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Janome memory craft 12000 how to digitize a design

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Janome memory craft 12000 how to digitize a design
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The Janome Memory Craft 12000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine is the top of the line Janome embroidery and quilting machine. Let your creativity run wild with the Janome Memory Craft 12000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine. The Janome Memory Craft 12000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine has all of the latest Janome features. Call our knowledgeable customer service with any Janome Memory Craft Embroidery Machine questions you have. 

With a 15" embossed stainless steel plate in the bed and 11" to the right of the needle, the Janome Memory Craft 12000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine has the most workspace of any Janome embroidery machine. It has the largest, most stable embroidery system Janome has ever developed. The Janome Memory Craft 12000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine will change the way you design and make the creative journey more enjoyable than ever before.

Have a machine you want to trade in?  Call us today at 1.877.536.7739 to see what we can do for you on a trade.  Your trade may be worth more than you think. 

Janome Memory Craft Horizon MC12000 Professional Embroidery Quilting Machine has Real-Time PC Connection With Horizon Link.

It’s easy to create and edit designs on the touchscreen. But it's even easier when you can do the same thing in real time on your computer. Use your mouse to drag, drop and edit. This means your editing screen can be as large as your computer monitor. Or take your laptop with you to edit on the go.

Janome Memory Craft Horizon MC12000 Professional Embroidery Quilting Machine has AcuFeed Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System

Our AcuFeed Flex system has been a favorite among quilters for its amazing precision and power. Now it’s even better. AcuFeed Flex is easy to remove and comes in two widths with multiple feet to address different tasks.

Stitch Composer: Create Your Own Stitches

Don’t just modify existing stitches. Design your own original decorative stitches from scratch. Using the Stitch Composer, it’s easy. And your Memory Craft 12000 can use your new creation just like one of its own built-in stitches, altering length and width and adding it to combinations.

Introducing The Linear Motion Embroidery System

It slips neatly onto the back of your machine to give you a bigger embroidery area than ever before, with even greater accuracy. So discreet and sleek, you can leave it attached for regular sewing. So cleverly engineered, it makes the MC12000 the only home-use sewing machine to allow Free Arm embroidery: a Janome exclusive.

Four New Embroidery Hoops

The extra large embroidery area lets you use four hoops with amazing new capabilities. The largest, the huge GR Hoop, gives you 9.1" x 11.8" of embroidery area. It includes special magnets to aid in fabric stability. The SQ Hoop has been extended to 9.1" x 9.1" and there's also a 5.5" x 5.5" square hoop. The Free Arm Hoop (FA10) allows you to embroider in hard-to-reach places.

Easy Pivoting With The Auto Presser Foot Lift with Janome Memory Craft Horizon MC12000 Professional Embroidery Quilting Machine

The Auto Presser Foot Lift automatically lifts the presser foot after a thread cut, when you’ve pressed the thread snip button, or after a programmed thread cut at the end of a row of decorative stitches. You keep your hands on your project for optimum control.

Stitch Up To 9mm Wide

The extra width makes all your decorative stitches bolder and more distinct. Most of the 425 built-in stitches take full advantage of the 9mm width. You get twenty feet, newly designed for a 9mm stitch width, included with your machine.

One-Step Needle Plate Conversion

For piecing quilts, sewing light fabric or doing embroidery, a straight stitch needle plate makes all the difference. Now you can switch your needle plate in just seconds. Instead of undoing screws, simply push one lever to release the plate, then snap the new plate in place.

Change The Width Of Your Zigzag While Sewing

Start your Free Motion Quilting or Surface Designing with a straight stitch. Then widen to a 9mm zigzag without stopping or ever taking your hands off your fabric. With Variable Zigzag, you use the knee lifter to broaden and taper stitches while sewing.

Embroider At Higher Speeds With Better Precision

Janome engineering allows the Memory Craft 12000 to embroider at up to 1,000 stitches per minute. And because the compact embroidery unit is so stable, you can stitch at this speed with hoops up to 9.1" x 11.8" without losing any Janome stitch quality.

A Sewing Bed With 15" Of Embossed Stainless Steel

Not only does the Memory Craft 12000 have more work space than any other Janome, the sewing bed features a 15" stainless steel plate embossed with useful measurements. 11" to the right of the needle gives you plenty of room for your biggest projects.

91 Needle Positions

You don’t have to settle for “close enough.” Thanks to a 9mm stitch width, the Memory Craft 12000 is capable of more precise detail than ever on every decorative stitch. Position the needle with unprecedented accuracy for smoother transitions and perfect curves.

Free Motion Quilting Is Freer Than Ever

Precision stitching, more decorative choices, and automatic features make expressing yourself through FMQ easier than ever. And now, you can also customize the foot height for your project and preference, then save the settings to memory. Or let Auto Pressure and Auto Height adjust for you.

See It All More Clearly With The HighLight

In addition to lighting your work area with 10 built-in LEDs in five locations, you can also add greater illumination in the area where you need it most: directly under the needle. Just extend the retractable HighLight and aim it up or down, depending where you need the light. When you're done, it slides back into its slot.

The New AcuView Magnifier

When you really need to get a closer view, attach the AcuView Magnifier. With 1.5x magnification it makes it easy to see the tiniest detail under the needle. And it can be used in conjunction with the HighLight.

Major Features of the Janome Memory Craft 12000 Embroidery Machine

  • Embroider or sew at up to 1000 spm with superior Janome stitch quality
  • 15" stainless steel plate in the sewing bed with embossed measurements
  • 11" to the right of the needle
  • 9mm decorative stitches
  • Variable Zigzag via the knee lifter
  • One-step needle plate conversion
  • 10 built-in LEDs in 5 locations
  • Retractable High Light™
  • Adjustable AcuView Magnifier™
  • 91 needle positions
  • Auto presser foot lift

Included Standard Hoop Sizes:

  • GR: 9.1" x 11.8" (230 x 300 mm)
  • SQ23: 9.1" x 9.1" (230 x 230 mm)
  • SQ14: 5.5" x 5.5" (140 x 140 mm)
  • FA10: 3.9" x 1.6" (100 x 40 mm)

Accessories Included on the Janome Memory Craft 12000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

  • 1/4 inch Seam Foot O
  • Blind Stitch Foot
  • Bobbins (plastic)
  • Button Sewing Foot
  • Cording Foot H
  • Embroidery Bobbin Thread
  • Embroidery Foot P
  • 2mm Hemmer Foot D
  • Lint Brush
  • Overlock Foot C
  • Satin Stitch Foot F
  • Sliding Buttonhole Foot R
  • USB Cable - For direct PC-Link to computers
  • Zipper Foot E
  • Button Shank Plate
  • CD-ROM
  • Darning Foot
  • Felt
  • Foot Control
  • Hand Book CD
  • Icon Reference Chart
  • Instruction DVD
  • Knee Lifter
  • Optional Items Catalog
  • Quilter Guide (small)
  • Quilting Bar for Walking Foot
  • Red Tip Needle Set
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver (large)
  • Screwdriver (small)
  • Seam Ripper
  • Set of Needles
  • Spool Holder (large)
  • Spool Holder (small)
  • Spool Pin
  • Spool Supporter
  • Stabilizers
  • Touch Pen
  • Walking Foot

The Janome MC12000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine has a 25 year warranty on the internal metal cast, 2 years on electrical parts and 1 year on Labor.

Offer Available On Orders Shipping to United States Destinations Only

I had heard and read a lot about the Janome Memory Craft 12000, but it wasn’t until I saw one at the Sunshine Sewing and Quilting that I actually had an opportunity to review it.

At A Glance

To look at it, the Janome Memory Craft 12000 looks pretty much like any other sewing machine. Upon closer inspection, however, I couldn’t help but notice a magnifying glass above the needle.

Janome MC12000

There is also a large workspace which can be removed to reveal the free arm, an accessories case that opens without having to remove the work table and a series of conveniently situated function buttons – start/stop; reverse stitch; presser foot up/down; thread snips; needle up/down; and pattern stop. Just above those buttons, a little to the right is the speed control slider.

Stitch selection guide

When the top of the machine is lifted, users have immediate access to the threading and bobbin winding mechanism as well as a quick reference stitch selection guide.

Just beneath that, on front of the machine is a pop out light that illuminates the needle plate and etched seam guide. That, combined with the magnifying glass make working on the Janome Memory Craft 12000 so easy on the eyes, one might be tempted to set their eyeglasses aside.


Pop out light to illuminate the needle plate

The Janome Memory Craft 12000 is loaded with features that many of us have only dreamed of having at our disposal. The standard features that come on every machine in this line include:

  • 425 built-in utility, decorative and embroidery stitches
    • 13 one-step buttonholes
    • 338 Built-in embroidery designs
    • 10 Fonts with European characters
    • 2&3 Letter monogramming function
  • Built-in needle threader
  • AcuGuide automatic cloth guide
  • Memorized needle up/down
  • Automatic presser foot lift
  • One-step needle plate conversion
  • 7 piece feed dog
  • Stitch Composer stitch creation program
  • Free arm
  • Drop feed
  • Start/stop button
  • Speed control slider
  • Locking stitch button
  • Stitch Composer stitch creation program
  • Free arm
  • Drop feed
  • Start/stop button
  • Speed control slider
  • Locking stitch button
  • Twin needle guard
  • Easy reverse button
  • Adjustable knee lift
  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • LCD Full color touchscreen
  • Presser foot pressure adjustment
  • Presser foot height adjustment
  • On-screen assistance and tutorials
  • Retractable High Light and AcuView Magnifier
  • Linear Motion Embroidery System
  • Programmable jump thread trimming
  • Adjustable speed while embroidering
  • Flexible stitch travelling by units of 1, 10, and 100
  • Auto return post thread break
  • Adjustable hoop positioning

Working on the Janome Memory Craft 12000

As with all other Janome sewing machines, winding the bobbin and threading the Memory Craft 12000 are possibly the simplest, most user friendly systems available on any sewing machine – new or old.

Stitch settings on LCD

The addition of the magnifying glass and pop out light make threading even easier. The same holds true for the stitch selection process. Users have the option of simply touching the desired stitch setting on the LCD touchscreen.

To access stitches that are not immediately visible on the touchscreen, simply use digital dial by simply moving their finger around inside the red circle at the bottom of the touchscreen until the desired stitch is highlighted.

The quality of the stitches made on the Janome Memory Craft 12000 is remarkable. I’m not certain if I have ever seen stitch quality this good on a new machine.

The quality of the stitches produced by the Memory Craft 12000 is very much like the stitchwork on vintage machines that render only simple straight and zigzag stitches.

I marveled at the ease with which Fay, owner/manager of the Sunshine Sewing and Quilting programmed the Janome 12000 to execute a scalloped stitch pattern.

Storing it in the memory was equally amazing. Users have the option of saving their favorite, frequently used stitch sequences on the machine’s hard drive, on a USB memory stick or sending it to a PC.

When saving a stitch sequence in the sewing machine’s memory, you have the option of saving it with a default file name that is automatically assigned or of giving the file any name you prefer.

Among the many presser feet included in the accessories kit is the border guide foot. With this foot in place, creating uniformly spaced rows of stitches is as easy as 1-2-3.

First, select your stitch pattern; second, sew your first row; third, place the guide channel over the row, centering it between the two red lines.

More stitch settings

Scalloped stitch pattern


Zigzag sticthes

The border guide foot has guide channels to the left and right of the needle, giving users unlimited flexibility in creating evenly spaced rows of decorative stitches.

In addition to the 338 built in embroidery stitch patterns, users have access to an unlimited number of embroidery stitch options via the Janome Digitizer MBX software, photo imaging and an infinite number of choices via clipart and other embroidery patterns available on the internet.

One is tempted to ask why anyone would want to use any designs other than those already loaded onto the Janome Memory Craft 12000. With 338 embroidery designs to choose from, I find it difficult to believe that additional designs would be needed, especially since the Digitizer MBX software can be used to change the original designs, combine elements from two or more designs and add text with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Border guide presser foot

The process is made easy by Corel technology. Although I had never before attempted to use the Janome Memory Craft 12000, mastering the process was very easy. Anyone who has a little experience with Word Art or bitmap software will be able to use the Digitizer MBX to create their own magnificent machine embroidery designs in no time at all.

Photo imaging

As if that wasn’t enough, the Janome Memory Craft 12000 comes with one of the largest embroidery hoops available for home use. Janome was the very first manufacturer to offer real embroidery capabilities to the home sewer.

Embroidery design pattern

While other manufacturers offer machine embroidery capability with the use of a separate embroidery table that is attached to the machine for embroidery only. Most sewing and embroidery machines are not capable of sewing with the embroidery mechanism in place.

Digitizer MBX software

Janome’s patented embroidery system does not interfere machine with any of the machine’s other functions.

The patented embroidery arm on the Janome Memory Craft 12000 is extra large, enabling users to create embroidery designs up to 9.1 x 11.8 inches without concerns about slipping or shifting.

Patented Janome embroidery arm


  • Natural fibers/cotton-linen-wool
  • Fine fabrics/silk-satin-taffeta/velvet
  • Knits
  • Synthetic fabrics/blends-rayon-polyester
  • Upholstery
  • Leather/suede
  • Fur
  • Reptile skin
  • Canvas/Twill
  • Plastic/Rubber
  • Extra thick fabrics or multiple layers


The list of standard accessories that come with the Janome Memory Craft 12000 is even more impressive than the expansive list of features:

    • 43 Presser feet
      • ¼ inch seam
      • Ditch quilting
      • Straight stitch
      • Flex ¼ inch
      • Flex dual feed [twin]
      • Flex holder and foot VD [single]
      • 2 flex holder feet – 1 single/1 twin
      • Standard Zipper foot
      • Invisible zipper foot
      • Flex foot [single]
      • Appliqué
      • Automatic buttonhole
      • 2 beading feet – 1 narrow/1 wide
      • Binder
      • Blind hem
      • Border guide
      • Button
      • Clearview quilting foot
      • Darning
      • Embroidery
      • Edge stitching
      • Closed toe
      • Open toe
      • Extra large foot controller
      • Zigzag
      • Free motion couching
      • Gathering
      • Hat
      • 2 Hemmer feet – 4mm and 6mm
      • Open toe satin stitch
      • Overedge
      • 2 Pintucking feet – narrow/wide
      • Piping
      • Quilt binder
      • Ruffler
      • Rolled hem
      • Ribbon/sequin
      • Ribbon/sequin
      • Ultra guide
      • 3 way cording
    • Digitizer MBX
    • Digitizer JR
    • 6 Pintuck cord guides – 11000, 6500P, 6019QC, 6125 QC, 6260QC, 3160QDC
    • Embroidery bobbin thread
    • Embroidery metallic thread
    • Three boxes of assorted embroidery thread
    • Embroider A Cure collection
    • Button shank plate
    • Buttonhole stabilizing plate
    • Pre-wound bobbins
    • Quilting kit
    • 3 embroidery hoops
      • 9.1″ x 11.8″
      • 9.1″ x 9.1″
      • 5.5″ x 5.5″
    • Semi Hard Cover
    • Instructional DVDs
      • Hip Line Media – Pants That Fit Finally
      • Digitizer Pro/MB guide
      • Martha Pullen – Heirloom Sewing
      • Digitizer JR video guide
    • Jenny Haskins stabilizers
      • Cutaway magic
      • Hoop magic
      • Tearaway magic
      • Sheer magic plus
      • Web magic
    • Long quilting guidebar set
    • Assorted Scissors
    • Assorted needles
    • USB memory stick
    • Extension table
    • Rolling case
    • Knee lifter
    • Lint brush
    • Quilter bar
    • Screwdriver
    • Seam ripper
    • 2 spool holders – 1 large/1 small
    • Spool pin
    • 2 Spool stands – 1 to accommodate 2 different threads/1 to accommodate up to 5 threads
    • Jenny Haskins quilting projects



After each useMonthly*Once Each Year**As Needed
Clean race hook and feed dogs
Wipe head with soft dry cloth
Wipe head with soft damp cloth
Service by sewing machine repair professional

Tying Off The Loose Ends

A sample design

The embroidery and quilting projects created on the Janome Memory Craft 12000 are phenomenal. Fay shared some of the projects created by the staff at Sunshine Sewing and Quilting using built in stitch options only.

Embroidery and quilting projects

I’ve seen many quilting projects in my day, but I must admit, the quilts created on the Memory Craft12000 stand out among all the rest.

The Memory Craft 12000 works great with metallic thread as well as nearly every specialty thread from all of the top manufacturers.

This is by far one of the best sewing, quilting and embroidery machines on the market today. In my opinion, anyone who is seriously considering a new embroidery machine should take a very close look at the Janome Memory Craft 12000.

The MSRP is on the high end. Purchasing this machine would require a serious investment of capital. The cost is worth it, however, but only if you are committed to machine embroidery as a primary function.

The Janome Memory Craft 12000 is so user friendly a home sewer at the intermediate skill level would be very comfortable. An expert sewer will not be disappointed. The many desirable functions and exceptional features and accessories make this an excellent addition to any sewing room.

I do not, however, recommend the Memory Craft 12000 for use by beginners. The many features could be overwhelming for someone who is just starting out.

Some fine designs

Besides, the cost should be prohibitive for anyone who has not yet decided if they really want to spend a lot of time creating machine embroidery projects.

If, however, you are already committed to machine embroidery and have the wherewithal to make the investment required to acquire the Janome Memory Craft 12000, by all means, visit your nearest Janome dealer and ask for a demonstration. Don’t forget to ask about payment options while you’re there.

Some creative designs


Janome Memory Craft 12000 Review

Stitch quality


Ease of use



  • Real time computer connection
  • User friendly interactive software
  • Works with extra large embroidery hoops


  • Pricey – but less costly than other machines in the same class

5.0Overall Score

Reader Rating: (49 Votes)

Link To Official Website

Skill Level:

Needs lots of help – able to sew a straight seam but unfamiliar with most sewing techniques; needs assistance and instruction on basic sewing techniques.
Competent – can make different clothing items without assistance or guidance, but not good enough to sew intricate projects or to sew without a pattern.
Expert – can sew anything without instruction or assistance; possesses an expansive knowledge of sewing techniques and terminology.

The Janome Horizon came home with me on Tuesday after a was to allow the machine to stitch the digitized design automatically, and the This new embroidery CD features 50 designs and will be available in quilt shops soon! . I purchased the Janome Memory Craft Horizon in January.

Well like everything even in embroidery business offering custom embroidery digitizing services, we have different types of machines which are used for making embroidered logos, patches, designs, badges etc. Now each machine has its own unique way of embroidery and they have their own way of sewing out. Some of the famous embroidery machines are:-
1. Brother PE540D
2. Janome 12000 Memory Craft
3. Singer Futura XL-400
4. Brother DZ820E
5. Janome Memory Craft 200E
6. Brother SE400
7. Singer SE300
8. Brother PE770

Since, there are different machines it means there will be different digitizing software’s also as one single software will not be compatible on all the machines. Each machine will have its own loops and stitch method so as per that one has to choose the digitizing software or vice versa.

Some of the commonly used digitizing software are:-

1. SewWhat-Pro (SWP}
2. Thred
3. Size It! By Amazing Designs
4. Punto Embroidery Digitiser
5. PE-Design by Brother
6. Millennium III by Proel TSI
7. MasterWorks Lite by Designer’s Gallery
8. Monogram It! By Amazing Designs
9. Letter It! By Amazing Designs
10. Hatch Embroidery by Wilcom
11. Generations Automatic Digitizing Software by Notcina Corporation
12. Floriani Embroidery Suite by G7 Solutions & RNK LLC
13. FontWorks by Designer’s Gallery
14. EQStitch by The Electric Quilt Company
15. EmbroideryWare by JimmySoft LLC
16. EmbroideryStudio by Wilcom
17. Embroidermodder
18. Embrilliance StitchArtist, BriTon Leap, Inc.
19. Embird
20. Elna DigitizerEX by Elna, Inc.
21. Elna CustomizerEX by Elna, Inc.
22. Digitizer MB by Janome
23. DG/ML by Pulse Microsystems
24. Digitize ‘N Stitch by Amazing Designs
25. Creative DRAWings by DRAWSTITCH Ltd.
26. Creative 4D Design Creator by Pfaff
27. BuzzEdit v3 by Buzz Tools Inc
28. Buzz-2-Stitches by Buzz Tools Inc
29. Brother BES4 Dream Edition Embroidery Lettering Software
30. Bernina Embroidery Software Version 7 by Wilcom
31. AutoPunch by Singer
32. Applique It! by Amazing Designs

Each digitizing software will give its unique format which a particular machine can run to make it into a patch. The file formats fall under two categories one is the source format which is the primary file format of the embroidery digitizing software and the second file format is the machine formats which are specific to a particular brand of embroidery machine. The major difference between the source file format and the machine file formats is that primary file formats are easily editable; that is they can be easily resized, edited and scaled whereas the same is not possible with machine file formats.

Here are some embroidery machines and the source file formats which run on them:-

1. PES – Babylock/Brother
2. SEW – Elna/New Home, Janome 8000/9000
3. HUS – Viking 1+/Rose/Iris/Scandinavia
4. SHV – Viking Designer 1
5. ART – Bernina Artista
6. JEF – Janome 10,000/11,000/300E/350E
7. XXX – Singer
8. PCS – Pfaff
9. EMD – Elna/Singer
10. VIP – Viking/Pfaff
11. VP3 – Viking/Pfaff
12. DST – Tajima
13. CSD – Singer
14. PSW – Singer

Usually embroidery machines have one or two machine formats which are particular to their brand. But we have seen that some formats like .dst of Tajima’s, exp/cnd format of Melco’s and ,fdr source format of Barundan’s have become so popular and effective that they have become industry standard formats and very often these formats are supported by all the embroidery machines be it even of a rival company. So we can say these are the universal digitizing formats and will run on most of the embroidery machines world over.

I hope this post reflects some light on the type of digitizing softwares and embroidery machines. To get the perfect patch the right combination of both mind and machine is needed.

Memory Craft 15000 with Digitizer MBX

janome memory craft 12000 how to digitize a design

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Janome offers both embroidery-only machines and multi-purpose sewing machines.

  • Horizon Memory Craft 15000: A large-size touch screen and wireless connection to your PC or iPad makes this machine tech-savvy. With its fast processor, this top-of-the-line machine is great for embroidery, quilting and sewing.
  • Horizon Memory Craft 12000: This versatile machine effortlessly supports a combination of embroidery, quilting, and sewing projects.
  • MC11000 Special Edition: A high-performance machine for embroidery, sewing, and with special features for quilting.
  • Memory Craft 9900: This handy machine provides the precision and purpose you need for your embroidery, garment sewing, fabric crafting and home decor projects.
  • Memory Craft 350E: Janome’s most advanced embroidery-only machine makes it easy to personalize and decorate your favorite garments, decor items and accessories.
  • Memory Craft 200E: Built specifically for embroidery, this machine allows you to customize professionally. A USB port transfers designs from your computer, and special features make this machine easy to use.
  • MB-4S: Increase your capacity with this four-needle embroidery machine for the home!

Janome embroidery machines use the .JEF and .SEW file types. Janome offers a variety of software for monograms, cross stitch and cutwork designs, and digitizing.

Perfect for quilting and embroidery the Janome Horizon Memory Craft JPX Design Format – This is a new file format for embroidery designs which you.

Janome Horizon MC12000 Sewing, Embroidery & Quilting Machine

It never fails. When I sell a Janome embroidery machine, the customer always comes back and says they can’t get their designs to their machine with their USB stick or CF card. Is something wrong with the USB stick or CF card? Is something wrong with the machine? No and no are always the answers to these questions. The real problem is that the customer is not placing the design files into the correct folder on the USB stick or CF card. I can’t blame them for not knowing this, because the owner’s manuals don’t make it very clear. Unless the designs are placed into the right folder, the machine will not see that they are there, and you won’t be able to use them.

Destination Folders For Designs

MachineDestination FolderMedia Type
MB-4EMBF folder in EMB folderUSB stick & CF card
MC11000EMBF folder in EMB folderUSB stick & CF card
MC100019 folders ( EMBF5 thru EMBF16 )CF card
MC10000EMB_FILE folderCF card
MC9900EMBF folder in EMB folderUSB stick
MC9700EMBF5 folderCF card
MC9500EMBF5 folderCF card
MC350EMyDesign folder in EMBF5 folderUSB stick
MC300E v1EMBF5 folderCF Card
MC300E v2MyDesign folder in EMBF5 folderCF Card
MC200EEMBF folder in EMB folderUSB stick

This tutorial is going to show you how to get your designs into the right folder on your USB stick or CF card. The designs will then be recognized by your embroidery machine, and you will spend more time embroidering and less time wondering what is wrong.

Preparing Your Storage Device

First, before doing anything else, stick your USB stick or CF card into your embroidery machine, then turn on the machine. By doing this, your machine will create a necessary folder system on the stick/card, into which you will place your designs. Normally you will see a message on the screen of your machine that tells you not to take the USB stick or CF card out for a little while. Once this message goes away, turn off the embroidery machine, and remove the card/stick.

Finding Your Storage Device On Your Computer

Now plug your USB stick into your computer, or insert your CF card into the CF card reader of your computer. We now want to open a new window and navigate through the computer to find the USB stick or CF card. I would normally access the stick/card through “My Computer”, but you may also use Windows Explorer. If you are lost at this point, you may require a lesson or two in basic computer usage, but this is beyond the scope of this blog post.

When you have successfully navigated to the USB stick or CF card on your computer, you will notice the folders that your embroidery machine made. The destination folder for your designs is shown in fig.1. For example, if you have an MC11000 or MC11000SE, you will be looking for an folder named EMBF that is inside a folder named EMB.

Once you have the destination folder open, minimize that window by clicking the _ button in the upper right corner of the window. We will come back to it later.

Finding Your Designs On Your Computer

Open up another window, and this time navigate through your computer to find the designs you want to transfer. Sometimes the designs are on CDs, and sometimes the designs are downloaded from the internet. You will need to find your designs by navigating through your computer. I can’t tell you where they are, because you were the one that put them there. I use Windows Explorer to browse through my computer, but you may also access your designs through “My Computer”. Once you have found the location of your designs, typically files with a .jef file extension, proceed to the next step.

Copying Your Designs To Your Storage Device

Copy the design(s) you want to put on your stick/card by right clicking on them and clicking “copy”.

To select more than one design to copy at a time, just hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click multiple designs. With all the designs highlighted, right click on any part of the highlighted area and click “copy”. Next, maximize the window of your destination folder, right click inside it, and click “paste”. You will now see the design(s) you wanted to transfer in the destination window.

You can now pull the USB stick/CF card out of your computer, and insert it into your embroidery machine for stitch out. Your machine will recognize that the designs exist, because you put it in the right folder!

If you have followed my instructions, you should be ready to embroider.

janome memory craft 12000 how to digitize a design

Learn to digitize embroidery designs with Floriani FTCU. Step by step written tutorials, .. AcuFil Quilting Videos: Horizon Memory Craft by Janome.

janome memory craft 12000 how to digitize a design
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