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How to make fun christmas crafts

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How to make fun christmas crafts
August 19, 2019 Events Calendar 3 comments

10 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids to make this holiday season.  Quick, easy and gorgeous, and perfect for preschoolers and toddlers.

We tend to get a little carried away with the homemade Christmas craftsin our daycare at this time of year.

Last year, we set out to make a different Christmas tree ornament every day in the month leading up to Christmas. By the time the holidays rolled around, the Hooligans had made so many ornaments that parents were joking that their Christmas trees were starting to lean over under the weight of all of the handmade decorations.

I thought it would be fun to round up a few of our easiest ornaments for you as a handy resource for when your kids want to do some holiday crafting this December.

Here are 10 of my favourite simple decorations that kids can make at home, preschool or daycare.

Have fun with them!


10 more easy Christmas crafts for kids to make:


Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree: thread beads onto a pipe cleaner and bend the pipe cleaner into the shape of a tree.



Felt Mitten Ornament: cut two small felt mittens and attach with a length of yarn.  Decorate mittens with beads and sequins.



TP tube snowmen: cover toilet roll tubes with felt or quilt batting and decorate with craft gems and fabric scraps.

Milk Carton Gingerbread Craft: paint small milk or juice cartons and decorate with craft foam.

Homemade Gingerbread Man Ornament: cut a gingerbread man from brown paper and decorate with craft scraps.

I Spy Ornament:  fill a glass ball with artificial snow and random toys and craft items.  Provide a list of things to look for.

Poinsettia Christmas Tree Ornament: wrap a toilet roll with red paper and then cut into 5 pieces about 1 inch thick. Flatten them out to get petal shape. Glue tissue paper to tops and let dry. Hot glue petals together and top with a button.together at center. Glue some artificial leaves to the back. We added glitter glue to the petals as well

Craft Stick Snowman Decoration: paint a craft stick white, and decorate with craft foam.

Candy House Christmas Ornament: cut a house shape from cardboard and cover with colourful paper or fabric.  Decorate with craft scraps.

Woolen Star Christmas Ornament: Cut cardboard stars and wrap with wool, securing with hot glue.

When you’re finished your Christmas craft session, why not cuddle up with your kids to watch one of these Classic Family Christmas Movies. 

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Jackie is a mom, wife, home daycare provider, and the creative spirit behind Happy Hooligans. She specializes in kids’ crafts and activities, easy recipes, and parenting. She began blogging in 2011, and today, Happy Hooligans inspires more than 2 million parents, caregivers and Early Years Professionals all over the globe.

"Christmas to a child is the first terrible proof that to travel hopefully is better than to arrive," English comedian and actor Stephen Fry famously said. And that's thanks to all the fun holiday festivities and craft activities that lead up to the big day. So make the most of the anticipatory moments with some fun, easy Christmas crafts that'll put everyone in the holiday spirit. Plus, most of these projects double as stylish Christmas decorations or gifts, so you'll also be getting those tasks out of the way while you work on them. Ready, set, get cozy and start crafting.

1Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

Upgrade your advent calendar tradition with this DIY gingerbread version from Sugar and Charm. The little wooden houses are surprisingly easy to make and they're the perfect thing to line the mantle with.

2Jumbo Christmas Lights

For something especially festive, considering DIYing some oversized felt Christmas lights, like these from Sugar & Cloth. Or use construction paper and cardboard if you have any of those materials lying around. If your door is painted a bright color, match some of the "lights" with it, but keep the others on-theme for Christmas.

3DIY Coastersx

Make your craft cocktails look even prettier by serving them on these DIY snowflake coasters. Made with white pipe cleaners, it doesn't get any easier than this. Learn how to make them from Sugar and Charm.

4Colorful Garland

Grab some construction paper in fun, vibrant colors and then cut out some shapes. Then glue them together and hang them from your garland to give it a fresh, personal touch. To make it all match, tie a ribbon in a corresponding color around the end of the banister.

5Tree-Shaped Advent Calendar

Here's another great DIY advent calendar brought to us by Sugar and Charm. You'll just need some plywood, small tin cans, and a hot glue gun (and then goodies, of course).

6Paper Poinsettia Flowers

This is not a drill—these are flowers made out of actual paper but they're just as pretty as the real thing. Follow the steps from The House That Lars Built.

7Temporary Tattoo Ornaments

Raise your hand if you have zero skills with a paintbrush. This is the holiday craft for you since you just need to be able to stick a temporary tattoo onto an ornament. See how it's done at The Crafted Life.

8Coffee Filter Garland

You really can use anything to make pretty Christmas decorations if you put your mind to it. This garland is made out of coffee filters. If you don't have any of those lying around, use tissue paper and make an afternoon of it. Get the tutorial from Country Living.

9Geometric Wreath

We're all about this minimalist, understated approach to holiday decor, like this Geometric wreath from Sugar & Cloth. Plus. minimalist crafts and DIY projects are inevitably easy.

10Brass Ring Wreaths

These modern wreaths from Sugar and Charm are the perfect activity for a holiday party. Just set up the supplies on a craft table and print out the simple instructions.

11Copper Christmas Trees

These are so pretty, you'll want to leave them up year-round. It really doesn't get easier than this, either. Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.

12DIY Stockings

Make everyone in the family their own Christmas stocking to use year after year. These easy DIY stockings from The House House Lars Built are upbeat and festive but also unique.

13Pine Scented Candles

These will make your house smell like Christmas spirit if you could bottle it up. Plus, it's pretty. Learn how to make your own from Sugar and Charm.

14Instax + Tinsel Wreath

Tinsel is all about having fun. This tinsel star wreath from The Crafted Life is easy to replicate—you just need to add your photos. Or you could put out a polaroid at a holiday party and have everyone add their own photos in the moment.

15Origami Christmas Trees

This is the chicest origami has ever looked. And they're not overly complicated to make. Choose paper that matches the colors in your home so they blends in nicely when you put them on display. Get the tutorial at Sugar and Charm.

16Confetti Ornaments

If you've got leftover tissue paper from all your gift wrapping, put it to good use. This is the perfect kid-friendly craft idea, too. Get the tutorial at Mod Podge Rocks.

17Colorful Christmas Tree Lights

These strings lights would brighten up an entire room even if they are just made of paper. Playful, colorful, and no fire hazard whatsoever. And they're fun to make! Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

18Marbled Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments are so much more special when they have sentimental value. Make your own marbled ornaments with this guide from Sugar and Charm.

19Santa Hat Drink Stirrers

Your party guests will be obsessed with these cute little Santa hats. Plus, they'll make your drinks a lot more photogenic. See how it's done at Sugar & Cloth.

20Paper Feather Garland

This garland from Lia Griffith ensures that you don't have to let holiday decor cramp your boho style. Who needs paper snowflakes when you can have paper feathers instead?

Hadley MendelsohnDesign EditorHadley Mendelsohn is House Beautiful's design editor, and when she's not busy obsessing over all things decor-related, you can find her scouring vintage stores, reading, or stumbling about because she probably lost her glasses again.

These quick and easy Christmas crafts for kids can be made in under 30 minutes! No special tools or skills needed - ANYONE can make these holiday crafts! bundle of printable Christmas games and activities is a ton of fun for all ages!.

Felling festive, planning activities and need ideas for paper plate Christmas crafts? We’ve got a jolly bunch right here.

From Santa Claus to wonderful Christmas trees, you’ll find more projects that you will ever need.

*this post contains affiliate links*

From super simple crafts toddlers will be able to do, to ones that focus on fine motor skills best for preschoolers to pure Christmas paper plate arts and crafts ideas for kindergarteners and older kids.

Ready to craft? Browse these Christmas crafts using paper plates!

Christmas Tree Paper Plate Crafts

We love making little Christmas paper plate trees, either to place on the table or to hang from the ceiling, this frugal little trees will be a delight for little hands.

Starting off, we have our cone shaped trees, with a little help, these are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to make! Let the kids do the painting, you make the cone, and have them decorate the little trees with age appropriate decorations.
For toddlers it can be torn tissue paper and large pom poms they can easily dip into glue and stick to the tree, while older kids can handle smaller decorations (small pom poms, gemstones, yarn…).

Check how we did these paper plate Christmas trees here.

Another wonderful paper plate Christmas craft

This one will turn into the most wonderful kid made decoration ever! You can make the ornaments on your own or print our template.

See how we made ours and grab the template

We just know this twirling tree will look amazing if you decorate the ornaments with glitter.

Paper Plate Santa

We love making paper plate Santas! It doesn’t get any more festive than this now does it?

See how we made this paper plate Santa Claus craft here.

Or maybe it can? How about these funky looking little paper plate Christmas hats?

Rudolph The Reindeer

As you figured out by now, the possibilities with crafts made using paper plates are endless!

You can make all the animals from the animal kingdom and reindeer are no exception.

To make a Christmasy version don’t forget to add a red nose to your reindeer paper plate craft.

Sparkly Snowman

When you think about Christmas characters, snowmen usually snick in too (as well as merry penguins, so we’ll get to those in a bit).

This sparkling snowman paper plate craft is perfect to make for Christmas, as it will add to the Xmas magic with it’s sparkle.

The Wobbly Penguins

See how to make these wobble penguins here

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20 Easy Christmas Crafts That'll Put You in the Holiday Spirit

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A homespun garland could be all it takes to make the difference between an "ordinary" and "extraordinary" Christmas at home. You just might have everything you need to make this one right in your pantry!

Make the Garland:

You'll need navel and blood oranges, parchment paper, two cookie sheets, jute or natural twine, a skewer or nail, and decorative hooks.

1. Preheat oven to 250°F.

2. Cut oranges crosswise into 1/4-inch slices (four oranges make a six-foot garland).

3. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper. Pat orange slices dry with paper towels, and place them on cookie sheets in a single layer.

4. Bake for approximately 3 hours or until dry. (To ensure the slices dry flat, turn them over at the midway mark.) Remove from oven.

5. Using a skewer or nail, poke two holes into the top of each orange slice.

6. Thread twine through each hole, evenly spacing the oranges on the garland. Tie off each end with a loop, and hang from hooks.



10 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make for the Tree this Year I thought it would be fun to round up a few of our easiest ornaments for you as a handy.

Paper Plate Christmas Crafts

It's no secret that Christmas is all about spending time with family and making memories—especially with your kids. While there are plenty of ways to do just that, you may sometimes be limited to indoor activities due to the weather. So, rather than sitting your children down in front of holiday movie (although we love doing that too!), get their creativity going with the following Christmas crafts for kids.

The best part about these projects? They make for meaningful and personal holiday décor that you can use anywhere in your home. If you're looking to decorate your Christmas tree a little more, bookmark the many ornament ideas ahead. Want an adorable item to put up on your wall or hang from the ceiling? We've got you covered. Or, if you just want to keep your kids busy while you're making the holiday feast, there are slime recipes that will occupy them for hours. Whatever you and your little ones choose to create, the most important thing is that you'll be spending extra quality time together—and who doesn't want that around the holidays? Grab some glue sticks and paint, and get started on our favorite Christmas crafts for kids.

how to make fun christmas crafts

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids - Christmas Craft Ideas

fun with kids. See more ideas about Christmas crafts, Christmas diy and Crafts. These popsicle stick Christmas crafts are so easy and fun to make! Make a.

how to make fun christmas crafts
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