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How to make money as a kid easy crafts

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How to make money as a kid easy crafts
July 17, 2019 Events Calendar 2 comments

Oh golly, I am so honored to feature another Susie on my blog! Susie from Busy Toddler had no idea her blog would turn into such a huge success! She nailed her branding, understands her audience, and delivers amazing content! Oh yes, and she has completely replaced her teaching salary with her blog – how amazing is that!?

Throughout the post I’ll have a few tips from me, Suzi. Please don’t get confused with the wonderful guest blogger, Susie, and me, the blogger behind this blog, Suzi.

I stumbled upon her Instagram account a few months ago and just absolutely fell in love! She inspires me to be a better mom! Thank you Susie for the fantastic tips below!

*This post contains affiliate links.

How to Start and Make Money with a Kids Activity Blog

I came to blogging a little bit backwards. I started Busy Toddler as an Instagram account in June 2015. I had two under two and was looking for fun activities to do with my toddler while the baby was napping (you know, instead of letting Daniel Tiger parent him). I started looking around on Instagram because that’s where I was hanging out a lot at the time, scrolling while nursing. But, I couldn’t find what I was looking for: an account that showed super easy, little to no prep activities using supplies that I had on hand – because who has time for 10 hours of prep and a special trip to Michaels?

So, after a few successful Susie-style toddler activities (a flour pool in my family room, a rice bin with some scoops), I decided to create the Instagram account I had once been looking for. It’s the whole necessity is the mother of invention adage. I definitely didn’t set out with even an inkling that this future was in front of me.

I didn’t tell a soul when I launched Busy Toddler on IG – not even my husband. About a week later, I mentioned it to him at dinner “so yeah, I started this account….”. I figured if I had 100 followers by the end of the first month, I’d keep going. I had 2000 and had started to realize I wasn’t the only mom on Instagram looking for these kinds of activities.

Fast forward to the end of the summer and I had met a blogger on IG – Clarissa from Munchkins and Moms – and she started urging me to open a web site from my Instagram account. She helped guide me and point me in the right direction as I opened Because of her, I came out of the gate with all sorts of basic blogging information that is really hard to come by if you don’t have an “inside source” (things like the importance of Pinterest, the different image sizes needed in a post, what the heck is metadata?!). [Side note: Clarissa is still the love of my blogging life and not only is she my Internet bestie, but one of my closest real-life friends. That’s blogging for you!]

So, to answer the basic question, “When did I start my blog?”: Officially, September 2015. I’m celebrating my two-year anniversary and can’t believe this is where my life is at right now. It looks a little different than the morning I searched the name “Busy Toddler” on IG, saw it was free, and registered it.

Quick Tip from Suzi: Starting a blog does not need to be techy or difficult. Join the other 1,700+ moms who have taken the Blog by Number course to start a successful blog!

How I Made $45 in my First Month Blogging

Once I officially opened the web site, I started making Amazon affiliate money that month. Easiest money to make in blogging. I was fortunate to have a community already built when I began my website so my traffic for the first month was just a little more than 10k and I think I made about $45 in Amazon money. I was STOKED. My monetary goals with blogging escalated like this:

  • Can I make enough money in a month to cover a few extra lattes?
  • Can I make $100 a month?
  • Can I cover the grocery bill?
  • Can I make $1000 a month?!
  • Can I cover the mortgage?!
  • Current goal: Can I pay off the mortgage through the money I make from Busy Toddler?

Quick Tip from Suzi:Here’s 83 different ways you can make money from your blog!

How I Get Thousands of Page Views to My New Blog Each Month

Thank goodness one of the first tips I learned with blogging is that Pinterest runs the world. At least the kid’s activities world. It’s my first piece of advice to all new bloggers. “Do you know just how important Pinterest is?”

I made Pinterest my first big blogging goal. It was two-fold: get followers on Pinterest and have really pinnable images. Problem is, my activities are simple and you can glean a lot from just a photo (I mean, rice bin…what more do you really need to know?!). I have to make sure my images and the text I put on my pins is so compelling that you just have to click over.

Pinterest makes up about 50% of my traffic a month. Facebook is about 10% and Instagram makes up just about 3% of my monthly traffic. It’s not easy to get traffic from IG to a blog so I’m thrilled to be at 3%.

Quick Tip from Suzi: This is thePinterest strategy that I use to bring in thousands of page views to my blog per month.

How to Blog with 3 Kids under 4 Years Old

I basically don’t sleep. KIDDING. I actually need lots of sleep. I’m a nicer person that way. I made a pact with myself from the get go that the whole reason for Busy Toddler was to find activities to do with my kids so I needed to keep my two jobs separate: there’s SAHM Susie and Blogging Susie – and never the two shall meet. Obviously, that’s not totally true and the two meet all the time but for the most part, I have business hours and I have Mom hours. I do the best I can.

I wake up a little before my kids and do a basic check of my world: is my site up, open each social media channel (except Twitter because I cannot even. That place just is not my jam.), and answer emails. After that, the most I’ll see of Busy Toddler is the occasional glance while I put the Baby 3 down to nap or if I need a minute to center myself in the Target parking lot before heading inside with three kids 4 and under. Heaven help me. My kids all magically nap at the same time so I get about 90 mins in the afternoon and then I work after their bed time from about 7pm – 10pm.

I’m happy giving up my “free time” to Busy Toddler because I really, really love this. SAHM life can be so lonely if you let it and you can start to feel like folding laundry immediately out of the dryer is the best life be, so it’s nice to have a place to use my teacher brain, use my journalism skills, and to pretend I’m a photographer. I have colleagues in blogging that I talk to every day (I call them my co-workers and it’s so true). But the biggest bonus is that when I’m “answering emails”, I’m usually just chit chatting with another mom and sharing our experiences. I feel like the luckiest Mom in the world getting to have such a large village to raise my kids in.

Quick Tip from Suzi: I know it’s hard to start a blog and be a mom too! I have two little ones and a 3rd on the way – due soon! I use my Blog Vision Board and my Simple Weekly Schedule to keep myself organized and sane.

Great Tip on How to be Authentic Online

I think the best gift that we can give other moms is a sense of togetherness. I’m not here to be the Wonder Mom or the Best Mom or the Pinterest worthy mom. I’m just another Mom trying not to let my kids watch 18 episodes of Paw Patrol in a single day. I think that’s something that I’ve always put out front and center on Busy Toddler: I’m not better than you. I just happen to like letting my kids play in Jell-O and I thought you might too.

The phrase “be authentic” is probably the least authentic phrase on the Internet, but it really is true. Just be you. Be the person you are with your friends. Write your posts and your captions like you are talking to your bestie. Share things to Facebook that your friends would want to read.

Never talk down to people and never talk over them. You wouldn’t do that to your real-life friends so don’t do it to your internet ones. I can’t stress this enough: write like you’re talking to your friend. Read your captions and posts out loud to check if they sound like you.

Quick Tip from Suzi: I love this tip so much!!

How to Make Money with a Toddler Activity Blog

I’m a passive income gal and after taking a few sponsored posts early on, I realized that just isn’t my thing. I make my income on ads, Amazon affiliate, and on a single ambassadorship that I’ve held for two years. While the ambassadorship is a “sponsored post gig”, it feels very passive because it’s consistent.

I knew I wanted another means of passive income and that it would have to come in the form of a product. What I could never wrap my head around was how a product fit into my brand. Understanding and staying faithful to my brand has always been #1 for me even at the risk of, for example, turning down sponsored content because it just wasn’t 100% (I hate to say it) authentic for my brand.

A lot of “my brand” is based on this idea that you don’t need to spend money or buy anything special to have fun with your kids. I know so many bloggers that make amazing printables and worksheets but that just didn’t feel right for my brand because 1) printables cost money 2) they aren’t my style of hands-on learning.

At the same time that I was trying to wrap my head around what sort of product(s) could I put out in the world, I started getting a lot of questions from followers like “Are you sending your kids to preschool?” “How do you structure your day?” “How did you teach your kids?” And suddenly a light bulb went off: I can create a really easy home preschool program for parents that’s more like an activities guidebook than formal homeschooling.

I did a lot of research. I met with a preschool teacher and read a lot about preschool developmental goals. I talked to other elementary teachers, I talked to other moms, and I did a lot of talking to my own mom (she’s a gem). I looked at what was already out there for homeschool preschool and saw that there were a lot of unit by unit options but not as many complete, full year programs.

Going back to my original Busy Toddler game plan of fast and easy, I knew I wanted to create a one-stop-shop type program. I didn’t want Moms having to go back every week to buy a new unit.

Quick Tip from Suzi: Want to create an ebook too and monetize your blog more? Enroll in the Ebook by Number step by step course.

I Was Scared of Creating a Product and Selling It

It was surprisingly hard for me to come to terms with selling something on my site, because I had built such a huge foundation on “you don’t need to buy anything special”. One of my non-blogging friends said that what I was doing and asking people to pay for is similar to a meal subscription. You can see a few random recipes for free OR you can buy this planned out meal subscription. She was right. People have loved this idea that they can have a full school year worth of activities at the ready.

Altogether, it took about 5 months to write Playing Preschool. One month was on research alone, another on designing the structure and template. I wrote the bulk of the lessons over a six-week period, writing during nap time and after the kids went to bed. Then it was on to editing, editing, and more editing before I felt it was ready for the world.

Then came launch day. I made $6,000 in 24 hours. It was surreal.

I am so fortunate that Busy Toddler can be a hobby. My family doesn’t rely on my income for anything. I am very, very lucky. Before I launched Playing Preschool, I was making about $2200 a month. It’s hard to say what I’m making now, since Playing Preschool has only been out 6 weeks so I’m not sure what the long-term average or how steady the purchasing will be. I can say that in this short time, I have made the same as my teaching salary. Which is bananas.

Quick Tip from Suzi: Ebooks are a FANTASTIC way to make money with your blog, help others and change the world. I’ve made over $30,000 selling ebooks on my blog, and you can do it too!  Enroll in the Ebook by Number step by step course.

Best Advice for New Mom Bloggers

Best advice: don’t be everything. You can’t be the “everything” blogger. Find your niche. Become an expert in your niche. Have domain authority! I would LOVE to share with the world my passion for easy home cooking or how I can get a stain out of just about anything, but you know what? That’s not what Busy Toddler is about so I don’t blog it or share it. That’s ok. It’s the old “don’t spread yourself too thin”, except in blogging, I’d say “don’t spread yourself too broad.” Be happy in your niche and find a dedicated audience. Stay true to them and what they expect to see from you.


I’m Susie, and I’m just trying to make it to nap time each day. I come up with easy and fun activities that keep my kids (and me) entertained. Check out the Playing Preschool Program to know what to do with your child every day. Find her at Busy Toddler.


We tried to cover a wide range of ideas for crafts that can make you money. And we put them each in their own category to make it easier for you to navigate through and find the kind of stuff you like to make and sell for profit.

Adding a necklace to an outfit can completely transform it. And, customers love finding unique, homemade pieces, like the ones below. So, give one of them a try.

This edgy bar necklace is sure to be popular, whether you’re selling on Etsy or at a craft fair. It’s not too difficult to make either, just follow along with the instructions.

This sheet metal pendant necklace is incredibly striking, but fairly easy to make. Check out the tutorial for instructions on how to make it.

Using just a few buttons, you can create this gorgeous vintage button necklace. It’s a cheap DIY project, but the final product looks expensive.

Isn’t this thimble necklace so unique and charming? It’s an attention grabbing piece, so make a couple and watch people flock to buy them!

Looking for craft ideas to make money? How about making this beautiful glass photo jewelry pendant tray? Check out this tutorial for the full instructions.

These beautiful, nature-inspired wire wrapped pendants are made using natural materials, like rocks and driftwood. Check out this tutorial for all the details on how to make them.

Whether it’s for themselves or for a gift for someone else, rings are marketable pieces that sell well at craft fairs and online.

Delicate rings are really in fashion right now, so these cute heart rings are perfect to make for your next eBay or Etsy sale.

Easy and cheap to make – the materials required for this craft project can be bought at the dollar store – these rings are a great addition to your craft store inventory.  You can use different gems or stones for each, and mix and match the color and style of the wire that you use, meaning you can easily create a versatile selection of rings to suit almost all tastes. Check out the instructions here.

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Bracelets can brighten up any outfit, making them popular with customers of all age groups. But, customers particularly love bracelets that are unique too. And, that’s what most of the bracelets in this section are – unique, trendy and of course beautiful.

9. Seed Bead Bracelets

These beautiful, delicate seed bead bracelets are pretty trendy right now. And, that’s why they’re one of the best crafts you can make and sell. Plus, they’re not too difficult to make either, especially when you follow this handy tutorial!

10. Blue and Silver Leather Wrap Bracelets

These stunning blue and silver leather wrap bracelets are really versatile and they can be worn with anything – that’s why they’re sure to sell at your next craft fair or eBay auction.

11. Leather Knot Button Bracelet

Quirky and stylish, these leather knot button bracelets will be popular with customers of all ages. Learn how to make them using this tutorial.

12. Boho Cuff Bracelet with Turquoise and Wood Beads

How beautiful is this boho cuff bracelet with turquoise and wood beads? You don’t need too many supplies to make this either, but it looks stunning.

13. Classic Metal Cuff

This classic metal cuff isn’t as tough as it looks to make. So, follow this tutorial, and create this striking piece – it’s sure to sell!


Homemade earrings aren’t as tough as you’d think to create. In fact, even with just a few materials, it’s pretty easy to make some truly unique and expensive looking pairs. All you need are a few good craft tutorials, like the ones below.

14. Raw Stone Earrings

These DIY raw stone earrings are stunning, and surprisingly, you can make them in just five minutes! All, you need is stones or minerals and some gold earring studs and you’re good to go! Learn how to make these earrings in this tutorial.

15. Doily Craft DIY Boho Earrings

Aren’t these doily boho earrings just beautiful? They’re sure to be popular at your next craft sale.  And, the best part is, that they’re not too tricky to make. Check out this article on how to create them.

16. Double Pearl Earrings

Classy and elegant, these double pearl earrings are ideal for customers looking to add to their jewelry collection. Learn how to make them in this article – and don’t worry, they’re not as tricky as you’d think to create.

Hair Accessories

Women of all ages need hair accessories. That’s why they make such great items to sell, whether it’s at a craft fair or on Etsy. Check out these truly unique hair accessory craft ideas.

17. Convertible Necklace Headband

How cool is this convertible necklace headband?  It’s much cheaper and easier to make than you’d think as well. Just read this tutorial on how to create it.

18. Kid’s Headband

Comfy and stylish, these cute kid’s headbands are sure to be a hit with customers!  They’re so easy to make, and the materials you need to create them are super cheap. You can learn how to make them in this article.

19. Gemstone Bobby Pins

Got some old costume jewelry, like a necklace or a pair of earrings you don’t wear anymore? Consider, turning your old items into adorable bobby pins with this simple tutorial.


Homemade beauty products are pretty popular right now. So, take advantage of the trend get started on one of these beauty craft projects.

20. Homemade Strawberry Lip Balm

If you want easy crafts to make and sell, then look no further than these lip balms! Really easy to make, these strawberry lip balms require few ingredients to create. Check out this easy to follow tutorial on how to make them.

21. Peppermint Bath Bombs

Looking for an easy DIY craft to make and sell? Then, look no further than these super cute peppermint bath bombs. Bath bombs are very popular right now. And, making them isn’t as tricky as it looks – in fact, it’s one of the easiest DIYs on this list!

22. Chocolate Sugar Lip Scrub

Simple to make, but very marketable, this chocolate sugar lip scrub is the perfect option if you’re looking for easy crafts to make and sell. Making it is really simple – all you really need to do is mix ingredients together, put the scrub in attractive packaging, like a jar with a bow, and then wait for it to sell!

Kitchen and Dining

For customers looking to spruce up their kitchen or dining area a bit, the homemade items in this section are perfect.

23. Etched Cutting Boards

If you’re looking for craft ideas to make money, then these stunning etched cutting boards are another great option. They look really unique and interesting, and they have that rustic vibe that’s super popular nowadays.

24. No Sew Placemats

Everyone needs a beautiful set of placemats in their home. These no sew mats are deceptively easy to create too.

25. Birch Napkin Rings

A super easy craft project, these birch napkin rings can be made in just 10 minutes! Get the instructions here.

26. Upcycled Vintage Cheese Grater Organizer

These cute little cheese grater organizers are so simple, yet so charming! Made from upcycled cheese graters, these organizers have a rustic, vintage look that is oh so popular right now.

27. Vintage Style Cake Stand

This vintage-inspired cake stand is beautiful, and it looks much more expensive than it actually is to make! You don’t need too many supplies or too much time to make it. Just follow this simple tutorial.

28. Glass Pebble Magnets

These beautiful magnets are really easy to make and the time required to make them is nominal. So, they’re easy to make in large quantities. Check out this in-depth tutorial on how to make them.

29. Chalkboard Serving Tray

This chalkboard serving tray is ideal to use when entertaining. Not only does it look great, but it also serves as a menu board that lets your guests know what each dish is! Learn how to make this handy piece here.

30. Upcycled Knife Holder

Easy and cheap to make but very marketable, this handy little upcycled knife holder is perfect to add to your craft sale inventory. Learn how to make it here.

31. Comic Book Magnets

Nowadays, generally, you can’t go into a movie theater or walk past a billboard without seeing a superhero movie, or a Marvel or D.C. character of some sort. So, why not cash in on this craze with these attention-grabbing comic book magnets?

General Home Décor

Customers looking to brighten up their living room or add a bit of decoration to their bedroom will definitely be interested in buying one of these general home décor pieces from you. So, take a look and consider adding one of them to your craft store inventory.

32. DIY Lace Doily Bowls

Are you looking for craft ideas to make money? Then, you’ll love these DIY Lace Doily Bowls. They look fancy and expensive, but they’re actually really easy and pretty inexpensive to make.

33. Chevron Pallet Mounted Hanging Mason Jar Vase

Offering the right mix of rustic and beautiful, this chevron pallet mounted hanging mason jar vase is highly marketable. Check out this detailed tutorial on how to make it.

34. Paper Flower Lei

Beautiful and easy to make, this Paper Flower Lei is the perfect edition to your Esty, eBay or craft fair inventory. They are really versatile and can be placed anywhere in the home to add decoration, so they’re sure to sell. You can learn how to make them here.

35. DIY Pillows out of T-Shirts

Like most people, you’ve probably got a few old t-shirts in your closet that you never wear. So, why not declutter your wardrobe a bit and make a few pillows out of them? With this easy tutorial, you can create DIY pillows out of shirts. It’s of the easiest and cheapest DIY crafts to make and sell on this list.

36. Floral Stained Glass Candle Holders

This beautiful stained glass candle holder looks great in any home or garden – making it a pretty marketable item. It doesn’t require too many supplies either. Find out how to do it here.

37. Rustic Hanging Gutter Planter

Rustic, with a modern twist, this hanging gutter is sure to be popular! It’s simple to make, but it looks beautiful. Check out this tutorial on how to make it.

38. Painted Drop Cloth Soap Wraps

Looking for easy craft ideas to make money? How about making these adorable, but affordable soap wraps? Made using cloth, twine, and just a few other basic materials, these are really quick, easy and cheap to make.

39. Abstract Heart Art and DIY Rustic Frame

Rustic and charming, this frame has an edgy, trendy vibe that makes it incredibly marketable. It’s a beautiful home décor piece, and it can also be a great handmade wedding gift too. This craft project is a bit more complex to make than some of the others on the list, but if you follow these instructions you won’t find it too tricky.

40. DIY Decorative Tray

This is a really simple concept – take a regular box, customize and decorate it, and you have gorgeous and highly marketable decorative tray to sell at your next craft sale! You can learn how to make this function piece in this tutorial.

41. No Sew Pillow Cover

Every home needs a few cute pillows to add a bit of decoration. And, with this super simple no sew pillow cover tutorial, you can learn how to create pillows that are sure to sell!

42. Crushed Glass Coasters

Everyone needs a stylish, yet practical set of coasters in the home – and these colorful crushed glass coasters are a great choice! Discover how to make them with this tutorial.

43. Sea Shell Mirror

Customize a regular mirror and sell it for a much higher price. Check out this tutorial on how to create this stunning, ethereal seashell mirror.

44. DIY Painted Ombre Vases

This is a super easy craft project that basically involves painting old bottles, which you can then sell for a much higher price. Cool right? Find out how to make these home décor pieces here.

45. Fabric Covered Spring Vases

How cute are these fabric covered spring vases? They’re so easy to make too! And, they’re one of the most inexpensive craft projects on this list! Using this tutorial, you can learn how to turn old bottles into beautiful vases that are sure to sell.

46. Framed Chalkboard

This is a piece that you can make using any frame you have lying around the home, or using a cheap frame you find in a thrift store. It’s perfect for shopping lists, menu boards for dinner parties, or for making lists in general. It’s sure to be popular with customers, as it offers the right mix of functionality and attractiveness. Check out this article on how to make it.

47. Washi Tape Clocks

These adorable little Washi tape clocks aren’t as tough to make as you’d think. You can make them in less than ten minutes, and for under $5! If you want to make these clocks for your next craft sale, then check out this tutorial.

48. Confetti Candy Bowls

Customize regular bowls and sell them for a higher price. This is a really fun craft project. Plus, it’s super easy too. Get the instructions here.

49. Crepe Paper Wrapped Pot

Do you want easy crafts to make and sell? Then, why not make these charming little crepe paper pots? It is an affordable craft piece that you can make a profit from at your next craft sale. If you want to learn how to make them, then take a look at this article.

50. DIY Painted Wood Container

Handy, and beautiful, these DIY painted wood containers will be hugely popular on sites like Etsy. If you want to find out how to make them, then check out this useful tutorial.

51. Bathroom Storage Bins

There’s really no such thing as too much storage! And, for customers looking to organize their bathroom, these bathroom bins are perfect. They’re practical, durable and they look great too! If you want to learn how to make them, then take a look at this instructional article.

52. Tassel Blanket

Perfect for cold nights and days at the park, this cute tassel blanket is a versatile piece that will prove popular with a wide demographic.

53. Painted Basket

Another great piece for customers looking for a bit of extra storage is this adorable painted basket. It’s sure to brighten up any room. Plus, It’s super easy to create – in fact there are only two steps involved! So, check out this article for the full details.

54. Fabric Wrapped Pot

If you’re looking for super easy crafts to make and sell, then look no further than these fabric wrapped pots. They have a very trendy, modern vibe that’s sure to be popular. And, the best part, while they look great, they’re actually much easier and much cheaper to make than you’d think. Check out the really simple tutorial here.

55. Marbled Clay Ring Dish

How stunning are these marbled clay ring dishes? Elegant, unique and simply exquisite, these little dishes will be popular on sites like Etsy, but they’re also sure to be a focal point at any craft fair. If you want to learn how to make them, then take a look at this article.

56. Beautiful Wrapped Bottles

These wrapped bottles have that rustic, homemade feel to them that’s oh so popular nowadays. That’s why they’re perfect for craft sales. Plus, they’re so easy to make! Anyone can make them. The supplies for them are cheap too. So, check out this post for the instructions.

57. Unique Pictures on Wood

This is such a simple concept, but it looks absolutely amazing. Essentially, with is craft project, you print out whatever design you want onto wax paper, and then you transfer it onto any unfinished piece of wood you want. So, the choices are endless! This is such a versatile item that could be placed anywhere in the home or outdoors. If you’d like the full details on this craft project, then check out this tutorial.

58. Wine Glass Candle Lamps

Whether it’s in the living room or bedroom, everyone could use a lamp or two to brighten up their home. These wine glass candle lamps offer a really unique spin on the usual lamp. So, for people looking for something a bit different, they’re perfect! They’re not too difficult to make either. Get the instructions here.

59. Chalkboard Painted Wine Bottles

These chalkboard painted wine bottles make great centerpieces, but they’re great for anywhere in the home.  Learn how to make it in this article.

60. Modern Indoor Planter

This cute little indoor planter has a modern vibe that makes it a highly marketable piece. It’s great for brightening up spaces in the home. And, with this in-depth tutorial, making it is easy.

Garden and Outdoor

For customers that love to decorate their garden, as well as their home, these charming little homemade items are perfect. In this section, we’ve compiled a few of the best garden and outdoor craft ideas. So, check them out and try making some of these pieces for your next craft sale.

61. DIY Paver Planter Box

For customers looking to add some flowers to their garden or porch deck, this DIY paver planter box is a wonderful option. If you’d like to know how to make this piece, then check out this article.

62. Fake Grass Door Mat

Customers can add a touch of nature to their home, with this fake grass door mat. It’s so easy to make, and really cheap too – in fact, you can get the few materials you need to make this at the dollar store.

63. Pot Lantern

This stylish pot lantern is another craft piece that you can make with materials from the dollar store.

64. Tissue Paper Lantern

The bright tissue paper lanterns can be placed under a gazebo, or on the porch to add a bit of décor to the outside of any home. Check out this tutorial on how to make them.

65.  Tissue Paper Covered Pots

Colorful and cute, these waterproof DIY tissue paper covered pots are sure to brighten up any garden. This is another really easy piece to make, so if you’re looking for craft ideas to make money, it’s a great choice.

Office and Stationery

The unique, homemade office and stationery pieces in this list will be sought after by students, people that work in an office or anyone that loves stationery in general!

66. Faux Leather Pencil Cup

Another great option if you’re looking for easy crafts to make and sell is this faux- leather pencil cup. They’re pretty simple to make, thanks to this easy to follow tutorial.

67. Cereal Box Notepads

These cereal box notepads are so quirky and unique that they’re sure to appeal to customers of all ages. Plus, they’re really practical too, making them even more marketable.

68. Yarn Ball Bookmarks

These cute little yarn ball bookmarks sure to be very popular with bookworms. They’re so easy to make as well! Check out this tutorial on how to create them.

69. Mini Pocket Notebooks

These cute mini pocket notebooks are sure to appeal to customers of all ages. They’re cute, practical and have a unique, homemade feel to them that’s sure to attract buyers. The best part: They’re really cheap to make!

70. Beaded Wire Bookmarks

These beaded wire bookmarks are simply exquisite. They’ll definitely get the attention of book lovers! You can learn how to make them with this useful tutorial.

71. DIY Pencil Pouch

With this handy and stylish pencil pouch, it’s easy to keep pens and pencils organized. It’s the perfect item for students, artists, and anyone that works in an office.

72. Designer Wrapped Pencils

Beautiful, but really easy to make, these designer wrapped pencils will be swept up by students, artists, writers, or anyone else that loves beautiful stationery. Check out this tutorial on how to make them – it’s super easy. They’re not too hard or too expensive to make either, meaning you can churn them out quickly and your return on investment is likely to be great. Plus, they appeal to a large market.

73. Marbled Notebook

These marbled notebooks have a stunning, abstract, modern vibe to them that’s really popular on craft sites like Etsy. So, check out this tutorial and add them to your craft store inventory.

74. Fruit Bulletin Boards

How cute and adorable are these fruit bulletin boards? They can be hung in an office, dorm or anywhere else a person might want to put reminders or other important notes. Make a batch of them and they’ll sell like hotcakes. Check out the instructions here.

75. Leopard Desk Pad

Everyone needs a desk pad if they own a desktop computer, which is why this DIY leopard desk pad is such a great craft idea to make money. And, with this handy tutorial, it’s pretty easy to make.

76. Industrial Desk Organizer

Modern, and minimalistic, this industrial desk organizer is a really trendy piece to add to your craft store inventory. It’s fairly easy to make, but it looks great. If you want to know how to make it, then check out this tutorial.

77. Flamingo Push Pins

How cute are these flamingo push pins? And, the best part is that they’re super cheap to make! Plus, it’s easy to make a big batch of them. They’ll definitely be popular with customers of all ages at your next craft sale.

78. Wooden Clipboard Frame

Rustic and charming, this wooden clipboard frame is the perfect piece to add to any home. And, it also stands up too, meaning it can easily be placed on any surface. If you want to learn how to create this item, check out this tutorial.

79. Gold Mouse Pad

This chic gold mouse pad is sure to brighten up any office! Learn how to make it here.

Bags and Purses

Everyone needs a cute, but practical bag or purse, and that’s why the craft pieces in this section are sure to sell well.

80. Floral Sunglasses Bag

Searching for a something that’s cheap to make, but looks great? Then this floral sunglasses bag is a great choice. You need very few materials to make it, and it’s pretty easy to craft as well.

81. DIY Cosmetic Bag

Want something that looks much more expensive than it is to make? Then, check out this DIY cosmetics bag. Cute and handy, this cosmetics bag is a great choice for Etsy sellers in particular. Check out the full instructions here.

82. Pink Mini Paper Purse

How cute is this mini paper purse? You can learn how to make it here. It’s much cheaper to make than you’d think as well!

83. Travel Jewelry Bag

This travel jewelry bag not only looks great, but it’s also really practical.  It keeps jewelry organized during travel and prevents it from getting tangled. If you’d like to learn how to make this handy piece, then check out this tutorial.

84. No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag

Quirky, practical and easy to make, this t-shirt tote bag is an ideal craft to sell. Plus, it requires no sewing! Learn how to make it here.

Practical Accessories

In this section, you’ll find tons of practical accessories that will appeal to a wide range of customers.

85. Terra Cotta Pot Twine Dispenser

Customize a regular terra cotta to make a cute twine dispenser and sell it for a higher price! Check out the instructions here.

86. Hand Sanitizer Jacket

Learn how to create this highly practical, but trendy hand sanitizer jacket in this tutorial. Perfect for moms, teachers, and anyone that likes to keep their hands clean when they’re on the go, this piece is sure to cater to a wide range of customers.

87. Dinosaur Tooth Brush Holders

How awesome are these dinosaur toothbrush holders? They’re not too hard to make either, but they’re sure to be popular at any craft sale! You can learn how to make these toothbrush holders here.

88. Pacifier Clips

For parents who are tired of picking up pacifiers from the floor, these DIY pacifier clips are a godsend! These are quick and easy to make as well, so you can easily churn out a batch of them for your next craft sale.

89. Crochet Rainbow Cup Cozy

These bright and colorful cup cozies are sure to be popular with coffee and tea lovers. The cost of making them is really too, plus, as they’re so light, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs if you sell them online. With this really detailed tutorial, you can learn how to make these cute crochet rainbow cup cozies.

90. Tablet Cover with Zippered Pocket

Tablets and readers, like the Kindle, are very popular nowadays, so a lot of people are looking for a handy cover to keep them safe. So, why not cash in on the trend and create this cute, but practical, tablet cover.

91. Faux Leather Bow Keychain

Never lose a set of keys again with this faux leather bow keychain. It’s a really practical, but super cute item! You can learn how to make it here. It’s an easy craft project.

92. Keychain Chapstick Holder

It will take you just 5 minutes to make this cute and practical keychain chapstick holder. So, if you’re looking for simple DIY crafts to sell, then this is the perfect project. Take a look at the instructions here.

Pet Crafts

Many people who have pets are looking for accessories and toys to keep them happy! So, why not consider making one of these pet crafts and sell them for a profit?

93. DIY Dog Steps

Practical and sure to be a hit with pet owners, these dog steps are great to sell online on platforms like eBay, but also offline at craft sales and garage sales. Find out how to make these steps by reading this tutorial.

94. Homemade Dog Biscuits

Dogs love their treats, so why not cater to pet owners and make these homemade dog biscuits? They’re really cheap and simple to make as well. Get the instructions here.

95. Denim Dog Toy

Dogs will have a blast with these denim chew toys. You can make them using any old denim clothes that you no longer wear. It’s a great way to declutter your closet, while making a piece that’s sure to be popular with dog owners.

96. DIY Upcycled Pet Bed

Got an old side table that you no longer want? Then check out this upcycled pet bed craft project. Essentially, you take any side table you no longer want, or get an inexpensive one at the thrift store, and transform it into a dog bed. Read this article on how to do it.

97. Dog Leash Holder

For customers that need a place to store their dog leash, this dog leash holder is perfect. Get the instructions here.

98. Pet Treat Canisters

Turn a regular, cheap canister into storage for pet treats and you’ve got yourself a pretty great product to sell to pet owners! It’s easy to do. To find out more, check out this article.

99. T-Shirt Dog Toy

Want to get rid of some old t-shirts you never wear, and make a profit out of it? Then, follow this tutorial and create these t-shirt dog toys. They’re cheap to make, but very marketable!

100. Suitcase Pet Bed

Got an old suitcase you no longer use? Then why not turn it into a comfy, stylish pet bed? It’s a unique bed that most dog or cat owners will love! Get the instructions here.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for creative ways to make some extra cash, then you really should consider making some DIY crafts to sell. It’s not too difficult, or expensive to do. In fact, you can often get many of the supplies you need at the dollar store or thrift store, or even just lying around the house.

So, give one of these craft ideas a try. Whether you’re looking to add to your savings, or supplement your income, selling crafts is a great option.

craft fairs, check this list out! It's full of easy & profitable things to create. Introducing Kids to Money Making Crafts & Real-Life Sales. While adults must pay for.

Kids of all ages can make money – even young kids! Here’s the ultimate guide on how to make money as a kid. 

This post contains affiliate links, see my Disclosure Policy.

You’ve heard the stories – kids who at age 6 or 11 had a business idea, found funding, pursued their idea, and made millions before turning 20.

Fraser Doherty is one of those kids who at age 14 developed a recipe to make jam entirely from fruit. After selling the jam in farmers markets and delicatessens for a few years, Fraser took out a $9,000 loan and in March 2007 began supplying SuperJam to Waitrose, a UK supermarket chain.

The deal made Fraser a millionaire before he was 20 and today SuperJam is sold in over 2,000 supermarkets around the world.

Not every kid will have as big a break as Fraser did. But starting a business can be fun and there are plenty of life skills to learn along the way. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget about the money that comes from running a successful venture.

How to Make Money as a Kid

The following sections provide information on how kids can make money depending on their age, abilities, and interests.

How Young Kids Can Begin to Learn the Value of Work

If your child is between the ages of 6-10-years-old, they may not be ready to make money outside of the home. But there are still ways parents can begin to instill the value of work and earning money in young kids.

Here’s a list of work ideas young kids can do at home. These tasks are to be completed above and beyond kids’ daily chores. To see why it’s important for kids to have daily chores that aren’t paid see: The Hidden Cost of Paying Kids to do Chores

  • Rake leaves
  • Pull weeds
  • Shovel snow
  • Wash car
  • Wash windows
  • Water garden
  • Consign Toys
  • Recycle used cans
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Hot Chocolate Stand

For more advice on how to make money as a young kid see: How Young Elementary Kids Can Earn Money and Learn the Value of Work 

How Older Kids Can Begin to Make Money Outside of the Home

Once kids reach the age of 10 or 12, getting paid for extra work around the home may not be enough.  In order to make more money, kids will need to begin a business with customers other than mom and dad.

Starting any enterprise, no matter how small, can be challenging without some basic business knowledge. Kids will need to know:

  • Whether their product or service is in demand (i.e. if people will want to purchase what they offer)
  • How to set a price for their product or service
  • How to get the word out about their product or service (i.e. advertise)
  • The basics of customer service and the importance of making customers happy
  • How to manage expenses and income and determine if the business is profitable

Parents can mentor kids on these business basics, and/or purchase a book written for kids that explains what is needed to successfully launch a business and make money as a kid:

Some helpful books for kids include:

There are also online guides to help educate kids about what it takes to run a business. Here are a few concise ones:

Coming Up with a Business Idea

Once kids decide they want to begin a small business outside the home, the first thing they need is an idea. The following sections provide lists of small business ideas for kids grouped by interest.

How Creative Kids Can Make Money

Creative talent provides numerous opportunities for kids to make money. Whether you’re a musician, artist, sewist, or you enjoy making crafts, there’s a demand for the artistic expression you provide.

The following is a list of ways creative kids can make money:

For the Performer/Musician:

  • Music practice mentor
  • Teach music lessons
  • Begin a rock band or quartet
  • Entertain kids at a birthday party

For the Sewist:

  • Make cat or dog toys and accessories
  • Make scrunchies, hair bands or headbands
  • Give old clothes new life
  • Make American Girl clothing
  • Become a Fashion Designer

For the Artist:

  • Sell your art
  • Make homemade stationary
  • Sell your ceramics

For Kids Who Like Crafts:

  • Make Friendship Bracelets
  • Make Jewelry
  • Make Printed T-Shirts
  • Knit Scarves and Hats
  • Make Tie Dye Clothes
  • Make Lip Balm
  • Make Decorated Tins for Food or Storage
  • Make Holiday Ornaments
  • Make Homemade Wrapping Paper
  • Make a Birthday Party Decorations Kit
  • Make bird feeders/houses
  • Make keychains

To see this list with descriptions and ideas on where to sell creative goods, click:20+ Ways Creative Kids Can Make Money.

How Kids Who Love Animals Can Make Money

Do you have a kid who loves animals? Here are a few ways kids can spend time with or help animals and make some money.

The following is a list of ways kids who love animals can make money:

  • A pet companion
  • Training dogs
  • Poop scooping for dogs
  • Cleaning litter boxes
  • Wash dogs
  • Breeding hamsters and rats
  • Breeding mice
  • Breeding worms
  • Making cat toys
  • Baking dog treats
  • Creating customized bowls for cats and dogs
  • Designing unique dog and cat collars
  • Raising chickens to sell eggs
  • Horse-sit
  • Horse groomer
  • Help with horse barn chores
  • Become a beekeeper

To see this list with detailed descriptions click:17+ Ways Kids Who Love Animals Can Make Money

How Kids Who Love to Cook Can Make Money

Do you have a kid who loves to spend time in the kitchen? There are many ways kids with culinary talent can make money – selling either their creations or helping others learn how to cook or throw a party.

The following is a list of ways kids who love to cook can make money:

  • Sell baked goods at farmers markets, fairs, etc.
  • Baking cookies and making candy during the holidays
  • Serving food at parties
  • Making jams and jellies
  • Write a cookbook
  • Begin a cooking blog for kids
  • Offer cooking classes for other kids
  • Sell garden produce
  • Bake pet treats

To see this list with detailed descriptions click:How Kids Who Love to Cook Can Make Money

How Teens Can Make Money Online

When looking over Inc. magazine’s list of 40 Young People Who Became Millionaires Before They Were 20 it’s remarkable to see how many made their millions with technology.

Sometimes it seems the boundaries to technology and online businesses are endless – even with teen and kid entrepreneurs.

Here are a few ideas of how teens and kids can make money online:

If you know advanced code:

  • Design websites
  • Create apps
  • Fixing computer viruses and other problems
  • Teach other kids how to code

More media-centric technology:

  • Film YouTube videos and make money on advertising
  • Begin a blog and make money on traditional advertising and affiliate advertising
  • Consulting on social media
  • Managing blogger’s social media

Earn Money Through Surveys and Other Online Paid Programs

  • MusicXRay
  • Slicethepie
  • Survey Sites:
    • Swagbucks
    • MySurvey
    • Vindale Research
    • Survey Voices
    • Global Test Market
  • Userlytics 

Become an Online Tutor:


See this list with detailed descriptions here: How Teens Can Make Money Online

How Teens Who Love Working With Kids Can Earn Money

Spending time with kids can be fun – kids like to play games, run around and be silly. But taking care of kids can also be challenging and carries a great deal of responsibility.

Here are a few ways teens can earn money while taking care of kids:

  • Babysitting
  • Parent’s helper
  • Entertaining kids at kids birthday parties
  • Helping parents during kids birthday parties
  • Face painting at birthday parties or fairs
  • Braiding hair at birthday parties or fairs
  • Becoming a music practice buddy
  • Helping with school projects/homework
  • Tutoring kids on a specific subject
  • Read to kids
  • Teaching kids how to cook
  • Coaching kids in sports
  • Refereeing basketball, baseball, soccer or other kids sports
  • Organize a summer camp focused on a theme (sports, cooking, etc.)

The Benefits of Teens Getting a Job

Starting at age fourteen in the United States, teenagers can get a job with limited hours. While the initial draw of a job is to make money, there’s a long list of other life skills, education, and perspective teens gain.

In fact, college admissions officers told Quartz that applicants who hold jobs over the summer are far more enticing than those who volunteer at an orphanage in India or interned on Wall Street.

According to Susan Warner, an independent college counselor in New York City:

Colleges will forever find holding a job more attractive, and far sexier than going to Costa Rica to build houses and surf in the afternoons,”

Jobs, especially the mundane, unimpressive kind, can expose kids to different mindsets and social classes. And unlike volunteer travel, kids need to work to not only obtain but also retain a job – a good lesson for kids to learn before launching a career. Other benefits of having a job include:

  • learning how to fill out an application and be interviewed
  • possibly experience rejection (if application isn’t accepted)
  • the experience of being managed and directed by a boss
  • possibly gaining exposure to different mindsets and social classes (i.e. privileged kids working minimum wage)
  • being given the responsibility to follow a schedule that neither the teen nor their parents designed
  • experiencing boredom at work
  • learning the appropriate way to interact with co-workers and customers

Related: Why a Summer Job is So Much More Than a Paycheck for Teens

Where teens can find a job:

Once your teen has decided it’s time to get a job, where’s the best place to start looking? Many jobs are only for adults 18 and over and there are a number of jobs only available to teens with a driver’s license. But in general, the retail and food industries provide the best opportunities for teens who are 14-18-years-old.

The following articles provide ideas on where high school students can find part-time work:

Now That I’ve Made Money, What Do I Do With It?

Making money isn’t easy, but sometimes the biggest challenge is understanding how best to manage money. The temptation is often ripe to spend money immediately after obtaining it.

Teaching kids how to budget, save and even invest their newly acquired money will serve them well into adulthood. The following are a few articles about how to help kids manage money:

Want your own copy of all of the ideas shared in here? Click on the image below to purchase Self-Sufficient Kids’ ebook – an expanded edition of all of the ideas and descriptions of how kids can make their own money. 

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How to Start and Make Money with a Kids Activity Blog

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Teaching your kids about money can feel like a daunting task. The best way to help kids learn about money is by example. This is exactly how to make money as a kid to help learn managing money and financial literacy.

How to Make Money as a Kid: Fast, Easy Ways to Earn

If you are too young to have a job outside of your home, you can still make money. There are easy ways to make money as a kid.

Although it is more difficult for children to make money, a child’s age is not as much of a handicap to financial success as it once was.

Fast Ways for a Kid to Make Money

There are stories of kids with good ideas and a few lucky breaks who go on to become self-made millionaires. It’s true that not everyone can become a millionaire as a kid, but there have always been kids that make money with no experience.

Normally, a kid cannot work outside the home until they are teenagers. Fortunately, there ways for kids and young adults who have the drive and ambition to make money, sometimes a lot of it.

As a kid, having your own money is important, but there are also practical reasons for kids to find fast, easy ways to earn money.

Not all families are wealthy. A child who comes from a family with limited means will likely want to make their own money for a number of reasons.

A kid with their own money can purchase items that their family cannot afford, such as video games, brand name clothing, etc.

Tips to Consider as Kid Wanting to Make Money

There are a number of easy ways to make money as a kid, even if you are not quite a teen. With that said, it is important to understand that no matter what type of business you start, succeeding takes work.

Even when you are out to make money as a kid, there are some business basics that will be important.

To be successful, examine your idea to see how it fits the following criteria:

  • Demand – Is there a demand for the product or service you are selling. If people don’t need your products or services, it will be difficult to make money. For example, selling hot chocolate in the summer probably wouldn’t be a good idea. There is no demand for warm drinks when it’s hot outside.
  • Setting Your Price – Know what people are willing to pay for your product or service. If other kids in the neighborhood are charging half of what you are charging to mow lawns, you will not get the business you need to be successful.
  • Advertise – Getting the word out is one of the most important elements of success with any business. If people don’t know about your product or service, they won’t know where to go when they need their lawn mowed or a fresh glass of lemonade.
  • Happy Customers – Make sure you give your customers the product or service they expect. Successful businesses have always put their customers first.
  • Profit & Loss – Examining your profits compared to your cost isn’t just for adult businesses. If you are spending more than you are making, you’ll have to find a way to switch that around. Keep in mind that the reason you are working is to make money.

Learning how to make money as a young kid is important but just as important to your business venture is parental guidance. Parents can help their children succeed by mentoring them on some of the more complicated tasks, such as advertising and safe work conditions, as well as profit and loss.

There are a number of guides for parents who want to help their kids make money. These guides can be helpful if a parent didn’t work to make money as a kid or if they believe that the changing times merits looking into some updated information.

Fast, Easy Ways to Make Money As a Kid

Let’s get into some of our favorite methods for kids to make extra money. These methods are great for them to learn, grow and invest in themselves. Learning by experience is a great way for a child to learn about money management, success and even failures.

In this section, we will highlight some core themes that will break out the different types of money-making opportunities, including:

  • Traditional methods to make money
  • Business ideas
  • Online money-making opportunities

Let’s start with the traditional methods of money-making for children.

Traditional Methods to Make Money as a Kid

These were the traditional ways for kids to make money. You probably grew up doing one or two of these at least at some point in your life.

  • Host a Car Wash – Although automatic car washes are popular, many people still prefer to wash their cars by hand. Additionally, there are a number of people that will be more than happy to stop at a neighborhood carwash just so they can help local kids earn money.
  • Yard Work – If you want to make money as a kid, a fast way to do this is to put the word out in your neighborhood that you are willing to do yard work. This can involve mowing lawns, raking leaves, and pulling weeds.
  • Clear Snow – In the winter, there are always people who want their sidewalks and driveways shoveled. In the colder months, yard work dries up. This is not a problem if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow during the winter.
  • Recycling Work – Collecting aluminum cans is among the many easy ways to make money as a kid. Not only can you recycle cans for money, but while you are collecting those cans, you are helping to keep your neighborhood clean.
  • Summer Lemonade Stand – Making money as a kid is easy if you want to run your own lemonade stand. During the summer, the kids and adults in your neighborhood are looking for something cool and refreshing to drink. The cost of starting a lemonade stand is low and the financial reward can be substantial.
  • Hot Chocolate Stand – Much like the lemonade stand, there is the potential to make a lot of money selling hot chocolate. During the winter months, people want something warm to drink. Hot chocolate is perfect.
  • Sell Toys – One of the best ways to make money as a kid is to sell your old toys. Instead of tossing those toys in the garbage you can turn them into cash. You can do this in the same way you sell lemonade in your front yard. Offer to sell toys for others in exchange for a cut of the profit.
  • Animal Sit – There are always people searching for someone willing to take care of their animals while they are away from home. If a neighbor plans to travel out of town, offer to take care of their animals while they are gone.
  • Flea Markets or Farmer’s Markets – If you are the creative type, selling your creations at markets is another way for a kid to make money with no experience.

Here are some other clear, easy ways to make money in your neighborhood.

Business Ideas for Fast Ways to Make Money as a Kid

If you are a creative person there are several easy ways to make money as a kid. Talented people have a world of opportunity.

Whether you like to paint, sew clothes, or play a musical instrument, there will always be a market for your talent. A child will likely have no financial resources to get started, so these opportunities tie into ways that they likely already know or have.

Sew Your Way to Success

If you have a knack for creating products like dresses, shirts, stuffed animals, you’ll be glad to know that these are all products you can sell.

If you are good at sewing, some of the products you can make and sell include:

  • Hair Bands – These are popular with both kids and adults.
  • Stuffed Animals – Everyone loves stuffed animals and these are not as difficult to make as you might imagine. Nowadays, you can purchase kits to make a variety of stuffed animals.
  • Stuffed Animal Accessories – Along with stuffed animals, you can make accessories, such as clothes, hats, bed linens, etc.
  • Refurbish Old Clothing – With a sewing machine and some imagination, you can bring new life to old clothing. Whether you use old clothing that your family no longer needs or second-hand clothing from thrift stores and yard sales, refurbished clothing is a great product idea.
  • Design Your Own Clothing – A sewing machine is also useful if you want to design your own clothing. For those who can create unique or custom-tailored clothing, the sky is the limit.

Performing for Money

If you play a musical instrument, sing, or have a talent for drama, you can use your talent to bring make extra money. Some of the ways to make money with your talent include:

  • Performing at Special Events – Birthday parties and other special events are great for bringing in extra money if you play a musical instrument or can sing.
  • Teach Others – Give music or acting lessons to others. Sharing your talent by teaching will give you a lot of pleasure, plus some extra money.
  • Put a Band Together – If you know others who can play instruments, you can put a band together. With an entire band, not only can you play at special events for money but you can also write and record your own music. The Internet has opened up the music market, even for beginners.
  • Puppet Shows – Putting on a puppet show is a great way for a kid to earn money fast. If you are an aspiring actor, your talent can help you make money via puppet shows. The kids in your neighborhood will like your puppet shows and there is always the potential to land jobs performing at special events.

Make Money With Crafts

For those who love craft projects, there is no reason not to make money doing something you like. There are various ways for kids to make money selling their craft projects.

  • Sell Holiday Ornaments & Decorations – Holiday craft projects can include everything from tree ornaments to handmade snow globes and Christmas stockings.
  • Sell Birdhouses – You can either make your birdhouses by hand or purchase kits and add decorative touches. There are a number of people willing to pay good money for a fancy birdhouse.
  • Sell Printed Items – Nowadays, it is easy to make printed items to sell online or at markets. Items you can print to sell include everything from printed t-shirts to mousepads.
  • Jewelry – This is another craft that can help kids make money from home. Jewelry can be unique and beautiful. These are both traits that people love. Make jewelry from home and sell it online or at your local Farmer’s Market.
  • Knitted Clothing – If you have a talent for knitting, there is no reason not to turn that talent into a source of income. You can knit hats, scarves, blankets, sweaters, as well as numerous other products. Sell these online, as well as to friends and neighbors. You can also sell these products at local markets, even during the summer months.
  • Decretive Storage – You can buy plain tins and decorate them with unique artwork and other embellishments. Decorative storage tins and bins sell well all year, but these sell especially well during the holiday season.

Sell Your Art

If you are the artistic type, you may want to consider selling your artwork. People are always looking for unique art pieces so you might as well put yours on the market and make some money.

  • Sell on Consignment – If there are art galleries in your area, you may be able to sell your artwork on consignment.
  • Sell Paintings Online – There are a number of marketplaces online where you can sell your paintings.
  • Sell Your Ceramic Creations – If you like creating unique ceramic projects, you can also sell them in many of the same places you can sell paintings.

I love the idea of selling things that I’ve already made.

Make Money Selling Food

Cooking is a good way to make money. For children who like to cook, there are opportunities in the business world that includes everything from selling cupcakes or cookies via a refreshment stand or teaching others how to cook.

Some ways to turn your talent for cooking into money include:

  • Holiday Treats – Making cookies and candy to sell during the holidays. Everyone likes homemade treats for the holidays but not everyone has the time to make these treats.
  • Homemade Preserves – There is nothing quite as tasty as homemade preserves. If you have fruit trees or live near an orchard, creating these culinary delights is a great way to make money as a kid.
  • Sell Produce – If you have some extra room in your yard to plant a garden, you can sell your produce to neighbors or at the Farmer’s Markets. It is also a good idea to visit local growers to buy produce at a discount. You can then sell the produce to your neighbors.
  • An Online Cooking Blog – An online blog is a good option for kids to make money online. Parents can help their kids turn their love for writing and cooking into a moneymaking opportunity. Here’s how to come up with a blog name to get started. You can use a platform like Bluehost to get a site setup and running for only $3.95/month. They will even give you a free domain name if you use my link.

Pet Services

Making money as a kid is easy if you like animals. Pet lovers are always looking for help with their animals.

Some of the ways to make money as a kid include:

  • A Pet Bathing Service – If you have experience in bathing animals, you can turn that experience into a pet bathing service. This will provide a good reoccurring income.
  • Cleaning Dog Messes – Although this isn’t one of the most enjoyable aspects of animal care, there are people willing to pay someone else for this service.
  • Breed Small Animals – Whether you want to breed small dogs or hamsters, there is money to be made. Animal lovers are always looking for new pets.

How to Make Money Online

The Internet has opened up a global market that can benefit kids. Making mon

There are several ways to make money online as a kid if you know how to find those opportunities.

  • Video Games – If you know anything about video game programming, you can make your own video games and sell them online. When you sell your video game creations on the Internet, there are no production or shipping costs because consumers download those games.
  • Create Video Tutorial – If you like to make video blogs or guides, YouTube provides a place to upload that content, plus you can make money from advertisers. As a kid, you can use Fiverr to do small video gig projects and start earning money right away.
  • Take Surveys – There are several companies that will pay you to take surveys. This is an easy way to make money for kids.
  • Become an Online Tutor – If you are good at something, why not turn your skill into cash. There are opportunities for tutors in math, English, Spanish, history, as well as computer coding, and reading. These are great ways for kids to learn and make money along the way.

Finding answers to how to make money as a kid isn’t nearly as difficult as it was even a few years ago. Today, there are many ways for a kid to make money, even if they are not old enough to work outside their home. Teaching your kids about money and money management is one of the most important parenting tips to consider. It’s never too early to get started.

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Kids of all ages can make money – even young kids! . Whether you're a musician, artist, sewist, or you enjoy making crafts, there's a demand for the . Making money isn't easy, but sometimes the biggest challenge is understanding how best.

105 Ridiculously Easy Crafts to Make & Sell for Money

Do you want to make a little extra money by just making crafts? Well, I have a bunch of quick, easy ideas to get your business started. All of these projects are cute and fun to make and will sell in no time.  Some of these items are even bestsellers on websites like Etsy and Ebay. Everyone loves to buy stuff that is cheap and handmade so you’re in luck. Some examples are  DIY pens, pop-sockets, headbands, phone cases and more. Many of these items take under an hour and cost less than five dollars. My friend and I created a bunch of confetti pencils and got all of the materials from the dollar store. Last summer we made a total of 200$ from all of the crafts we sold which I thought was amazing. You would be so surprised if you knew how many cool crafts are waiting out there for you to make.

Easy Crafts to Sell For Profit

1. Easy DIY Planters


For great ideas to make and market, look no further than this adorable idea for garden crafts to make and sell.  Handpainted DIY pots are super cute and simple to make, and they cost very little in terms of supplies needed. You can paint several in an hour, so making money selling crafts is totally doable even if you don’t have a ton of time. We love this craft idea for teens to make and sell, since school takes up so much time. DIYs that don’t require countless hours to pull off or any special artistic talents rank at the top of our list, and this one is #1.

2. Easy Rose Gold Foiled Pencil Cup


DIY desk accessories, anyone? Who can’t use another cool cup to keep pens and pencils in, especially when it looks as great as this one does. Modern and elegant, but cheap and easy to make and market, we like this craft because you can put it in your Etsy shop and know the shipping fees will be minimal, keeping your profits high. Make some extras while you are making some ideas to sell, too, because these make cool DIY gift ideas for teens and adults.

3. Fruit Perler Bead Magnets


Perler bead crafts are just to die for, so cute and colorful, I’ve seen so many creative ways to use Perler beads. When you want to create art to make and sell but can’t paint or draw well, try making perler bead art like these fruit magnets. If you love the idea of making DIY magnets to sell, consider adding a section of DIY magnet ideas to your next craft show or Etsy shop.

4. DIY Flower Pens


Here is an inexpensive way to make something you can sell for money. Pick up a bunch of colorful faux flowers and pens, then combine them for cute DIY pens like these. Cheap crafts to sell for money are the way to go, and these creative pens (or pencils) certainly make the top of our idea lists.

5. Easy Elastic Headband


6. Fabric And Lace Bow Tote


7. Tic Tac Toe Board


8. Rock Photo Holders


9. DIY Studded Iphone Case


10. DIY Enamel Pin Banner




11. DIY Pop Socket


12. DIY Confetti Pencils



13. Paint Scrape Notecards


14. Painted Rock Cacti


15. Fabric Covered Journal


16. Glitter State Art DIY


17. Easy DIY Flamingo Mason Jars


18. Spiker Hair Bow


19. DIY Pom Pom Tassel Circle Pool Bag


20. Dollar Tree Kate Spade Rose Bowl Knock-Off


21. Easy Bandana Bracelets


22. Stamped Tribal Clutch


23. Clay Leaf Bowls


24. DIY Mason Jar Candy Pedestals


25. DIY Faux Granite Bookends


26. Mini Coaster Clipboard


27. Easy Sun Catchers


28. Easy Paper Butterfly


29. Dollar Store Book Topiary DIY


30. DIY Concrete Ring Cones


31. DIY Pencil Pouch


how to make money as a kid easy crafts

You will love this post on 40 easy crafts that make money from your own home. Another idea is to make your blog tailored to kids – so only kids crafts. This can.

how to make money as a kid easy crafts
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