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Trove how to craft phoenix
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Published on ● Video Link:

HOW TO CRAFT "FREE" PHOENIX in TROVE! ✪ How / Where to Get Fiery Feathers

Sign up for Trove with the following link & I'll receive a small % for any store item you purchase
✎ Trove Adventures has added so much new content, including a NEW Forbidden Spires Biome and a new Fiery Feather item dropped from enemies in the new world. But what are Fiery Feathers used for? To craft the FREE Phoenix: Onbari, Empress of the Southern Skies, 1 of 5 Forbidden Spires Mounts!
✍ Trove is a Free to Play open-world voxel MMORPG that I've been playing for years. Build worlds or farm dungeons, Trove is free, so try it out!

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trove adventures

The is the part 2 of the "Hardest Mounts to Achieve" posts. Thanks for some of the suggestions for the mounts you guys! Also, thanks for the support on the last post, hope I get around the same or even more. Disclaimer; Once again, not using mastery mounts and this list is not in any particular order.

By the way,


Yabaki, the Cast Shadow

Not too much is known about this current mount but I'll tell you about what we do know. It's also so unknown that I don't have too much information.

Yabaki's ability is the opposite of Ganda's, instead of creating blocks, it destroys them. But just like Ganda, this ability only works in non-claimed pieces of land. Because of that, Yabaki was given the nickname, "Shadow Ganda".

The way of getting this mount is by participating in a special promotional giveaway held by TrionsWorld. The players who login everyday starting from 12AM PST December 13, 2017 and ending on 11:59 PM PST January 4, 2018 receive one entry to "Holiday Login to Win Sweepstakes". After the event ends, a random group of people will be chosen from the entries will receive Yabaki.



Onbari, Empress of the Southern Skies

Onbari, is one of two Phoenix Mounts currently in the game. The second mount is a mastery mount that is not going to be on this list. She was implemented into the game when the Adventures Update came out, I found out about her because, Scythe, a famous Trove YouTuber, uses her as his current main mount for a few of his characters.

Onbari's model is the dragon model but unlike the dragons, it cannot shoot fireballs. The reason it's weird is because a true Phoenix is a fiery bird but Onbari has 4 limbs she uses to walk with. A suggestion that Scythe made, was that they could've used the Butterfly Model and just retexture it to make look more like a Phoenix.

Now onto the part where I tell you guys how to obtain her. She is a craft-able mount, this statement probably confuses you guys because she is a craft-able mount. I have reasons though. One reason is because of cinnabar. Currently, cinnabar is newly released, the prices are a bit high for an ore, until it lowers down, this would counts as a reason. The second reason is because you also need fiery feathers. Fiery Feathers is an item that rarely drops from normal mobs in Forbidden Spires, and when I say rare, I mean extremely rare.



Hyper Pinata EX

This mount is a Piñata Mount. It's no ordinary Piñata mount so I'll tell you a reason why. The reason is because it is one of two flying piñata mounts in the game. Another thing about both of the mounts is that they also both shoot fireballs. This results as them both having dragon-like characteristics.

Now, I'm pretty sure the wings are just the wings from the event where the Shadow Piñata Invaders came. I forgot what the wings were called but I'm 50% sure that they are called Piñata Partifiers. The shooting part should be talked about right about now. So, just like any ancestral or legendary dragon, you just need a press of a button and WAPOW! A ball of whatever it shoots comes flying out. Once again, my research on this mount is not all correct so some of the statements might be invalid.

Hyper Piñata EX is a rare drop from golden ticket chests. Golden ticket chests were only obtainable through the One Year Anniversary Event. It was held in 2016 but not in 2017 so there may be a chance that there may not be one in 2018 but we'll just wait and see don't we? That also means that HPEX is also a mount you cannot obtain anymore so good luck on trying to get them.



Indurion, the Unwavering

This mount is another dragon I'm adding on to the list since it also takes a long time to grind for. It looks like a dragon with two tentacles as horns near the jaw and it has an Eye of Q'bthulu for of course, it's eye.

This dragon also has some of the best VFX ever in the history of Trove! The devs better up there game for making Mounts since the modding community already got goods against them

Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!                            Coughs.. Sorry 'bout that guys, really wanted to say that. Anyways, Indurion's flying stats are pretty much all normal for a dragon, well the VFX of this dragon and the time needed is really all that is special about this dragon.

You need dragon coins and other shadowy related stuff like that for him but there is a reason why I put Indurion here. His fragments are the reason, you have to get the fragments out of shadow caches out of the karma bar or karma luck, they are also insanely rare so it will take a long time just to even get one! Guess how much you need to while you're trying to get him, a whopping 50 Fragments! Imagine how much precious time you would waste just trying to get all of them. At the end of the day though, you should really just do whatever you want.



This is the part 2 of headache posts. Just kidding, you guys actually fell for that, hahaha... Anyways, this is Part 2 of Hard Mounts to Achieve, and yes I repeated what I said from the beginning and yes I used the same template I used for the part 1 of these posts. Also, your welcome for cutting off one mount from the list, and this is the last part for this series.


Tipsy Sliding Out!

May 24, The Antique Trove is just two miles from the hotel and has Product photos done by Laurel Morley Butterfield Craft Cocktails, Bar Cart.

Calling all Trovians!

My name is Ricky “Din Othar” White, Senior Producer for Trove, and I’m here to offer you a look at the great content the team has been preparing for you over the last months. This is literally the first time these features have been revealed and I’m delighted to let you be the first to know.

I am ecstatic to announce that Trove – Adventures, a massive free content expansion for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, will release on November 14th! Including features requested by you, the Trove community, this update evolves the expansive Trove geography, and has some very cool surprises that we know you’re going to love. This is the highly anticipated “club update” that we’ve been hinting at, so let’s take a deeper look at what it brings to the table!

Clubs and Adventures
Clubs can now level up! Clubs gain experience through participation in the new Adventure system. As a club’s level increases, slots are unlocked to support new types of structures called fixtures. These fixtures provide stats, boosts, and bonuses, some that have never been seen before in Trove. I have two fixtures that I absolutely love in Trove – Adventures: one adds a new Gem Efficiency stat that reduces the amount of dust required to upgrade gems, and the other gives you the Double Hit stat that grants a chance to deal double damage in combat! At the release of the update, we’ll include 18 different fixtures, each of which can be upgraded twice, creating a ton of different combos. It’ll be up to your club’s leadership to decide which fixtures are placed down at a given time and in what order they are upgraded!

Players of all levels can use the new Club Adventure Portals located in the Club Headquarters at the Hub World. After jumping through the portal, they’ll arrive at a club’s Adventure Fixture, the home for our new Adventure NPCs. Admins of that club will spawn NPCs like Davey Drowner the Skeletal Pirrot or Snackle the Golden Chaos Chest Mimic. These NPCs give out exciting new adventures that anyone can take on, ranging from simple, like fishing up an old boot, to challenging, like defeating a Shadow Titan! There’s a rumor that Ganda the Sky Shepherd can spawn in a club world as an adventure NPC – will you be the first to discover if it’s true?

Additionally, Club permissions just got a whole lot better, as club leaders can now link individual permissions to ranks. The system is fully customizable, letting leaders decide who can do what! We’ve added a couple new ranks like President, the sole leader of a club, and Enforcer – you know – the person who really gets stuff done. Players will also designate one of their five clubs as their “main club”, enabling them to receive fixture benefits from it.

The Forbidden Spires
The thing I’m most excited about though is an amazing new biome called the Forbidden Spires! This great new Eastern-themed landscape visually replaces the Uber-6 prime world and appears randomly in other prime worlds. Explore its magnificent peaks and valleys while adventuring through all-new dungeons, obtaining great décor recipes, gathering the new mining resource known as cinnabar, and collecting feathers to craft your very own Ancient Phoenix mount!

Mastery and Leaderboards
The mastery system is now uncapped, allowing you to gain benefits for all the mastery points you’ve accumulated! We expect the top mastery players to reach the mid-500s with this update, with infinite room to grow in the future. Some adjustments have been made to the passive stats granted by each mastery rank to consider the uncapped nature of this system. Time to get your collecting on; will you be among the first to unlock the new Mastery Pegasus?

We’re also ready to release the highly anticipated changes to leaderboards. All Power Rank and Mastery leaderboards have been adjusted so players with the highest score per week are ranked the highest – meaning that all players will need to put in weekly effort if they want to be eligible for great rewards. Gold names will now be awarded to the top 2,000 Trove players per platform that have the highest Mastery totals week over week. I can’t wait to see which of our clubs place the highest on our new Club Power Rank leaderboard! A club’s Power Rank is calculated based on the combined Power Rank of its top 50 members, and the President of a top 20 club will receive a coveted blue name for a week!

More Great Stuff
But that’s not all…. Here’s a summary of the other features included in this colossal update.

  • New Tutorial – Learn how to play Trove in style with this new walkthrough!
  • Adventure Window – An awesome way to track adventures, events, challenges, dungeons, tome progress, and your daily cubit bar.
  • LED Blocks – A new vibrant block type that can be set to various blinking cycles. Mostly, you use it to make some really cool signs. I mean, I make cool signs with them.
  • Frameworks – Pre-constructed block arrangements that can be placed down all at once in your club world. BAM! A wild castle appeared.
  • Plasma Fishing – It’s finally here! Fish in plasma to your heart’s content.
  • Forged Stellar Souls – Stellar items can now be loot collected, resulting in Forged Stellar Souls instead of Forged Radiant Souls.
  • Radiant and Stellar Rings – 250 skill Ringcrafters can use Radiant, and Stellar Souls to create these great new rings! If you like it, then you shoulda put…I’ll show myself out.

Over the next month as we work our way up to the release of Adventures, we’ll dish out even more info on this exciting new stuff. If you want to experience everything I just talked about, then head on over to our Public Test Server later this week for a full content preview. Your feedback is warmly welcomed. You’ll even be able to copy your live character over to our test servers!

That’s all for now, and I hope you’re as hyped for Trove – Adventures as I am. Stay connected with us by watching our Friday Livestreams at, and follow us on social media at and

See you in Trove!
Ricky “Din Othar” White
Senior Producer

Talk to us about Trove – Adventures in this forum thread!

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Onbari, Empress of the Southern Skies

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The Lunar New Year Dragon brood has arrived in Trove and brings with it an all new way to unlock dragons!

Sign into Trove by March 1st and find the Dormant Egg available for free on the in game store. Once you’ve collected the egg, combine it with Flux, Dragon Coins, and Primordial Flame at the Dragon Crucible in the Hub to unlock Selene, the Celestial Storm!

There are now multiple ways to acquire Dragon Coins:
  • In the Goods tab of the Trove Store you can buy 5 Dragon Coins at a time for 750 Cubits
  • Challenges now drop Lesser Dragon Caches that commonly contain Flux, uncommonly contain a few Dragon Coins, and rarely drop tradable Dragon Coins!
  • Your first completed Challenge of the day will grant 5 Dragon Coins
  • A bonus Dragon Coin is granted for finishing the final tier of a Challenge
  • Owners of the legendary Dragon Coin Tome will now receive 25 Dragon Coins each week when it’s triggered
  • If you have previous dragon caches stored away, have no fear! These have been upgraded to grant 3 Dragon Coins (up from 1) at Common and 20 Dragon Coins (up from 5) at Rare!

We’ve also added a new item, the Golden Lunar New Year Egg that is available as a bonus item when buying the new $99.99 Lunar Special Credit Pack on the Trove Store. This tradable egg can be used by you, given to a friend, or sold on the Marketplace and immediately hatches Selene, the Celestial Storm when opened!

Greater Dragon Caches are also new to Trove. Found in the Goods tab, these caches commonly contain 10 Dragon Coins, uncommonly drop 50 Dragon Coins, and very rarely drop enough Dragon Souls to complete one of our previous dragons, or a Golden New Year Dragon Egg!

The new look and feel of this gorgeous dragon brood is just a glimpse at the many amazing things on the horizon for Trovians everywhere!

Hey folks!

Trove will be coming offline on Tuesday to roll out the Monkey Business Edition patch. We'll bring the servers down at 7 AM PST (3 PM GMT) and expected down time is 3 hours.

I'll keep this post updated if we come back online early, or need a bit more time.

  • Chaos Week! The number of Chaos Chests you get each day due to Chaos Factor is doubled for this week. Top Chaos Chest loot is Shock (the Monkey) ally (be sure to /dance when you pick up this perky primate)!
  • The Lunar New Year Dragon brood is here! With the new brood comes a brand new way to unlock dragons!
  • The Lunar New Year Dormant Egg is available for free at the in-game store. Combine this egg with Dragon Coins, Primordial Flame, and Flux at the Dragon Crucible underneath the Hub to unlock the legendary Selene, the Celestial Storm! This egg is available now through March 7th!
  • A new, limited time, $100 Credit Pack is now on the store. This pack contains $100 worth of Credits and a bonus tradable Golden Lunar New Year Egg, which immediately hatches Selene, the Celestial Storm, with no additional materials required!
Game Updates
  • The materials for creating Dragon Souls have been adjusted. In addition to 4 Dragon Coins (except for Azulian which costs 10 Dragon Coins) you’ll still need a Golden Soul, but the third ingredient (varies by souls) has been reduced by 50% or more.
  • Crafting a Purified Dragon Flame now requires 50x Primordial Flames and 300x Radiant Shards, but no longer requires Dragon Coins.
  • The Dragon Coin Tome now grants 25 Dragon Coins per week when triggered.
  • 5 Dragon Coins are now granted the first time you complete a Challenge on any given day.
  • Challenges now grant Lesser Dragon Caches when you complete the first two tiers. These caches contain flux, Dragon Coins, and, rarely, tradable Dragon Souls.
  • Completing the last tier of a challenge grants an additional guaranteed Dragon Coin
  • Dragon Coins now deconstruct into 25 glim (down from 100)
  • Previously existing Dragon Caches should now drop 3 coins at Uncommon (up from 1) and 20 coins at Rare (up from 5).
  • Dragon Coins can no longer be traded, nor used as currency on the Auction House.
  • Dragon Souls crafted from the Dragon Crucible can no longer be traded. Any previously crafted Dragon Souls will remain tradable.
  • Origin Portals once again take you to the main spawn point of the world.
  • Patron now doubles daily Cubits earned from filling the star bar.
Trove Store
  • Greater Dragon Caches added to the store! These new caches contain 10 Dragon Coins at common, 50 at uncommon, and very rarely a complete set of souls required for one of the existing dragons or a golden dragon egg (all tradable). Greater Dragon Caches are found in the Goods tab for 250 Credits.
  • Dragon Coins can now be bought from the store 5 at a time for 750 Cubits (check the Goods tab)
  • The legendary Tome of Growth (grants insta-growers) is back on the store!
Bug Fixes
  • Fix Intra-Club Transit portals still teleporting players to location of portals destroyed by terraforming. Those affected by this should now be able to teleport to the bad portal locations to cause the server to fix that bad teleport.
  • Fixed a bug with the Wednesday fishing bonus where it wasn't applying the full speed increase (or even most of it).

Hey folks!

Trove will be coming offline on Tuesday to roll out the Heart Attack edition path. We'll bring the servers down at 7 AM PST (3 PM GMT) and expected down time is 1 hour.

I'll keep this post updated if we come back online early, or need a bit more time.

  • Hellbug Invaders from Defiance have infested Trove just in time for Valentine’s Day. These Hellbugs are in love – with carnage! Get unique Hellbug Adventure boxes and unlock the rare Bashful Lovebug.
  • Power Rank is here! This new stat combines Mastery, Character Level, Unlocked Dragons, and Equipment Quality (including Allies, Flasks, and Emblems) into one number to rule them all.
  • Portals formerly gated by level are now gated by Power Rank.
  • The Power Rank Sigil now appears over the heads of players close to you. The Sigil is comprised of the shield (Power Rank) and wings (Mastery Rank). The higher the rank, the more ornate.
  • Double Dragon! For this week only, your first Challenge completed each day will give TWO Starlight Dragon Souls!
  • Heart-A-Phones are on sale this week for 90% off!
Game Updates
  • Just in time for Valentine's Day, Heart-A-Phone stats are now tracked. Use "/stats" to see how many hearts you have received, and how many hearts you have sent. And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make, don't let numbers replace true companionship. These stats are not retroactive.
  • Increased health pools on Uber 3 and higher to account for increased player damage. Depending on your mastery and dragon progress this may result in longer kill times, though for fully maxed and damage focused characters this will still be faster than it is now.
  • We have updated daily bonuses, Wednesday is now faster fishing (goodbye forever Glim), Saturday is bonus adventure experience (XP) and Sunday is bonus PvP XP (winners only)
  • Patron now doubles your daily bonuses.
  • Each mastery rank up to 5 now requires 50 points to earn down from 100. Each rank from 6 to 10 now requires 75 points to earn also down from 100.
  • Using community and club chests and the trading post now require mastery rank 10 instead of 5.
  • Mastery no longer gives stat bonuses at specific ranks
  • Mastery no longer awards consumable or tradable items.
  • Earn a non-tradable Class Coin at Mastery Rank 3 and 25 (granted automatically if you've already achieved those ranks).
  • Mastery now gives +0.2% damage and +0.5% health per rank and contributes +1 Power Rank.
  • Surestrike Emblem's duration is now 5 seconds (down from 6).
  • Valorous Vial now has an internal cooldown on its effect to restore a flask charge, it will take about 15 seconds before it can trigger again
  • NPCs now receive less damage while standing in lava.
  • In addition to the stats already provided by dragon spirits, they now increase either damage by +250 or max health by +1000
  • Enemies spawned by swarm quests now have vastly reduced health. More enemies are also required to win the quest, but swarm quests will be overall much faster to complete than before. We will be improving how quickly they spawn after death in a future update.
  • When another player gets your Battle Trophy you are now notified.
  • When a player acquires a GM/Dev Battle Trophy a unique message will be displayed.
  • Following this patch all GM/Dev Battle Trophies dropped will also have a unique tooltip when viewed in your inventory or when the trophy block is inspected. This change is not retroactive.
  • GMs and Devs can now opt to always drop trophies during PvP matches. You should definitely hunt them down.
  • Some Shadow Tower floors are now have more restrictive access requirements.
Trove Store
  • Classes can no longer be purchased with Cubits. See above re: free classes via mastery. As always you can acquire tradable Class Coins via the Player Marketplace.
  • There is now a free class coin on the Store for any players who have at least 5 Patron Points. Patron Points can be earned by purchasing real money items from the Trove Store.
  • All existing class packs are now available as rotating store deals.
  • New Chaos Chest Loot this week: Get 2 Xero Line wings or 2 at a time of all other rare weekly Chaos loot. Give one to your sweetheart!
  • The Chaos Chest this week also has a rare result of 5 Heart a Phones. #YOLO #TrueLove
  • You can now buy Omni Style Surprise in the Trove Store under the Goods tab for Credits and Cubits. When used, these will unlock a random equipment style that you don't already have unlocked!
  • The Starter Pack has been updated! It now grants 5 days of Patron, the Sir Sebastian mount, 750 Credits, the Dark Hood helmet style, and a Class Coin!
  • Power Pack has been updated! It now grants 15 days of Patron Pass in addition to: 2 Class Coins, 2000 of every Primal Block, Wings of the Phoenix, SS Trovian ship (with sail), Trovian Supecycle mount, and the Trove Topper helm. It no longer contains two flask coins.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where Fae Trickster's Blink ability sometimes didn't teleport at certain heights
  • Fixed bug where only Club members could use the Portal crafting bench.
  • Attempting to join Club members (who are not also friends) through the Club UI should work again.

Valentine’s Day approaches and love is in the air! While you were out shopping for roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, Defiance hellbugs have infested Trove’s shattered realms! Take part in this special crossover event to earn rewards in both Trove and Defiance.

Defiance is a third-person, futuristic, online open-world shooter where thousands of players scour a transformed Earth competing for alien technology. Defiance is Free to Play on Windows, Xbox 360 or PS3!

Hellbug Infestation
Start: 8AM PST (3PM GMT) – Tuesday, February 9, 2016
End: 7AM PST (2PM GMT) – Tuesday, February 23, 2016

During this event you’ll be able to unlock two gorgeous hellbug mounts for Trove and the brand new Ground Pounder3 in Defiance!

To unlock your items in Trove:
  • Defeat hellbug invaders in Trove to collect Skittering Heart Boxes for a chance to unlock the Pink Hellbug mount!
  • Log into Defiance and take down 50 Monarch Hellbugs from the Colony Courtship Arkfalls to unlock the Red Hellbug mount in Trove

To unlock your Defiance item:
  • Log into Trove and reach Battle Rank 5 in PvP

If you decide to play Defiance on console click here for instructions on linking your console to your Glyph account to unlock these rewards.

Explore a partially terraformed future earth while collecting an arsenal of amazing weapons in Defiance then dive back into Trove where you can reshape the world and the only limit is your imagination!

Display your power to the whole world with the new Power Rank system!

Your character level, Mastery, equipment, and unlocked dragons all contribute to create your Power Rank, the surefire way to show the world that you’re a boss!

Mouse over your Power Rank in the character sheet to see what is contributing to your current level.

Next to your Power Rank, you’ll see a Sigil that also displays above your head for other players to see. The Sigil is a combination of shield (Power Rank) and wings (Mastery Rank).

As you level up your character, increase your Mastery Rank, improve your gear, and unlock dragons, your Power Level will increase, making your Sigil more ornate (or "mor-nate," if you prefer).

Adventure Portals will check your Power Rank instead of class and gear level to determine if you’re ready for a specific world.

Wear your Sigil with pride - Power Rank supercharges all Trovians starting on February 9th!

Hey folks!

We will be performing rolling out the Game of Throne Edition patch on Tuesday.

The servers will come down at 7 AM PST (3 PM GMT) and expected down time is 60 minutes.

I'll keep this post updated if we come back online early, or need a bit more time.

  • The game is afoot! You might now be able to craft the Porter Potty mount. Yes really. Maybe. Don't say we didn't warn you (also, thanks Milambit, for everything - but especially this).
  • New Chaos Chest loot! Featuring Meownts and the BULL DOZER.
  • Adventure Box Madness! Adventure boxes drop at double rate, and all previous Adventure Boxes can drop (excluding Shadow's Eve Adventurer Chest)
Game Updates
  • Mimic blocks are available now, and can be crafted at the Cube Converter!
  • Loot celebrations now occur for rare Chaos Chest and Trove of Wonders loot! This will announce to your world chat that you’ve unlocked something awesome.
  • The names of the original Alpha supporters are now displayed in game. Somewhere. We don’t talk about fight club.
  • The level requirement for Sky Realm loot has been lowered to 10.
  • Reduced some Cubit rewards for the Golden Thread tutorial.
  • Since it was easy to sometimes list an item for the wrong price and not realize it, added a comma separator for prices listed on the Marketplace (under both the Buy and Sell tab).
  • Jump stat now represents total number of jumps instead number of air jumps (so falling off a ledge won’t consume a jump)
  • Slow Sebastian is now slightly slower (he has a charley horse)
  • The "Vials" tab under Collections>Flasks has been renamed to "Flasks."
  • In Capture the Flag Battle Arenas the flag can now be returned by players who are carrying their opponent’s flag.
  • Added Unit Price for items listed on the Buy Tab in the Marketplace.
  • Wings now have a "Glide" stat. The higher this stat, the slower you descend.
  • The Mastery Rank 5 wings now have a lower Glide stat.
  • Wings given through Mastery are now under the "Mastery" heading in the Collections>Wings window
  • In the Character Sheet when switching to the Mastery or Battle Level tabs, it will now auto-scroll to your current progress.
Trove Store
  • Added a new 'Sir Sebastian' mount to the Trove Store, available for both Credits and Cubits .
  • Adjusted Cubit prices in the Trove Store to ten times the number of Credits (the largest price changes are for the Overload Omniseat and Loveseat mounts).
  • Cubit cost of classes remains the same, so stock up now!
  • Some Emblems have had their price increased to unify pricing.
Bug Fixes
  • Black rectangles in Chloromancer - Evergreen Evoker's costume have been removed.
  • Fix intra-club linked portals teleporting to invalid location.
Thanks for your patience!

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Trove en Español - Como Conseguir el Phoenix

Producer's Letter: Trove – Adventures | gamigo US Inc. – Best free to play MMORPGs and collecting feathers to craft your very own Ancient Phoenix mount!.

gamigo’s Trove is Going Green with Latest Update!

With the release of the absolutely gigantic Adventures update, Trove has been expanded with an entirely new biome where strange wonders can be found -- from scuttling Jade Scarabs to shuffling Terracotta Warriors.

Of course, there are also new structures to craft and resources to find while delving into those ancient temples and exploring the bamboo forests. One such resource is the rarely-seen Fiery Feather, which is needed to craft a dragon mount.

Below, we cover how to farm those Fiery Feathers in Trove, along with what you can you do once you've amassed a sizable quantity of this rarely-seen resource.

The Feathers are just one part of the massive changes that recently arrived in Trove with the free Adventures update, so the game may be a bit different than you remember if you've been away for a while. Check out a full rundown of all the new Club Adventures, Fixtures, dragons, and more in our everything you should know guide. 

 There's a lot of fuss over this little guy!

Farming Fiery Feathers in Trove

Fiery Feathers aren't found in grass or ore veins like most resources, and they can't be traded with other players, so, unfortunately, you'll have to find your own -- and that means some serious farming.

At the moment, Fiery Feathers only appear in the Forbidden Spires addition, which is a prime world biome that has a chance of appearing in any Adventure Worlds leveled Uber 6 or higher.

You can locate Forbidden Spires biomes on the map by noticing the yellow background with a gold coin on the ground. Fiery Feathers can be farmed in either variant of the new biome -- the rainy and bamboo-filled Restless Range or the mountaintops and rivers of the Ancient Heights.

 Finding new enemies in the Forbidden Spires

So where do you actually get the Fiery Feathers? The resource is a rare drop that can come from defeating any of these mobs in the Forbidden Spires biome:

  • Jade Scarabs (often found in lairs/dungeons)
  • Jadebound Phantom (often found in lairs/dungeons)
  • Smoky Fox Phantom
  • Spire Rams
  • Terracotta Warriors (often found in lairs/dungeons)
  • Terracotta Giants
  • Sapphire Dragon Ogre
  • Jade Dragon Ogre
  • Amethyst Dragon Ogre
  • Cinnabar Dragon Ogre

The Fiery Feathers drop rate is quite low, so you'll have to spend a good amount of time exploring the Forbidden Spires or delving into dungeons in that biome to gather any.

  Keep hacking away at those Spire Rams!

Using Forbidden Spires Resources

What good are all those feathers anyway? You can use them to craft the new dragon mount named Onbari, Empress of the Southern Skies.

The mount can only be constructed at a Forbidden Workbench, which is another new component to the Adventures update, so keep an eye out for Forbidden Spires recipes!

Besides Onbari, the Adventures update also brings new dragon mounts Sarsaponia the Pristine (required items drop in water environments), Almakhestia Host of Starfire (required items drop in Shadow Towers), and Blocktron the Guardian Beyond the Sky (required items found at the club world market Fixture).

Fiery Feathers are also only one of several resources available in the Forbidden Spires. Sticky Ichor will drop from Jade Scarabs, for instance, while the brand new resource Cinnabar is found in ore veins throughout the biome. You will need this coveted resource for constructing many of the new items, buildings, and Fixtures that can be built with the Adventures update.

 Take to the skies on your brand new flaming dragon!

Which mob have you managed to get the most Fiery Feathers from while exploring the new Trove biome? Let us know in the comments section below! If you need help with any other aspect of this crafting-focused MMO, check out our full list of Trove guides here.

trove how to craft phoenix


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trove how to craft phoenix
Written by Zulkijin
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