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How to make a golden rose craft

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How to make a golden rose craft
November 13, 2018 Events Calendar 1 comment

This pair of golden rose beaded dangle earrings gives people a romantic feel. If you are a very romantic person, it will satisfy you. This pair of earrings can be finished in 10 minutes. To make the earring, first you need get some earring supplies for jewelry making. The below is the detailed making process

Jewelry craft supplies for making golden rose dangle earrings:

2mm Nickel Free Iron Eyepins

1~5mm Assorted Iron Findings

2mm 1 Box Five Styles Brass Earring Hooks

1mm Square Brass Grade A Rhinestone Montee beads

3x0.9mm Brass Open Jump Rings

DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

Tutorials on making golden rose dangle earrings:

Step 1: make the first part of the earrings

1st, insert a 2mm nickel free iron eyepin into a rhinestone montee bead

2nd, and use the pliers to make the left eyepin into a circle as shown in the picture

Step2: make the second part of the earrings

Use a jump ring to connect the rhinestone montee bead with the rose-shape iron finding

Step3: make the final part of the earrings

Use a brass earring hook to connect the upper circle of the rhinestone montee bead and repeat the process in the same way to make another one

Here is the finished work!

This pair of earrings is very easy to make. If you are a green hand, you can learn to do the handicraft from this piece of work.


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    how to make a golden rose craft


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    how to make a golden rose craft
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