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How to make tumblr crafts
October 23, 2019 Events Calendar 3 comments

Have you always loved the classy, sassy, artistic images on tumblr? Are you wondering how you can bring them to life? We thought you do! Since 2007 tumblr has brought us many creative ideas that are so beautiful we even make them wallpapers to our computers, or print and frame them! But what else can you do? Well, you’d love how we came up with a list of tumblr inspired DIY crafts you can easily make and have fun with! Perfect projects for teens, tweens and teenage boys and girls, these fun and crafty DIYs make cool room decor and super DIY gift ideas.

1.DIY Tumblr Inspired Notebooks


Collect all your favorite tumblr photos and a\make them your notebook cover! Brilliant!

2. DIY Tumblr Pinterest Collage Table


Or collect them and make that side table inspirational!

3. DIY Broom Head Desk Caddy


If you want to go quirky and industrial, this broom brush holder is your unique medicine!

4. DIY The Container Store


We know you love Pink, Gold and Coral and this project will give you all that fun chic vibe!

5. DIY Color Block Box Supplies Storage


An organizer that’s simple and colorful enough will add elegance to your study table!

6. DIY Book Ends


A book end that’s like no other is possible to make with this tutorial!

7. DIY 3D Calendar


Roll that calendar and you get going!

8. DIY Tassel Necklace


This tumblr inspired necklace is surely a head-turner!

8. DIY Celine Bracelet


Be hip and chic with this Celine bracelet that will surely make a statement: You’re unique!

9. DIY Leather Feather Lariat Necklace


Finally a hack to that leather feather lariat necklace you have long been eyeing for!

10. DIY Gold Tube Bracelets


A brilliant and sassy easy-to-do bracelet that surely brings up that teen spirit!

11. DIY Duct Tape Supplies


Really? A duct tape can do that much to your school supplies? That’s just so cool!

12. DIY Yarn Ball Light Fixture


Hosting a party? A dinner? Or you and your squad just want to spend time and have fun in your dorm? This will bring you to the mood!

13. DIY Hashtag Pillow


We have now come to the world of #hashtags. Didn’t we?

14. DIY Nerdy Chic Book Clutch


Do you want to look chic and nerd at the same time? Or are you proud you’re a nerd but can still rock that chic look? Match that vibe with this book clutch!

15. DIY Tumblr Inspired Notebooks


Now this notebook is so tumblr-inspired you’d really love to make one! Check it out!

16. DIY Concrete Love Heart Necklace


Are you cool and chic and sassy? You’ll definitely rock this necklace out!

17. DIY Easy Wire LOVE Necklace


Looking for an easy necklace tutorial that will surely have everyone asking where you bought it? Yes yes! Click that link above!

18. DIY Tumblr Inspired T-shirts, Bag and Pillow Case



19. DIY Tumbr Inspired Pillows


An easy, creative way to decorate your boring throw pillows without having to spend so much!

20. DIY Cat Eyes and Glitter Bombs


How do you tumb;r-inspire your mobile cases? Find out through the link below!

21. DIY Pixie Dust Lights


It’s true that everyone loves to grow fast but when you are all grown-up you want to stay young. Here’s a pixie dust for you so you can dream in Neverland!

22. DIY Tumblr And Pinterest Style


Are you one of the few teenagers who love to incorporate plants into their room or dorm decor? Here is a cute way to do it!

23. DIY Fabric Pyramid Bookends


How does a cloth pyramid bookend hold a book together? This tumblr inspired bookend is something you don’t want to miss!

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Oh wow! I can’t believe how incredibly cool and amazing this project is. So easy, but the results are absolutely breathtaking. I almost thought this was a too good to be true Pinterest fail waiting to happen, but mine turned out just like the video. Check out the step by step tutorial for these awesome DIY crystals you can make at home.

I had always really wanted to learn how to make a geode but thought it would be really hard. Turns out, all you need is borax, food coloring, pipe cleaners and paint to get this really fun and cool teen room decor. You can make these cute crafts in any color you like, too, so I recommend making lots of them. Use your geodes as accents on other room accessories, too, and even DIY gifts. I put mine on top of a white display box and it looks awesome. Just like you see on Tumblr, now yours!

DIY Video for Homemade Crystals

Once you see how easy this is, you are going to want to make some for your room right now.

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DIY Shirt Ideas Inspired By Tumblr. Advertisement. DIY Shirt Ideas Inspired By Tumblr | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas. Advertisement. Advertisement.

Looking for easy DIY projects for teens to do? This list is for teens who love to craft. From creative to simple, there’s a craft project waiting to be completed.

Painting feathers, making wooden dowel lamps, if your teen makes a couple of these projects, he or she can probably redecorate his or her room at the same time. These craft projects are easy and fun to make, just what every teen is looking for.

Easy DIY Projects for Teens Who Love to Craft27 Easy DIY Projects for Teens Who Love to Craft

My bonding with the kids normally involves movies and popcorn. Other times we would spend hours in my craft room just tinkering on interesting projects that boost their creativity. Last time we were working on something, I asked my teenage daughter to make a list of fun DIY projects she had worked on so I can share them with all of you. So if you are also a teen or have a teen who loves to make a DIY project or two, share this with them. I’m sure they’ll have a blast making them!


1. DIY Beaded Bracelet

Make one for yourself or for your friends. This will make a great friendship bracelet. Click here to read more.

Grab this DIY bracelet kit for FREE, this offer is only for DIYProjects readers.

2. DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lights

A cool mason jar craft that sparkles. This would be fun to make. Get the steps here.


3. DIY Painted Feathers

This would be a great easy project to complete other craft projects. Read more here.


4. DIY Picture Frame with Mosaic Tiles

Glam up a plain boring picture frame with your own design. See how here.


5. Scrap Book Ideas

Start making your own scrapbook and document all the fun experiences you’ve had. Check it out here.


27 Cool DIY Projects for Teen Girls

— DIY Projects (@DIY Projects) January 29, 2016


6. Espadrille Sandals

I never thought there would come a time, but here’s your chance to make your own pair of sandals. Get the tutorial here.


7. DIY Flower Crown

The perfect teen craft project for summer and spring or anytime you want to feel like a fairy princess. Check it out here.


8. Tulle Frame Jewelry Holder

Complete your room by getting all your jewelries organized with this tulle frame. Get the tutorial here.


9. Cool Headphone Cover

All you need are different colored threads to make a cool headphone cover. It’s just like your braiding. Get the instruction here.


10. DIY Hashtag Pillow

Hashtags shouldn’t just exist in social media, turn it into a DIY pillow for your bedroom. This is a great sewing project for beginners. Check it out here.


11. Plastic Canvas Floral Clutch

Can you believe you can make a clutch with plastic canvas. It looks so elegant. Get the tutorial here.


12. DIY Princess Hair Accessories

Going on a special event? Feel like a princess by making these pretty hair accessories. Get the steps here.


13. DIY Hanging Clipboard Art

Need a DIY wall art decor you can change and mix up anytime? Check it out here.


14. Wooden Dowel Lamp

Create a stunning lamp that will create a super cool light effect. Get the instructions here.


15. Beaded Phone Case

Customize your own phone case and turn it into a beaded work of art. Get the steps here.


16. DIY Tumblr Notebook

Be school ready and even save some money by making your own cool notebooks. Design it however way you want. Check it out here.


17. Balloon Covered Mason Jar

A super easy mason jar craft project you can do a lot with. Turn it into a drinking glass or organize your stuff with it. See how here.


18. Polaroid Frame

Keep your memories safe and on display with this easy DIY frame craft. Get the steps here.


19. Mason Jar Thankfulness Jar

Everyone has something to be thankful for. Make sure you’re always grounded by remembering the blessings that you have. See it here.


20. Flower Applique Pillow

Create a 3D effect on your pillow with this easy craft project. Check it out here.


21. DIY Jeweled Headband

Be stylish by making this DIY jeweled headband. Get the tutorial here.


22. DIY T-Shirt Pillow

Have some old t-shirts you just can’t part with? Turn it into a pillow with this DIY tutorial.


23. DIY String Art Tutorial

Decorate your room by making your own string art wall art. Get the instructions here.


24. Ombre Paint Chip Chevron Necklace

Make a necklace for almost nothing at all with paint chips! See how here.


25. DIY Tote Bag

Need a new bag? Why not make your own with this tutorial. You can even make it two ways.


26. Easy No Sew Dog Jacket

Have a pet pup? Make a super easy dog jacket you don’t even have to sew. See it here.


27. Pom Pom Bookmarks

Make cute little pom pom bookmarks with yarn. Find out how here.

Sweet dreams are made of these! Weave your good intention with our DIY Dreamcatcher Kit. 

Got some Sharpies? Then check out this video from Heyyy_SAM and see what you can do with it!


Which DIY projects for teens are you going to try? Let me know below in the comments!

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Umbra Prisma Wall Decor, Set of 6, Copper

by Umbra

"So On Trend, But Tedious" - by Max Siegel (Milwaukee, WI USA)

These are absolutely adorable! So on trend. I only subtracted a star because assembling them to put on the wall was tedious & time-consuming, and a few of them fell off my walls, even though I scrubbed the wall before applying them. My advice is to use your own double-stick tape; don't bother with the tape provided. It's nice that it came with all the hardware to mount it to the wall or ceiling depending on your preferences!

I also only gave it four stars because the mounting hardware is clear for the gold and brass sets, but black with the black set, so the attachments stand out like sore thumbs. Overall, though, they're so versatile and trendy!


LoveThisPic's pictures can be used on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and other websites. do it yourself · 10 DIY Crafts You Can Create Using Old Fabric .

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Tumblr is the perfect place to go for fun and youthful design inspirations. There are so many great Tumblr bedroom ideas out there! But probably the most fun, enjoyable, and budget-friendly Tumblr bedroom ideas are the ones you can make yourself. Plus, if you’re on a budget, DIY Tumblr bedroom ideas are the solution to all your problems. Keep scrolling for 7 amazing DIY projects, and even more ingenious decorating hacks.

DIY Tumblr Bedroom Ideas For Craft Lovers

A Tumblr or Pinterest-worthy bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, most Tumblr bedroom ideas are super easy to DIY! It just takes some time and creativity. But believe me, the results are picture-perfect. What could be better than customizing your very own monogram letters, learning how to make a no-sew pillow, or turning last year’s Christmas lights into trendy string lights? Read on for some of my favorite DIY Tumblr bedroom ideas.


1. Throw Pillows

These no-sew throw pillows are perfect for dormers.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1: Cut the fabric

Cut it into any shape or size you want. Just make sure both pieces are exactly the same!

Step 2: Glue the fabric together

Glue 3 of the outsides together. Don’t glue the 4th!

Step 3: Flip the cloth inside out

Now you’ve got a simple pillow case.

Step 4: Decorate the pillow case

You can cut shapes of fabric, or use beads or any decor you want.

Step 5: Stuff the pillow

Take your pillow insert or stuffing, and stuff the pillow until it’s full.

Step 6: Glue the pillow shut

Glue the open side, and fold the edges together for a clean line. Then you’re done!


2. Monogram Letters

Next up is one of the most popular Tumblr bedroom ideas. And also one of the easiest.

For this, you’ll need:

Step 1: Spray paint the letters

You can use any spray paint color you want, and decorate it however you’d like to. Pastel or glitter spray paint is a great match for the rest of your Tumblr bedroom ideas.

Step 2: Glue the letters together

Make sure your last name’s initial is the biggest letter in the middle. Now you can mount it on your wall!


3. Ping Pong Ball String Lights

Other super popular and easy Tumblr bedroom ideas include these string lights. Make them in just 2 easy steps.

You’ll need:

  • Christmas Lights
  • Ping Pong Balls
  • A Pen

Step 1: Make holes in the ping pong balls

Using a pen, make holes in each of the ping pong balls.

Step 2: Place the Christmas lights in

Put each Christmas light into the holes you made. Make sure not to cut yourself! Once you’ve finished, you’re ready to hang them up in your room.


4. Frame Wall

Frame walls are always a good idea, and they’re fully customizable.

For this, you’ll need:

Step 1: Spray paint the frames

Empty them out before taking out the backing and the glass. Then, spray paint using your favorite colors!

Step 2: Create a chalkboard

Use one of the glass inserts for this. Just paint it with chalkboard paint, and let dry before you place it black in the frame.

Step 3: Lay out the frames

It’s best to assemble the frames on the floor first, before proceeding to mounting them on the wall.

Step 4: Mount the frames

Once you’ve figured out where to place them, use command strips to mount the frames on your wall.


5. Mosaic Glass Canvas Art

This mosaic art hack is an affordable way to add an artsy feel to your room.

You’ll need:

Step 1: Cut up the CDs

Other projects use real glass, but CDs are a cheaper (and safer!) option, especially if you’re new to DIY projects. Just cut the CDs up into triangles with a pair of scissors!

Step 2: Prepare the canvas

Spread the clay all over the canvas.

Step 3: Place the CDs

While the clay is still wet, press the CD pieces on.

Step 4: Finish with rubber cement

Cover the entire canvas with one coat of rubber cement so the pieces stay on. Then, display it in your bedroom!


6. Glitter Mason Jars

Mason jars aren’t only a favorite among Tumblr bedroom ideas, but also among DIYers! This next DIY will make your jars Tumblr-worthy.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1: Paint the Mason jars

Spray paint your mason jars with whatever colors you want. You can even use the same colors you used for the frame wall and monogram letters.

Step 2: Glitter the rims

Once the paint is dry, coat the top rims in mod podge, and sprinkle glitter. Once the glitter is dry, you can use your mason jars to store anything!


7. DIY Canvas Art

Lastly, why not let your creative juices flow with easy Tumblr bedroom ideas like this?

All you’ll need are:

Step 1: Decide on the design you want

You can draw your own, or use stencils. Then decide if you’re gonna use paint, glitter, or both.

Step 2: Go ahead and make your art

It’s really all up to you, let your creativity show! Play around with stencils, paint, and different effects. Once you’re done, just hang up your artwork.


Watch the full tutorials right here:


Weren’t these Tumblr bedroom ideas super easy? Decorate your dorm room or your bedroom with these affordable crafts. I’m so ready for a DIY marathon!


Want more inspiration like these Tumblr bedroom ideas? Learn how to build floating shelves! Have any Tumblr bedroom ideas of your own? Leave me a comment below!


Featured Image via Ikea

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how to make tumblr crafts

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how to make tumblr crafts
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