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How to use the crafting guide
November 13, 2018 Events Calendar 5 comments

Visit any city to find a Master Craftsman and learn a trade. Learning trades lets you craft weapons or armor, or even cook foods that temporarily boost stats.

— Crafting

Crafting is the process of turning component items (such as crafting materials) into equipment or consumables. There are nine different crafting disciplines. Initially only two can be active at a time on each character, but up to two more (for a total of 4) may be added using Additional Crafting Licenses from the Gem Store. Crafted items usually look different from, but always have comparable statistics to, items of the same level and quality obtained through other methods, for example from loot or vendors.

Crafting disciplines[edit]

To learn a craft, speak to the relevant master craftsman; they also answer basic questions and sell supplies for their craft. A character can only have two disciplines active at a time, or up to four with the purchase of Additional Crafting Licenses. They can pay a master craftsman to switch, at cost of 10  per level already attained in the target discipline. Taking on a new discipline is always free, while switching back to a maxed discipline (at level 500) costs 50 .

Discipline Equipment Upgrades Other
ArmorsmithHeavy armor
(Used by soldiers — guardians, warriors, and revenants)
RunesMetal boxes
Artificer Magical weapons
(Foci, staves, scepters, and tridents)
Tuning crystals
Chef - - Food and dyes
Huntsman Projectile weapons and off-hand utility items
(Short bows, longbows, pistols, rifles , harpoon guns, torches, and warhorns)
SigilsMaintenance oils
(Amulets, rings, and earrings)
Jewels -
LeatherworkerMedium armor
(Used by adventurers — engineers, rangers, and thieves)
RunesLeather packs
Scribe - SigilsDecorations and consumables
TailorLight armor
(Used by scholars — elementalists, mesmers, and necromancers)
RunesCloth bags
Weaponsmith Melee weapons and shields
(Axes, daggers, swords, greatswords, maces, hammers, spears, and shields)
SigilsSharpening stones

Crafting stations[edit]

Primary article: Crafting station

You can only craft at designated crafting stations, which are located in every city and certain zones. The crafting panel includes five tabs:

  • Discovery: Learn discoverable recipes by combining the ingredients.
  • Production: Craft equipment or consumables using known recipes.
  • Bank: Provides direct access to items in your bank.
  • Material Storage: Provides direct access to items in your Material Storage.
  • Wardrobe: Allows you to view items in your Wardrobe Storage.


Primary article: Recipe

Recipes allow you to easily view the combination of ingredients needed to create an item. Each recipe must be unlocked through a specific method:

  • Most must be discovered at a crafting station.
  • Some are unlocked automatically when the appropriate crafting level is reached (mostly recipes for refinement and components).
  • Some can only be unlocked by using a recipe sheet.


Primary article: Crafting material

To craft an item, you must have the appropriate materials in your inventory, bank, or collections. You can collect these items by gathering, from loot, salvaging other items, or even by crafting. These materials are divided into tiers: higher-tiered materials — and a greater rank in the discipline — are required to craft items of higher level or greater rarity. The tier of a finished item is determined by the tier of its component parts. For example, tier 1 covers the most basic items, such as the CFineGreen Wood Longbow created using t1 components (e.g. Green Wood Logs and a Green Inscription); the tier 6 equivalent is the FExoticPearl Stinger, made with t6 components (e.g. Ancient Wood Logs and an Orichalcum Imbued Inscription).

This table provides an overview of the crafting materials in each tier; further details are available from the list of crafting materials. (Chef ingredients are covered elsewhere, as that discipline uses a different system.)

Creating items[edit]

The process of crafting items is extensive and varies by discipline. The two phases of creating items are discovery and production. A player must collect materials, discover the recipe if it isn't known, then create the item. Many crafted items have other crafted items as prerequisites; this can lead to a large tree of components needed for a certain item, the best example being legendary weapons.


The production tab shows all available recipes. The color of a recipe's name indicates how close the recipe is to your current discipline level. The colors are the same as for item quality, progressing from Forange for recipes near your current level to Eyellow, Dgreen, Cblue, Bwhite, then Agray for recipes that no longer grant any crafting experience.

Red recipes appear when you are within five levels of the next 25-level interval, at which point they will automatically unlock.

The number after the recipe name indicates how many items you can craft using that recipe, based on the contents of your inventory, bank, and collections.


The discovery tab allows you to attempt to mix and match components to find a new recipe. Drag and drop or double-click items to add (or remove) them from the mix. When using the discovery pane, you only see items which fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • The item is in your inventory or your bank/collections tab.
  • The item is part of an undiscovered recipe.

Items are highlighted in red when they are part of a valid recipe that require a higher crafting level to discover.

As you add (or remove) items, you can also see how many possible recipes remain. If there are none, you can press the reset button to start from scratch. Some recipes' ingredients may be beyond your current crafting level. If an item can be discovered, players will see one of the following icons:



Trial and error

Placing a crafting material in one of the available slots at a crafting station will result in one of the following messages:

"[#] possible unknown recipes! Add more compatible ingredients!"
"0 possible unknown recipes! Try removing some ingredients!"

If you find a valid combination of items and have sufficient quantities of each, you will see the following message.

"This looks like something! Craft the item to save the recipe."

Crafting the listed item reveals its name and unlocks its recipe.


  • Remember that you may not have all the materials needed to complete a potential recipe, or some of the ingredients in a recipe may be beyond your current crafting level to use.
  • Multiple items can use the same list of ingredients, although each recipe must be learned separately. For example, a Large Green Haft and Small Green Haft each require two Green Wood Planks. Players can only discover the second recipe after learning the first.
  • A critical success in crafting will grant an experience bonus but does not add to the value or stats of the item crafted.
  • Once you have discovered all possible combinations for a material, that material will no longer display in the discovery panel.

Time gated recipes[edit]

Some items have a time gate and limit the number of times an item can be crafted in a period of time. This is usually for high level crafting materials like ectoplasm refinement. The purpose of time gating is to make crafting valuable for players who have invested into crafting. All items have a limit of one per day (daily), which reset at 0:00 like other daily activities. These items include:

Leatherworking concept art

Crafting recipes - updated


Fun! but I think Melandor and Rigard are backwards. Rigard clears debuffs from your own team.



Thank you for this nice detailed picture.


@Rook is awesome for grammar correcting! She also edits my larger projects. I think we could give her the title of official editor of the unofficial E&P resource creators?



Eep! runs away


Any update on this page? (Marjana’s Item forward…?)


oops! @Pois1, I can fill in times.

Dragon attack - 15m 0s
Super mana potion - 20m 0s
Time stop - 25m 0s
…Crumb. I’ll have to come back in 25min to finish the list. hit craft instead of close.

Other useful stats to show would be # of the items you can take into battle, and the duration of items (banners, weapons, time stops). That info is in the wiki. I’ll have to add time to craft to the wiki though…

Tornado - 25m 0s
Miracle Scroll - 30m 0s

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Cool stuff. Sadly from my raid experience, Alberich likes to be more of a Miracle Scroll kind of situation



Nice list. I would put Colen or Azlar as the owner of the bomb attack, as they’re the fire dudes, not Horghall.


Yeah, but the bomb attack effect is the same as Horghalls special. Guessing that was the idea?



Yeah, but the bomb attack effect is the same as Horghalls special. Guessing that was the idea?

Fair point. I had forgotten that bombs impair attack rather than DoT.



Should be alberiches miracle scroll


Thank you for filling the crafting times. Updated the list.

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Hi @Pois1,
Thanks again for this handy visual summary of crafting recipes for battle items

Few minor corrections in the item descriptions. Refer below picture for confirmation.

  1. Bomb Attack - it is -25% attack and not -20% attack
  2. Dragon Attack - it is 132 damage over 6 turns and not 60 damage over 6 turns
  3. Tornado - with today’s 1.9.5 update, it is only 40% mana gain now and not 50% mana gain as before

Great job putting together that big recipes picture. And if it is not too much of an effort, if possible somewhere in there, just from a completeness perspective maybe can you try squeezing in the * ratings also for each item, like axe attack is 2* but bomb attack is 3* and so on. Just a suggestion



Well, thank you. Consider it done.



And you updated it already. Looks good. Thanks


I have to collect more items before moving to another level, I am getting the just if things.


can the list be a little larger in font size for a better visual.


How do you get all of these crafting choices



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A brief introduction video of the new crafting system using materials and Q: Are there any other options to obtain the recipes for crafting other.

Please note that Order, Chaos and Blight all have different plot setups and so crafting this or that resource may be easier on one shard, but it's not on the other. For crafting, you're going to be messing around with either stone or metal.

Starting out in the early levels (1-10ish)Edit

So you just picked up your first quest to begin crafting. It seems like it's gonna suck right? Oh trust me this is nothing, it'll get worse before it gets better. Lets get down into the basics.

So you need to know two major things:

First, your craft menu. Press K on your keyboard, this is the shortcut to your Spells, Formulas, and Techniques, also known as your Knowledge menu. Spells are what they sound like, you cast them, they do something, you benefit. Formulas are the crafting recipes that you have scribed and can use at your whim, provided you have the materials needed for them. You can use any recipe in the game while it's still in your inventory, so you technically never have to scribe a single recipe, however, for ease of use and peace of mind, it's best to go ahead and scribe every formula you come across, if it gets too cluttered you can always sort through them and delete old or out-dated formulas that you will never use again. The last thing you need to know about are Techniques. Techniques are special formulas that you can come across throughout your travels that you can scribe into your knowledge regardless of your level. It is best to find and scribe as many of these as you can, they can be extremely useful when you go to make an item, you can "Tech" it with one of these at the cost of extra resources which will then make it even more beneficial to you.

  • Special note for spells: Just because you can't use the spell that you're crafting, doesn't mean that you can't scribe it to craft it. Your spellcrafting ability allows you to create any spell in the game, very useful if you have a biped spellcaster.

Second thing that needs to be known is that crafting takes time, patience, and LOTS of sanity. It took me 4 days of grinding on craft to get my first 30 levels of it. Eventually it gets a lot easier, such as me going from level 36 to about 80 or so in roughly 2-3 days. The main thing to remember with crafting is that you want to minimize input and maximize return, so less materials, more xp, this guide will talk about the best ways to do that.

Hopefully while you were reading this you were working on those first few simple quests, no? Get to it, they're nothing and you can have them knocked out and your first scale made in a matter of minutes, oh and that claw too. If you're confused about why you're having issues here are a few possibilities of what might be wrong:

Different resources require different Dragon Crafting abilities such as Dragon Stoneworking, Dragon Quarrying, Dragon Mining, Dragon Essence Gathering, etc. The list goes on for quite a while. Just remember that ores (metals) require mining, gems and stone require quarrying, and wisps require essence harvesting to be gathered. The rest is generally self explanatory. [All of these buffs are found in your Character (Shortcut C) menu if you look under "Abilities" and select the "Craft" bubble.]

Make sure you're actually near the node at a proper distance, it may look like you're directly on top of it to you, but the game might want you to move an inch closer.

I have found that for MOST tasks in this game, left clicking on an object and then right-clicking to bring up its menu for actions is possibly the best way to interact with most things. Get near something, left click that node you want to gather, and then right-click and select "GATHER RESOURCE" from the menu and away you go!

Okay! Got your claw? Good. Got your first scale? Good! Now lets head off Skalkarr Island and head to New Trismus! Once you load in, head right, there's a lovely dragon standing inside a cave by the name of "Kerian". Greet her and start working through her quests, if she doesn't have any for you yet, that's problematic, it means you need to go to the cave opposite hers and do the adventure quest line first until he sends you to her. Once you have access to her quests, begin them. Questing is a decent boost to your xp and generally has little effort compared to trying to just level. Later on it has even more added benefit in the fact that you can gain a passive +10 per level of quest to whichever skill you do the quest for. (There's one quest every 10 levels for every skill -EXCEPT- Transmutation and Ingenuity.)

On the subject of skill quests, here's a lovely chart showing which abilities can be quested for where:

For reference, this is the stats chart that you will also want to refer to when consulting which skills you need to raise for that extra oomf in your craft:

Alright, so with that information all in hand, lets get down to the knitty gritty!

Level 10ish-25Edit

The most headache induced levels of dragon crafting. You have two ways of doing this, both involve the same thing, but have different risks.

Way 1: Safe way.
You're in New Trismus over by Pratt's Pond for the next 15 levels, going into the little sandstone quarry and making sandstone spell shards. After that you'll run to the dragon craft cave and make any Tier 1 spell you feel like while remembering to have it set to auto-deconstruct them all for bonus xp, resources back, and the ability to repeat the process.

Way 2: Golems! Golems EVERYWHERE!
Go south of Kion, south of Parsinia, and into the Sandstone Quarry located there. The problem here is that while sandstone is overly bountiful on top of the fact that there's a plot nearby with a journeyman stoneworking hut and silos, there are massive amounts of golems as well. If you're high enough in your adventure however this won't be too big of a deal.

Gather/Mine Sandstone Slabs > Craft into Sandstone Spell Shards > Craft into any Tier 1 spell > Auto Deconstruct Spells > Make more spells > Repeat.

Level 25-43Edit

Once your sandstone slave days are over, head on over to Mahagra, follow the road out of it heading south to Snowfall. Go through Snowfall and on the other side of it there is a slate field. Above it is another plot with a stoneworking hut, silos, and a dragon lair on the other side with a T6 (very good) scale craft machine in it. These machines give you a passive boost to your craft skill that it represents which makes it so that you can make things more efficiently (less resources) while still getting the same amount of xp per item made.

Gather/Mine Slate Slabs > Make Slate Bricks > Craft bricks into Slate Strength Chest Scales > Auto-Deconstruct Scales > Make more > Repeat.

Metal equivalent is Iron, which can be found East of Chiconis.

Level 43-67Edit

Slate was bad, right? Well, welcome to granite. It's more fun. Head to Drift Point and now you have two options, you can follow the shore line to a very far away but absolutely safe place to mine granite. Or, you can head to the right by following the cliffs into a small valley where there are Granite golems and a ton of granite deposits. Either way, look through the nearby plots to find a stoneworking hut and a blacksmith's hut. The Anvil in the blacksmith hut can be used to craft scales, however it does not boost you Scalecraft skill.

Once again, Gather/Mine Granite Slabs > Make Granite Bricks > Craft bricks into Granite Strength Chest Scale > Auto-Deconstruct Scales > Make more > Repeat.

Metal equivalent is Steel/Dark Iron, which can be found north of Acul in Trandalar.

Level 67-83Edit

Alright, so now you're ready for obsidian! Head South-West of Dralk. You're heading for the co-ordinates 22140/28286, just follow the road. Once you're there, you know the drill by now.

*NOTE* There is a Dragon Crafting lair out beside the obsidian quarry, don't lug your stuff all the way back to Dralk.

Gather/Mine Obsidian Slabs > Make Obsidian Bricks > Craft bricks into Obsidian Strength Chest Scale > Auto-Deconstruct Scales > Make more > Repeat.

***Metal equivalent of obsidian is Cobalt. I found Cobalt easier on Order, but do not know if it remains the same on Chaos. Cobalt fields are at 22389/29585, though there is some dark iron mixed in there.

Level 83-100Edit

This is sort of where it gets dangerous, you're now working with Tier 5 materials which means, you're going to be dealing with golems regardless. North of Mithril's Anvil is a Marble Quarry, head for it, make sure you can deal with level 90ish Marble Golems before you go to begin quarrying.

Now the issue here is that the nearest place you'll be crafting is all the way back in Mithril's Anvil. So be prepared for a decent flight time/run time depending on whether you're doing this as a hatchling/adult/ancient. Repeat the norm here, Slabs, Bricks, Scales, Decon, Scales, repeat.

  • On Order, there is a blacksmithing shop and four public silos right at the top eastern end of the mithril fields, and stuffing those silos with mithril and then going ore -> bars -> mithril scale -> decon is much faster than using marble.

    Now, extra things of note:

    These are the places you go for your different places of tech, take note of the one in Sslanis. Instead of crafting sockets onto your scales, go here, buy them, throw them on as a sort of "after-market" addition.
    Speaking of techs, right around Obsidian Scales is where you'll want to make your first full set of teched scales. I recommend making them all Tier 4 techs with Velocity on the wings, and then split Quarrying, Stoneworking, and Scalecraft throughout them. Try to keep Quarrying and Stoneworking your highest stats as that's where a lot of your xp will come from, making bricks.

    Last thing to note after this is the fact that you will need to buy some formulas as well as find others.

All the formulas you will need can be bought from Dragon Craft trainers, specifically:

Tier 1 formulas can be bought in New Trismus from Kerian
Tier 2 and 3 in Chiconis from Resiata
Tier 4 and 5 in Dralk from Queriatia

A final note, this is -not- the most efficient way to level nor is it the one that will keep you the most sane, etc. However, it works.

Tutorial By: Drakonir Narc and AngelofDeathXx


how to use the crafting guide

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How does the game handle crafting?

The game does not handle all of the crafting in a single class. In fact, there are multiple classes that work together to support the game's crafting system. For e.g., the class does all of the ingredient-handling (among other things), and the class handles where they will be displayed, i.e. either in the Fabricator, the Workbench, etc, as well as defining their categories. These are also hard-coded, like s, so editing them just by accessing their class is not possible. However, SMLHelper does have 2 classes that do exactly this: and .

How can I add a new recipe?

First, you will need to define the .

is a class in the namespace, which you can use with the keyword


vartechData=newTechData() { }

Properties and fields

has one property and two fields, which we'll discuss in this guide.

  • is the number of items to result from this recipe. It can be anywhere from (which is ), all the way to , making a recipe with no resulting items (You can use this in conjunction with to make multiple recipes for one item. For that, look in this guide: here)


  • is a of classes, which are also located in the namespace. These items will be needed to craft the resulting item. An ingredient class can be initialized with the keyword, and takes in a for the item and an for the amount needed. You can also use custom items.


Ingredients=newList<Ingredient>() { newIngredient(WarpBattery, 1), newIngredient(TechType.AdvancedWiringKit, 1), newIngredient(TechType.Magnetite, 1), newIngredient(TechType.Kyanite, 1) }

where is:

  • is a of values. These items will be received alongside the resulting item, when the player crafts it. This is optional, and can be omitted. You can also use custom items (You can use this in conjunction with to make multiple recipes for one item. For that, look here)


In the end, you should have something like this:

vartechData=newTechData() { craftAmount=1, Ingredients=newList<Ingredient>() { newIngredient(WarpBattery, 1), newIngredient(TechType.AdvancedWiringKit, 1), newIngredient(TechType.Magnetite, 1), newIngredient(TechType.Kyanite, 1) } }

Then, you need to link the to the you want to be the resulting item (this must be an item that does not have a recipe already)

CraftDataHandler.SetTechData(techType, techData);

Then all you need to do is add it to the craft tree. There are multiple ways of doing this, but this is the easiest one:

CraftTreeHandler.AddCraftingNode(CraftTree.Type.Fabricator, techType, "Personal", "Tools");

Adding multiple recipes to an item

Subnautica doesn't support multiple recipes for a single item, but there is an easy way to work around this. In the following example, I will show you how to add another recipe for Titanium, by turning one Fire Extinguisher into two Titanium. (Titanium already has a recipe from Scrap Metal)

First of all, you need to add a new item, as described in Adding items guide. The and parameters are the ones that will show when hovering over the recipe

vartechType=TechTypeHandler.AddTechType("DeconstructFireExtinguisherDUMMY", "Deconstruct Fire Extinguisher", "Turn one fire extinguisher into two titanium");

Then, you can define the . The should be set to , and should contain the item(s) you want to result from this recipe.

vartechData=newTechData() { craftAmount=0, Ingredients=newList<Ingredient>() { newIngredient(TechType.FireExtinguisher, 1) } LinkedItems=newList<TechType>() { TechType.Titanium, TechType.Titanium } }

Then, you need to link the to the you just created

CraftDataHandler.SetTechData(techType, techData);

Then all you need to do is add it to the craft tree!

CraftTreeHandler.AddCraftingNode(CraftTree.Type.Fabricator, techType, "Resources", "AdvancedMaterials");

Congratulations! If everything went right, you should have it appear in your fabricator of choice!

(By the way, there is already a Deconstruct Fire Extinguishers mod made by AlexejheroYTB. Check it out here)

Crafting namespace, which you can use with the new keyword. Example: TechData has one property and two fields, which we'll discuss in this guide.

GoT:C Beginner Crafting Guide

Please turn your Device.


Welcome to the world of Conquest Reforged! Here you will find the necessary resources to aid you on the start of your journey into the vast and stunning landscapes of the world. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the untamed nature of these lands, but it is yours for the taking! Get ready to explore and make many new discoveries, such as unknown species of creatures, plants and habitats. Be sure to leave no stone unturned, for there are many new rocks and minerals for you to make use of on your upcoming journey.

This guidebook will help you on your adventures into the wilderness to conquer the unknown and forge a mighty empire.
Essentials of Survival
In the beginning you will start with the most primitive of tools to give you the advantage over your environment. Advancements in tool quality are essential to the progression of your empire.

Since tools created entirely from wood will be of no use here; you will have to start with primitive tools made of flint. Materials for these components are plentiful in the world around you. Digging through dirt and gravel will find you the flint you need. To gather the sticks necessary, search amongst the leaves and start crafting.

Once you have three pieces of flint and two sticks you are able to make a flint pickaxe; you now have the means to harvest stone. Any of the gathered stone can be used to construct more durable tools.

Now that you have the basic means to survive, there is nothing that can stand in your way. Go forth and create the kingdom of your desire.
Earth & Stones

From the vast plains to the rugged mountains, calm rivers and deep oceans this world has many different faces each shrouded in mystery and teeming with life.

You will find that every region you encounter on this adventure will have its own unique characteristics. Wherein not only the shape of the land around you will change, so will the materials, the creatures and plants you will encounter. Keep your eyes and mind open so you will make the best decisions where to settle down as not every place may offer what you are looking for to start your empire.  

Traveling can be a dangerous thing especially at night. So you had better be well equipped for potential encounters
The Great Gathering

He who does not get his hands dirty will not make it far in this world. Being a noble lord or a filthy peasant, everyone has to go through hardship to survive. The more information you obtain the easier life will become for you.

However like everybody else you will find your own two hands to be the only tools at your disposal in the beginning. You will have use them to dig around in the mud to pick berries from wild plants and break branches off of trees. As nasty as some of that may sound, it only gets better from here as doing these primitive things will provide you with the resources you need to create the tools that will make your life so much easier.

Who knows, if you are curious enough you may find treasures in unlikely places.
Food & Health

To stay healthy and strong to tackle new adventures and build great civilizations, you have to make sure to fill you and your comrades stomachs from time to time. On the travels through the lands, you will find a wide array of foods to still your hunger and replenish your spirits. Some eatables can be grown into great fields of grain, others you will take from slain beasts hunted down in the forests.  A Handful of the obtained foods even possess properties that go way beyond plain nourishment when you know how to use them properly.

Having a large stock of food is therefore a sign of wealth and great success as it shows that your empire is able to produce enough resources to feed itself over long periods of time, ensuring the survival of those who come after.  

Some people have been known to use the raw forms of food as decorations.
Beasts of the Wild
During the day, you will find a plethora of wild beasts that will provide a wide range of benefits on the road to success. Some of them should be kept around, as breeding them will grant you a supply of  wool, milk, and egg to stock up your supplies. Others you will want to breed to butcher them for their meat and hide.

These wild and domesticated creatures are able to aid you in surviving easier and more comfortably in this tough environment in many different ways. Each depending on their Abilities and resources they provide.  

Some creatures might not serve a use on first glance but will provide you with way to keep your spirits up. “Like ye olde shagging goat.” Jamziboy 2018
Seed & Beets

When you have found a place to settle down, utilizing other ways to obtain food will prove to be much more effective than hunting or gathering berries in the forests. Many of the plants out there bare the potential of cultivation. Once you have gathered their seeds, it is all about making sure your plants can grow on good soil and are not disrupted.

So after the months have passed you can bring in the harvest and delight yourself on the results of your forwards thinking. Depending on the crop you are able to farm you will find them having different benefits and functionalities outside of nourishment.

You will also find that some plants will grow faster than others even within the same species. So if you are running low on food,you can go out and harvest some crops in smaller amounts instead of a big harvest to fill the gaps.  

Some crops benefit from artificial support to grow in more effective ways to grand you bigger harvests.
Earth & Stones

Journeying down into the depth of the earth will require additional caution, carving through the layers of the different rocks will have you starving for more powerful tools as they get become harder and harder the deeper you go.

One can also descend through the scattered caverns in the world. They have proven to be an excellent avenue to the lower layers and their hidden treasures. Be wary however creatures are lurking in the dark.

Once you have reached the deepest parts of the underground, the actual search will finally begin. There are many ways to go about finding those precious ore veins. Branching out like a tree, large carved out caverns or low ceiling cuts over many layers. Which one will you choose?  

Ore, while being scarce in numbers, wield a large amount of resources so don’t fear if your immediate efforts don’t show results the big one is certainly coming soon.
Oreas & Metalworks

Finally, after digging through the varied layers of rock, you have hit a deposit of a weird sort of material. It might be one of those rare ore veins that you can find scattered all over the world.

Each of these Ores grant you access to new and improved equipment as each of these resources bring their own unique properties along with them. To become a crafty smith you will need to know your ores and metals in order to make the best use of their properties in the tools you want to create with them.

Combining certain materials with the ores you have found might wield surprising results to give you the edge on your foes. The potential is almost endless.  

In order to progress deeper underground you will need to craft better tools. Ores might be very rare and hard to find but they reward you with a big wield due to their size.

The crafting bench is the most essential utility of each successful Conqueror in this world. There are many things to craft and create out there. You will find new and exciting things to construct here while exploring the world around you with all its glory. It is wise to think about what to craft first as some resources require more and rarer ingredients than others.

Besides tools and utilities you can also shape building materials in the workbench to build more delicate or sturdy constructions. It is therefore wise to make yourself familiar with this versatile piece of equipment. Every household should at least carry one of these in order to be able to take on the world.

Your recipe book i will keep track of all the things you have found out about on your adventures it will be your best friend in your quest of becoming the master over the your environment.  

By being careful and precise you will reach what you desire faster than you ever could
Monsters of the World

When the sun sets, and shadows creep, that is when the monsters no longer hide. You had better be prepared for the horrors that awaits you. To combat them you will have to cover yourself with sturdy armor , strong weapons and fierce courage.

It is wise to be prepared, because there is a great variety of monsters that can may inflict mortal harm upon you. Some might attack you from afar while others plan to come very closely from behind to ambush and destroy what you have created.

The underground with its dark tunnels and corners is their homestead so tread with added care when entering these realms.  

Some Creatures are more vulnerable to certain types of weapons. Study your Opponents before you attack them. Use enchantments to give you the upper hand in every encounter.

Did you think you have seen everything there is? Did you believe that you have come to your destination?Have you stopped asking questions about what could lie past the lands you call your home?  Well there is only one way to find out! Go forth and unveil the unexplored regions past the horizon line So many things wait to be found out there in all of their different ways and beauty.  

Be sure to explore the flora, many plants have seeds and new saplings. You will be surprised as to what you may  find out there.
Adventures & Raiding

You are down in the underground, your torch lits up an unseen passageway. What is this? Old planks, rails, and some minecarts. What a find! You have stumbled upon an abandoned mineshaft. Who built them? Why have they been left behind with all the treasures still in place? Who knows, but these shafts might not be as empty as they seem.

Be cautious, venomous spiders roam these mineshafts amongst other dangerous monsters that will try and slay you. Keep your torches ready and your blade sharp.

But as you venture you go around a corner and there, you find old lost treasure. The content of this lost treasure may aid you on your quest. These and many other ancient structures awaits to be explored by you and your companions on your adventures.  

Some ancient structures have hidden dangers and special monsters guarding them.
Conflict & Combat

History is riddled with disagreements, misunderstandings and conflicts. As much as you might fear violence it sometimes can not be avoided. It is better to be prepared before you are caught in a battle you are unable to return from as the victor.

Combat takes an important role in defending your home and land many will try and take away what you have worked so hard to earn. Combine fighting with potions to give you superhuman advantages over your enemies to conquer and rule over their lands instead.  

You can wield a weapon and a shield at the same time making combat more effective and your enemies tremble

Ah, what is surviving without a place to call home? After many days of gathering treasures and seeing many places you are finally ready to start the construction of your empire.

The materials to choose from seem endless at first, A calm and focused mind later you will find the decisions will find their way to you nonetheless. Equipped with the written down knowledge you have gathered throughout your travels it is time to let your imagination run wild, be free to show off the power and might of your achievements in whatever form they manifest.

The limitation of your own mind will be the only thing to hold you back from your goals.So get out there and show the world the potential of your imagination.  

You will find there are ways to carry many fold of the resources required once you acquire the necessary equipment.
Trading Goods

The days seem long and the nights even longer, sometimes you feel as if you are the loneliest person in the world. But you are not alone, there are others out there, not quite like you, but that will not stop you from traveling far and wide to find them.

After much traversed nature you might come across distinct signs of civilization. These villages and towns seem strange at first, and its inhabitants even stranger. But fear not, these comune mostly made up of farmers and traders. It's wise to reach out to each of them as they might have something in store you could use yourself.

These villagers seem to have an eye for the mostly useless green emerald so trading with them in for some goods will not hurt as much as it could.  

Trading with a these people will bear you a wider range of offers that will come your way.

What is this red ore you have discovered? This rare material has some kind of bizarre energy stored inside it which gets released upon contact. You will find utilizing this odd behaviour will make otherwise monotonous and backbreaking work much easier and less time consuming.

There are machines that can be crafted and processes that can be automated to further gain your production. You can even use these contraptions to protect yourself or trap hostile monsters or enemies.  

The possibilities of these crazy constructions are almost endless so make sure to do your research carefully so you get the best result.

how to use the crafting guide

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how to use the crafting guide
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