UI Skin for Remastered.
  • StarCraft II - 20th Anniversary UI Skins, Portraits, and Decal.
  • Diablo III - Battlecruiser Pet.
  • Overwatch - Widowmaker Skin ft. Sarah Kerrigan as the Ghost.
  • World of Warcraft - Salute to StarCraft Feat of Strength if you /salute an in-game StarCraft pet.
  • Heroes of the Storm - 20th Anniversary StarCraft portraits.



During the week of the 20th anniversary of Starcraft, which launched on March 31 , , /salute one of the following Starcraft-themed companion pets: Zergling, Grunty, Mini Thor, Baneling, or Zeradar. Attained by 25% of profiles Don't know if it's possible to get now, though - afaik it was only obtainable until April 6th .

Patch 1.21[edit]

Patch 1.21.5[edit]


Features & Improvements[edit]

  • Updated the Frontier League Map pool to replace Jade and Match Point with ASL Season 5 maps Transistor and Gladiator.
  • Red vs Blue is now the default player colors for Top vs Bottom multiplayer 1v1 games.
  • Optimized player profile performance.
  • Streamlined basic chat command help by listing all available commands when the user types /help.
  • Multiplayer setting including the game name, map file, game type, teams, speed, and turn rate are now preserved even after a player re-logs.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a crash that was intermittently happening upon launch.
  • Fix for player receiving “Error# 112 Storm Error” after attempting to load saved custom games.
  • Character data such as time played, and overall stats were carrying over if players created profiles using the same name in different regions.

Patch 1.21.4[edit]


Features & Improvements[edit]

  • As part of StarCraft’s 20th-anniversary celebration, we’ve added another unique console to Remastered. The skin can be enabled via the game options menu. We really hope you enjoy it, and we thank you for your continual support over the last 20 years.
  • Added Turn-Rate 20 and 24 support
  • Optimized performance of the interface elements for Gateway, Registry, Ranked Info, and Leaderboard Screens.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed an issue causing ranked matches to frequently fail and re-queue.
  • Crashes occurring during the join game process.
  • Mac oversized cursor on Retina displays.
  • Turn rate not displaying
  • Fixed an issue where typing in Japanese and Traditional Chinese would cause a disconnect.
  • Removed the Linked Profile option from the UI.

Patch 1.21.3[edit]


Features & Improvements[edit]

  • Updated the global matchmaking algorithm to heavily favor more latency performant matchups. Join the conversation here
  • Revised custom game map distribution with cloud support. peer-to-peer downloads will only occur if the player is unable to obtain the map via the cloud.
  • Optimized custom game packet re-sending if we detect poor connectivity between players.
  • Revamped the lobby latency display bars to more accurately represent latency between players. For additional information please see the following post
  • Added dynamic turn rate support for custom games. DTR is now the first option on the turn rate slider.
  • Optimized the performance of the matchmaking game results screen.
  • Doubled the CCMU bullet limits to 400.
  • Additional EUD map support
  • Added the following characters to the allowed rebindable hotkeys: ' ; . , \ [ ]
  • Improved stun support to prioritize proxy if it detects lower latency over direct connection.
  • Changed stun to retry if fails to recv packets after timeout

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • The /f la command now displays the current User that is logged in rather than combing both the previous and the current Users' friends.

Patch 1.21.2[edit]


Features & Improvements[edit]

  • In our continual effort towards improving network latency we have implemented STUN NAT 2 support. This should drastically decrease the amount of people being proxied, so most players will no longer need to tinker with their router settings to forward port 6112.
  • Once again we’ve updated our turn rate algorithm. It now determines the most optimal starting turn rate rather than starting at 16.
  • Turn rate will now be displayed in the top left corner of the screen. Ctrl+Alt+T can toggle the feature on and off.
  • FPS can now be toggled with Ctrl+Alt+F.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes in the EUD emulator including support for additional maps.

Patch 1.21.1[edit]


Features & Improvements[edit]

  • Expanded EUD support to additional maps.
  • Improved latency for matchmaking games by preferring hosts that are not proxied.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • EUD map Random Tower Defense will allow max players.[edit]
  • The Chat Menu will only display one BattleTagID after sending multiple whispers to the same Player.
  • Fixed /users and the message of the day stats.
  • Fixed /ignore.
  • Fixed an issue with Mac retina displays where the game would open in a very small window.
  • Fixed an issue where integrated Intel Graphics cards were not displaying certain sprites correctly.

Patch 1.21.0[edit]


Features & Improvements[edit]

  • Added an EUD “Extended Unit Death” emulator that supports hundreds of EUD offsets for custom maps. This is something that we have been very excited to deliver for StarCraft Remastered and hope you all really enjoy it. For additional information on EUD please visit our blog
CCMU “Cannot Create More Units”[edit]
  • Brood War enthusiasts can rejoice in the glory that is updated CCMU variables. We have raised the limits of sprites & bullets that can be spawned in game! Additionally, we have added an option while creating a game that allows players to adjust the CCMU limits back to their original limitations.
Map Pool[edit]
  • Updated the current ladder map pool in the Frontier League to:
    • CircuitBreakers1.0
    • Fighting Spirit
    • Match Point
    • Longinus II
    • Neo Jade
    • Tau Cross
    • Destination
  • We have updated our turn rate algorithm to be smarter and better than ever. The new system is more meticulous at determining if the turn rate needs to be lowered and will even increase it.
  • Players can now view their own replays from the profile screen.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Changes made for Game Speed, Key Scroll Speed or Mouse Scroll Speed should now persist after patches.
  • Pressing U now only toggles replay speed after Alt+Tabbing in and out of the Replay session.
  • The + and = symbols are now working correctly within chat.[edit]
  • /where and /whois commands are now working correctly for those that are Blizzard friends and non Blizzard friends.
  • Fixed an issue where some player and race settings couldn’t be changed in the Single Player lobby.
  • Players that navigate rapidly through the client menus will no longer hit a black screen state.
  • Fixed a crash on Mac occurring when joining a Multiplayer custom game.
Known Issues[edit]
  • Save game is disabled for EUD maps
  • Replays will not be saved for EUD maps
  • A big majority of EUD maps are supported except for maps that change the SCR graphics


Salute to Starcraft

how to get star craft 20th anniversery profile

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March news sponsored by:

In August last year Blizzard released a Remastered version of its wildly popular StarCraft real-time strategy game. Now, with the title turning 20 on 31 March, the developer has a few more additions in mind to help celebrate one of their most successful releases to date. 

The new content is set to arrive on StarCraft: Remastered as of 6 March, with gamers that log onto the title receiving commemorative interface skins, profiles and decals, which will also apply to StarCraft II. Other Blizzard franchises will also be joining in on the celebration with Overwatch's Widowmaker having access to a Sarah Kerrigan (Ghost) styled skin between 6 March and 5 April. There will be StarCraft themed content porting to Diablo III, World of WarCraft and Heroes of the Storm between now and the first week of April. 

Blizzard isn't done there though, with an anniversary stream set for Twitch on 31 March which will showcase a short film called StarCraft is Life: A Celebration, where some of the game's biggest fans will be sharing their memories of the title. 

StarCraft - Personal Project UI/UX - StarCraft II Profile Extension How to up rank starcraft 2 VN version . StarCraft - 20th Anniversary Comment Promotion.

SC20 Anniversary Stream March 30th & 31st

BlizzCon 2018 is on right now and it’s already been a massive show. Trusted Reviews is in attendance reporting on all the latest news, announcements and potential surprises set to surface across the weekend.

Just like last year, BlizzCon 2018 celebrates all things Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and more as the studio is set to unveil a bunch of new content for its flagship titles.

We’ve compiled all the latest news and announcements for BlizzCon 2018 below!

BlizzCon 2018 – How to watch the opening ceremony

BlizzCon 2018 Opening Ceremony Liveblog

11:14 –Kicking things off a little different the pre-ceremony stream has announced that Destiny 2 is free for all Battle Net players until November 18th. And it’s yours forever!

11:17: Blizzard Entertainment co-founder Mike Morhaime takes to the stage for what is his last BlizzCon as company president. This is going to be a real emotional farewell.

11:21 – A new president will be taking the reigns at Blizzard Entertainment: J. Allen Brack, who has worked on World of Warcraft for over 12 years. No matter how you slice it, he’s a worthwhile replacement for sure.

11:30 – Esports is a pretty big deal at BlizzCon with an assortment of tournaments taking place across the event. Now it’s time to take a look at what it really takes to compete with the world’s greatest players.

11:33 – The announcements begin with an update on Starcraft 2, a franchise that celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. BlizzCon 2018 features a new co-op commander which will be playable on the show floor. More details will be unveiled on the Mythic Stage tomorrow!

11:35 – A new hero is coming to Heroes of the Storm in the form of Orphea. Now it’s time for a trailer showcasing the new character! The upcoming character is also free for all show attendees and Virtual Ticket holders.

11:43 – It’s World of Warcraft time with an update on Battle for Azeroth and Vanilla content going forward. Tides of Vengeance is the name of the new update, with public testing having started just over a month ago. Alliance and Horde will fight once again, as evident from all the screaming coming from the crowd.

11:46 – Blizzard is back again to talk about ice cream. Just kidding, it’s touching on World of Warcraft: Vanilla, and now it’s time for a progress update on the long-awaited and nostalgic adventure. Virtual Ticket holders can also download a demo to play at home. And now, it has a release window of Summer 2019. All players with an active WoW subscription will have access to World of Warcraft Classic when it launches.

11:50 – It’s time for “one more thing” before World of Warcraft leaves the stage. It’s time for a brand new Battle for Azeroth cinematic!

11:54 – After that epic trailer where the Horde and Alliance appear to team up for the first time ever, it’s time for an update on Hearthstone. Except they’re having a bit of mic trouble…

11:56 – Mic troubles have led to a change of plan as we transition to the Overwatch Arena with the one and only Jeff Kaplan. He’s proud of the Overwatch League and the huge strides Blizzard’s hero shooter has made in the past year including the Endorsement System and more. Now let’s get ready for some new reveals.

12:00 – It’s time for a new Overwatch animated short. Sit back and enjoy. This one focuses on everyone’s favourite cowboy: McCree. And we might have our first glimpse at a new character in the form of Ash, a badass lady wielding a shotgun.

12:07 – What a fantastic cinematic that was, introducing the Deadlock Gang and a mysterious robot who think is Echo from one of the original Overwatch concepts.

12:10 – Hero 29 is finally revealed. It’s Ashe, the leader of the Deadlock Gang from the animated short we just saw. Wielding a rifle, she also has dynamite and a smaller firearm that appears to stun enemies. Oh, and Bob, her Omnic friend, can come in as her ultimate ability. She looks amazing!

12:14 –  Here comes an unexpected remaster. Warcraft 3 is coming back and the crowd is going absolutely wild here at BlizzCon 2018. First debuting 16 years ago, the beloved classic will be coming next year, and a segment is also playable at BlizzCon today.

12:22 – Now that technical issues have been ironed out it’s time to jump back to Hearthstone for a glimpse at some new content. Considering the hiccup, Blizzard is taking things in their stride.

12:25 – The new expansion Rastakhan’s Rumble, announced with an absurdly catchy trailer filled with trolls joyfully duking it out. Now it’s time to look at some cards coming as part of the new Hearthstone content drop. You can pick up the expansion of December 4, 2018. Pre-purchase begins today.

12:33 – A new Diablo title is coming to mobile platforms, but Blizzard wants to stay true to its roots by putting gameplay at the core of the experience. It’s a fully-fledged action RPG you can play everywhere with everyone. Now it’s time for the first peek at Diablo on mobile.

12:37: Developed by NetEase Games, Diablo Immortal will explore over twenty years of untold stories that happened between the second and third installments. Now we catch our first glimpse at gameplay, and it looks really impressive. It’s pretty much what you know in a smaller, more condensed form.

12:42 – And that’s wrap, and yet another impressive showing from Blizzard. We’ll be going hands-on with plenty of stuff covered in the opening ceremony this weekend so be sure to stay locked to Trusted Reviews.

BlizzCon 2018 Dates – When does it start?

BlizzCon 2018 will take place from November 2 – 3 at the Anaheim Convention Centre in Anaheim, California. A full schedule of the weekend’s happenings is available on the BlizzCon 2018 website.

BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket – Where can I buy it?

Just like last year, Blizzard is offering those who can’t attend the yearly showcase a chance to purchase a Virtual Ticket. This grants you access to digital rewards and online streaming of all available events currently planned in the schedule.

They are available to purchase now for £34.99/$49.99 and provide customers with the following content:

  • Access to BlizzCon opening ceremony, panels, and other events
  • Virtual rewards for Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and more
  • Discounts on BlizzCon Merch Store and Goody Bag

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BlizzCon 2018 Schedule – What’s going down?

A full schedule of the weekend’s happenings is available on the BlizzCon 2018 website. You can expect presentations on content coming to all the major titles alongside fun panels featuring experienced developers, voice actors and further insight into the world of Blizzard. 

BlizzCon 2018 Goody Bag – What’s in it?

The BlizzCon 2018 goody bag is a lovely one, especially for dedicated fans of Blizzard Entertainment eager to indulge themselves in the company’s history. Coming in at £49.50/$55.

All BlizzCon 2018 physical ticket holders will receive a goody bag at the event, although virtual ticket holders will only be given a small discount for ordering online. You save some pennies, so that’s a positive!

But what does it include? We’ve compiled the full list of BlizzCon 2018 goody bag contents below:

  • The BlizzCon Book: A Celebration of Our Community
  • World of Warcraft Faction Keychain
  • Overwatch Challenge Coin
  • Classic Diablo Vinyl Figure
  • Hearthstone Magnet Set
  • Heroes of the Storm Raven Lord Crest Magnet
  • StarCraft 20th Anniversary Pin

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BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Rewards – What are they?

Holders of both physical and virtual tickets for BlizzCon 2018 will receive a code that grants them access to the following assortment of digital goodies:

  • Overwatch – Demon Hunter Sombra Skin
  • Heroes of the Storm – Nexus Razorgrin mount with spray, banner, and portrait
  • World of Warcraft – War of the Mantle Cloaks for Alliance and Horde
  • Hearthstone – BlizzCon Card Back, 10 x Card Packs across expansions
  • Starcraft Remastered – Control Console and Limited Edition Skins

Overwatch at BlizzCon 2018 – Ashe is our brand new hero

As we predicted, BlizzCon 2018 saw a brand new character introduced for Overwatch in the form of Ashe. The rebellious cowgirl wields a rifle known as ‘The Viper’ and is also capable of hurling dynamite at enemies before calling upon B.O.B, her deadly robotic companion. You can check out all the essential details and our hands-on preview here.

Hearthstone at BlizzCon 2018 – Yet another new expansion

Hearthstone is getting a new expansion in the form of Rastakhan’s Rumble. Featuring the long-awaited return of Trolls in the world of Hearthstone, it will be launching for the digital card game on December 4, 2018.

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World of Warcraft at BlizzCon 2018 – Azeroth and Classic news!

The main focus for World of Warcraft at BlizzCon 2018 was an upcoming update for Battle for Azeroth in Tides of Vengeance. Already in its beta testing phase, owners of the well-received expansion are able to get their hands on the major narrative event. A specific release date is unconfirmed, but it looks pretty cool.

In other news, World of Warcraft: Classic has received some major new information in the form of a development pipeline and playable demo for attendees of the show and those in possession of a Virtual Ticket.

Diablo at BlizzCon 2018 – Immortal comes to mobile

Diablo had quite an unusual time at BlizzCon 2018, and the biggest announcement certainly wasn’t something fans were expecting. Diablo Immortalis a mobile exclusive RPG developed by NetEase, and it’s coming to iOS and Android devices in 2019. We’ve played it, and aren’t sure its deserving of the royal backlash its received by fans.

Heroes of the Storm at BlizzCon 2018 – Orphea birthed from The Nexus

The big reveal for Heroes of the Storm at BlizzCon 2018 is Orphea, an original character in the MOBA universe who will be free for all attendees of the show. She is the 83rd hero to join the online title and has quite an interesting story behind her:

“Rejecting the dark power her father had begun to consort with, Orphea tried to run away from the Raven Lord’s influence,” says her official bio. “But after witnessing King’s Crest fall to his machinations, she was convinced she needed to stand and fight. She now vows to protect the innocent — as a Hero of the Nexus.”

As for her release date, Orphea will be available in the next major update following BlizzCon 2018. We can’t wait to see her in action alongside all of the alternative skins.

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BlizzCon 2018 esports – What tournaments are taking place?

Much like last year, BlizzCon 2018 will play host to an assortment of huge gaming tournaments across the week. All of which, obviously, focus on Blizzard’s own library of titles. We’ve compiled a complete list of all the planned events below, more detailed brackets and team information can be found here.

  • World of Warcraft – Arena: World Championship
  • Heroes of the Storm – HGC Finals
  • Overwatch World Cup 2018
  • Hearthstone Global Games 2018
  • Starcraft: World Championship Series – Global Finals
  • World of Warcraft – Mythic Dungeon Invitational

Are you excited for BlizzCon 2018? What are you hoping to see? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter @trustedreviews.


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how to get star craft 20th anniversery profile

Optimized player profile performance. As part of StarCraft's 20th- anniversary celebration, we've added In our continual effort towards improving network latency we have implemented STUN NAT 2 support.

how to get star craft 20th anniversery profile
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