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How to make a craft out of yarn with your hands

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How to make a craft out of yarn with your hands
November 25, 2018 Events Calendar 4 comments

Good grief it is cold outside! It was just about this time last year when I shared my most controversial yarn craft for kids – our yarn bombed chair turned dollhouse.

Yes, I do tend to go a bit loopy in the winter (and heaven help me by March – that was when the chickens got their winter hats). It is just so (so) cold!

When it is so cold out I just love to craft with yarn. The jury has decided I may not actually be that good at it (though I still stand by that yarn dollhouse!)

Regardless, I decided to save you from another one of my interesting yarn crafting ideas. Instead – I bring you oodles of super sweet yarn crafts for kids.

I hope they bring a little warmth to your winter friends. These yarn crafts are excellent to do with children before they learn to knit. I have written quite a bit about knitting for kids, including this tutorial on exactly why and how I teach my kids to knit. Knitting is such a fabulous and educational activity for kids! But before they learn to knit, they need to explore, play, and create with yarn. This builds dexterity and fine motor control allowing those little hands to get ready. 

So, I bring you these lovely yarn crafts for kids!

Yarn-Wrapped Hearts – My kids had such fun using our extra yarn to make homemade gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Snipped Yarn Rainbow Craft from Stay at Home Educator – Children snip colorful pieces of yarn to create a beautiful rainbow. So much thoughtful consideration went into what the kids crafted.

Finger Knitting from Housing a Forest – I love that the kids just need their fingers and some yarn to make something fun.

Paper Plate Woven Sunflowers from Mum in the Madhouse – What beautiful flowers made just with paper plates and yarn!

Yarn-Wrapped Letters from Creative with Kids – A whole name made of these letters would be a wonderful bedroom wall decoration!

Painting with Yarn from Fantastic Fun and Learning – Children can explore what happens when yarn is used as a paintbrush!

Yarn Art Inspired by Harold and the Purple Crayon from Buggy and Buddy – Such a creative activity to go along with a favorite childhood book.

Rolling Pin Yarn Art from Kids Craft Room – The yarn-wrapped rolling pins create such beautiful patterns!

Texture Yarn Heart Craft from Hands On As We Grow – This process can be adapted for so many different shapes and ideas!

Yarn Art with Paper Plates and Twigs from Happy Hooligans – After a nature walk to hunt for sticks, kids can grab the yarn and get creating. Add some paper plates for even more creations.

Woolly Sheep Craft from The Imagination Tree and Danya Banya – Kids can make these woolly sheep to go along with “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, or as part of a farm theme.

Yarn Bowl Craft for Kids from Fantastic Fun and Learning – It would be such fun to see what treasures the children would keep in this DIY bowl.

Yarn Sticks from Babble Dabble Do – Decorate sticks with a variety of colors and patterns!

Cardboard Roll Bracelets from Molly Moo – Wearable yarn art the kids can make themselves. So much room for individual creativity.

Weaving with Kids from Art Bar – Introduce children to weaving with these homemade cardboard looms. A side-by-side art activity for kids (and adults)!

Woven Craft Stick Butterflies from The Craft Train – I can just see these butterflies hanging from the ceiling or being flown around the house!

Yarn Craft Teepee from Zing Zing Tree – These can be used as electronic tealight holders, but I can also see dolls and Lego mini figures sitting inside the teepees.

Yarn Wrapped Bee Craft from Housing a Forest – These bees sure have some personality! I think they’d make for some fun puppet shows.

Yarn Bird Nest Craft from No Time for Flash Cards – I know many a child who will be enamored with the process to make this bird nest out of yarn!

Woollybear Caterpillar Yarn Craft from Stir the Wonder – What a perfect yarn craft for kids to make while they’re learning about this caterpillar!

Yarn Wrapped Rock Monsters from Easy Peasy and Fun – I can only imagine the amazing monsters the kids would make with rocks and yarn!

Winter Tree Stick Craft from Buggy and Buddy – Gorgeous trees made with sticks, yarn, and a few embellishments. Kids can make a version for every season and talk about how trees change over the course of a year.

Ojo de Dios/God’s Eye from Art Bar – A traditional camp craft that never seems to get old!

There you have it friends! Oodles and oodles of warm crafting ideas to get you through to spring (and to keep you safely away from any yarn bombing doll houses).

Though the crochet chicken hats will most certainly be happening again …

Hope you are having a lovely week! I hope you enjoyed these yarn crafts for kids. Thank you for reading.

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No matter the season, there's no denying the fact that snuggling inside with a warm blanket beats going to work or running errands any day. Toss a good book, and maybe even a glass of wine, into the mix, and you're practically in staycation paradise. But there's another key ingredient to this dreamy scene that would really take things up a majorly cozy notch—a chunky knit blanket.

You probably know the exact style well, considering hygge-holics alike have been obsessing over it lately—and with very good reason. Not only does each massive throw keep wearers as snug as possible, but the large stitches also give them a downright adorable edge over the rest of your blanket collection. Plus, you can stash them anywhere, from your your living room couch to the end of your bed.

ChesiireCatGetty Images

Laura Birek, the blogger behind Nocturnal Knits, initially popularized the knit blanket trend, and comfort fanatics quickly latched on. After spilling the instructions in her video tutorial, fellow blanket-obsessors followed suit and began sharing their own—which means that you can also easily hop on the chunky knit bandwagon too. Rather than buying one from Etsy that can cost upwards of $600, take matters (literally!) into your own hands—or arms. Most of the tutorials out there teach you a basic arm-knitting technique while some use giant circular knitting needles for the same cuddle-worthy finished product.

If you're looking for your next DIY home project, this is the perfect weekend activity that only requires one person and less than an hour—for both beginners and experienced knitters alike. Check out some of the videos below that feature several different methods to create the chunky knit blanket of your dreams.

1. Unravel your yarn as the very first step.

Per video poster Bella Coco's instruction, this preliminary measure means your yarn won't tear while you're working. She unspooled her own giant ball on her bed, which also provided plenty of space to sit down and hand-crochet the blanket itself.


2. Non-knitting or crocheting experts, make your own in three easy steps.

No experience needed to make this chunky throw the old fashioned way—with your hands! Youtuber Lily Ardor quickly breaks down the braid-style process in this guided tutorial.


        3. You can use your arms to knit—no needles required!

        Simply Maggie uses Premier Yarns Couture Jazz yarn (and her own arms!) to whip up this beautiful blanket in just 45 minutes.

        SHOP YARN

        4. Add rows of colors for a more creative creation.

        In another needle-free method, Do It on a Dime assembled her materials on a budget (just $35!) and got to work DIYing this multicolored blanket with a friend. She recommends counting the stitches after every row to make sure you're still at the original number—and to have a Hallmark movie playing in the background!


        5. Make sure to measure the yarn before you cast on.

        CraftSanity makes creating a merino wool infinity scarf seem like a cinch in this tutorial taken at the Becozi headquarters in Holland, Michigan. Tip: Work on a flat surface covered in terry cloth, which won't cling to the yarn.


        6. The 4-by-5-foot blanket takes about 45 minutes and requires about eight pounds of yarn.

        YouTuber Elise Berns breaks down the arm-knitting technique in a way that's super easy to understand. Her adorable dog sleeping soundly at her side is just a bonus!


        7. Instead of arm knitting, you can also try using U.S. size 70 (40mm) giant circular knitting needles.

        Once again, Becozi provides clear instructions on this alternative to arm-knitting.


        8. You'll be an arm-knitting pro in no time after this simple-to-follow tutorial.

        Visual learners will appreciate the way the steps for this unique braid blanket are shot.


        Add to Your Chunky Knit Collection With These Adorable Items

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        Get your kids involved in this yarn craft by getting them to help you make a Slip the yarn off your hand and tie tightly in the center with a.

        Valentine's DayPreschoolersYarn7 Comments

        DIY a fun Valentine's Day decoration with a textured yarn heart craft that's perfect to do with your kids!

        George wanted to make something with yarn. So we made a yarn heart craft with it!

        We’ve done a few yarn crafts in the past, so I thought making a heart for Valentine’s Day would be a fun twist! I quickly drew a large heart on a piece of scrapbook paper.

        Simple Textured Yarn Heart Craft Decoration

        George and I then cut long pieces of yarn in various colors. I had red, pink, blue, green, and orange.

        Then we squirted glue all over the heart to get started.

        Our glue for some reason is impossible to squeeze. I even struggle getting it out.

        Apparently, I need to do some of our activities for strengthening fine motor skills! George, too!

        I started him by outlining the heart with a piece of yarn.

        And then George filled the heart in with the strands of yarn, in whatever direction he wanted!

        He filled in the heart with yarn, piling it on, adding layers and texture.

        I squirted more glue on as he went along. Just every once in awhile to make sure the yarn stayed in place.

        I love how it has so much depth to it!

        When George was finished with adding the yarn, I set it aside to dry and added a bit more glue to the top to once again make sure it stayed put.

        Once dried, I cut the heart out of the paper and glued it onto another contrasting color to put on display for Valentine’s Day!

        If you missed the wrapped yarn hearts shared by Bambini Travels, be sure to check it out!

        We even did another version of this yarn heart craft again that I hope to share with you soon!

        What are your favorite Valentine’s Day art projects? We’d love to add a few more to our list!

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      1. 1

        Pull up the bottom loops. Starting with your index finger, take the bottom loop of yarn and pull it up, over (the top loop), and off of your finger. Once finished, the bottom loop should now be on the back of your index finger.[3]

      2. 2

        Repeat with the next three fingers. Pull the bottom loop up, over, and off of your middle, ring, and pinky fingers. Once finished, you should have one loop on each finger.

      3. 3

        Reposition the yarn. Using your dominant (free) hand, press the yarn down so that the remaining loops are closer to the bottom of your fingers and do not risk falling off.

      4. 4

        Continue the weave. Grab the tail (which should be between your index and middle fingers) and wrap it over your middle finger, behind your ring finger, and over and around your pinky. Continue the other direction by wrapping it over your ring finger, behind your middle finger, and over and around your index finger. Once finished, you should once again have two loops on each finger.[4]

      5. 5

        Repeat pulling up the bottom loops. As with before, start with the index finger and pull the bottom loop up, over (the top loop), and off your finger. Repeat this for the remaining three fingers until you end up with only one loop on each finger.

      6. 6

        Repeat repositioning of the yarn. Once again use your dominant (free) hand to slightly push the yarn down so that the remaining loops are closer to the bottom of your fingers, allowing additional room to continue the weave.

      7. 7

        Repeat these three actions (weaving, pulling up loops, repositioning) as long as desired. A nice, rope-like structure of yarn should form at the back of your hand, which will allow you to roughly gauge the length you've made. Don't be afraid to lightly tug on it to tighten it up as you go.

      8. Beaded crafts, cross stitch, embroidery, plastic canvas, latch hook rug kits and a hobby for your hands to relieve stress, boost your mood, give you something.

        7 Easy, No-Knit Yarn Crafts

        Learn how to make an arm knit blanket today! Below is a great tutorial for you. This cozy arm knit blanket will be a great addition to any home!


        This post wasn’t going to publish today but here is the story.

        Sometimes at the end of last year, I started seeing these cozy blankets all over on Instagram, and I fell in love. Completely! So I had ordered some chunky yarn, and it got here last week. And you know the rest of the story. I could not wait to put my hands on the yarn and make me a cozy olive green arm knit blanket. Did you know that the Pantone color of the year is greenery? I love green anyway, so it wasn’t too big of a decision of what color yarn to order.

        Anyways… Just last night, while I was watching TV from my bed, I started working on this blanket and guess what? I finished this piece in less than an hour. It took maybe 40 minutes (tops) to finish it off, and this was my first time knitting project!! And shockingly, I was so addicted to arm knitting that I made another fun pom-pom arm knit blanket since the first one!

        Are you excited yet? I know you can do it, too!

        After I had taken off all the Christmas decor I shopped my home a bit, and I pulled the cow rug down from my workspace to the living room, and now I feel that there may be too many brown hues in there, so adding this cozy olive green arm knit blanket was a great move. I added some amazing pillows to complete the space. Like this one below.



        I love that this living room now is funky, colorful and bohemian.♥

        If you like to create this style be sure to hop over to my SHOP MY HOME STYLE page to find all things pretty in this space.:-)

        Download your mini guide NOW! I share 5 quick tips on how to create a stylish home!

        Isn’t this pillow fantastic? Oh, my!

        Ok. So back to the blanket.

        I ordered 12 skeins of chunky yarnfor this project. I found a video on youtube that explained the basics of knitting, so it was super easy to make my arm knit blanket. (This post contains affiliate links.)

        [amazon_link asins=’B01LYY67HI,B01LDYLX7A,B008W59I58,B00DN4FQGS’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’plofmyta-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’01bad266-dc6f-11e6-9be7-eda05f334489′]

        And now here is the step by step tutorial on how to make an arm knit blanket.


        1. To begin, measure out about 5-6 ft lengths of yarn for your tail, and then make a slipknot on your right arm. Make it tight.
        2. Then, with your left hand create a V-shape with the working yarn (working yarn is the skein of yarn) and with the tail with your left hand.
        3. Push your right hand under the working yarn on the left hand then pull the yarn from the tail through the loop. (see video – slow motion)
        4. Take that loop and pull it over your right arm. Keep casting the stitches onto your right arm. Make it tight but not too tight.
        5. Cast on 25 stitches on your right arm.
        6. Once you are done with 25 stitches, start over on your left arm. Hold the working yarn in your right hand and pull off the first stitch over the working yarn then create a loop with the working yarn and over your left hand.
        7. Continue taking the stitches until all of the stitches are on your left arm.
        8. Keep on knitting from left to right and then right to left arm until you have about 34-38 rows (this will make a nice size blanket – I used 11 skeins to make this pretty good sized blanket.)
        9. You will need to start a new skein of yarn after maybe every other row, so what you need to do is to simply tie the ends of the skeins together with a tight knot and just keep knitting.
        10. Then once you are done with all the rows, you’ll want to cast off.
        11. Knit two stitches from your left arm to your right arm, as you did all the way until this point, and then slip the first stitch over the second (see video).
        12. Knit another stitch on your right arm and then slip the previous stitch over the last one. Continue until you only have one loop left.
        13. Then cut off the working yarn, pull it over and tie a knot.
          To hide the tails braid them into your blanket.
          All done. 🙂


        Because I know it’s always better to watch something done than read the instructions, I made a quick video for you to watch. 🙂
        A few things to remember while you are knitting:

        • Try to cast your stitches on tight (that’s when you get a nice even pattern on your blanket).
        • When you cast off (at the end of your knitting process), be sure NOT to tie your hoops to tight but rather to be loose.:-)

        Enjoy! I had lot’s of fun making this blanket and you will, too!



        So? Are you going to make your arm knit blanket?

        Not feeling getting into this project now? Be sure to PIN it for later! 🙂

        [amazon_link asins=’B01LYY67HI,B01LDYLX7A,B008W59I58,B00DN4FQGS’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’plofmyta-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’01bad266-dc6f-11e6-9be7-eda05f334489′]

        Well, I  am sure it was not my last knitting project you all! It was so fun to make this fantastic blanket! I hope you enjoy the video.


        And before you leave, be sure to grab my lovely SHORT GUIDE on how to create a STYLISH HOME.
        Download your mini guide NOW! I share 5 quick tips on how to create a stylish home!

        If you are over on Instagram, be sure to check out my FEED, full of HOME DECOR inspiration HERE.


        I made another blanket last week and I can’t wait to share another tutorial with you on this fun pom-pom chunky wool blanket!


        Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get notifications of new posts!


        Cheers friends!


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        how to make a craft out of yarn with your hands

        WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: DIY Pom Poms - Super FAST Pom Poms with your hand

        We've done a few yarn crafts in the past, so I thought making a heart for Valentine's You'll love showing off your fun textured yarn heart craft!.

        how to make a craft out of yarn with your hands
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