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How to make wooden craft signs
March 02, 2019 Events Calendar No comments

Meet Board & Brush Latham Owners

Chris & Megghen Campanella

Megghen & Chris have both been in the medical field for a combined 25 years. Megghen is a RN and has worked as a school nurse, and is currently a Nurse Case Manager. Chris has had his own Medical software consulting company for many years, and has been an avid wood working hobbiest. Both Megghen & Chris have been making and selling wood crafts for a few years, and have had a great local following.

Having 4 children ranging in age from 5-18, Megghen & Chris have strong feelings on teaching their family to be the author of their own fate. The entire family is included in woodworking hobbies, and love building crafts from scratch. From our oldest using power tools, to our youngest learning to stain and paint. Board & Brush was the next logical step to bring their love for crafts and a fun time to Latham NY.

Make Your Own Personalized Sign at Board & Brush Latham

Pick your preferred custom wood sign design, sign up for a DIY wood sign workshop that best works for you and your friends or family, and then show up for a fun, instructor led, hands-on experience.

Board & Brush Latham is located right in the heart of the city right next to ABC Fitness, just behind the Holiday Inn.

Have any questions? Please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We are happy to help and would love to see you in our wood sign workshop very soon!

It’s time to admit it. I have a bit of a problem….

It wouldn’t take you long, say maybe 20 seconds of walking into my home, to realize that I am slowly becoming a textual “art” junkie. It seems like I am not alone. Go to any store that sells home goods and decor and you will find them. In every size, style, and pattern. 

I just can’t help myself. I am in love. I love fonts anyway.  Pair them with a phrase, Bible verse, or a song lyric I love? I am one happy camper. (Case in point…this wall has THREE textual art/signs….They seem to be multiplying like rabbits over here!)

But just because I love something, doesn’t mean it’s in the budget to go and buy it….

Enter Easiest Sign Making Method EVER.

It Worked!

When I first did this a couple years ago I thought, “This LOOKS easy and LOOKS like it should work, but I’m not committing to BELIEVING it will work until I see it.” (Anybody else work in this manner and play it safe so you don’t get disappointed?) In fact I was so NOT believing it would work that I used a pizza box
to make my first sign. (Really! I kid you not!) I figured if it didn’t work, I had only invested my time and not any money.

But, cue heavenly choir,  it DID work!

(Here is the made-from-a-pizza-box-fall sign I made 2 1/2 years ago….and yes, I TOTALLY put it out in my house in the fall every year.)  You now are on the Inner Circle of some of my decorating secrets….wink, wink.

Want to learn how to make the signs yourself? Yes? (Really, it’s SUPER EASY! Once you learn the technique you can use it on all kinds of things!)

Although I WILL warn you, once you get started, it’s hard to stop! (It’s like donuts people, you can’t stop at one!)

{This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Using these links might result in me receiving a small commission, but at absolutely  NO cost to you! You can read more about my commitment to transparency, by visiting my Disclosure Statement.}

(Disclaimer: This method is on lots of websites, so I am NOT reinventing the wheel or anything (and sadly I can’t remember where I first saw this technique so I can give credit to that blogger…sigh….No joke: I turned thirty and my brain went to mush. Or maybe it was having kids that did it?….hmmm….one of the mysteries of life!)

Here’s what you need:

  • wood, canvas in background color you want (painted pizza box…ahem 😉 
  • sharpened pencil (Go with Ticonderoga. They are the Ferrari of the sharpened pencil world. Ha! But really- you will be converted!)   
  • copy paper
  • access to computer with internet or word processing & printer (This is a similar laptop to what I use, although mine is “plum,” but this one is TOUCH SCREEN?!! I swear sometimes I feel like we are living in a “Jetsons” episode!)
  • pen with good tip 
  • tape
  • paint pen (or Sharpie marker depending on the surface you are working on) I’ve done the signs both ways: painting with a brush (pumpkin sign was done this way) and paint pens. Paint pens make this SO quick!

Process: Pencil Lead Transfer Method 

  1. Type words you want on your sign in word processing program and print them out in the size you need.
  2. Use pencil and color over entire BACKside of where the text is. (The pencil lead needs to be thick enough to transfer onto your sign.) 
  3. Flip over to the right side of your paper and tape where you want the word to be on your sign.
  4. Use your pen to draw along the outline of your text. (Carefully lift an edge to make sure lead is transferring onto sign well. If not, change pen type or make sure pencil lead really covered the area on the paper well; you may need more.)
  5. Once you have all of the text outlined in the font you chose, remove the paper (You can save this to use again if you are wanting to make multiple.)
  6. Using the pencil transferred outline, color in with your paint pen in the color of your choice (or Sharpie depending on the surface you are working with).
  7. Stand back and admire your new sign! For the wall signs I’ve made, I’ve been able to use the 3M Command Strips (I LOVE these!). Here is my “blessed” sign on part of a gallery wall in my living room. (The bear print was made by my talented brother-in-law. You can peruse more of his artwork here. The Romans 12:13 pineapple is a printable made by Amber at Wrapped in Raffia. You can print yours here.)

It’s Easy, I Promise!

There might be seven steps listed above, but it literally took me 15 minutes to make BOTH signs.

This little wooden “blessed” sign cost me $1 to make. I call that a WIN!

Update: Want to make a large sign on canvas? Check out my latest sign-making post here. 

What are you going to put on your sign? I’d love to hear about your plan in the comments!

DIY For the Home// DIY Signs// Easy DIY// For the Home

Diy Wooden Sign, Click here to learn how to make easy DIY farmhouse wood signs without a stencil! . Wax Paper Stencil Tutorial for Crafts and Projects.

Wood signs are the hottest new decorating trend and one that I love dearly. Nothing says rustic farmhouse like a wood sign, right? There are so many options when it comes to decorating with rustic wood signs, too. Whether you’re looking for something for the living or dining room, kitchen, or even the front porch, chances are there’s a great rustic wood sign that will fit the bill. And, wouldn’t you know it – I’ve got a nice little collection of sign ideas to get you started on this great new trend.

You can find these wooden signs at most home stores and high end department stores and let me tell you, they’re not cheap. I’ve seen some that run hundreds of dollars. Then again, we’re all DIYers right? We’d rather make our own great rustic décor than spend hundreds buying something that was mass produced, so I’ve got a nice little collection of signs that you can make to add that great rustic look to any room. If you have a few old boards or better yet, some pallets, you have just about everything you need to get started. Pallets are great for these – and you know how much I love my pallet projects. Just check out these 35 DIY pallet projects.

Many stores will give you old wooden pallets just to get them out of the way so check with your local establishments to see if you can get your hands on a few for free. If not, you can buy them from many home improvement stores and they don’t charge much for them or you can check with a local pallet mill. Pallets are perfect for creating that wonderfully rustic farmhouse look – which you can also totally get from any of these 55 DIY farmhouse furniture and décor ideas.

If you can’t get your hands on pallets or rustic wood and you still want the look, you can use steel wool soaked in white vinegar to treat new wood. This is a neat little trick that uses strong black tea and vinegar that has been infused with the rust from old steel wool. It makes brand new wood planks look wonderfully aged. So, whether you have old wood or you’re going to age your own, here’s a look at some great ideas for incorporating rustic wooden signs into your décor.

1. DIY Gather ere Rusitc SignHeeHere Rustic Sign

This is such a simple idea and it makes a wonderfully profound statement. It’s just a couple of worn boards with “Gather Here” painted in white and held together by chains. Add twine or rope to the top for hanging and you’re all set.

Source/Tutorial: homemadebycarmona

2. Cool DIY Beach Rentals Sign

I love this beachy sign for the living room – even if you don’t live at the beach. It’s very coastal with its distressed wood. If you’re lucky enough to live on the coast, this one is a must for the living room or front porch.

Source/Tutorial: confessionsofaserialdiyer

3. Distressed Happy Home Sign

I love this blue distressed sign on Etsy. It’s a paneled sign with such a wonderful phrase about the home. It’s only $55 on Etsy or you could easily do it yourself with paneled wood, paint, and stencils.


4. DIY Create Pallet Sign

This Create sign is perfect for any room and it’s pretty easy to make. Add a background to make the wording really stand out. It’s the perfect motivational sign to get you up and moving in the mornings and there’s a printable stencil for the wording.

Source/Tutorial: angelamariemade

5. Great Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Sign

You definitely want this farmhouse sign for your kitchen. It’s a distressed wood plank with farmer’s market wording and so perfect for farmhouse kitchens. Even if you don’t have a traditional farmhouse kitchen, this sign will make you feel like you do.

Source/Tutorial: decoratedchaos

6. Anthropologie Inspired DIY Welcome Sign

An old wooden plank, some repurposed Scrabble tiles and a couple of vintage doorknob plates work together to make this wonderful Anthropologie inspired welcome sign for the front porch. It’s rustic, easy to make, and the perfect way to welcome someone to your home.

Source/Tutorial: designdreamsbyanne

7. DIY Rustic Farmhouse Sign

The biblical message on this rustic farmhouse sign is perfect for any room. If you want something that’s really easy and still makes a huge statement in your home, this is it. It has a great rustic farmhouse look and feel and will only take you about an hour or so to create.

Source/Tutorial: momswithoutanswers

8. I Love You Wooden Sign Trio

These whimsical wooden signs are too adorable. They let your loved ones know how much you love them in such a fun and humorous way. I found these on Etsy and they’re $25 for the set of three. Hang them on the wall or you could stand them up on a sofa table or on the mantel.


9. Scrap Wood Beach Signs

You don’t have to live at the beach to display these great scrap wood signs. Just point them in the right direction. They’re made from distressed wood for that great coastal look and are sure to brighten up your porch.

Source/Tutorial: diypassion

10. Easy DIY Market Sign

This market sign is made with leftover wood from other projects and it’s really simple to make. You use graphite transfer paper to easily make the market wording. This is the perfect rustic looking sign for the kitchen or dining room.

Source/Tutorial: restorationbeauty

11. DIY Weathered Entry Hall Sign

Grateful, thankful, blessed – that’s the message that this sign relays. In weathered wood, it’s the perfect addition to your entry hall and lets you spread your message loud and clear to anyone who walks inside. This would also look great on the porch above your front door.

Source/Tutorial: artsychicksrule

12. Long Festive Holiday Sign

I love the length of this holiday sign. “Baby it’s cold outside” is the theme and it’s done on two long planks of wood. It’s even got some great embellishments. You can find this one on Etsy or you could easily do it yourself with some white and blue paint and a few other supplies.


13. DIY Fence Board Joy Sign

Here’s another beautiful festive sign. This one is done on an old fence board and the JOY portion is a bit 3 dimensional. It’s an easy project to complete and you have plenty of time to ge4t it done before the holiday season arrives.

Source/Tutorial: designdreamsbyanne

14. Home Sweet Home Framed Sign

I love the sentiment in this Home Sweet Home sign. It’s planked wood with the lettering done in white and it has a wonderfully distressed look. The sign is framed with smaller strips of wood to make it perfect for hanging in any room.


15. Grateful Heart Distressed Sign

This sign is lovely with a distressed wood look and tells you to always have a grateful heart – the sentiment alone is perfect and you get a wonderful rustic looking sign, too. This one is available on Etsy for under $40.


16. Love Story Sign

You could easily recreate this Love Story sign to hang above your headboard or to give as a wedding gift. It’s on planked distressed wood and you just have to choose the lettering that you want – it’s the perfect way to spread the love.

Source/Tutorial: aimeeweaverdesigns

17. Easy DIY Silhouette Signs

Whether you want something welcoming on the front porch or you have a special message for your living room, these silhouette signs are the perfect touch. Using distressed or stained planks of wood, you can create the perfect sign for any occasion.

Source/Tutorial: justagirlandherblog

18. John Legend Inspired Wood Sign

I love this John Legend inspired sign. It has the words “All of me loves all of you” painted onto distressed wood. It’s perfect for hanging above the bed or you could put it anywhere that you want your message to be displayed. Etsy has it for under $30.


19. Multi-Colored Signs From Wood Scraps

I love the dimension of these multi-colored signs. Using scraps of wood, you just paint and then add your message. It’s great that they sizes don’t all match – it just gives the sign that much more character. Use whatever message you want and customize them.

Source/Tutorial: jhousetawk

20. Reclaimed Cabinet Door Sign

This sign is made from reclaimed wood and looks just like a rustic cabinet door. I love the spiritual message and the entire sign looks so farmhouse style. This would be a great project if you have handles and other hardware to work with.

Source/Tutorial: aimee-weaver

21. DIY Reclaimed Wood State Sign

No matter what state you live in, a state sign made from reclaimed wood is the perfect addition to your home décor. You just attach your boards together and then paint your state – use state colors or even the colors of your favorite pro or college team. This would be a wonderful gift for a sports fan!

Source/Tutorial: divaofdiy

22. Bathroom Bathing Signs

These splish splash bath signs are too adorable and they’re made from simply painting your bathroom message onto wooden planks. These are on Etsy for $50 and you could easily add embellishments like bows or ribbons or tie them together with a nice strip of burlap.


23. Recycled Pallet Rustic Family Sign

Pallets are perfect for making rustic looking signs and this one is a really easy DIY. If you prefer to do it yourself as opposed to buying, you’ll just need to take the top portion of your pallet and then paint the message that you want to display.

Source/Tutorial: aimeeweaverdesigns

24. DIY Christmas Deer Sign

This is a really creative way to make your sign – it’s a Christmas themed sign, painted in red and white and it has a wonderful deer motif. You could also do this one for July Fourth, just paint red, white, and blue and maybe add a motif of the American flag. It would be a great display all year long.

Source/Tutorial: restorationredoux

25. Plank Wood Continent Sign

Why not just paint an entire continent on those old planks of wood? You can find traceable patterns all over the internet if you aren’t comfortable freehand painting and this is a beautiful way to use up those wood scraps or leftover pallets.

Source/Tutorial: estiloydeco

26. DIY Reclaimed Wood Rope Sign

You don’t necessarily have to paint to get a great looking wooden sign. Why not use up some old rope or burlap to create your message? This reclaimed wood sign is made with rope. You just create your message with glue and then add your rope, twine, or burlap.

Source/Tutorial: funkyjunkinteriors

27. DIY Distressed Woodland Sign

“Let It Snow” may not be your favorite phrase but it may just be your favorite holiday decoration when you make this sign. On distressed wood, it has your Christmas message painted in white and is embellished with twine.

Source/Tutorial: livelaughrowe

28. Three Dimensional DIY Holiday Sign

Here’s another wonderful holiday sign made from reclaimed pallet wood. You just have to treat your wood – if you want – and then add JOY or whatever other holiday message you want. Cut the letters out of wood – or buy wooden letters from the Dollar Store – and glue on for a great 3-D effect.

Source/Tutorial: suburbansimplicity

29. Wooden Colorful Cabin Rules Sign

I want this sign for my living room! It’s great with multiple colors on small planks of wood and it’s framed in a beautiful cedar looking frame. This is perfect for your living room or entry – even if you don’t live in a log cabin. You can get it on Etsy for under $35.


30. DIY Rustic Anniversary Wood Sign

The sheer creativity of this anniversary sign just blows me away. It’s not your traditional anniversary announcement – it’s done in topography and it’s simply adorable. You can do this one by painting with chalk paint over distressed wood planks.

Source/Tutorial: tableandhearth

31. Framed Wood Plank Gather Sign

This little sign is in a beautiful wooden frame and it’s perfect for the dining room or kitchen – wherever your family tends to gather. The backing is painted black so that the white lettering stands out but you could leave the wood planks natural and just paint in a color that will stand out.

Source/Tutorial: thecasualcraftlete

32. DIY Rustic Key To My Heart Sign

How adorable is this sign? It’s a rustic wood sign with a large key – the key to your heart! I love how simple and yet amazing this one is. You just need distressed wood and a metal key – which you can get from craft stores or thrift shops.

Source/Tutorial: lovegrowswild

33. Easy DIY Holiday Signs

You have three different signs here that you can make for the holidays. Each of them is done on reclaimed wood and they are all so colorful and festive! Choose one or make them all and give your home that great farmhouse decorated style for Christmas.

Source/Tutorial: thehappyhousie

34. DIY Stenciled Pallet Parking Signs

These reclaimed pallet signs are great and they’re perfect for adding a bit of rustic décor to the front porch. Just choose your parking preference and then stencil in what you want your sign to say – it’s so easy to get rustic wooden signs from old pallets!

Source/Tutorial: saltandpeppermoms

35. Rustic Guest Room Check Out Sign

You wouldn’t really make your house guests check out by 11 a.m. but even so, this little wooden sign is perfect for guest rooms. It has a great old bed and breakfast feel to it and it’s really simple to make with your reclaimed wood pallets and some white paint.

Source/Tutorial: polishedhabitat

36. Rustic Painted Arrow Wooden Sign

I love these rustic painted arrows that can be done on pallet wood, reclaimed wood or even craft wood that you can distress to give it that great vintage look. The arrows are freehand drawn with white chalk paint and then sanded a bit to give them that distressed look.

Source/Tutorial: canarystreetcrafts

37. Home Is Where The Heart Is Sign

50 Wood Signs That Will Add Rustic Charm To Your Home Decor

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This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through one of my links I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Today I’m going to show you how to make a DIY wood frame for signs.  Sign painting is a super fun craft -one of my favorites.  And no sign is complete without a proper frame.

I’ve covered how to make a stencil with your Cricut for hand-painted signs here.   

And once your stencil is complete I have tips and tricks for painting the perfect sign every time that you can find here. 

And now the final step to a perfect farmhouse sign is the frame.

Let’s get to it.

DIY Wood Frame Supplies Needed

  • 1×2 wood strips
  • Wood Glue
  • Nail gun or Hammer and Finishing Nails
  • Sand Paper
  • Saw
  • Paint or Stain and Sealer

Quick Links to Information in This Post

Measuring and Cutting for the Wood Frame

Head to your favorite home improvement store and grab 1×2 wood strips.  This is what we will be using to make the frame.

You’ll want to know how long of a piece to get before you go so be sure to measure your sign.

Start with measuring the height of your sign. 

My height is 18″ and we need 18″ for both sides.  So 18 x 2 = 36″

When measuring the width of the sign we also need to account for the width of the frame on both sides.  A 1×2 piece of wood is actually 3/4″ wide instead of 1″ – crazy I know.

So the width of my sign is 24″ plus the width of the frame on each side equals 25 1/2″.  We need a piece for the top and bottom so be sure to double that too.

So the sign height times two and the sign width plus 1.5″ times two.  The total length of the 1×2 I need to buy is 87″ or an 8 foot board.

After you get your wood you want to cut two lengths of each size.

Painting and Adding the Wood Frame to Your Sign

After your boards are cut sand down the edges to remove any rough spots.  Next apply paint or stain in the color of your choice.

I’m painting mine light grey and then distressing it with white and darker greys.   Be sure to paint all four sides of the boards plus the ends.

After the paint is dry add your sealer and then we are ready to frame the sign.

Don’t mind the hot mess of my work table, we painted a bunch of signs for Christmas.

So we want to start with the sides first.  Add glue to the side of your sign and then add one of the side pieces of the frame.

It should line up pretty perfectly top to bottom and then you can eyeball it to center it on the frame.

Grab your nail gun or a hammer and finishing nail and nail the frame to the side.  One on each end and two in the center.

The first time I did this I was so afraid I would wreck my sign by hammering a nail through it instead of straight into the side.  But in all of the frames I’ve made, I’ve only done that once.

After one side is done repeat the same process for the second side.

Check the front of your sign for any glue that may have squeezed out.  Clean it up with a baby wipe if needed.

After the sides are on use the same method to add the top and bottom pieces of the wood frame.

Remember we added 1.5″ to the measurement for these pieces, so they should come right to the edge of the side frame.

After all four pieces of your wood frame is on the sign, hang it up and admire your work!

Making frames like this is super easy and doesn’t require mitered corners.  But they still turn out fabulous and really adds the finishing touch to your sign.

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to follow me on Pinterest for more great DIY’s



Chris Butler has helped thousands of crafters learn how to use their Cricut machine without feeling overwhelmed.  She is a best selling author and an up and coming designer.    For fun Chris enjoys designing SVG Files, hanging out with her family (preferably at the lake), traveling,  and volunteering at her church.  She is a wife and mom of two crazy fun kids.

Choose from a wide array of bird houses, wooden letters and more. Shop online or at a Wood Crafts & Supplies. Bird Houses · Crates & Boxes · Clock Making.

Wood Crafts & Supplies

Of all the ways to decorate a space, we find that wood signs are among the purest and simplest expressions of beauty. A wood sign is also fairly easy to make/ decorate so that’s a big plus on its side. Add to that the infinite number of ways to customize it and you got yourself the perfect ornament for any room of the house. Of course, as versatile as they may be, wood signs are not suited for every style of interior design. They usually look great in rustic cabins and homes, in beach houses, barns and in spaces that generally have a warm and cozy decor.

When creating a wood sign, you first have to pick a theme. It can be anything, even something as general as a “create theme” which is exactly what inspired this particular project. It starts with a pre-made sign which is then customized using paint, letter stencils, paintbrushes, glue and pencils. Surprisingly, the paintbrushes are actually integrated into the design and serve as ornaments, not as tools.

A cool idea is to combine various design techniques when customizing your wood sign. For instance, you could make a string art welcome sign. You’ll need a wooden board (one from a reclaimed pallet would do just fine), some dye or paint, a few nails, twine or string, letter stencils and artificial flowers (if you intend to make a vase out of string).

Speaking of string art, we also have a cool idea for a Valentine’s Day love sign which can be customized using this technique. There are actually several other techniques which you can use when customizing your Valentine’s Day sign so check out all of the examples before you make a final decision.

There are lots of occasions which you can celebrate with a festive wood sign. For Thanksgiving you could make a cute gobble gobble sign. You’d need two boards, some wood stain and some paint, a stencil, paintbrushes and any festive decoration you’d like to attach, like this cute turkey. The decoration is optional so don’t focus too much on this detail.

A wood sign can also serve as a support or as a frame for other ornaments and decorations. For example, you can attach a piece of wire and some pins to the bottom of a simple sign and then hang some pictures there. It’s an interesting combo. The picture board idea comes from nikkisplate.

On inspirationalmomma there’s a really cute wood sign project which you can do with the kids. It’s a “love” sign where the O is a hand print and the V is a pair of foot prints. The project is a bit messy but it’s also very fun for everyone involved. Pick a color that contrasts with the sign, like this light shade of blue for example.

Not all wood signs have to say something. Sometimes symbols can be just as suggestive and sometimes that just fits better into the room’s decor. That being said, think of what you’d like to paint on your wooden signs. Perhaps something simple would look like, like these arrows. We like the fact that each of the three arrows is slightly different from the others. {found on canarystreetcrafts}

Rustic wood signs can be very charming but what do you do if you don’t have an old piece of wood yet you still want to get that worn look? Well, you can make your wood sign look rustic wood stain, paint and sandpaper. It’s actually pretty easy once you understand the process. Check out the instructions on ribbonsandglue for a better understanding of the whole thing.

Don’t have a specific idea for a theme? How about you start with something simple, like a wood welcome sign. You can make it out of an old pallet board. It can be displayed vertically, horizontally or at an angle and paint the letters in any color you like. We really like the way white looks on a natural wood backdrop in this case. {found on housebyhoff}

Like we mentioned before, you can put wood signs in any room of your home. For the bedroom you could make one of these lovely wood rope signs which are great not just for Valentine’s Day but in general. Here’s a cool idea: the sign can double as a headboard if you make it big enough. Check out funkyjunkinteriors for details.

There’s also something cool that you can do for the kitchen. You don’t even need to use paint for this project. The idea is to turn a coffee crate lid into a wall decoration. You can attach some hooks to it so you can also hang kitchen utensils or cups from your new wooden sign. {found on funkyjunkinteriors}

A wood sign can also look nice in the laundry room. In fact, there’s a way to also make it functional. The idea comes from funkyjunkinteriors and involves metal pipes and fittings. The sign is in this case also a hanging station which you can pair with an ironing table for maximum efficiency.

The entryway could use a wood sign too. The sign itself can be purely decorative but you can pair it with some storage shelves or boxes or with a clothes rack to also give this project a practical side. Check out the pallet sign featured on domestically-speaking for some inspiration.

A wood sign doesn’t have to be overly decorated to look beautiful. The simple fact that it’s a sign made of wood is enough to make it special. Of course, you should personalize it and for that you can use paint and stencils as well as felt ornaments like banners for example. In any case, we love the idea of using pallet boards to make a sign. {found on colorsandcraft}

Still searching for ideas? How about an inspirational message or a quote? That could look nice on a burnt pallet sign. We got this idea from momslifeboat. A cool advice that we found here was the fact that it’s useless to search for a perfect pallet. The damaged ones are actually better because they’re unique and they have a lot of character.

Pallets aren’t the only things you can repurpose, especially if you’re trying to make a wood sign. Look around for anything that could work. For instance, you could use an old soil sifter in combination with some old fence boards to make a magnetic wall sign, organizer. Display it on one of the entryway walls or in your home office. {found on funkyjunkinteriors}

One of the easiest ways to customize a wood sign is by using stencils. There’s much to know about stenciling but anyone could use some tips at first so be sure to check out funkyjunkinteriors where you’ll find a quick tutorial with useful tips and ideas. You might even find some inspiring design ideas here as well.

Driftwood signs are perfect for beach houses or lakeside homes. They just fit right in thanks to their simplicity and pure, natural charm. The trick is to not complicate the design. To make a driftwood sign like the ones featured on craftsbyamanda, you only need a flat piece of sun-washed driftwood, some black craft paint, a small paintbrush, small cup hooks and some twine.

Welcome a new season with a quirky wood sign. For a fall sign you could use some leaf-shaped stickers or, even better, actual fallen leaves and branches. Hang the sign with twine or rope and give it a nice glow using wood stain or craft paint. For a worn look, use sandpaper after you’re done painting the sign. {found on momhomeguide}

Not all signs are as simple as some of the ones we showed you today. In fact, you can give yours any shape you want. A cool idea can be to make a cabin-shaped wood sign for the mantel. It can be a very fun and cute project and you can be really creative when it comes to the design details and the colors and finishes involved. {found on funkyjunkinteriors}

Welcome a new season with a lovely sign. On cappersfarmer you can find a tutorial with instructions and a detailed list of materials required for making a wooden welcome sign. The design is simple and definitely customizable. Since this is a fall sign, orange suits it well but that can differ based on the theme you choose for your own welcome sign.

A wooden sign can serve a multitude of purposes. For instance, it can be a decorative element which highlights the purpose of a space. To illustrate this idea, we’ve selected a project featured on homemadebycarmona which shows you how to make a two-piece wooden sign for your lounge space or even for the entryway.

The welcome sign featured on designdreamsbyanne is pretty special and that’s because it’s decorated with old doorknob plates. It’s a pretty unusual idea and that’s what makes it so special and intriguing in the first place. We also like the scrabble tiles used to write “welcome” a the bottom of the sign. If you’re not a fan of doorknob plates, perhaps you’d prefer to use old keys instead.

A beach sign would be a perfect DIY decoration idea for a beach house and if you like the combo suggested on diypassion you can pair with a city sign that’s just as lovely. Both are made of wood and decorated with cute cut-outs and letter stencils. Given the theme, using driftwood is a perfect idea and you might even be able to find some on the beach.

Every wood sign starts out as nothing but a plain and simple board. It’s how you transform it that matters and that often translates into choosing the right stencil and the right paint color. If you’d like your sign to make your home feel extra cozy and welcoming, think of a general theme, inspired by the ambiance you’re trying to create. {found on artsychicksrule}

Another interesting design possibility when it comes to wooden signs is to use several boards instead of just one. You can use this design to structure a quote or a message on several lines. Each board can have a different color, size and shape. The idea comes from jhousetawk. As you can see here, building the sign is very easy and customizing it can be a lot of fun.

The arrival of winter can be a pretty exciting time, especially if you like show. Welcome the new season with a stylish wood sign decorated with painted snowflakes and twine. Actually, it’s the “let it snow” stencil that makes the sign stand out so get one of those if you enjoy the design featured on livelaughrowe.

The dimensional letter holiday sign featured on suburbansimplicity is surprisingly easy to make. You need a prefabricated wood sign (or you can build your own from scratch), letters to spell out “joy”, scrapbook paper to decorate the letters with, wood glue and of course the decorations you might want to add like some pinecones, perhaps a small wreath or a few festive ornaments.

It’s rustic, romantic and easy to make. This rustic wood sign could be a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift but also a cute decoration for your home. To make it, you first need to find an old key, preferably one as ornate and as beautiful as the one featured on lovegrowswild. The painted heart is optional but without it the design and the message just wouldn’t be the same,

A wood sign can also be functional in addition to looking nice up on a wall. For example, it can display the check out time at the entrance into a hotel or guest room. If you like the idea, check out polishedhabitat for all the important details and instructions on how to build such a sign.

Another cool way of making the most out of a wooden sign is to turn into a directional sign. There’s a very inspiring tutorial on this particular subject which you can check out on justaliitlecreativity. You can adapt the design to suit your own needs and your own style.

how to make wooden craft signs

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how to make wooden craft signs
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