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The evil within 2 how to craft ammo
April 28, 2019 Events Calendar 3 comments

The Evil Within 2 has plenty of enemies that need to lose their heads one way or another, and there are a lot of weapons that are perfect for that. The only problem is that finding them can be a challenge, and there are more than a few that you’ll want to grab as early as possible.

So, let’s take a terrifying stroll through Union, and look at how to find all the out of the way weapons in The Evil Within 2.

Sawed-Off Shotgun

Location: Chapter 3, The Marrow: Armory

The basic sawed-off shotgun is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal for your early game adventures, and serves well into the late game with anything that tries to get right up into your face.

That said, there are quite a few ways to get your hands on the shotgun, but we found that this method is the quickest way to get down and dirty with some buckshot and plenty of extra supplies right out of the gate.

From O’Neal’s safehouse, head north and slightly east up the road to the right of the small church. You’ll find several haunted along the way, so tread carefully.

Ultimately, your goal is the small white house directly behind the church. Your communicator should pick up a signal as part of the Rogue Signal side quest when you’re close, which if you haven’t started yet can be found by heading west as you exit O’Neal’s safehouse down the main road.

Once inside, make your way to the back of the house and down the long hallway to a room with a memory, if you tune in you should hear two mobius agents discussing a computer hidden somewhere below the house.

Continue to the small backroom and pop open the trapdoor to the secret room below. Inside, you’ll find a computer, use it to access The Marrow: Armory.

Once you finish loading in, you’ll find yourself in a heavily industrialized area with all the grunge of the worst kind of horror movie. Gather the supplies in the area and cautiously proceed through the doors. You’ll soon hear the moans of a Hysteric, if you haven’t encountered one at this point in the game, beware that they’re a bit tougher than your standard Lost.

As you approach, a clank will echo from a nearby elevator shaft, prompting her to investigate. At this point you can try to sneak past by moving down the hallway to the right while she’s distracted, but we recommend moving in for a sneak attack. Be aware that a knife to the head isn’t enough to kill her in one shot, so be prepared to serve up a chaser of hot lead from your pistol once you’ve attacked. Or alternatively run away and hide, so you can sneak attack her again once she resumes her patrol.

Either way, proceed through the next several rooms to the right. You’ll need to sneak kill a Lost in a long hallway after you crouch through a small ventilation shaft, but it should be simple to accomplish while he’s distracted by his gruesome meal. Just be careful not to use your gun at this point, because there’s another Lost sleeping back behind you near the exit to the vent, and any loud noises will wake it up and you’ll find yourself fighting a deadly battle on two fronts.

Continue on your way and you should enter a large room with a fusebox to your left and a locked door directly across from you. Ignore the fusebox for now, and access the panel to unlock the door across from you.

Inside you’ll find a stockpile of supplies and a Mobius gun case. Pop it open and claim your shiny new sawed-off shotgun.

Warden Crossbow

Location: Chapter 3, Dead Mobius Agent West of O’Neal’s Safehouse

The warden crossbow is essential to making your life in The Evil Within 2 easier. Although it can fire standard bolts to dish out a hefty punch, its real value is in the variety of specialty bolts you can find and craft on your adventure. Explosive bolts in particular are the key to taking down some of the toughest enemies in the game, and can even be used to lay deadly traps and fallback points when things get dicey.

To get your hands on the warden crossbow, you’ll need to be a bit sneaky, but it’s easily one of the most straightforward objectives in the main game.

When you first speak to O’Neal he’ll mention that he was picking up a signal from a group of other Mobius agents nearby who might have some extra supplies. Once you exit O’Neal’s safehouse whip out your communicator and you should be able to lock onto the signal to the west.

Check your map, and follow the signal down the street from the safehouse. There are a lot of Lost wandering the area, so either sneak kill a few to thin out the herd and make it easier to move, or stick to the line of cars on the left side of the street to avoid the confrontation altogether.

One way or another, make your way to the Mobius APC at the end of the street where you’ll find the warden crossbow hanging out with a dead Mobius agent along with a small stash of bolts. You’ll also be prompted to use a shock bolt on the water in front of the truck to stun a few of the Lost in the area. You’ll need to be quick if you want some of that extra green goo, but if it doesn’t work out your best bet is to rush across the street to the bushes and hide until things calm down.

Sniper Rifle

Location: Chapter 3, Roof Near Visitor Center

Surprisingly, the sniper rifle can be nabbed almost immediately after arriving in Union, but like many of the weapons on this list, you’ll need to gather the damaged rifle plus the replacement part to repair the weapon before you can use it.

The damaged rifle can be found by heading northwest from O’Neal’s safehouse. You’re looking for a small alley just across the street with a steel staircase straddling the side of a building.

Make your way to the top of the stairs and use the yellow ladder at the top to access the roof.

Tread carefully, because there’s a lone Lost patrolling around the vents once you get to the top. Watch his patrol pattern, and wait for him to hold still long enough to stick your knife in his head, or alternatively just shoot him if you’re not worried about ammo.

Once he’s down, you’ll find the broken rifle leaning against the edge of the roof alongside a pair of dead Mobius agents.

Search the nearby agent leaning against the edge of the roof and you’ll learn that the repair kit for the rifle is located in a shed on the northwestern edge of town. This should also add a marker to your map, which makes finding the shed where the parts are located a lot easier.

When you arrive, you should see a Lament patrolling the area. Although you could potentially sneak around without confronting this oozing pain in the butt, you’re probably going to want to try and take it out just for the green goo, and to make sure you can leave the shed in relative safety.

Unfortunately, the Lament is only half the problem. A sneak attack won’t instantly kill it, and as soon as you attack, it’ll spin around and scream; waking up the other lost in the area. We suggest either using the warden crossbow to lay a few traps around the area before attacking, or grabbing a hatchet and some extra ammo so that you’re ready to fight three or four Lost before they rip you to shreds. Alternatively, you can also just run after killing the Lament, find a good hiding spot, and then return to pick off the Lost with sneak attacks.

For the Lament, we suggest following up the sneak attack with a few shotgun blasts if you have the ammo (and the weapon). You can also try to run, but the Lament’s scream drains your stamina and it can fire potent acid blasts with surprising accuracy, so we suggest using overwhelming force to make sure the Lament goes down immediately rather than relying on fleet feet and a second stealth attack. Or, take him out from afar with a couple of headshots.

Once the area is clear, enter the shed and be prepared to be attacked by a Lost hiding within. Use your pistol or a blast from your shotgun to shut down the assault, and you’ll be rewarded for your trouble with a small stockpile of supplies and the parts to repair your sniper rifle waiting patiently on the workbench to your right.

You can then craft it right there on the spot without expending any resources.

Laser-Sighted Pistol

Location: Chapter 3, Mid-West side of the Map

The laser-sighted pistol is a handgun variant that offers improved damage over range, at a small loss to close range combat. It also has a nifty laser sight that makes aiming a little easier, but it doesn’t seem to work well beyond 20 or so yards, so expect that to be the limit of the gun’s effective range.

To get your hands on this particular pistol, you’ll need to make your way to the mid-western portion of the map. When you get close you should hear a car honk, and Sebastian will comment on the noise.

Your target is a fenced off parking lot with a smoking sedan beside a large white cargo truck. Make your way around the edge of the fence to the westernmost side near the edge of the map, you’re looking for a large blue box beside the fence, which you can climb to enter the parking lot itself.

From there, approach the smoking car and examine the body to claim your shiny new laser-sighted pistol. Before you get a chance to enjoy your new toy, you’ll be attacked by a lone Lost, finish him off, grab your gun, and book it before any more surprises show up.

Full-Barreled Shotgun

Location: Chapter 7, Locked Supply Garage near Post Plus Safe House

The full-barreled shotgun is a great replacement for your standard sawed off, offering greater range than the default, and seemingly with all the stopping power you need from your handy dandy boomstick.

Getting your hands on this weapon is a little trickier than you might think, and you’ll need to be prepared to either kill a Guardian, or run away from it. Stock up on ammo, or bring your running shoes.

To get started, you’ll need to head to the Devil’s Own Taproom on the southern part of the map. The neon sign with the name is a pretty good landmark, but you should also recognize it because it’s where you destroyed one of the paintings earlier in this chapter.

To the right (West) of the Taproom, you’ll find an alley with several Lost attacking a car and dragging bodies through the streets to a pile.

Deal with the lost however you see fit, then head down the small alley past the pile of corpses. You should pick up a resonance signal that leads you to another Lost eating a fallen Mobius agent. Kill the Lost, and search the Mobius agent’s body to receive a key.

Here’s where things get a little tricky. As you go to leave the alley the pile of corpses you passed earlier will transform into a Guardian. It’s up to you whether you want to kill it, theoretically if you get lucky you can just run away and lose it in some bushes, but if you have the ammo it’s worth taking down for the massive payout of Green Goo.

If you do choose to fight, you can use the oil barrels in the area and the fire hydrant at the entrance to the alley to dole out some extra damage. But really, it’s all about just saving your sprint to dodge her strikes at the right moment.  Explosive bolts and Harpoons also work well, so just focus on timing your shots in between the massive swings of her arms.

Once she’s dealt with, make your way back towards the Post Plus safehouse at the beginning of the level. Veer slightly to the south at the last second to the large locked storage shed nearby.

Use the key to unlock the door, and head inside where you’ll find a healthy cache of supplies. More importantly, you will find your very own full-barreled shotgun, graciously stored in pristine condition inside a Mobius weapons case towards the back of the shed.

Be aware that exiting the shed also involves a visit from your friend the Anima, so pack extra diapers.

Silenced Handgun

Location: Chapter 7, Inside the Locked Orange Crate in Sykes’ Safehouse

Getting your hands on the silenced variant of the handgun involves saving Sykes, then completing his side quest “Getting Back Online” to unlock the various locked orange chests in the area.

To that end your first step is to save Sykes, which is difficult because if you aren’t paying attention he can be killed by a swarm of Lost before you get a chance to do more than casually scream hello. You’ll find Sykes near the center of the map, and you’ll know you’re nearby when you hear a series of gunshots and the grunting enemies.

Clear out a few of the Lost in the area with some quick sneak kills, then charge the gate. Sykes will be on top of a white cargo truck shooting at various enemies trying to get at his fleshy bits. Your job is to keep him alive by disposing of the other Lost in the area.

You’ll need to do this quickly, because every few moments a Lost will break off from the pack and attack Sykes, leading him to lose a chunk of health. Once you clear out the first horde another will come charging in, so rinse and repeat, until everyone’s dead.

If you’re getting overwhelmed don’t be afraid to use the oil drums in the area to light large groups of enemies on fire so you can finish them with your pistol. Additionally, if you have any smoke bolts use them in the same way to make finishing off the Lost a lot easier.

When all the enemies are melting into puddles of goo, Sykes will hop off the cargo truck and lead you to his safehouse nearby. Speak with him to start the side quest “Getting Back Online” and then head back to the Post Plus safehouse to enter the Marrow. You’ll notice things are a lot cleaner now, and with the Watcher’s goo gone you’ll be able to access another portion of the map.

Follow the quest marker on your map and keep your eye out for a red door on your right. Inside, you’ll find the server reset console and a large orange crate, which should unlock once you reboot the system.

Unfortunately rebooting the system has flooded the area with enemies, so grab the supplies from the now-unlocked orange crate and carefully make your way back to the Post Plus safehouse exit.

There’ll be two Lost with hatchets right outside your door, so be careful, but with the extra hatchets in hand the rest of the enemies in the area shouldn’t be difficult to take out. There is a lone Hysteric at the very end, but if you sneak attack it, then run back down the hallway she’ll lose interest, and you can come back around and use a second sneak attack to finish her off.

Once you’re back in Union, return to Sykes to complete the quest, then open the large orange crate in his safehouse to get your hands on the silenced handgun.

The Revolver

Location: Chapters 3, 7, and 11, Complete the Anima events

The revolver is a callback weapon to Sebastian Castellanos’ pistol back in the first Evil Within, and getting your hands on it involves completing three confrontations with the Anima.

Anima Event One
The first mission can be found in Chapter 3 by following a resonance signal into a small home almost in the center of the map. There you will find a fallen Mobius agent and a Hysteric just outside. You’ll probably want to kill the Hysteric before you head into the house.

To trigger the event, head into the back room and pick up the small leather-bound journal on the table.

Complete the event by carefully dodging around the Anima as it patrols the area to find the keycard in the far room of the asylum dormitory. The easiest path is to enter the first room then duck in through the hole in the wall to the second room, knab the key, then follow the Anima back out through the first room.

Your ears are key here, because although the Anima is dangerous and can kill you in a single hit, it’s also extremely loud and loves to fill the air with soft, haunting moans, so if you have a decent headset now’s the time to use it to track the Anima as it moves through the environment.

Anima Event Two

Your next stop isn’t until Chapter 7, when the game once again opens up into an open world adventure. Make your way to the Juke Diner near the train on the west side of the map, and head into the kitchen to find a body and a resonance signal, activate it with your communicator and you’ll be pulled into the second Anima event.

This time, you’re just trying to escape, follow the hallways as they appear until you reach the large operating ward where the Anima leaps out of the mirror to attack Sebastian. She’ll retreat after a few seconds, but if you look back in the mirror you’ll notice that one of the doors in the reflection is glowing.

Go through the corresponding door in the real world, and you’ll end up in another hallway leading to a new ward. Going through the wrong door leads you back to the first room, so choose carefully. The next area is more of the same, except this time the Anima is actively tracking you. Sneak around the various surgical supplies and look in the mirror again to figure out which door is your exit and do your best to beat a silent, but hasty retreat.

Anima Event Three

The final Anima event occurs in Chapter 11 within The Marrow: Restricted Lab region of the game. You’ll need a shock bolt to access it so be sure to have one handy before you attempt this quest.

To access the Anima event head to the large autopsy room on the east side of the map with the red security scanner that locks you out unless you have a cerebral chip from Mobius. Once there, whip out your communicator and lock onto one of the two signals in the area. This one might sound barely intelligible but follows the theme of being stalked by an invisible force, when you lock on it should place a large green marker on your map south of your location.

On the southern wall you’ll notice a large garage door and a fuse box. Shoot the fuse box with a shock bolt and follow the hallway beyond to a small office with a computer. Accessing the computer will trigger the event.

Again, your objective is to escape the Anima’s murderous grasp before she can suck the life out of you. The key difference this time is that the Anima really doesn’t want you to get away, and will now use a combination of telekinesis, jumpscares, a height advantage, and yes, more creepy moans to keep you from the exit.

Move slowly and silently, and you should be okay, but keep in mind that the Anima doesn’t care about solid objects, so if you’re discovered don’t assume you’re okay just because there’s a desk between you.

Once you make your way through the Anima’s telekinetic maze and through the red exit door one of two things will happen.

If you haven’t completed the other two Anima events you’ll be teleported back to The Marrow after a short cutscene. That’s the end of the road, and you don’t get the revolver.

If at this point, you have completed the other two anima events you’ll instead enter a long hallway of the asylum where you can explore and find several documents that fill out Mobius’ involvement with Sebastian between the two games.

When you’re done collecting documents, head down the stairwell at the end of the hall to trigger a short cutscene and receive Sebastian’s faithful revolver as an apology for every time the Anima ripped your soul from your body.

Double-Barreled Shotgun

Location: Chapter 11 or 13 as part of side quest “The Last Step”

The double-barreled shotgun can be unlocked by completing Sykes’ final side quest after meeting Torres in Chapter 11. To trigger the quest, approach the D6 exit door that leads to the Post Plus safehouse instead of heading out to the Restricted Labs in search of Hoffman. Sykes should contact you on your communicator, adding the side quest, “The Last Step,” to your list of to-dos.

Keep in mind that if Sykes dies for any reason (either when you first meet him or because you didn’t complete his earlier side quest) this quest will be locked, and you’ll be unable to get your hands on the double-barreled shotgun. 

If Sykes is alive, use the nearby computer to head back to the Post Plus safehouse and take a stroll down memory lane to Sykes’ safehouse in the center of town.

Keep in mind that normally you don’t do this quest until a few more chapters into the game, and the Business district is currently flooded with a host of Theodore’s spawn that might be a bit intimidating at first glance. Carefully blast, sneak, or stab your way to Sykes’ safehouse and speak with him to initiate the next step in the quest.

Once the conversation is over, use the nearby computer to access The Marrow: Experimental Wing.

From here, the quest gets pretty straightforward. Restore the power for Sykes, then clear the area of enemies so he can move through the area safely. When you’re sure everything’s dead approach the previously locked door to trigger a cutscene.

With the cutscene over, head into the STEM room to claim your rewards, a photo slide, and the double-barreled shotgun in a weapon case in the corner.

The Flamethrower

Location: Chapter 11, Beside Liam at the end of the Chapter, parts can be found by killing harbingers in the Business District

(Minor Spoilers Ahead)

The flamethrower, like the sniper rifle, can only be made by gathering the broken weapon and the parts to repair it.

In this case, you’ll find the broken flamethrower beside Liam’s body at the end of Chapter 11, after the climactic boss fight. Unfortunately, both fuel tanks have been horribly damaged and you’ll need to find replacements to fix it up if you want to unleash hellfire on your enemies.

The good news is, as you continue the story, you’re going to run into a few friends that have the fuel tanks you need. Unfortunately, both of these friends are Harbingers in the Business District that just love to light things on fire. Kittens, surly detectives, babies, and bushes that looked at them wrong are all on their list of targets. Be extremely careful, and plan to either take them down with a few sniper rifle mags, or if you’re feeling frisky, a few well-placed guerilla warfare hit and run sneak attacks will also do the trick.

Harbingers are relatively common in the Business District now that Theodore’s taken over, and you can find one right outside the Post Plus safe house right off the bat, another down the main street to the west of Sykes’ safehouse, and yet around the train on the east side of the map.

Choose your poison, you only need to kill two to get the flamethrower tanks you need, but all three are also worth a lot of green goo, so if you’re feeling confident after finishing off the first two you might consider clearing out the third as well.  

The Assault Rifle

Location: Chapter 14, practically handed to you in The Marrow: Facilities safe house

This beauty is probably the easiest weapon to get your hands on, but also doesn’t show up until the beginning of Chapter 13, where after waking up from a bad encounter with Theodore and a great encounter with your own psyche, you’re able to snag it from The Marrow: Facilities safe house.

Give one final salute to the fallen, and strap the Assault Rifle to your back with pride. All in all, the assault rifle’s damage is off the charts, but it blows through ammo ridiculously fast. Use it to clear out large groups of Lost with well-placed bursts, or save it for boss fights and larger enemies. If you don’t have it already, you should also consider investing in the Bullet Cascade combat skill to give it an additional boost to damage with every consecutive shot.

The Magnum

Location: Received for Completing the Game on any Difficulty.

Massive Damage, easily the best handgun in the game.

Brass Knuckles

Location:  Complete the game on Nightmare Difficulty

Functions like a hatchet that never breaks, perfect for laying the beat down on… Everything.

The original The Evil Within was considered to be a bit of a disappointment by many, but there is little doubt that The Evil Within 2 is a substantially improved sequel in just about every way. If you are a fan of horror games, you owe it to yourself to play this game and check it out for yourself.

As you play it, you will also come to realize that the game is massive– there’s a lot of layers to this, lots of nuances, lots of texture and details. If you need help trying to get through everything this game has to offer, we’re here to help. In this guide, we help you find all the weapons, all the pouches, cheats and cheat codes for unlimited ammo, green gel, infinite crafting materials, weapon part,  take on all the bosses, find all the collectibles, and help you get some Achievements/Trophies. Let’s get started.

ALL COLLECTIBLES LOCATIONS: (Coffee Makers, Files, Photographic Slides, Residual Memories, Keys, Mysterious Objects And Items)

Collectibles in The Evil Within 2 can be a pain. There are 115 of them (not counting the coffee makers)- these are broken down as into 40 Files, 11 Photographic Slides, 24 Residual Memories, 32 Keys, and 8 Mysterious Object Easter Eggs. And the worst part is, there is no chapter select- so if you miss something, you have to play through the entire game.

Which is a total mess- let’s help you out with that. The video below shows you where and how to get everything. Use the timestamps for reference.


Slide #1 3:30
File #1 0:53
File #2 1:37
File #3 2:00
File #4 2:28
File #5 3:21

Coffee Maker 4:13
Key #1 4:44
File #6 5:05
Key #2 5:27
File #7 5:52
Memory #1 6:29
Memory #2 6:56
Key #3 7:22
Memory #3 8:12
Memory #4 8:37
File #8 9:05
Key #4 9:40
Key #5 9:59
Memory #5 10:19
Coffee #2 11:07
File #9 11:20
Key #6 11:32
Key #7 11:55
File #10 12:12
File #11 12:42
Slide #2 12:57
Mysterious Object Quake Easter Egg #1 13:27
File #12 14:02 (Anima)
Slide #3 14:25
Mysterious Object Wolfenstein Easter Egg #2 15:00
Memory #6 15:35
File #3 15:49
Key #8 16:05
Mysterious Object Dishonored Easter Egg #3 16:27
Memory #7 16:50
File #14 17:29

Shooting Range (Gallery and Chain Attack) 18:00

File #15 21:54
Key #9 22:31
File #16 23:25
Memory #8 23:44

Coffee #3 24:14
Key #10 24:25
Memory #9 24:46
File #17 25:10
File #18 25:46
File #19 26:08
File #20 26:27
File #21 26:42
File #22 27:02
Key #11 27:27

Key #14 (Shooting range keys were my 12 and 13th) 27:56
Slide #4 28:26
Mysterious Object Fallout Easter Egg #4 29:00
File #23 29:25
Coffee #4 29:55
File #24 30:06
Coffee #5 30:15
Memory #10 30:31

Key #15 30:56
Memory #11 31:19
Key #16 31:48
Memory #12 32:09 (Anima)
Slide #5 32:34
Key #17 32:49
File #25 33:26
Key #18 33:48
Memory #13 34:22
Mysterious Object Doom Easter Egg #5 34:44
Coffee #6 35:03
Key #19 35:13

Memory #14 35:33
Key #20 36:06

Key #21 36:31
File #26 37:15
Memory #15 37:31
Key #22 38:10

Key #23 38:36

Coffee #7 38:58
File #27 39:12
Slide #6 39:26
Slide #7 39:43
Memory #16 40:18
File #28 40:46
File #29 40:56
Memory #17 41:28
Key #24 41:54
File #30 42:15
File #31 42:31
File #32 42:59 (Anima)
File #33 43:39
File #34 44:02
Slide #8 44:21
Memory #18 44:41
File #35 45:14
Memory #19 45:42
Key #25 46:06

File #36 46:23
Slide #9 46:47
Mysterious Object The Elder Scrolls Easter Egg #6 47:20

Key #26 47:45
Key #27 48:07
Key #28 48:31
Key #29 48:54
Key #30 49:19
Mysterious Object Prey Easter Egg #7 49:50
File #37 50:11
Slide #10 50:39
File #38 51:19

Slide #11 51:36

File #39 52:35
Key #31 52:51
File #40 53:17
Key #32 53:47
Memory #20 54:12


Memory #21 55:08
Memory #22 55:23
Memory #23 55:38
Memory #24 55:50

Mysterious Object The Evil Within Easter Egg #8 56:08


There are a lot of weapons for you to track down and find in The Evil Within 2. These can help you take on some of the horrors and monstrosities that you will inevitably find yourself coming up against as you play through the story. In this section, we show you where to find these weapons.

Where To Find The Double Barrelled Shotgun

Found in Chapter 13, this is a hugely effective gun that actually requires you to plan ahead so you can get it:

Where To Find The Full-Barrelled Shotgun

Not as good as the half-barrelled variant, this one is actually a bit easier to get nonetheless.

Where To Find The Silenced Handgun

One of the trustiest weapons in your arsenal, this one is a must get if you wish to not engage every enemy in the vicinity.

Where To Find The Sawed-Off Shotgun

Because as everyone knows, what makes a shotgun even more lethal- at least up close- is sawing the barrel right off.

Where To Find The Flamethrower

When faced with unimaginable terrors, the only thing for you to do is to kill em with fire. This flamethrower should come in handy for that.

Where To Find The Laser-Sighted Handgun

Because sometime, you need a marksman’s aim to be able to survive in this big, scary world.

Where To Find The Sniper Rifle

Take on all the creepy crawlies from a distance, without having to worry about getting your hands dirty, with this sniper rifle.

Where To Find The Brass Knuckles And Magnum

But if you do like getting up close and personal, if you do want something for close range combat, these should help.


Pouches let you hold ammunition- sounds simple enough, right? Except there’s a different pouch for every ammunition type… so there’s that. Let’s see where you can get all of them.

Assault Rifle Ammo Pouch Locations

Sniper Rifle Ammo Pouch Locations

Shotgun Ammo Pouch Locations

Medical Pouch Locations

Handgun Ammo Pouch Locations


If you are finding the game too tough to beat, you can use some cheats to make your progress easier. By using these cheats, you will be able to earn unlimited ammo, infinite green gel, weapon parts and crafting materials. However, before we link you to this Youtube video, a warning. Use them at your own discretion. With that out of the way, you can check out these cheats here.


There’s quite a few bosses in The Evil Within 2– these terrifying monstrosities can be the most harrowing challenges you come across in the game- knowing how and when to beat them can make things significantly easier for you. In the video below, you will learn how to take on the following bosses:

  • Guardian
  • Obscura
  • Stefano
  • Amina
  • O’Neal
  • Theodore
  • Sadist
  • The Keeper
  • Laura
  • Effigy
  • Myra Final Boss


Learn to Survive
Survived the nightmare, and everything in between.

Completed the game on Casual difficulty or higher.

Completed the game on Survival difficulty or higher.

Against All Odds
Completed the game on Nightmare difficulty or higher.

Backup Ain’t Coming
Completed the “Rogue Signal” side mission.

Sykes Out
Completed the “The Last Step” side mission.

Finally Free
Experienced every traumatic encounter and made peace with your inner demons.

You Got Red in You
Used your first Red Gel.

Stick it in My Veins
Completely upgraded all abilities.

Making Things a Little Easier
Used your first High-Grade Weapon Parts.

Now You’re Playing with Power
Upgraded a weapon to Level 3.

A Little Extra Kick to it
Upgraded one of your Warden Crossbow bolts to max level.

They Never Even Stood A Chance
Completely upgraded all weapons.

Crafted something for the first time.

Crafted every type of item at least once.

Echoes Within STEM
Observed all Residual Memories.

Doing Some Detecting
Collected 20 files.

Diligent Reader
Collected all files.

Half the Stash
Opened 16 lockers.

Opened all lockers.

Good to See You Again
Acquired the Warden Crossbow.

Chatting With Kidman
Talked to Kidman about all of the photographic slides.

Acquired all standard weapons.

All in the Family
Collected all of the Mysterious Objects.

Caffeine Addict
Used every Coffee Maker at least once.

Thinning Them Out
Killed 30 enemies.

Clearing a Path
Killed 60 enemies.

Smoke Assassin
Killed 3 enemies using upgraded Smoke Bolts.

Shock Therapy
Stunned an enemy standing in water using a Shock Bolt.

Wait For It…
Killed an enemy using an Ambush.

Kick, Shoot, Burn
Killed 2 or more enemies at once using oil on the ground.

Bootable Offense
Stomped and killed 15 fallen enemies.

I Am The Night
Killed 10 enemies using Sneak Kills.

Sometimes Fighting Isn’t the Answer
Avoided unnecessary bloodshed outside City Hall. (Ch. 5)

Death From Above
Killed 2 or more enemies at once using a hanging lamp. (Ch. 9)

No More Playing With Fire
Stopped a true believer from playing with his favorite toy. (Ch. 11)

Melancholy Memories
Reminisced about every moment from your past. (Ch. 12)

I’ll Take You Down Myself
Brought your own equipment to the barbecue this time. (Ch. 14)

You Asked For It… Again
Completed the game in Classic Mode.

Welcome to Union
Took the plunge back into STEM.

Saw a chilling vision.

Not Running This Time
Defeated the Guardian outside City Hall.

The Team Psychologist
Found a potential ally in The Marrow.

Premature Finale
Shut down a bloody performance.

Another Ally
Survived an ordeal with the help of a new friend.

Crossing to the Other Side
Provided a Harbinger sweet release.

Spiritual Awakening
Came to terms with your past and present.

Fire Walk With Me
Made it inside the enemy’s stronghold.

Overcome the Past
Your trauma is no more.

Everything Comes Crumbling Down
Reached the very end of the world.

Unfortunate Consequence
Did what needed to be done to save your daughter.

That Cinematic Feel…
Opted for a cinematic experience.

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The Evil Within 2 begins by wearing its heart on its sleeve; here's a off the beaten track in an effort to find more gunpowder to craft ammo or.

- added one hit kill key
- completed the Akumu mode, moving on to other games again...
- added unlock options.
- updated the table for game patch 1.05. specifically enable script (updated an aobscan) and no instant kill script (updated almost all aobscans).
- updated senseless zombies, as shown in this post, which added another "mode" to zombies' behaviour. I haven't tested this one myself, if you find this script buggy, you can find the previous version of this script inside the blank entry at the end of the table (towards the end inside the blank entry, named "senseless zombies .2").
- added pick up script. read description below!

- added no-clip, based on the findings of l0wb1t.
- updated all special skills available, forgot to make an AOB scan for the ret check.
- updated all special skills available. loading game with this script activated won't makes the maximum ammo clips become 1 now.
- updated inf. save. picking up keys with this script activated will increment the keys owned normally now.
- added all special skills available and inf. save.
- deleted table Update3 and Update3.1 by accident....
- updated senseless zombies, refined the script, and added an option to it.
- updated ignore ammo clip, it supports all weapons now.
- updated stealth mod. refined the script. check descriptions of senseless lady ghost and senseless zombies for details.
- updated stealth mod. full stealth's functionality would kick in once you activated stealth mod before this update, no matter you have activated full stealth or not. it's fixed now. also added an option to the dumb zombies script.
- merged ignore ammo/arrow pouch and inf. ammo/arrow pouch.
- added stealth mod, which include 2 scripts, full stealth and dumb zombies.
- updated inf. item, added one more option to the script.
- added walk key
- updated ignore ammo pouch to ignore ammo/arrow pouch.
- added back inf. ammo pouch as inf. ammo/arrow pouch.
- changed inf. ammo pouch to ignore ammo pouch.
- added inf. item
- updated to ignore weapon parts to ignore gel / weapon parts, addressed a potential crash if attempt to upgrade with a part/gel that you've never obtained before. should be fixed now.
- added ignore weapon parts and ignore craft components.
- removed a structure that stack up the file size.
- added no instant kill.
- added ignore ammo clip and inf. ammo pouch.

Crafting (TEW2)

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Part stealth, part open world action game, The Evil Within 2 forces you to think differently about survival horror.

The map of Union, the abandoned town featured in The Evil Within 2, is much bigger and wider than the previous game, which means you can control the pace more. You’re free to explore many areas, run a few side quests, and if you take your time you can build up a pretty good defence against the tough enemies of The Evil Within 2 early on. Then when it does funnel you into danger, you’re able go head-to-head with more in your pocket than a knife and a crappy pistol.

Follow this advice to keep Sebastian alive long enough to find his missing daughter.

Know your safe houses

Before you go out exploring Union, make sure you know where your nearest safe house is. You can always run back here if you get low on health or to craft gear and weapons. Crafting on the fly uses more resources and is not advised, so get back to safety rather than use up valuable resources. And drink coffee for a free health kick.

Pick up the Warden Crossbow first

When you first meet O’Neil push him for more info and he’ll tell you where to find the Warden Crossbow, a unique weapon that enables different types of play, from stealth to explosions. You also need to scavenge parts – from trash cans, dumpsters, trucks and anything else that looks like a good hiding spot. You’d be surprise at what the residents of Union throw away.

Next, go find the sniper rifle

This is a multi-part mission but again you should do it early on. Grab the broken sniper rifle, find the parts to repair it and you become the hunter, able to pick off the bigger problems of Union from a distance.

Hunt around for more weapons

A fairly hefty arsenal of weapons is open to you from Chapter 3 onwards if you know where to look. Whatever difficulty you’re on, you want as many guns as possible to make use of the small amount of ammo knocking around. We’ve got a full list of every weapon in the game, from crude hand axe to pumping assault rifle. Follow this and by the end of Chapter 3 you should have at least a shotgun, laser-sighted pistol, sniper rifle and crossbow to hand.

Play on the tougher difficulties

Unless you just want to steam through the game you should flick the difficulty up because without there’s no tension or troubles. On the higher difficulties it’s a proper survival horror experience that challenges the player to manage precious resources, make every shot count, and fall through safe house doors gasping for breath. On the lesser difficulties The Evil Within 2 is just a simple action game.

Fill your trophy cabinet

This is purely for bragging rights, but there’s a whole bunch of cool Easter eggs called Mysterious Objects around Union. Find them and brighten up Sebastian’s gloomy office.

Stealth kill for character upgrades

You won’t be able to improve Sebastian’s skills without the jars of mysterious green goo. You can find a few lying around, and some vending machines cough them up too. But you’ll get most of them from killing enemies around Union. We recommend stealth killing with the knife where possible as it’s not that hard when enemies are are their own. If you need to split some enemies up, try tossing bottles for a distraction, or setting off car alarms. Divide and conquer and grab that gel.

Axes are lethal

It doesn’t look like much, but the humble hand axe is devastating in The Evil Within 2. You can find them all over the place or pick them up off fallen enemies and they give you one-hit kills on the majority of low level Lost. If a couple of Lost are standing close you can even kill two with one swing. Remember that if you’ve got an axe in hand and are caught by surprise, you can swing the axe faster than you can draw a gun (and you won’t risk losing a precious bullet or two).

Get the bottle break upgrade

This is an essential skill that you should get early. If you’re carrying a bottle and have been grabbed by an enemy it allows you to automatically smash it in its face and send it staggering back, allowing you enough time to draw a weapon and shoot. Always aim for the head.

The Shooting Range gives out free supplies

This doesn’t become available until Chapter 4. Basically, when you go and visit Nurse Tatiana, you now have the option to try out some shooting mini games. Ammo here is free, and you can win green gel, keys, ammo, weapon parts and other stuff, so it’s worth your time to get free supplies.


Sometimes you just can’t win a fight. Rather than waste resources or, you know, die, sometimes it’s best to just run for your life. Don’t waste six bullets on three enemies to find that you only get one jar of green gel out of the confrontation. That’s a bad deal. Instead, run (or sneak) to avoid conflict and come out the other side alive.

The Evil Within 2 is the sequel to the survival horror game The Evil Like in the previous game, ammo for this weapon is expensive to craft and there.

FearLess Cheat Engine

The only way out is in.

The Evil Within 2 is a Survival Horror title developed by Tango Gameworks, published by Bethesda, and the sequel to The Evil Within released in 2014, and released Friday the 13th on October 2017. Unlike the last game, Shinji Mikami is not directing the game, instead acting as a producer with the helm being given to John Johanas, who worked on the Kidman DLC for the first game.

Three years have passed since Sebastian Castellanos fought the horrors of STEM. Since then, he has been investigating Mobius in search of answers regarding the death of his daughter Lily, and disappearance of his wife Myra. Eventually, Sebastian learns from Juli Kidman that Lily isn't dead. Mobius had been watching Sebastian and his family for a long time, staged Lily's death, and used her mind to create another STEM system. However, the inside of the system has gone completely dark with no response to the outside world, and the Administrator of Mobius offers Sebastian the chance to reunite with his daughter, but to do so, he must go back inside STEM.

Due to the Late-Arrival Spoiler nature of this game, expect unmarked spoilers for the first game.

The Evil Within 2 has the following Tropes:

  • Adult Fear:
    • Learning your only child, whom you thought perished in a fire, isn't dead, but is trapped in the same kind of nightmare hellscape you barely escaped from three years ago, likely all by herself and with no idea what's going on or why... How would you react if you were Sebastian?
    • Discovering your wife has been corrupted by the kidnappers of your daughter and is now an insane Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds who hates you has to hurt, too.
  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: You get to play as Kidman when she rebels against Mobius at the end of the game.
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: Beating the game unlocks various new costumes for Sebastian, including his waistcoat from the first game.
  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • Levels are more open-ended this time around, so to help keep track of your location, you now have access to a menu with a map, and Sebastian's communicator allows him to track objectives and certain collectibles.
    • Safe houses have coffee brewers that can restore Sebastian to full health, but take time to refill after each use. Ditto for the small chests in some of the safe houses that hold supplies like ammo or crafting parts.
    • In yet another nod to Resident Evil, Sebastian can now find herbs to make additional healing items, as well as gunpowder to craft extra ammo. He can do this at crafting stations or in the field but in the latter case it consumes more resources, making it more of a last resort.
    • Sebastian can now stockpile and carry multiple bottles at a time. Unfortunately, he still can't carry more than one ax but the bottles do have some use if you decide to purchase the bottle break skill.
    • With the right upgrade, stealth attacks can now be performed while in cover.
    • The crossbow now has an indicator that shows the arc its shots will take when fired. In addition, all special crossbow bolts automatically come with a proximity mine and tripwire mode.
    • Partway through the game, a shooting gallery is unlocked in Sebastian's saferoom, with rewards ranging from extra green gel and weapon parts to a couple locker keys that can only be obtained through said shooting gallery.
    • Enemies no longer need to be set on fire to permanently kill them. Justified, since Stefano, Theodore, and Myra aren't afraid of fire like Ruvik is.
    • While some One-Hit Kill enemy attacks are still present, they are much, much less common compared to the first game, and the strongest, fastest enemies and bosses thankfully don't use any this time around.
    • A slightly more minor one but your flashlight doesn't alert any enemies, which is very useful when trying to avoid them in darker areas.
    • Unlike the first game, your sprint isn't disabled when your health is below a certain point (though this is compensated by the fact that you don't get to sprint as fast).
    • Making a cleared save doesn't count towards the allotted 7 while playing on Classic difficulty.
  • Arc Symbol: Each of the Big-Bad Ensemble have motifs that permeate the areas they have influence over in Union. Stefano has curtains, cameras, studio lights and tiled floors. Theodore has catacombs, the symbol of his religious order, medieval torture devices, and fire. Myra and her followers have some sort of white substance similar to wax, glowing red eyes, tentacles, and exposed organs.
  • Asshole Victim: Turner and Hayes, the two dead Mobius agents who planned to go rogue. Any sympathy one may have had for them vanishes when they agree to gun down a bunch of frightened survivors, simply because it'd be easier than dealing with them if they turned into monsters.
  • Award-Bait Song: The cover of Duran Duran's "Ordinary World" that serves as the game's main theme.
  • Awesome, but Impractical:
    • The assault rifle, magnum, and sniper rifle are some of the best weapons to use in the game, but sniper rifle ammo pickups are extremely rare while pickups for the other two don't exist at all, meaning you'll have to use up loads of your gunpowder to get any real use out of them.
    • The double-barreled shotgun you get from Sykes if you decided to help him escape STEM is much stronger than the normal shotgun, but it only holds two shells at a time and has to be reloaded a lot due to a very fast firing rate.
  • Ax-Crazy: Stefano Valentini, as he himself is willing to admit in his trailer.
  • Bag of Spilling: Sebastian doesn’t retain any of his brain gel upgrades from the previous game. Justified in that he would only have them inside STEM and he possibly would’ve lost them after not being in it for years (that, and Kidman explains that this is an entirely new STEM he's entering). The single exception is his stamina meter, which is much longer at default than it was in the first game; at level 1 it's roughly equal to level 4 or 5 of the original gamenote This is most likely part of the difficulty rebalancing that was done for the sequel, as Sebastian's un-upgraded sprint time was widely agreed to be far too short in the first game.
  • Beard of Sorrow: Sebastian has grown one between the events of the first game and this one, and it's easy to see why.
  • Better to Die than Be Killed: There are some signs of people within the STEM who decided to take their own lives when things started to go horribly wrong.
  • BFG: You can get the flamethrower the Harbingers use. Its huge size means you will be barely able to move at all while operating it, though.
  • Big-Bad Ensemble: There are multipleSerial Killers in STEM now, and they are all Reality Warpers within their section of the Mental World.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Sebastian is finally reunited with Lily, and with Mobius all but wiped out, the two of them are free to live their lives. However, the entire search team, with the possible exception of Sykesnote Sykes uses a backdoor out of STEM if you do his missions, but even then, there's only a one-in-four chance he doesn't suffer a Fate Worse than Death, is dead, and Myra had to stay inside the STEM as it collapsed so she could bring down Mobius.
  • Black Dude Dies First: Averted. Of the Mobius search team, Sykes is the only one to have any shot of getting out alive at all (and even then, his odds of doing so are 3:1 against).
  • Body Horror:
    • Some baddies appear to have a "melting wax" motif this time around. This is a sign of Myra's influence.
    • The Guardian is a twisted amalgamation of mutilated female bodies and severed heads, apparently representing the women Valentini murdered and beheaded for trophies.
  • Bond One-Liner: Sebastian has some choice words for both Stefano and Theodore if you revisit their portraits in Sebastian's Room after they kick it.

    "A giant, red X... Now that's art."

    "Let's hear you talk your way out of Hell, Wallace."

  • Boring, but Practical:
    • The silenced handgun you get from completing Sykes' first quest. It's weaker than the standard handgun but, as the name suggests, it has a silencer which makes it much more quieter and is a preferred choice when wanting to lure away enemies from groups.
    • Similarly, you can find another handgun early in the game that has a laser-sight, giving it better accuracy.
    • The full-barreled shotgun can be found in a storage room after finding a key from a fallen Mobius in an alleyway in the Business District. It's pretty much the same as the regular shotgun, but it's longer barrel gives it better range.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Beat the game on "Classic Mode" and you can unlock infinite ammo for all your firearms.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: If you are awesome enough to complete the game on "Classic Mode", you will be rewarded with Infinite Ammo. However, getting this means that you are enough of a badass to conquer the absolute worst of the horrors that STEM can possibly throw at you, all while beating the game using the base values of your weapons and abilities and clearly shows that you have no need for Infinite Ammo. However, it is immensely satisfying to finally go to town on the Lost without fear of ammo management for all the hell they put you through.
  • Bullet Time: Not for nothing that the Synaptic Focus ability is the most expensive upgrade in the game, as it allows you to slow down your surroundings to a crawl and pick off enemy weak points before they're able to react (it's also a boon for those who don't care about showing off and just want to unlock all goodies in the shooting gallery). The only thing keeping you from leveling everything in your way is that it drains your stamina just by being activated, and sharply decreases it each time you fire a shot.
  • Call-Back: Quite a few, but the most obvious one is the Boss Rush against the Sadist, Keeper, and Rebirth Laura from the first game at the end of chapter 14.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: In Sebastian's nightmare at the start of the game, Lily coldly blames him for not being there to save her from the fire. Theodore also uses Sebastian's guilt against him, which takes the form of Lily blaming him yet again.
  • Checkpoint Starvation: Taken Up to Eleven in "Classic Mode", where the autosave feature has literally been disabled. You are instead allotted 7 chances to save across an unbroken 17-chapter narrativenote technically 8, since you're also given a free "Game Clear" save upon finishing the game. Better hope you didn't squander your saves during the early chapters.
  • Color Motif: Each member of the Big-Bad Ensemble is related to a color, and paints Union with that color when they take over.
    • Stefano makes puts Union in constant night time and lights everything in blue, especially with a huge monstrous lens of blue light hoovering the area he is in. He also wears a blue coat and has blue eyes.
    • Theodore's world is colored by fire in a red/orange tint and all of his areas have this color within it. His Sinister Minister attire also includes red fabric in it.
    • The final enemy tints the entire place in white through the use of a white gooey substance called psychoplasm and are constantly dressed in a white coat, with a white mask. Even when Myra phases back to her usual attire, she wears big white pearl earrings and a white sweater.
  • The Conspiracy: Woo boy, where do we start....?
    • The first game leads the player to believe that Lily's death was a freak accident that killed her and her sitter. However, even then, Myra didn't believe it and supposedly found the truth, but disappeared without explanation. Right from the beginning, Kidman confirms Myra's suspicions that the fire wasn't a freak accident, that Lily was kidnapped by Mobius, and the investigations staged to look like an accident and that she had died. Lily's intelligence as shown on her standardized tests and such was the reason Mobius chose her as the Core for their new STEM.
    • Mobius itself. Super shady organization, only found when they want to be found, their plans involve human experimentation and utopian society, and they even confirm they are researching a wireless method of implanting human minds in STEM without directly connecting them. Oh, and they eliminate anyone who has learned too much or gets in their way.
    • Mobius's gaslighting Sebastian. While the events of the first game were pretty bizarre and difficult to believe anyway, the final Anima sequence contains files that reveal Mobius personally began monitoring Sebastian due to how much he was aware of after his last endeavor in STEM. To make sure he couldn't learn too much or even make others aware of them, they used their influence even in the KCPD in order to set up "psychiatric evaluation" by one of their own, insisting that he was crazy. Because of this, by the time the game starts, Sebastian has lost his job, his credibility, and most of what last bit of sanity he had left..
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: In the first game, Ruvik's main goal was to escape back to the real world. This game's antagonists, Stefano and Theodore, have no intention of leaving; Stefano wanting to stay to "make [his] art forever", while Theodore wants to take control of Mobius (and by extension, the rest of the world) through the influence Union gives him. Subverted with Myra, as she originally entered Union to get her daughter out while she stayed behind to destroy Mobius, only for Union's malleable nature to corrupt her. Also, Ruvik was sinister and mysterious whereas Stefano and Theodore behave in a more theatrical and flamboyant manner that wouldn't be out of place in, say, Dead Rising.
  • Contrived Coincidence: There appears to be no logical connection between Sebastian's daughter being used as the core of a STEM project which started years ago, and that he previously got involved with the STEM built around Ruvik seemingly by pure chance. Kidman lampshades this, as she was keeping tabs on Sebastian for Mobius at the time and also got drawn into the incident by pure chance.
  • The Corruption: An unusual case of this as instead of a disease or plague of any kind, Anima is theorized to be the cause of a person's transformation into the Lost. According to the wiki, STEM attempts to dominate a person's mind and Anima seems to appear when a person is on the verge of completely losing themselves to it, with her taking full control once she catches them. Likely then, it's no coincidence that a Lost is typically nearby journal entries of her appearance to victims, Sebastian is killed and turned into a Lost by her if caught, and the priest in the Union Church turns into a Lost that must be fought in a similar manner.
  • Daylight Horror: The final act takes place in a bright daylight. At least in the STEM.
  • Dented Iron: Not physically, but the events of the first game have left Sebastian psychologically scarred. But he's still willing to enter the nightmare world of STEM if it means seeing his daughter again.
  • Degraded Boss: The Guardian reappears in the Business District once you've defeated her at City Hall. Be forewarned, however- there's more than one lurking about. This also happens to the Harbinger.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Sebastian has clearly gone over this with his brakes cut since the end of the first game; nobody believed his story about what happened at Beacon, he was fired from his job, he started drinking again (likely to cope with what happened to Joseph and Leslie as well the nightmares he no doubt started having), and if the bandages on his hand are anything to go by, he may have tried to kill himself shortly before this game begins.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Your old revolver from the previous game that you can receive if you complete the entire Anima sidequest. It's accuracy isn't as good as the other handguns but is considerably stronger than any of them.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Surprisingly, yes. Sebastian fights long and hard to get to the center of Union, and in doing so regains his daughter, takes the first steps towards fixing his life and with the help of Kidman completely dismantles Mobius from the inside out.
  • Eldritch Location: As in the first game, the STEM environment is this. And it gets more twisted as the game progresses.
  • Emotionless Girl: Nurse Tatiana returns in Sebastian's room, and so does her creepy monotone.
  • Everytown, America: Union was designed by Mobius to be this, in order to keep their test subjects calm and relaxed. Even Sebastian himself refers to it as "Anytown, USA". Judging by maps of Union you can find, as well as a scale model in the Marrow, Union was going to be quite expansive, featuring most of the subtropes of this trope in play. It's worth wondering what sort of place Union would be like had it never been sabotaged by Stefano and Theodore.
  • Eye Motifs: In addition to motifs of dripping paint and melted wax, Stefano's territory inside STEM has camera lenses as a recurring theme, representing his obsession with photography and how his camera acts as a proxy for his missing eye.
  • Faking the Dead: Lily was believed to have been killed in a fire, when in fact, Mobius kidnapped her and used her to make another STEM.
  • Foreshadowing: The first area proper in the game you come across things that represent the three antagonists in the game:
    • You come across one of Stefano's victims and works of art.
    • You find a letter about being accepted in a cult with "Lies, all lies" written on the back. For Theordore's cult that is.
    • And finally, you come across another one of Stefano's pieces of art titled Rebirth, a woman with bodies coming out of her. Represents Myra and her Mook Maker powers.
  • Funny Background Event: Checking out the billboards at the movie theater Stefano is hiding out in has some pretty cheeky movie names, like "A Father's Nightmare", "Snap Shot", "Rotten to the Core" and a potential Silent Hill reference called "White Fog". One that most players wouldn't think to check is a poster in the taproom that contains a hilariously insane ad copy; you can only read it by looking through the sniper rifle's scope.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: Union was supposed to be the first step in creating an utopian Matrix-like world in which all mankind except MOBIUS was to be included. Once Lily goes missing, the whole thing goes to hell in a handbasket almost immediately.
  • Guide Dang It!: There are a lot of hidden aspects in the game that you'll have to find out on your own, such as the location of locker keys, the location of the full-barreled shotgun, and being able to skip the battle with the Guardian outside City Hall.
    • You can actually sneak attack more enemies than you'd think you're able to- in particular, the massive Gluttons that roam around past Chapter 12 can actually be sneak killed, and the Harbingers are also vulnerable to them- but they will take at least four or five, meaning it's not advised.
  • Hard Mode Perks: Two of them on separate difficulties:
    • Beat the game on "Nightmare" and you can get equipable brass knuckles that can take out any of the regular Lost in one hit (the sole exception being the Hysteric, which take about two hits to go down).
    • Beat the game on "Classic Mode" and you can get infinite ammo, which is mostly a Bragging Rights Reward but is so worth it.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The chips Mobius use to protect themselves from the effects of the STEM as well as act as a failsafe against rogue agents are used against them with Myra hijacks the system and overloads the chips.
  • Hub Level:
    • Union itself acts as one, where you can access different missions and quests by exploring the residences and businesses. This suburb is not any kind of a safe zone, however.
    • In addition, there is the Marrow, a secret facility Mobius built to allow fast travel between the various areas of Union. The Marrow isn't all that safe, either.
  • Item Crafting: You can find gunpowder, herbs, and various components to craft ammo and healing throughout the game. You can either do such by going to a work bench or field crafting (although a work bench is more recommended since field crafting consumes more resources).
  • Kick Them While They Are Down: A special upgrade allows Sebastian to kick enemies away when they're staggered.
  • Knife Nut: One of the new antagonists, Stefano Valentini, is a Mad Artist who carves up his victims with a large, serrated dagger that makes Crocodile Dundee's Bowie knife look like a butter knife.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Several of the victims in the new STEM are Mobius staff members who were charged with monitoring Union's inhabitants from the Marrow. Once Lily disappears and things start going to hell, they're trapped inside their own creation with two reality warping psychopaths and a multitude of horrific creatures, and suffer all manner of brutal deaths.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: The E3 trailers pretty much give away three of the first game's biggest plot points; that Sebastian was trapped in a Mental World by the STEM machine created by Ruvik and Mobius, that Kidman was a double agent working for them but is helping Sebastian, and that Mobius staged his daughter's death to use her in their STEM experiments.
  • Legacy Boss Battle: Father Theodore forces Sebastian to fight the Sadist, the Keeper and Laura in a sort of mini-Boss Rush. You even get to briefly recreate the Sadist's hallway chase before Sebastian has enough.
  • Lighter and Softer: While simultaneously being Darker and Edgier than the first game; on one hand, the game features a pair of murderers who are far more sadistic than Ruvik and deals with themes of guilt and despair. On the the other hand, it's not nearly as gory as the previous game, with the surrealism and Body Horror being toned down to a certain extent. Not to mention the unambiguously happy ending.
  • Lovable Coward: Liam O'Neil, an Insufferable Genius STEM tech who helps Sebastian throughout the game.
  • Mad Artist: Stefano Valentini, a photographer obsessed with catching the moment of death. In STEM, his victims are also caught in a Stable Time Loop at the moment of the point he takes a photo.
  • Magic Mirror: Much like in the first game, mirrors are used as gateways between the main STEM world (in this case Union) to the game's safehouse (in this case Sebastian's old precinct) and vice-versa.
  • The Many Deaths of You: Just like in the first game, Sebastian can die in a lot of horrific ways.
  • Meat Moss: Played with; the stringy white substance that can be found wherever Myra has been appears to be cast from the same substance which makes up her body inside STEM.
  • Mistaken for Racist: A hilarious exchange between Seb and Sykes. Seb asks why a guy like him joined Mobius. When Sykes asks what he means by that, Seb states that a compassionate, free spirited guy like him probably wouldn't be allowed into Mobius normally. Skyes quickly backpedals after receiving the compliment and explains he sought them out.
  • My Greatest Failure: The point of the entire game as this time around, the story focuses entirely on Sebastian's past and his failure to protect Lily from the fire. Ultimately subverted however, as even from the get-go, Kidman points out that Lily never died and Mobius staged everything. It takes all the way up to Chapter 12, where Sebastian awakes in a recreation of his house and has a meltdown in front of Myra that he gets the pep talk he needs about not blaming himself for something that not only wasn't ever his fault, but didn't truly happen. From this point til the end of the game, he stops blaming himself and finds the strength he needs to save Lily.
  • My Greatest Second Chance: The game's official website describes it as a story of redemption. Sebastian has been haunted by his daughter's apparent death and his failure to save her for years, and when he finds out she's alive, but trapped inside the same machine he once was, he goes back in with no hesitation if it means he can see her again.
  • Mythology Gag: At the very end of the game, right before Sebastian escapes from the STEM with Lily, one can find a collectible figurine that resembles the Keeper.
    • One of the Residual Memories shows a Mobius Soldier trying to burn a pile of corpses so that they don't turn into the Guardian, like you would do to prevent enemies from respawning in the first game. It doesn't work.
    • During the first trek through Father Theodore's stronghold, Sebastian falls through a hallway and smacks into the ground, only for gravity to re-adjust itself so that the floor he smacks into is now a wall facing his back. Ruvik pulled the same trick on him twice in the first game.
  • Never Grew Up: Even though she has been missing for the better part of a decade, by the time Lily shows up in STEM it seems as if she hasn't aged a day. No one ever comments on this throughout the entire game.
  • New Game+: Unlocked after beating the game. You start with 40000 Green Gel and a Hand Cannon, and resource drops are tripled in value, making it easier to mop up the rest of your unpurchased upgrades.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: The Invincibility mode added in the 1.05 update makes you to immune to almost everything, but things that are an instant-death condition on all difficulty levels (getting caught by The Guardian, Anima or a Lament, for example) are still an instant-death condition even when you otherwise can't be killed.
  • Nintendo Hard: The "Classic Mode" difficulty in a nutshell. Take everything from “Nightmare” mode and turn it Up to Eleven. This difficulty is meant to emulate the difficulty from the first game and it certainly shows. 95% of enemies drop nothing when they are killed, ammo and crafting components are very rare, you can save only 7 times throughout the campaign, checkpoints are literally non-existent and Sebastian must complete the entire ordeal without being able to upgrade his abilities or guns. However, your reward is the Catharsis Factor prize of Infinite Ammo, which is certainly fun to use even if it is mostly a Bragging Rights Reward.
    • Update 1.05 reintroduced the ever-so-irritating AKUMU difficulty from the first game as an extra mode. Have fun playing through the entire game again with one measly hit point. Unlike Nightmare and Classic, beating AKUMU gives nothing new, so it's more of a Self-Imposed Challenge than anything else.
  • No Fair Cheating:
    • Toggling Infinite Ammo lets you go to town on anything within Union with your strongest guns without ever having to worry about ammo problems. It also doesn't disable achievements, but considering the hell you had to slough through to get it, you probably don't have a lot else to accomplish by the time it's available to you.
    • Averted completely with the cheat options added in Update 1.05, which consists of One-Hit Kill, Invincibility and Unlimited Stamina. Using these makes even AKUMU a complete cakewalk, and they don't penalize anything, either i.e. you can clear Nightmare and Classic modes with cheats on and still get the unlockable rewards for it.
  • Not So Different: Tatiana tries to invoke this if Sebastian speaks to her about Stefano. An irritated Seb shuts it down pretty quickly, though, having little patience for her equating Stefano's gruesome murders with his killing in self-defense.
  • Not Using the "Z" Word: In a few documents Sebastian finds in Union, the Haunted are referred as "Things", and a woman, likely working for Mobius, can be heard in a trailer calling them "the Lost". And when Sebastian meets a dying Mobius operative inside Union City Hall, he tells him he isn't one of "them".
  • Offscreen Teleportation: To be expected from a game of the Horror genre. Oddly enough, it's not done by any of the enemies or bosses, but by Sebastian himself.
  • One-Hit Kill: Though greatly dialed-down compared to the first game, some enemies and bosses still possess these. Bonus points go to Laments, who can kill Sebastian instantly with an acid vomit if he doesn't break out of their grasp with a bottle. The Optional Boss Anima also has this as her only attack, since all of her segments have forced stealth, and getting noticed means death.
    • Update 1.05 lets anything do this to you with the reintroduced AKUMU difficulty. Conversely, the update also gives you a cheat that lets you do this to most things in Union completely free of consequence, even most bosses.
  • Optional Boss:
    • The Watcher, a vaguely-serpentine Blob Monster Sebastian encounters in the Marrow. You are forced to encounter it, but you can quite easily avoid fighting it if you manage to sneak past. You'll still have to drive it off by firing off a few rounds after you get out of the room it's hiding in, but by sneaking you can avoid a rather difficult battle beforehand.
    • Then there's also Anima, the resident Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl. Entering 336 Cedar Avenue in the residential area triggers her entire unmarked questline that culminates in Sebastian getting his old revolver back. She will occasionally pop up randomly around town to hinder Sebastian's progress, though none of this will happen should the player decide to skip the initial trigger.
  • Papa Wolf: No matter how many unspeakable horrors STEM throws at Sebastian, he will stop at nothing to save his daughter.
  • Personality Powers:
    • Stefano Valentini was an artist who photographed the horrors of war who's eye was lacerated from shrapnel. In Union, Stefano's powers manifest in the form of creating Stable Time Loops to capture the gruesome deaths of his victims with his cameras. He is also able to manifest a massive eye resembling a camera lens that both watches Sebastian for him and attacks on his command.
    • Theodore Wallace was a Manipulative Bastard capable of digging into the repressed guilt of others to manipulate them, converting them to his cause. In Union, he takes the form of a Sinister Minister with a God complex, taking on a Religious Horror motif with command over fire and can mold people in both mind and body with his words.
  • Post-Final Boss: After Sebastian's fight against the evil apparition of Myra, the game switches to the real world where Kidman finds out that the head of Mobius planned a You Have Outlived Your Usefulness towards Sebastian. Kidman didn't take it very well, and proceeding cutscenes where Sebastian finds the manifestation of his family home and is reunited with Lily are interspersed by brief segments where Kidman shoots several of the Mobius mooks as she heads to the main machine to manually override it.
  • Powered by a Forsaken Child: Mobius built a second STEM machine, though this time it's powered by using Lily as its core instead of a pyschopath like Ruvik; apparently they only work if the Core is a child or The Sociopath.
    • The reason that Stefano and Theodore are after Lily is that despite them being Reality Warpers is that since they aren't the core, they are nowhere near as strong as Ruvik was, so they want Lily so they can amplify their own powers.
  • Precision F-Strike: Kidman delivers a fairly epic one against her boss when she's extracting Sebastian during the finale.

    Kidman: A world without choice isn't a utopia. A hivemind only works with a queen that controls it. 'Join us or die'? Well guess what, there's a third choice...and that's FUCK YOU!

  • Public Domain Soundtrack:
  • Reality Ensues: Hits Sebastian when he climbs out of the STEM pod in the ending. Trying to get up and walk right after his body has laid motionless for hours on end results in him pitifully sprawling to the ground.
  • Recurring Boss: Anima, an intangible Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl that pulls Sebastian into visions of Beacon Mental Hospital, and tasks him with evading her. She can also randomly appear in the Residential District too, often if you're walking along the East side of the map in the suburbs.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: While mooks had glowing eyes in the first game too, the enemies in this game have eyes that brightly glow an intense, bloody red.
    • After Sebastian shoots Myra in desperation, she recoils back to reveal that underneath her tangled hair is a mass of glowing red eyes.
  • Red Shirt Army: Pretty much every Mobius operative within STEM has been butchered by the monsters by the time Sebastian gets there. The Search Team members don't fare much better.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: Sebastian can acquire his old revolver after his final encounter with Anima. He even refers to it as "his trusty revolver" after he gets it.
  • Scripted Event: Happens all the time in Union, especially in the early chapters. To make the open world actually scary, the developers constrained the size of it, then filled just about every corner with some unique challenge or interesting reward- for example, climbing a building on the same street of the first hideout you get to allows you to obtain the sniper rifle.
  • Sequel Difficulty Drop: Survival, the game's "Normal" mode, is easier than the original game's normal mode. Inverted with Nightmare, which is actually harder than the original game's hard mode.
  • Sequel Escalation:
    • The crossbow from the first game returns, and can now create tripwire traps.
    • Weapons and character upgrades are now full fledged upgrade trees. Higher tier upgrades include powerful new abilities like Bullet Time aiming but require rare items.
  • Sequel Hook: If you find all the photo slides, Kidman reveals to Sebastian that Joseph is still alive, and promises to tell him more later. Ruvik is also still out there somewhere, assuming he really did take over Leslie's mind in the first game, planning who knows what, and is implied to be the one who reactivates the STEM machine at the end of the game. He also might not be very happy that Kidman destroyed Mobius before he could. There's also a file that mentions Mobius' plans to create a wireless STEM capable of inserting people into it with no direct connection to the STEM machine.
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: Discussed / acknowledged In-Universe — if you hit the maximum 100k point prize on the Candy Crush-esque shooting minigame, Sebastion remarks that he should go back to the whole "finding [his] daughter thing".
  • Sliding Scale of Antagonist Vileness: Inverted. The first major villain, Stefano, is a monstrous Mad Artist, followed by Father Theodore, who is a cruel and egotistical Manipulative Bastard but also a Knight Templar who earnestly believes he's building a perfect utopia, and then Myra, who is outright pitiable and only acted the way she did because of Union warping her motherly instincts. Of course, if one counts the Administrator, it could be a Zigzagged Trope, as it turns back around again.
  • Sinister Minister: Another new villain, Father Theodore, is in charge of a Religion of Evil within STEM and wants to get his hands on Lily, likely for the same reason Valentini does.
  • Shout-Out:
    • While moving down a street early on, the entire area in front of Sebastian collapses, leaving a giant, impassable chasm, much like in Silent Hill.
    • Before Sebastian was sent into STEM, Mobius sent in a team to try and get the system under control, similar to in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, when Umbrella deployed the UBCS in an attempt to contain the outbreak in Raccoon City.
      • There are also multiple apparent nods to Resident Evil 7, such as the similar crafting interface and a scene of a Haunted trying to force feed a boy some rotten food.
      • Father Theodore being a corrupt priest and plotting to use Lily for his own ends parallels Saddler and his plan for Ashley in Resident Evil 4.
      • The cinematic at the beginning of the game that shows Sebastian drinking his sorrows away and starting a Bar Brawl with the people attempting to recruit him recalls the intro of Chris Redfield's campaign in Resident Evil 6.
    • There are also some references to other Bethesda games, which take the form of collectibles:
      • Sebastian used to own a statue which is the exact copy of the logo for The Elder Scrolls Online.
      • Sebastian can find a coffee mug with the Transtar logo on it.
      • Also hidden is a small, non-functioning model of the rocket launcher from Quake; picking it up triggers the Quad Damage sound from Quake II and Quake III: Arena.
      • There's also a Doomguy action figure laying around. And yep, it even plays a short, tinny sample of the classic E1M1 music when you find it.
      • Also hidden around somewhere is Corvo's mask from Dishonored.
      • One can also find a Panzerhund action figure stashed away somewhere; picking it up triggers the pickup item sound from that game.
      • Finally, there's a Vault Boy statue around somewhere.
    • In the French version of the game, when introducing the shooting range, Tatiana says that she knows Sebastian will do his very best, like no one ever has.
    • The Achievements/Trophies in the game are references from pop-culture:
    • Stefano's motifs take heavy influence from Twin Peaks: the red curtains, black and white striped floors, lounge furniture, emphasis on camera equipment and dark, high-contrast lighting all look eerily similar to the Waiting Room of the Black Lodge.
    • The flavor text for the Magnum mentions that it's "the most powerful handgun in the world, and could blow your head clean off."
    • The flavor text for one of the unlockable outfits is "You got knocked down, but you got up again."
    • One of the businesses in Union is Sons of Liberty Credit Union.
  • Scenery Gorn: As the stem starts to fall apart, we get scenes of mind-bending and downright apocalyptic devastation happening to Union.
  • Scenery Porn: The center of Union, where Myra resides, is a huge expanse of snow with the remnants of Union orbiting high above. It's a very striking area, and the string quartet playing in the background allows the player to relax and prepare for the inevitable final battle.
  • Stupidity Is the Only Option: You'll occasionally come across obvious, gleaming tripwires set up by Stefano that trap you in slow-motion and usually send enemies after you (who also, thankfully, move in slo-mo). As plainly visible as they are, there's no way to disarm or shimmy under these, so if one is in your way and there's no alternate path, you'll just have to trip it.
  • Take That, Us: A lighthearted one: the final reward for beating the game, following "legitimate" rewards like cosmetic outfits, Classic difficulty, and New Game+, is cinematic letterboxing mode (for the "ultimate" experience)! This is after the first game's complaints about letterboxing, which resulted in a patch allowing letterboxing to be removed.
  • Title Drop: Spoofed via an Easter Egg if the player goes back to O'Neal's safehouse during Chapter 8 (note, emphasis is in the subtitles):

    O'Neal: I told you I wasn't going to leave this place. It's fucking EVIL out there.
    Sebastian: That may be...but there's EVIL WITHIN, TOO...
    (Both slowly turn and look at the camera.)

  • Too Awesome to Use: Averted, thanks to the crafting system. Bullets for the Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle and the unlockable Magnum are seldom-to-never found in the wild or dropped by enemies, but you can make whatever ammo you're short on using gunpowder, which is commonly found even if you don't do a lot of snooping around the maps, and is quite abundant if you do.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Mobius as a whole for thinking it was a good idea implanting chips directly connected to the STEM into the brains of ALL of their members, making it easy for Myra to wipe them all out in one fell swoop.
  • Uncanny Valley: Invoked; Just like in the first game, a lot of the monsters you encounter throughout the game fall under this category with their creepyfacialexpressions and inhuman characteristics.
  • Utopia Justifies the Means: Mobius' ultimate goal is to connect all of humanity through the STEM to bring about world peace, even if it means creating a Lotus-Eater Machine, performing highly inhumane experiments, and ruthlessly eliminating anybody that gets in their way.
  • Video Game Flamethrowers Suck: You can kill Harbingers to get flamethrower fuel tanks and combine them with the Broken Flamethrower you get from defeating O’Neal to make a flamethrower for Sebastian. While it’s coverage is huge, it slows Sebastian’s movement speed to a crawl and chews through ammo so quickly that it’s hardly worth the effort it takes to make it. It does work pretty well against Laura, should you go to the extra trouble.
  • Voice with an Internet Connection: Sebastian has a communicator that allows him to talk to Kidman outside of STEM, though he doesn't think too highly of her after she revealed her true colors three years ago.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?:
    • At one point in the game it's possible to rescue and have a conversation with an unmutated Union citizen. You don't learn her name and she's never seen again.
    • After you complete Sykes' sidequest, he takes a backdoor out of STEM. However, a file you can read afterwards reveals that the method Sykes used only has a 25% success rate, with the failures possibly being sent into a deeper level of the STEM with no hope of escape. No mention is made of Sykes again, and even Sebastian wonders if he actually made it out.
    • Later in the game, after you collect all of the photo slides, Sebastian finds out from Kidman that Joseph is in fact still alive. However, this is not elaborated on as Kidman only vaguely promises to tell Sebastian the full story later.
  • Yet Another Stupid Death: Failing to stay out of Stefano's sight early in the game prompts him to freeze Sebastian with his camera and slash open his throat faster than you can say "cheese".
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: The head of Mobius planned to do this to Sebastian in the end. Kidman attempted to stop him from terminating Sebastian at the same time Sebastian finds his daughter in STEM. With the help of Myra's psychic influence, they succeed in stopping the head of Mobius and his mooks.
  • You Have Researched Breathing: Sebastian starts the game with the knowledge on how to perform sneak attacks on unaware enemies from behind, but needs some Green Gel to learn how to sneak attack monsters from cover. He also can throw bottles to distract enemies, but needs a trip to the nurse’s office to figure out how to smash them into someone’s face to escape a grab.
  • You Shouldn't Know This Already: You cannot craft special bolts for the Warden Crossbow until you find a completed one somewhere in the game, even if you have the parts to make it yourself. Presumably Sebastian has to reverse-engineer a bolt to figure out how it's made.


Stefano Valentino

Stefano Valentino, serial killer and fine-artist, given god-like powers within the mindscape of Union

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Mad Artist

the evil within 2 how to craft ammo

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: The Evil Within 2 - Sebastian's Room: Upgrade Freeze Bolts & Craft Ammo Workbench Gameplay

Here I am in Chapter 7 and I have no handgun or sniper bullets, and mirros in this game that if you are having to craft without one, you are.

the evil within 2 how to craft ammo
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