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Conan exiles crafting stations how to lock them server settings
March 28, 2019 Family Restaurants 2 comments

Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Jens Erik)

Good morning my creatures of habit! Welcome back to the Conan Exiles community newsletter, where this week we’re going to talk about some things that have been happening recently. Sorry for missing last week, but with publishing Mutant Year Zero it’s been a busy time for Funcom’s Marketing team!

Things are moving forward in Conan Exiles land. As you may have seen in the last newsletter, we launched a public bug tracker board. This is part of our ongoing effort to keep the community informed about issues and bugs we’re currently working on. Here we will list and track critical issues brought up by the community.

To avoid the board getting too flooded, you won’t see everything currently under active development, but we hope this will keep you updated on the going son at the studio and the status of community reported issues. There’s also a full primer about the Trello board on our forums.

We would like to point out that even if something has been marked as “Fixed Internally”, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be immediately patched to the game. An internal fix still needs testing and iteration before we roll it out in a patch.

Testlive Update and Separate Client
There is a new build out on the Testlive branch! It contains a heap of bug fixes and quality of life updates, along with several exciting new mechanics for you to test out.

If you’re interested in seeing how all of this works in-game, check out our dev stream from last Friday:

Bows have been improved and power-shots have been re-implemented. You can now quickly fire off an arrow at an enemy or charge up your shoot for greater accuracy and power. We’ve also done several balance tweaks to arrows in order to increase the usability of specialty arrows.

Throwing weapons are revamped with the aim to establish them as a strong Cripple and damage option for short to mid-range combat. Throwing weapons will cripple regardless of which body part they hit, can stack, won’t break, and can be picked up after you’ve thrown them. Throwing axes can also be used as a wildcard replacement for any combo step, letting you throw instead of attacking, without losing your combo.

In this build we’re also introducing a new weapon archetype: The Katana. These hail from the remote land of Yamatai and come with an entirely new and unique move set. Their damage level sits between speers and hammers, with armor penetration equivalent to greatswords. We think it’s a fun little addition to the game, offering up some more variety when picking weapons.

We also rolled out Testlive as a separate, downloadable client on Steam. If you own Conan Exiles on Steam, you should now see a separate Product called “Conan Exiles - Testlive Client” in your library which gives you the option to install an additional instance of the game specifically for the TestLive servers. Please be aware that this will prompt you for a full additional installation.

The Testlive build will see more iterations and changes down the line before we feel confident about rolling it out to the live build. Please post your feedback, questions and comments about these new features on our Testlive subforum.

You’ve asked for it and it has finally happened: the mod auto-downloader is available for testing in the Testlive build! If you’re running a Testlive server with Testlive compatible mods, your players will get a pop-up when they try to join that will automatically start downloading mods. The client will then shut down and restart with the mods installed.

There are still some small issues that we need to test and iron out, though, so keep in mind that this feature isn’t 100% finished yet. We will post a proper explanation of how it works once final testing has been concluded.

As you can see from the Trello board, one of our main priorities at the moment is the Purge. It’s not working as well as we would like and so we’re working on improving it. We’ve changed how many Purge points you’ll get per action, and how often those points are assigned to your character. This will take care of the Purge meter not increasing.

Other things we’re changing include how the Purge chooses targets and who is liable to be attacked by a Purge, and we’re also working on fixing naked NPCs spawning in when the Purge attacks.

Undermeshing has been a hot topic on our forums recently and you’ll be happy to know we have a coder working on this as well. We’re looking into the different ways players push themselves under the map mesh in order to disable them, and we’ll also be adding more building blockers underneath the map to prevent players from building there.

That’s it for this week!


Conan Exiles - Community Director (Natascha)
Hello Exiles!

We have a new juicy TestLive patch for you. Besides a whole lot of fixes we also have a few new, exciting mechanics for you to test out.

Bows have gotten faster and more deadly! We recently added a selection of new advanced (and deadly) arrows and now we are happy to finally roll out a new feature set for the Bow.
  • The bow light attack combo is gone and has been replaced by a single fast shot with minimal after-shot recovery.
  • The heavy attack has been revamped and is now a charge-able aimed shot. Hold down Heavy Attack and then press Light Attack to shoot.
  • Holding down the Heavy Attack button increases the damage of the shot and if you hold it for long enough, the shot turns into a Power Shot with a flatter trajectory that is perfect for snipe shots!
We’ve done a number of balance tweaks to arrows in order to increase the usability of specialty arrows and taper the power/cost ratio of some specific arrow types:
  • High tier arrows now do more damage. This affects Razor, Hardened Steel and Star Metal arrows.
  • Snake and Light Arrows now do minimal physical damage. Snake arrows poison damage remains unaffected.
  • Light Arrows are now much cheaper to make. They require no feathers anymore and a single craft makes a stack of 10 arrows.
  • Healing Arrows are now much cheaper to make. They require Water Orbs instead of Dragonpowder.
  • Gas Arrows are now more expensive to make. They now require a Gas Orb instead of Ichor.
  • All specialty arrows are now much five times lighter!
Locomotion animation improvements
We have improved all jumping animations, including new take-offs, falling and landing animations that depend on the length of the fall.

Throwing weapon improvements
Lots of improvements coming in for throwing weapons with an aim to establish them as a very strong Cripple and damage option for short and mid ranges.
  • All throwing weapons can now be recovered! If you hit another player or NPC with your axe or javelin, the weapon will end up in the target’s inventory. If you miss and hit a surface instead, the weapon will be pickup-able by interacting with it.
  • All throwing weapons will cripple regardless of the body part hit.
  • All throwing weapons do not aim compensate for distance to the target. This system was making throws unpredictable and we have decided to remove it. Throwing weapons will still aim at the center of the target if you are target locking, but they won’t compensate for other types of shots. This means that you can land your shots more reliable in situations where you’re prediction your target’s movement or throwing before your target shows out from behind cover/corners/battlements.
  • Throwing axes now stack to 10 and never break!
  • Throwing axe throws now recover faster!
  • Throwing axe throws can be used as a wildcard replacement for any combo step. If you’re wielding a throwing axe, you can simply throw instead of attacking without losing your combo count. This means you can do stuff like Light -> Light -> Throw -> Heavy Finisher. Enjoy!
  • Throwing axes have a new flight effect.
New weapon archetype: Katana
We have introduced a new weapon type to the game. An ancient type of curved sword from the remote land of Yamatai: the Katana.

Katanas are two-handed swords with an entirely new and unique moveset. Their damage sits comfortably between spears and hammers with an armor penetration equivalent to that of the greatswords.

Katanas sport a range of unique features:
  • The katana light attack combo is frontal set of attacks with a fair amount of forwards motion. The light attack finisher does damage equivalent to the heavy finisher of other weapons and applies bleed.
  • The first light attack comes out very fast.
  • Katanas do not have a heavy combo. Instead they can be charged with the Heavy Attack button in a special stance that leads into a very quick dash-attack. This dash-attack does more damage the longer the Heavy Button is held and is released by pressing the Light Attack button while in the special stance.
  • Katana dash-attack goes through targets, ignoring collision. It’s a powerful tool to escape tight situations, even when not fully charged.
  • Katana dash-attacks can be used as a wildcard replacement for any combo step. This means you can use it as an opener, a link or a finisher and combine it freely with any of the light attacks.
Care for a game of dice? Well now you can! Get your friends together for a little gambling:
  • Chat input: /roll a b where a is the lowest number and b is the highest
    Example: /roll 1 100
This will produce an output in the local chat (meaning, other players should see the result as well) reading “[Playername] rolled a 4 (1-100)” where the 4 here is the actual result and the 1-100 is the min/max value
  • Chat input: /dice a b where a is number of dice and b is number of sides of the dice
    Example: /dice 2 6
This willproduce an output in the local chat reading “[Playername] rolled a 7 (2d6)” where 7 here is the actual result, and the 2d6 means “two six-sided dice”

You will now get a popup on your screen when you enter the area of another player, informing you who owns the area and structures placed.
You are able to toggle this feature on and off in the settings.

(see further down for more info)

Please note that due to the sheer amount of changes, we are still adding patch note entries as we go. Some of the fixes have to undergo some additional final testing and we will add those as soon as we have the OK after QA has done their final pass.
  • Fixed a bug where equipping a Javelin would block stamina regeneration and would allow stamina-free melee attacks to be performed
  • Fixed a bug where explosive arrows were doing damage on PvE servers
  • Fixed a bug where players would often get stuck inside Rhinos when fighting them
  • Fixed a bug where archer thralls could provide you with an infinite amount of arrows
  • Fixed a bug where player’s body would disappear from the map
  • Fixed a bug where the character had drinking sounds when eating
  • Fixed a bug where players could kill human NPCs who have dialogue options
  • Fixed a bug with online server Steam invites not being sent
  • Fixed a bug where thralls and pets would disappear when moved too far
  • Fixed a bug where dragging an item from a Crafting Station and dropping it on a stack of said items in the inventory would not create an entry in the Event Log
  • Fixed a bug where the player was unable to scroll through Thrall recipes in Crafting Stations when using a gamepad
  • Fixed a bug where players where able to instantly kill other players by disabling their network adapter
  • Fixed a bug where knocking out an NPC and letting them bleed to death would cause the NPC to respawn double
  • Fixed a bug where applying a mod kit to Claws of Jhebbal Sag would reduce its expiration timer to five seconds
  • Adjusted certain places were building is not intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Star Metal Nodes not taking enough damage to break their shell
  • Pets and Thralls will no longer instantly die from falling damage
  • Adjusted spawn timers for some of the rare T4 NPCs

NPC/Animal/Thrall Adjustments
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to loot XX_Unarmed items from Thralls
  • Fixed a bug where the piglet’s and boar piglet’s health points where out of balance
  • Fixed a bug where harvesting piglets would provide Wild Boar Head and Tusks
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs could fall through rocks near Hunter’s View, near the Sinkhole, and Stormwatch.
  • Fixed a bug where The Barrow King couldn’t be shot in the head
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs in the Temple of Frost couldn’t damage the player when hiding between Black Ice nodes
  • Fixed a bug with Yog Priests using Yog Cleaver instead of a proper weapon
  • Fixed a bug where the Swamp King would not aggro on sight
  • Fixed a bug where Ravenous Wolves could not be damaged
  • Fixed a bug where a dead, tamed Shaleback would only drop carcass when harvested with a skinning knife
  • Fixed a bug where Jaguar’s head could not be obtained through harvesting
  • Fixed a bug where Sewer Abomination’s blocked attacks would knock it back
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs near the entrance to the throne room in the Witch Queen dungeon would lose aggro.
  • Fixed a bug where the Boar boss had too little health
  • Fixed a bug where the Boar Boss would lose aggro from a very short distance
  • Fixed a bug where harvesting a Pet Camel with a Sickle or Cleaver would only yield Camel Carcass
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs would lose their animation when released from bindings in single player mode
  • Fixed a bug where skeletons would bleed when hit
  • Fixed a bug where human NPCs were missing nameplates
  • Fixed a bug where the player could not interact with, and was able to kill Vathis the Hierophant
  • Fixed a bug where the Kinscourge would lose aggro towards the player when the player was hiding behind the balustrade
  • Fixed a bug where the Jaguar boss couldn’t attack the player when standing in a particular place
  • Fixed a bug where The Degenerate spawned two corpses when killed
  • Fixed a bug where big scorpions would give Exotic Flesh instead of Feral Flesh
  • Fixed a bug where undead Shalebacks would not aggro the player unless attacked first
  • Fixed a bug where the far left item in the inventory of an Archer Thrall would disappear when the thrall started shooting
  • Fixed a bug where the Rhino boss could not receive melee or ranged damage
  • Fixed a bug where Throwing Axes used by thralls would not be functional on dedicated servers
  • Fixed a bug where skeletons near the Sinkhole would lose their masks when killed
  • Fixed a bug with health bar and npc name plate being placed seperately
  • Pets and Thralls will no longer instantly die from falling damage
  • Locust Queen Pet will now attack
  • Pets and Thralls will now honor the players target and attack accordingly.
  • You can no longer interact with a thrall that you don’t own.

  • Fixed a bug with the same SFX being played upon arrows’ impact when hitting NPC and terrain
  • Fixed a bug where water could be heard in areas without water in Hanuman’s Grotto
  • Fixed a bug where rain SFX could be heard inside The Eye That Never Closes.
  • Fixed a bug with muffled SFX being heard from Blacksmith’s Bench.
  • Fixed a bug where the horn sound would loop during a Purge

  • Fixed a bug with missing journal icons
  • Fixed a bug where control tooltips would overlap when the player was blocked from placing a thrall
  • Fixed a bug with misaligned Decorative Warpaint keywords
  • Fixed a bug with multiple cut off letters in the Feats’ Teaches sections
  • Fixed a bug with certain furnace related items, Rocknose Egg, and Spider Egg-sac lacking keywords
  • Fixed a bug where Hoar-Frost Hatched was missing Hallowed and Ritual Harvest keywords
  • Fixed a bug with improper placement of keywords for all pets
  • Fixed a bug where the bow’s ammo icon was staying in the Main Hand slot after unequipping the weapon
  • Fixed a bug where adding or taking items from containers could visually add or remove five inventory slots.
  • Fixed a bug where Wooden Targe feat was missing from the Weapons tab
  • Fixed a bug where the Obsidian Tools feat was missing from the Survival tab
  • Fixed a bug where items could not be looted from a Tannery via Inventory Preview
  • Fixed a bug with a placeholder icon next to the Night-Eye Potion’s effect
  • Fixed a bug with misleading keywords in certain Relic Hunter armor pieces
  • Changed the item order in quick preview inventory to be the same as the actual inventory
  • Fixed a bug where the Abysmal Arrows feat was missing from the Weapons tab
  • Fixed a bug where the Mountaineer feat was missing from the Armor tab
  • Changed the name of Pictish Warchief Sandals to Boots and Pictish Brave Headband to Headgear, to better reflect the in-game model
  • Fixed a bug where some religions had cut off text in their description
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistencies in the descriptions for Extremely Hot and Heatstroke effects
  • Fixed a bug where the blood splatter effect in the background of some feat icons would disappear
  • Fixed a bug where two Dragonbone icons were displayed in the Dragonbone Arrows recipe
  • Fixed a bug with an inconsistent description of Alcohol Poisoning debuff in the Stats tab
  • Fixed a bug where Abysmal Flesh had no expiration timer
  • Friendly Pets and Thralls can no longer be target locked
  • It is now possible to rename placed chests

Gear, Placeables, and Crafting Adjustments
  • Fixed a bug where Simple Tent couldn’t be placed on flat ground
  • Fixed a bug where Glowing Standing Torch would increase temperature instead of reducing it.
  • Fixed a bug where Raw Human Flesh would not be converted into Putrid Flesh upon expiration
  • Fixed a bug where Jade Cat Idol couldn’t be aligned to the ground, or have its tilt and pitch adjusted.
  • Fixed a bug where Iron Mug was crafted with wood
  • Fixed a bug with inconsistent weight for the items learned from the Palisade feat
  • Fixed a bug where the Serpent-man weapons had improper grades
  • Fixed a bug with inconsistencies between weight and health points of Dragon and Cat idols
  • Fixed a bug where traps could be returned to inventory after exploding
  • Fixed a bug where weapons dropped from enemies or looted from chests would always be broken
  • Fixed a bug where all versions of Light Hyrkanian Bow had the same weight
  • Fixed a bug where the first heavy attack of greatswords would not deal damage in first person mode
  • Fixed a bug with Dung weighing too much
  • Fixed a bug where Aquilonian and Pictish awnings couldn’t be placed above foundations
  • Fixed a bug where shooting the last arrow would not clear the ammo indicator on the bow
  • Fixed a bug where Weapon Kits could be applied to Throwing Orbs
  • Fixed a bug where stone throwing weapons would be listed as high grade instead of low grade
  • Fixed a bug where sandstorm masks would not provide protection against noxious gas, if equipped after the effect was applied
  • Fixed a bug where Flawless Iron Mace and Flawless Iron Warhammer were available from any level 3 blacksmith
  • Fixed a bug with Epic Reptilian Armor having wrong values for helm, chest and gauntlets.
  • Fixed a bug with inconsistencies in the number of items per stack between Abysmal Flesh and Cooked Abysmal Flesh
  • Fixed a bug where axes would not apply bleed effect when dual wielded
  • Fixed a bug where all versions of Hyena-fur Armor would give the same amount of bonus Survival attribute points
  • Fixed a bug where Exceptional and Flawless versions of Steel Mace couldn’t be crafted or spawned
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to craft Khitan Javelin and Khitan Throwing Axes
  • Fixed a bug where repairing items with stacks of specific sizes caused the whole stack of resources to disappear
  • Fixed a bug where certain heads could not be processed in the Fluid Press
  • Fixed a bug where tier 3 Crenelated Walls could not be replaced by DLC Crenelated Walls

  • Fixed an issue with target locking the Albino Bat Demon
  • Fixed a bug where the TargetLock system would not select the remaining NPC when fighting two or more NPCs
  • Fixed a bug where players could not climb onto ceilings while swimming
  • Fixed a bug where players could avoid being attacked by Hrugnir of the Frost by standing on his arm rest
  • Fixed a bug where the portal at the Altar of the Bat would not be functional
  • Fixed a bug where cause of death would not be localized
  • Fixed a bug where pick, cleaver or skinning knife had particle effects while hitting thin air
  • Fixed a bug where crafting Flawless Iron Poniards required the Steel Poniards feat
  • Fixed a bug where the corrupted part of the health and stamina bar would disappear after being depleted
  • Fixed a bug where players where unable to loot unconscious bodies without changing the Backpack inventory to Shortcut
  • Fixed a bug with Dried Fish having no burn time in Wheel of Pain
  • Fixed a bug where Altar of Mitra in Muriela’s Hope did not provide any light
  • Fixed a bug where a player could swim in the air underneath a waterfall
  • Fixed a bug where Statue of Refreshment would not receive correct damage from orbs and jars.
  • Fixed a bug where projectiles fired from Trebuchets could hit different places for different players depending on their positions
  • Fixed a bug with building not being allowed in certain locations up north of The Dirgewood
  • Fixed a bug where the character could walk underwater near certain locations.
  • Fixed a bug where the textures of a waterfall in Shattered Springs would flicker when approached
  • Fixed a bug where the Dye item sub-menu could be accessed from the item’s recipe on the Quick Bar
  • Fixed a bug where one could override the corruption limit by eating Abysmal Flesh
  • Fixed a bug where baby animals would not respawn until server restart, after being picked up
  • Fixed a bug where drinking Hunter’s potion would add an incorrect amount of attribute points
  • Fixed a bug where shields were missing the Shieldsmash label
  • Fixed a bug with the graphics for selected tabs in the feat window
  • Fixed a bug where weight and expiration time of Feat of Jhebbal Sag and Derketo would differ from other similar items
  • Fixed a bug where pets would not reliably follow players into their base
  • Fixed a bug where the model of a vulture would stay in place after it flew away
  • Fixed an issue where Shemite Leggings and Shemite Shoes had improper stats
  • Fixed a bug where the Avatars timers would not update correctly on dedicated servers
  • Fixed a bug where vaults would cause lag when attempting to accessing it in single player
  • Fixed a bug where leaving a session while controlling an avatar would cause the password prompt to not appear when trying to join a password-protected session
  • Fixed a bug where attacks would often fail to hit players
  • Fixed a bug where dismissing the window of a crafting station would reset the currently selected sorting option for the inventory
  • Fixed a bug where shutting down the game while a pet was fighting would leave the pet’s “weapon” in the backpack inventory
  • Fixed a bug where Golden Lotus Potion would not provide health regeneration
  • Fixed a bug with a misplaced Power Shot particle effect when using Dragonbone Arrows
  • Fixed a bug where the Cat-like perk would cause the maximum amount of damage taken from falling be equal to half of the character’s health points, instead of half of the damage appropriate to height of the fall.
  • Fixed a bug where a wall was missing at the beginning of the Black Keep dungeon
  • Fixed a bug where corpses would be invisible for players who were outside of rendering distance when the creature was killed
  • Fixed a bug where the Days Passed slider would be inconsistently displayed
  • Fixed a bug where the title could terminate when connecting to a dedicated server
  • Fixed a bug where a Thrall’s recipes would not be visible when reentering any Crafting Station
  • Fixed a bug where Totemic Pets were lacking Exclusive Diet
  • Fixed a bug where drinking from a well, river, or drinking Purified Water did not provide a Cooling Down effect
  • Fixed a bug where using second heavy attack of all two handed spear weapons would cause the character model to flicker
  • Fixed a bug where the character model was shaking if the player pressed the walk button
  • Fixed a bug where the starvation timer of pets and thrall was present after toggling the hunger system off
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to scroll through icons of required items
  • Fixed a bug where DLC items were non-functional or missing after learning any feat with DLC
  • Fixed a bug where killing creatures would leave their duplicated, motionless model behind
  • Fixed a bug where legendary chests would disappear when items were moved inside its inventory
  • Fixed a bug where the tools harvesting animation would not loop when the player was holding down the Attack button
  • Fixed a bug where the Polite Clap animation would end too quick.
  • Fixed a bug where the Face Details tab in Character Creation would reset to the top when player tried to choose eye colour

Floating Items and Collision
  • Fixed a large number of floating placeables and world items including campfires, foliage, benches, bones, rocks, and many more.
  • Patched up holes and walls where players could get stuck such as inside the crocodile giant, wooden pillars in the Den, fall into cracks in the Volcano biome, certain locations in the Midnight Grove, and many more.
  • Barred of places where players could reach an unplayable area in the Temple of Frost, the Archives, the King’s Niche, Bin-Yakin’s Seal, the Black Keep, and more.
  • Adjusted and fixed collision issues and texture gaps on structures, foliage, animals, and such.

We have a public bug tracking board here! You can check this to track the issues that get brought up by the community the most. In the “For prioritization” column you can vote for the issues you would like us to prioritize and we will make sure it gets moved into development asap. You can read the full details on how it works on the forum post here.

Separate TestLive Product on Steam
We heard your input regarding the inconvenience with having to switch back and forth between the main game and our TestLive servers. To make it easier for you and because we really value your testing and feedback, we added a separate product for the TestLive server on Steam.

If you own Conan Exiles on Steam, you should now see a separate Product called “Conan Exiles - Testlive Client” in your library which gives you the option to install an additional instance of the game specifically for the TestLive servers. Please be aware that this will prompt you for a full additional installation.

We are aware that not everyone wants install or has space for two full installations. For those of you who don’t want to play through the additional TestLive Client, you can still access the TestLive servers through our old method.

We are looking forward to your input and feedback.
Thank you very much for being part of your community and for your ongoing support
Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Jens Erik)
Good morning, you handsome cat pajamas! Welcome back to the Conan Exiles community newsletters. It’s been a while since we last spoke, as we’ve been a bit busy over here in the Funcom Oslo office. We wanted to give you guys a quick status update on Conan Exiles as well as tell you a little bit about some of the goings on from the past few weeks.

We’ll be recapping the Halloween event, talking about some bug fixes, and tell you how you can help us decide what to work on next.

Here goes!

In our ongoing efforts to keep the community informed about issues we’re working on, we’ve set up a public Trello board. This will list and track critical issues that are brought up by the community. The board will list issues for all platforms and if there’s no mention of a specific issue it means it’s happening on all platforms. If you want to read the full primer about the Trello board can find it on our forums.

We’re trying to avoid letting the board get too flooded with bugs and issues, so you won’t see everything that’s currently under active development. If a specific bug is not on the list it might still be on our radar, but it hasn’t come up as frequently in community discussions compared to the others.

As you can see, we have internal fixed for several community critical bugs already, like Starmetal Shells not cracking properly and players getting trapped inside rhino meshes. Please remember to upvote bugs you think we should be tackling next.

We hope this Trello board will help keep you updated on the goings on at the studio and the status of community reported issues.

Our first ever Halloween event in Conan Exiles didn’t exactly go as planned. We went into it with the understanding that it wouldn’t necessarily be for everyone, but we hoped that players would still be able to find something to enjoy in the week-long event. Unfortunately, there were several issues that affected players in different ways and made the game hard to enjoy.

Certain things weren’t working as intended, the muted color palette and dark light made things difficult to see, and some players also reported eyestrain and headaches due to the blue and purple lighting. Un-patching the Halloween content also took longer than we would have liked, especially on consoles, and we would like to once again acknowledge and apologize for the frustrations this has caused.

We've gotten a lot of feedback from the community during and after the event, both positive and negative, and we’re taking valuable lessons away from how we implemented and executed this event. Things will be different if we do other events in the future. All three platforms have now been patched and we will continue to our regularly scheduled patches and hotfixes.

The bi-weekly Friday streams are still going strong. If you missed the previous one you can find it, as always, on our YouTube channel or just watch the video below. We enlisted the help from master Conan Exiles architect Sven P to give us his best tips and tricks for building epic structures in Conan Exiles.

That's it for this week!


Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Jens Erik)
Hey everyone,

Today, we're rolling out a hotfix to take care of the most reported issues with the Halloween update released yesterday. We want to thank our community for reporting these issues to us and for staying patient and positive as we fixed them.

In this hotfix we're tweaking the game so it will be easier for players to see in the eternal twilight, while also balancing the loot drops from the Halloween meteors. The T2 doors are also getting fixed.

If it's still too dark for you you can also tweak the following server settings (in game or in an .ini file) to the following values. This will make it less dark:
  • DayCycleSpeedScale=9.000000
  • DayTimeSpeedScale=0.10000
  • NightTimeSpeedScale=10.000000
  • DawnDuskSpeedScale=5.000000
If you do not wish to participate in the Halloween event, there will be a build available on our Testlive branch without the Halloween content, but otherwise identical to the current live version.

If you switch branches and play single-player, you might want to **take a backup copy of your game.db file** to avoid potentially losing your save data.

Server admins might also want to back up their server's game.db file for people to be able to continue with their characters on your server, just in case.

How to find and copy your game.db
  • Open Steam and go to your library
  • Right click on Conan Exiles and choose Properties
  • Find and select the tab marked "Local Files" and click the "Browse Local Files" button. A Windows Explorer folder should now pop up
  • Go to ConanSandbox --> Saved to find your game.db file
  • Make a copy of it in an easily accessible place on your computer
  • Once you've patched to the Testlive branch, simply drop the game.db file you copied before into the Saved folder, replacing what's already there, and you can continue playing as you normally would

  • Fixed T2 doors so you cannot walk through them
  • Removed Star Metal Picks, Skeleton Keys and other types of über loot from meteors
  • Meteor fragments that have been harvested or disappeared won't leave a particle trail behind
  • Changed speed of day on official servers so it will not get as dark during the Halloween event
  • Added auto exposure to compensate for the darkness and make things a bit brighter

An equivalent patch is also being made for consoles, but we're looking into fixing the spammy meteors first.
Conan Exiles - Community Manager (Jens Erik)

Today we are kicking off our Halloween event, which will run throughout the game during the next week. Welcome, exiles, to the Night of Lost Souls!

The sky will darken as perpetual dusk falls upon the landscape, casting it in black shadows and blue light, tearing at the boundaries which separate the world of the living from the realms of the dead. The clouds will part. A new face will appear upon the moon’s surface. It is the face of death, keeping watch over whatever might stir on the ground below.

So here we are again, just chopped down enough trees to gather five hundred pieces of wood, mined three hundred pieces of rock and gathered enough twine from tree leafs to finally build my armor crafting station. I use my resources to craft the armor station and place it on the outside of my house that I also built from scratch. I open my new crafting station and realize that I need tanned hides to create a basic leather armor set, but to do that I need to create a leather tanning station. Alright, I bash up some more trees, smash in some more rocks, finally have enough to build it only to learn that I need to skin some leather hides off of some animals. Makes sense, can’t tan hide without the hides themselves. I’m killing deer after deer, hyena after hyena before realizing I can’t obtain their hides just by using my axe. I need a skinning blade, but before I can obtain said skinning blade, I need to reach a certain character level and obtain a handful of other upgrades and prerequisite crafting stations. This is the constant loop you’ll find yourself in with Conan Exiles. A game with a ton of survival game features, but is so bloated that only the most patient.

Conan Exiles, if you didn’t gather by my first paragraph, is a survival game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian. Yes, the Conan the Barbarian universe from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. No, he unfortunately does not voice any characters. The game starts with you customizing a character who has been exiled out in the desert up on a stake to die. You’re then saved, by whom I presume is Conan, to then start your journey of survival.

Random NPCs can grant you access to certain religions.

Once you’re in control of your character there is a brief tutorial area that gives you some basic controls and an extremely important waterskin. The survival aspects begin immediately with you needing to drink to quench your thirst and quickly find a water source to drink from and refill your waterskin. From here the help essentially stops and you’ll be left with your own devices to build and explore. There is a quest log, kinda. What I mean by that is they essentially give you a list of objectives and unlocks you should have that correlates to your character level. For example, some of your first quests is to gather enough resources to build a fire and a bed roll to save your progress. The next one will be to create an axe and pickaxe to harvest wood and rocks. The more you explore, build, gather resources and fight the more XP you get to gain levels which unlocks higher tier items.

The first oasis you come across will be where you set up for a while until you get familiarized with the game and gain a levels. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of other characters will be around you ready to murder you. Of course that’s only applicable if you’re playing on a public server, and this is where I give Funcom credit. They offer a ton of serer options to play how you want to play. They even have official servers that limit home raiding between certain hours that way you won’t come home from work and everything you built the night before is destroyed without you even being able to defend it. There are also a few single player servers. I ended up opting for those more often than not because the multiplayer servers on Xbox were atrociously bad. I was experiencing frequent lag, server kicks,  and a strange glitch that would lock up the game when I entered my home. It was frustrating, but I give Funcom credit for offering a variety of server options and catering to a wider audience of player.

It may seem like I have glossed over a lot of things and I’m doing so intentionally. There is so much to this game that it’s quite daunting and the level of survival aspects can be overwhelming at times. The amount of time it takes to make it to the higher levels is enormous and it is no thanks to the extremely bloated survival aspects. There is a lot to unlock, but it takes so long to get to most of it that I eventually lost interest before I even got to the really awesome things you see in the trailers. The figures I gave in my first paragraph are those of the first few major unlocks, as you proceed to more important things that resource amount of course grows larger. Be ready to spend some game sessions just harvesting resources.

It took me two play sessions to build the two workstations in front of my house.

Luckily the world is actually very fun to explore and gives you a great sense of discovery as there are a lot of lore and other settlements to discover and minimally interact with. There are a vast amount of biomes that all have their own unique hostile and non-hostile characters and animals. Be careful to not stray too far as enemies do not scale to your level. Not only do you need to worry about actual enemies, but make sure you’re well prepared with food, water and some clothes to help with the elements. Pro Tip: while exploring, make sure to periodically make a bed roll to save your position in case of death. Upon death, and yes you will die often, you will only be able to respawn at the very beginning desert exile point or the last bed roll you slept at.

Like I mentioned before you will die a lot and it’s in part to the not so great combat system. It mostly functions like a Dark Souls game where you lock on and L1 is block, R1 is light attack, R2 is heavy attack, and B is to dodge. Unfortunately, it does not flow as well as Dark Souls leaving it feel like a cheap imitation that is just not much fun. There are a decent variety of weapons from swords, spears, maces to bows, throwing axes, and magical orbs; Weapons also posses various tiers of quality as you gain access to different ore and smithing techniques. One of my favorite gameplay mechanics mostly effects exploration and it’s the ability to climb anything. It is reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild where your main limitation is your stamina levels. Luckily in Conan Exiles rain won’t have you sliding down every couple seconds.

Maybe he won’t notice me…

Speaking of stamina limitations, you do have the ability to upgrade your stats through upgrade points once you have gained enough XP. The abilities are pretty standard ones that you will see in most RPG or survival games. You have Survival where food and water have more effect, Accuracy which improves long range attacks, Agility for stamina loss, Grit for total stamina, and Encumbrance, Vitality and Strength which all RPG fans should already know. Now, like most games that have a PvP/PvE mode there will be builds that are better suited for each if you want to maximize your total effectiveness depending on your goals. Honestly, I would recommend a basic guide to help you get your feet wet or to peruse the Conan Exiles subreddit.

The graphics are decent enough for such a large game filled with a lot of other players. By no means is it breathe taking, but there are times when the lighting is just right that it can look good. I do appreciate the varied graphical flair for each biome e.g. the desert heat waves in the distance, the fog in the dense chill forest areas and so on. Also the animals are well detailed and even though there are a lot of them the quality never dips between any of the models.

Conan Exiles can look pretty good at times on the Xbox One X.

Overall, the sound design could have been much better but some of the sound effects are decently done. My main problem is that you will be repeating the same activity so often that the same sound effect, even if it’s well done, gets tiring after a while. To make it worse there isn’t even a good sound track to try and cover up all the thudding noises while you go chop trees for 2 hours straight.

Conan Exiles isn’t a bad game, it is actually a very well done game that just lacks some proper balancing. For the folks who love to get lost into interesting worlds and don’t mind repetitively harvesting resources to marginally proceed then this is the game for you. If Conan Exiles didn’t have me gather 1,000 resources just for one item I probably wouldn’t have gotten as burnt out as I did. Also, even though it does have server issues I do like they give you plenty of options to play the game as you want. For that I would recommend Conan Exiles to only those that really enjoy survival games.


Console limitations even on the Xbox One X are present here, but the large and varied landscapes and enemies are impressive.

It’s obvious from the start that a controller is not the best option. Beyond that the combat is similar to Dark Souls but clunky and annoying.

Various sound effects are well done with chopping trees and mining rocks, but the lack of a good soundtrack is deafening.

Online servers are very laggy and buggy, but luckily there are plenty of server options. There is a very large game to sink into if you have the patience to deal with the crafting.

Final Verdict: 6.0

Reviewed on Xbox One.
Conan Exiles is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
A copy of Conan Exiles was provided by the publisher.

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I was hoping we could get it work faster so we get more purges? on the server so people cant steal stuff from crafting stations, wheels of so we dont have to set a container and lock it.. if posible Return to “Conan Exiles”.

Named T4 Thralls | Weapons | Armor | Tools | Thrall Recipes

Server Settings Variables List
Admin PasswordAdminPasswordThis password gives administration rights.
Avatar LifetimeAvatarLifetimeThis determines the length of time that an Avatar can remain alive in the world.
Avatar Summon TimeAvatarSummonTimeThe time required to summon an Avatar.
Battleye enabledIsBattlEyeEnabledThis enables BattlEye cheat protection on the server. Funcom highly recommends this to avoid cheaters from affecting your gameplay.
Can Damage player owned structuresCanDamagePlayerOwnedStructuresIf this is flagged, players can attack and destroy other player�s structures.
Can Damage playersbCanBeDamagedIf this is flagged, players can be damaged.
Catch Up TimeClientCatchUpTimeIn order to create a smooth starting experience for new players, Conan Exiles has the ability to force a client PC to start at a certain time of day, regardless of the server time. If this setting is applied, new characters will start at the specified time, and then play at that time of day until the server �catches up� to them. We recommend not setting this to the darkest hours of the night, unless you are a sadistic person.
Chat Local RadiusChatLocalRadiusDetermines how far local chat will broadcast around a player.
Clan Max SizeclanMaxSizeThis sets the maximum allowable size of clans on the server. Once a clan reaches the limit, no new members can join.
CommunityServerCommunitySelecting a community from the drop down list will affect how your server is filtered in the server list. Please set up your community responsibly, in order to help players find a server that matches their playstyle.
Crafting Speed MultiplierItemConvertionMultiplierThis multiplies the speed at which items can be crafted. Note that using a Wheel of Pain to convert Thralls is considered crafting.
Dawn/Dusk Time SpeedDawnDuskSpeedScaleDawn in Conan Exiles is between 5:00 and 6:59. Dusk is between 17:00 and 18:59. Changing this multiplier will multiply the time spent in the period of both dawn and dusk.
Day Cycle SpeedDayCycleSpeedScaleThis multiplies the entire 24hr day cycle speed. Individual parts of the day can be tweaked in the settings below. Note, this multiplier is applied in addition to any settings changes below.
Day Time SpeedDayTimeSpeedScaleDaytime hours in Conan Exiles are between 7:00 and 16:59 in-game time. Changing this multiplier will multiply the time spent between these hours of the day.
Disable AvatarsAvatarsDisabledWorking, have not personally tested - but played on servers with the option enabled.
Drop Backpack on DeathDropBackpackOnDeathIf True, players who are killed lose the items in their backpack when they respawn. If False, players who die will respawn with the contents of their backpack. (Default True)
Drop Equipment on DeathDropEquipmentOnDeathIf True, players who are killed drop their equipped items when they respawn. If False, players who die will respawn with all of their equipment. (Default True)
Drop Shortcut Bar Items on DeathDropShortcutbarOnDeathIf True, players who are killed lose the items on their quickbars when they respawn. If False, players who die will respawn with these items. (Default True)
Durability Damage MultiplierDurabilityMultiplierModifies the amount of durability damage that an item takes when used or damaged. Increasing or decreasing this directly affects how long weapons, tools and armor will last.
Enable SandstormEnableSandStormFlagging this allows sandstorms to periodically sweep across the Exiled Lands.
Everybody can loot corpseEverybodyCanLootCorpseIf True, anybody can loot the corpse of a dead player. If False, only the player can recover items from their corpse. (Default True)
Global ChatChatHasGlobalAllows/disallows global chat.
Harvest Amount MultiplierHarvestAmountMultiplierMultiplies the amount of resources gathered when harvesting.
Item Spoil Rate ScaleItemSpoilRateScaleAffects the length of time that foods will last before spoiling (smaller values means longer spoiling time).
Land Claim Radius MultiplierLandClaimRadiusMultiplierThis increases and decreases the radius at which land claim is applied. This affects the respawn of resources and NPCs as well as the ability of other players to claim nearby land.
Logged out characters remain in worldLogoutCharactersRemainInTheWorldIf flagged/True, player bodies remain in the world in an unconscious state. If unflagged/False, player bodies are gone from the world when offline. (Default True)
Max Message LengthChatMaxMessageLengthSets the max number of characters in a chat message.
Maximum NudityMaxNudityThis setting determines the maximum amount of nudity on the server. This overrides the client preference, so if a server is set to no nudity, even if a player sets their client to full nudity, they will not be able to see nudity on this server. However, if a server allows full nudity, and a player sets their client to partial nudity, the client will correctly show only partial nudity. 0 = none 1 = partial 2 = full
Minion Damage MultiplierMinionDamageMultiplierMultiplies the amount of damage that thralls and pets do.
Minion Damage Taken MultiplierMinionDamageTakenMultiplierMultiplies the amount of damage that thralls and pets receive.
Night Time SpeedNightTimeSpeedScaleNighttime hours in Conan Exiles are between 19:00 and 4:59 in-game time. Changing this multiplier will multiply the time spent between these hours of the night.
No OwnershipNoOwnershipFlagging this means that the ownership rules on the server do no exist. This means that all players can loot all chests, use all machines, dismantle all buildings etc.
NPC Damage MultiplierNPCDamageMultiplierMultiplies the amount of damage that NPCs and Monsters do.
NPC Damage Taken MultiplierNPCDamageTakenMultiplierMultiplies the amount of damage that NPCs and Monsters receive.
NPC Health MultiplierNPCHealthMultiplierMultiplies the health of all NPCs.
NPC Respawn MultiplierNPCRespawnMultiplierMultiplies the speed at which NPCs respawn in the world after dying. Note that currently many NPCs DO NoTrespect this value.
Player Active Hunger MultiplierPlayerActiveHungerMultiplierScales the speed at which a player gains or loses food.
Player Active Thirst MultiplierPlayerActiveThirstMultiplierScales the speed at which a player gains or loses water.
Player Damage MultiplierPlayerDamageMultiplierMultiplies the amount of damage that a player does.
Player Damager Taken MultiplierPlayerDamageTakenMultiplierMultiplies the amount of damage that a player receives.
Player Encumbrance MultiplierPlayerEncumbranceMultiplierThis multiplies the amount of encumbrance that an item adds to the player. (Setting to 0 does not disable)
Player Encumbrance Penalty MultiplierPlayerEncumbrancePenaltyMultiplierThis multiplies the penalties that a player suffers when they are encumbered. (Setting to 0 does not disable)
Player Health MultiplierPlayerHealthMultiplierThis directly multiplies the player health amount.
Player Health Regen Speed ScalePlayerHealthRegenSpeedScaleDirectly multiplies the player�s passive health regeneration speed.
Player Offline Hunger MultiplierPlayerOfflineHungerMultiplierScales the speed at which a player gains or loses food while offline.
Player Offline Thirst MultiplierPlayerOfflineThirstMultiplierScales the speed at which a player gains or loses water while offline.
Player Sprint Speed MultiplierPlayerSprintSpeedScaleThis affects how fast a player sprints.
Player Stamina MultiplierPlayerStaminaMultiplierThis directly multiplies the player stamina amount.
Player Stamina Regen Speed ScalePlayerStaminaRegenSpeedScaleDirectly multiplies the player�s passive stamina regeneration speed.
Player XP Craft MultiplierPlayerXPCraftMultiplierThis multiplies the amount of XP that players receive for crafting in Conan Exiles.
Player XP Harvest MultiplierPlayerXPHarvestMultiplierThis multiplies the amount of XP that players receive for harvesting in Conan Exiles.
Player XP Kill MultiplierPlayerXPKillMultiplierThis multiplies the amount of XP that players receive for killing monsters and players in Conan Exiles.
Player XP Rate MultiplierPlayerXPRateMultiplierThis multiplier affects all types of XP that players receive. You can use this to adjust player progression for all activities.
Player XP Time MultiplierPlayerXPTimeMultiplierIn Conan Exiles, players receive XP passively over time, simply for surviving. This multiplies the speed at which players receive this XP.
PvP Blitz EnabledPVPBlitzServerWhen this is enabled, progression is faster in order to get players into higher-tier PvP quicker. (Default False)
PvP EnabledPVPEnabledWhen this is flagged, Player vs Player is enabled on the server. (Default True)
Region Block ListRegionBlockListThese settings use an IP lookup to determine the connection country of origin and prevent those regions not flagged for access from connection. Country codes can also be manually added, using the two letter codes from the list here
Resource Respawn MultiplierResourceRespawnSpeedMultiplierMultiplies the speed at which resources respawn after being harvested.
Server NameServerNameThe name of your server.
Server Password=ServerPasswordThe server password can be changed here.
Server RegionserverRegionSelecting a server region will affect how your server is filtered in the list. Please select your region to help players find a server that is close to them.
Shield Durability MultiplierShieldDurabilityMultiplierModifies the amount of durability damage that a shield takes when blocking. Increasing or decreasing this directly affects how shields will last.
Stamina Cost MultiplierPlayerStaminaCostMultiplierThis increases or decreases the amount of stamina players use per action.
Stamina Sprint Cost MultiplierPlayerStaminaCostSprintMultiplierThis increases or decreases the amount of stamina players use while sprinting.
Structure Damage MultiplierStructureDamageMultiplierMultiplies the amount of damage a defensive structure (ex Palisade) can give.
Structure Damage Taken MultiplierStructureDamageTakenMultiplierMultiplies the amount of damage a structure takes when attacked (walls/crafting stations extra)
Structure Health MultiplierStructureHealthMultiplierMultiplies the amount of Health a structure has.
Thrall Damage While UnconsciousConciousnessDamageMultiplierMultiplies the amount of damage taken by a thrall while unconscious
Thrall Wakeup TimeUnconsciousTimeSecondsThis determines the length of time that a Thrall will remain unconscious.
Use Client Catch Up TimeUseClientCatchUpTimeIf set to False, this will disallow the catch up time, causing new players to spawn in at whatever time the server actually exists at. (Default True), Incendar, Incendar Gaming, Incendar Coding, Incendium, Incendius, Incendara, Incendario, Mincendar © Incendar 2004-2019RSS Feed
ALL SOURCES: CONAN EXILES by MYSELF, unless stated otherwise.
Conan Exiles © 2019 Funcom


conan exiles crafting stations how to lock them server settings

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Hello Exiles!

First of all, WOW and welcome to all the new additions to our community.

Since the free weekend on Steam and the current PS4 Offer with Conan Exiles being free for PS plus users for the whole month, we had a HUGE influx of new players. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey and thank you for letting your friends be a part of this experience as well.

Reddit, the forums and other channels have been exploding with experience recaps and first impression topics, screenshots and questions. Many of you Veteran Exiles have stepped up to help the newcomers with tips and tricks. We see you and thank you for taking the time to welcome and help new players into the fold.


However, the unexpectedly high influx of new players on PS4 has had an impact on our official servers, causing issues for players to log in. Adding new servers is always tricky to balance and also takes a bit of time (longer for SA/Oceania areas than for EU/US) but we are currently doing the following for PS4:

  • Increase Decay Time on PS4 to 14 days to make sure players who can’t log into their server due to servers being full, don’t lose their buildings. This will be live with server restarts after a small hotfix today.
  • Increase Server Capacity for South American PS4 Servers
  • Increase Capacity for Oceania PS4 Servers
  • For other territories we will monitor server load and evaluate if we need to increase capacity


As you might or might not know, our focus in the past months has been to improve and strengthen the core mechanics of Conan Exiles. That included fixing priority bugs, improving the Purge System, AI, Thralls/Pets, Building and especially the Game Loops such as leveling curve, gear and things to do after you hit the cap.

We have revamped areas such as the Unnamed City, we’ve added new World Bosses and we also added more roaming mini bosses and the chance for special mini bosses to spawn in existing camps.Since one of the latest updates, there is now also a mechanic for you to increase your feat points past the max level (you can check out the patch notes of the latest big update here).

We’ve also focused on addressing exploits (which is always an ongoing process), performance and loading issues.

Even though we did a lot of improvements and came a long way since release, there is still work to be done and we won’t stop strengthening the core of the game and improving Conan Exiles in all those areas.


However, we are also working on new content. Make sure to also follow us on our Conan Exiles Twitter and Facebook to not miss out on any info such as these screenshots:

Some of this is coming to TestLive sooner than you might expect. ;)

Please take that opportunity to help us test and work out the kinks before new mechanics and content make it to live so we can balance according to your input. Down the line, we also have PvP and the Siege System in our eye, so don’t fret PvP players!

Make sure to join our Dev-Stream tomorrow at 4pm CET / 10am EST for a look at what’s coming VERY, VERY soon.


Thanks to all you Exiles, newly born or seasoned veterans, for being part of our community. We’re honored to have you with us on this journey. :)

New servers for Oceania and SA will come online as they are made available to us. This operation should be done for all new servers before the weekend. Thanks for your patience and understanding in this.

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He explains how you're now an exile bound to these Exiled Lands through Much like its siblings ARK and DayZ, Conan Exiles has the standard genre trappings. their personal attributes and feats that unlock crafting proficiency. . The game is robust with a powerful combat engine, server configuration.

Conan Exiles Blunted Javelin Exp


Conan’s world is balanced on the edge between barbarism and civilization, but it’s also a world where the gods themselves sometimes interfere in the lives of mortals. During character creation you can choose a god to worship, with six available at launch: Crom, Set, Yog, Mitra, Ymir and Derketo. Gods give special crafting items and bonuses to those who worship them. Crom is different than the others. In-fiction, Crom does nothing for those who worship him, and calling upon him will only lead to misfortune. In the game he’s essentially the agnostic option, for players who don’t want to engage with the religion system. Crom requires nothing, he gives nothing and does nothing.

Worship happens through an altar dedicated to your god. These will be unlocked when choosing your god during character creation. Special resources harvested from NPCs and other players can be used to craft items at the altar, or sacrificed to gain favor from your chosen god. Favor can be used to upgrade an altar to the next tier, which in turn unlocks new crafting opportunities.


Avatars are the ultimate expression of your religious fervor in the game. These are physical manifestations of your god that can be summoned to smite your enemies. To summon an avatar you’ll need a tier 3 altar and an arch priest thrall. The summoning spell is an item that you then can craft at your altar and take with you into the Exiled Lands. Crafting this spell will destroy both your religious thrall and your altar. Once the crafting process is done you have 48 hours to use the spell before it decays and is destroyed.

While avatars are powerful they are not completely invincible. A special defensive dome can be erected around a tier 3 altar that will instantly destroy any avatar that touches it. Doing damage to an avatar will eventually remove it from the physical realm. In addition to protecting you from avatars the shield dome will also protect you from enemy projectiles, but keep in mind that it’s not permanent. It will disappear after 36 hours.

conan exiles crafting stations how to lock them server settings

Welcome back to the Conan Exiles community newsletter, where this week we're . dialogue options; Fixed a bug with online server Steam invites not being sent Fixed a bug where dragging an item from a Crafting Station and dropping it on . Friendly Pets and Thralls can no longer be target locked; It is now possible to.

conan exiles crafting stations how to lock them server settings
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