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How to bend keys for crafts
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GALENA, located in Stone County, the South Missouri Ozarks region and is bordered by: Taney County, Missouri - Chri...stian County, Missouri - Lawrence County, Missouri - Barry County, Missouri and Carroll County, Arkansas.
Seat of Justice for Stone County, Galena lies 1,016 feet above sea level on the James River whose beautiful, crystal waters H. R. Schoolcraft reported seeing lumps of galena on his 1818-19 trip in the Ozarks. First known as Jamestown, the town was originally settled in the 1830s to the south. After the county, named for pioneer Judge W. T. Stone, was organized, 1851, the present location and name were adopted.
Stone County lies in the oldest mountain region in the U.S. In 7000 B.C., prehistoric Ozark Bluff Dweller Indians were living in the area. In modern times the county was part of the territory claimed by the Osage until 1808. Delaware Indians, between their land cession in Cape Girardeau County, 1818, and their final Missouri land cessation, 1829, lived along the James River.
In early days the country benefitted from the Wilderness Road, a north-south Indian and pioneer trail. Near the Reeds Spring was Linchpin Campground. The Butterfield Mail route of 1858-61, soon called the Wire Road, cut across northwest Stone County. In 1904 the White River R.R. (Mo Pac.) arrived.
Galena, in the Missouri Ozarks, serves as seat of a country of the Shepherd of the Hills region, an area famed for its beauty, legels, and folklore. During the Civil War guerilla raids halted growth, but post war years brought development as a resort and farming land. Galena to Branson float trips on the James and the White rivers became famous, and Stone County developed into one of the state's top tomato producers, the crop being called "Red Gold of the Hills."
Points of interest in Stone and adjacent Taney County are the Shepherd of the Hills Country with its many sites associated with Harold Bell Wright's 1907 novel; Table Rock Dam, Lake, and resort area; and Talking Rocks, Marvel, and Old Spanish caves.
Among Stone County's settlers were such accomplished pioneers as John B. Williams, who opened one of Missouri's early podwer mills, 1835, at Cape Fair; Joseph Phillabert, Indian trader; Jacob Yocum, Schoolcraft's guide; and later, Truman S. Powell, editor, legislater, speleologist. Representative Dewey Short is a native of Galena, and here lived folklorest May Kennedy McCord as a youth.

- Historical Society of Missouri

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Some of our very favourite crafting projects to make are the ones that upcycle every day household items. You might not think to make these objects into artistic pieces, but as soon as you’ve seen an inspiration picture, you’re hooked on the idea! What’s our current obsession when it comes to household item crafts, you ask? It’s keys!

Check out these 15 awesome DIY ideas for upcycling old keys! Use the ones you forgot to give back when you move, the ones you found in the drawer of an old dresser and can’t identify, or even different styles and shapes of keys from rummage sales and thrift shops!

1. Mini key charm bracelet


(Photo via LizonesJewelry)

Do you have an accidental stash of those tiny keys that come with padlocks, suitcase locks, and the little locks on vanity cases? These keys aren’t often used, but they’re visually pleasing all together because they come in all shapes and sizes. Try turning them into bracelet charms using closing jewelry links, chain, and a clasp.

2. Key wind chimes


(Photo via Art Angel Studios)

Simple string, twine, or fishing line will help you hang hold keys of different sizes from a metal ring to create a rustic set of wind chimes! Hang the keys at different levels, making sure they still overlap so they clink together when the wind blows.

3. Leather key cuff


(Photo via Rainwheel)

If you have the tools for working with leather, like the clamp for puncturing it to put in studs, then all you need are some metal domes and you’re set to make this rustic-chic key cuff. We love the alternating directions of the keys.

4. Framed art


(Photo via Josette)

If you have a set of old keys that actually mean something to you, like the keys to your parents first home together for example, then display them proudly! Try placing them in a vintage (or at least vintage-looking) frame with a coloured backing.

5. key chain necklaces


(Photo via Shygarshop)

These “key chains” are a little different than your average key chain! Creating necklaces from keys is easy as pie. Find a jewelry chain, measure it to where you’d like the key to hang, and attach a clasp!

6. Key-imprinted clay beads


(Photo via Captured Moments)

Create flat rectangles and press keys of different styles and shapes into the clay to leave a decorative imprint. Bake the clay (or use self-drying clay) and glaze it to give it a shiny bead-like finish. Then you can reuse the keys for other crafts!

7. Framed, key printed burlap


(Photo via Charming Churchmouse)

If you have a selection of old, vintage keys with interesting shapes but you don’t have quite enough to make them into something, use them to stamp instead! Lightly cover one side of a key in paint and imprint its shape onto the burlap. When it’s dry, place it in a frame and hang it up!

8. Vintage key Valentine


(Photo via Art Angel Studio)

A decorative, vintage key is a great way to add a bit of class to a cute DIY Valentine’s Day gift. Whether you put it on the card or create an art piece for display, it’ll look more grown up than  a lot of other hand made Valentine’s.

9. Simple wall hangings


(Photo via Beth Whitfield)

Differently styled key rings, grandfather keys, and locks make a great wall display, especially if you have them from all different eras. Hang the keys on a nail to create a vintage aesthetic.

10. Key holder made of keys


(Photo via Crafthubs)

Bending keys isn’t easy business, but it can be done! Super glue or nail them to a length of wood once you’ve bent the end to create  a hooked shape and hang it on the wall to keep your current keys organized!

11. Vintage key place holders


A collection of vintage or nicely designed keys tie to a place card and pinned to a framed board is a great way to organize seating at weddings and events. The key gives each person something to hold onto that’s more substantial than a piece of card that they’ll probably lose.

12. Key coaster


(Photo via Craft Klatch)

This tutorial shows you how to embed old keys in resin to create a clear, smooth coaster with some novelty inside! Don’t be intimidated by the idea of working with resin. It’s easier than you think!

13. Key bowels and bottles


(Photo via Little Piece of Me)

Using very strong super glue or E6000 adhesive to cover a glass serving bowl or a glass bottle creates an awesome industrial looking effect. Just make sure each key touches another one so they stay stacked and stuck together and in formation!

14. Harry Potter inspired flying key mobile


(Photo via Potter Crafts)

Whether you’re putting them in a baby’s room or using them as decor anywhere in your house, mobiles are cute for incorporating themes in a whimsical way. We absolutely adore the way these little flying keys and how they add some magic to the room.

15. Painted key charm necklace


(Photo via Living Locurto)

If you’re a patient person and a detailed paper, anything can be a good canvas! Keys are no exception. Grab a very fine paint brush and some all surface paints and then embellish your creation with beads and put it on a chain.

Have you created other unique DIY projects using keys? Tell us about how you did it in the comments below!

Angler's Bend HOA. 31 likes. The official page of the Angler's Bend Homeowners Association. A place to stay informed about our little "community" on.

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After a busy day up the mountain or sightseeing, you will have worked up quite an appetite! Why not reward yourself with a trip to Goody's Chocolate and Ice Cream Factory. Operating for over thirty years, Goody's is a Bend institution, and even the locals will tell you that it’s the best place to go to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Take a factory tour where you will see a working sweet factory, either by guided tour or self-guided tour. With the guided tour you will get to sample some of Goody's best sellers. Goody's make over 100 different sweets including gourmet chocolates, toffee, peanut brittle, and, of course, ice cream.

1111 SE Division Street, Bend, Oregon 97702, 866-777-9114

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Jouanel General Machines

Pioneers in the industry, we offer hand operated shearing machine, cut to length machine, cutting machine, profile cutting machine, bending machine and extra long benders pgl from India.


Approx. Price: Rs 2 Lakh / UnitGet Latest Price

Service Details:

Useful cutting length (mm)1020
Capacity for S235JR steel (mm)1,5
Dimensions (mm)2700 x 1300 x 1150
Table dimensions (mm)1 000 x 700
Weight (kg)380
Gauge adjustment (mm)20-500
Square stop (mm)700
Height of the table (mm)780

The lever operated shears is an ideal workshop machine for zinc and light sheet metal work.
Simple and easy layout cutting with blades visable
Lever fl exibility for small dimensions cuts in high speed

  • Interchangeable square stop
  • Retractable manual sheet clamp with locking system
  • Upper blade support balanced with weight
  • Adjustement of the rack operated gauge by control wheel

Additional Information:

Hand Operated Shearing Machine

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Approx. Price: Rs 20 Lakh / UnitGet Latest Price

Service Details:

Automatic GradeSemi-Automatic
Power Supply380 V
Raw Material Thickness0.27-0.4 mm
Frequency50 Hz

We are a reputed trader and importing agent of an exclusive range of new and used industrial machines.

Cut to Length Machine

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Cutting Machine

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Service Details:

Weight (kg)1200
Dimensions (mm)1450 x 1600 x 1900
Engine Power Feeding / straightening (kw)1,5
Shearing Machine (kw)1
Blades up lift (kw)0,18
Necessary Power Supply400 v (3 phases + neutral + ground) 16 amperes
Cutting capacity steel S235JR (mm)1,2
Straightening capacity steel S235JR with 3 blades* (mm)1

  • 1 entry table with coils and counter operated guides adjustable by crank, maximum width 1250 mm
  • 1 motorized in feed station (1 steel coil + 1 rubber coil Ø 80 mm)
  • 1 slitting unit with adjusted shaft Ø 100 mm, equipped with 3 sets of blades Ø 154 mm adjustable on steel rule display
  • 3 sets of reversible blades mounted on single piece block
  • 1 mechanical guillotine shear
  • Programmable linear measure and cutting counter


Electric unit / automatic functioning (MLC-HT)

  • Control console with color touch screen 6’
  • Automatic zero setting
  • 1600 profi les with 10 possible lengths Nomination and program saving
  • Production management: total and part length cuts Possible slitting unit with automatic lift of the top blades without waste material
  • Precision on the cuts +/0.5 mm on 2 m
  • Maximum uncoiling speed : 30 m/mn
  • Possible use in manual mode
  • Minimum length between blades : 70 mm
Approx. Price: Rs 50 Lakh / UnitGet Latest Price

Service Details:

WidthUp to 1.500 mm
UsageIndustrial Ducting Machinery

The machine was specially designed for the production of rectangular ducts and transverse cutting of sheet metal up to 1.500 mm width

The machine-control enables a production of ducts according to its dimensions, quantity and shape ("I, L, U" and full wrapped box with adjustable seam-material allowance)

Machine operated with touch-screen control

Profile Cutting Machine

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Approx. Price: Rs 1 Lakh / UnitGet Latest Price

Service Details:

Automatic GradeAutomatic
Plate Dimensions (mm X mm X mm)2 260 x 1 040 x 600
Narrow Apron15 mm

The light and compact structure of the PCX permits an excellent bend quality, on site or in a workshop Fitted with an eccentric driven clamp control

Standard Equipment:
  • Clamp 35°
  • Lever-activated gas cylinder for clamp release
  • Adjustable clamp opening
  • Angle indicator
  • 2 m and 2,5 m benders are delivered in a wooden box with dismantled standing feet
  • Table, clamp and apron are adjustable for increased precision
  • Vertical adjustment of the upper beam for radius setting to provide optimum bending results (for PCX3040 only)



Additional Information:

Useful bending length (mm)2 0402 5403 040
Capacity zinc / steel S235JR (mm)1,0 / 0,80,8 / 0,71,0 / 0,8
Dimensions (mm)2 260 x 1 040 x 6003 100 x 1 060 x 6003 650 x 1 060 x 650
Gross weight (kg)160240350

Bending Machine

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Service Details:

Stroke25 to 1300 mm
Speed300 to 500 mm/s
Precision+ - 1/10 mm
Capacity1000 profiles
Back Gauge Depth1 300 mm

  • Welded steel construction and wide-sized frame for good rigidity
  • Hard steel clamping tool (42CD4)
  • Operator dual control
  • EU safety conformity
  • Note: PGL machines do not work without numerical control

Numerical control CN to be choosen:
  • Commande numérique SIEM-PRO
  • Color touch screen 6’’
  • Access code operator/administrator/programmer
  • Electrical back gauge 25-1300 mm, two positions, automatic gestion
  • Brushless motorisation (precision ± 0,1 mm)
  • Automatic variable speed transmission of the gauge
  • Capacity 2000 programs for 20 bends
  • Reversion and turning over management of the sheet metal
  • Produced parts counting and tallying down
  • Correction angle management according to metal thickness and material


Digital control graphic PGL-GRAPH:

  • Dynamic numerical color graphic control 15’’ with screen mobile protection
  • Access code operator/administrator/programmer
  • Light curtain protection for workstation while clamp closing (EU safety standards
  • 2009) to provide fast and safe clamping
  • Material library
  • Maintenance of the machine management
  • Automatic analysis on profi le feasibility
  • Parts library
  • Automatic graphic program creation
  • Statement fi le or graph profi le programming
  • Automatic control of the clamp position (opening and closing)
  • Apron variable speed and automatic correction of the bending angle according to
  • thickness and material (90°/ second)
  • Profi le duplication and modifi cation
  • Radius by stamping mode in 3 defi nable qualities
  • Anti-collision clamp calculation in bending simulation auto sequencing
  • Parts management reversion and turning over instructions on screen
  • Produced parts counting and tallying down
  • Electrical back gauge
  • Brushless motorisation

Automatique speed variation:

  • Up to 14 back gauge fi ngers



Optional accessories Hydraulic roller shear PGL-COUT:

  • Equipped with demountable sheet support for wide strips
  • Adjustable angle and blades clearance
  • Capacity for steel S235JR : 1,5 or 3 mm

Working table:

  • Working table on wheels 4 000 x 1 000 x 930 mm PGL-TABLE4
  • Working table on wheels 6 000 x 1 000 x 930 mm PGL-TABLE6


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Manual Swivel Folding Machine

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Service Details:

Useful Bending Length2 040 mm
Capacity for S235JR Steel 0,8 mm
Dimensions2 450 x 800 x 1 000 mm
Gross Weight315 kg

The PZA workshop bender is of welded steel construction, dimensioned to provide the necessary stability, stiffness and solidarity as required for workshop use

Standard Equipment:
  • Fitted with a narrow apron to allow opposite bends close  together
  • Clamping tool interchangeable if damaged
  • Bending support with cylinder for fast and reliable work
  • Notched gauge for precise and reliable bending

Additional Information:

Universal Benders PTS

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Service Details:

Speed rom300 to 500 mm/s
Stroke from12 to 750 mm
Automatique Speed VariationUp to 14 back gauge fi ngers
Precision+ - 1/10 mm

Universal bender from 3 to 4 m, Capacity from 1 to 1,5 mm, with graphic dynamic command control to provide a fast bending parts program

Dynamic digital command
  • Dynamic numerical control 15’’ with screen mobile protection
  • Access code operator/administrator/programmer
  • Light curtain protection for workstation while clamp closing (EU safety standards 2009)
  • Secured apron movement with compulsory permanent press on the pedal by the operator
  • Possibility to import profi les from PC. Optional. Consult us
  • Program updates via USB port (3)
  • Parts library : 10 000 profi les capacity
  • Automatic graphic profi le creation
  • Statement fi le or graph profi le programming
  • Automatic control of the clamp position (opening and closing)
  • Apron variable speed and automatic correction of the bending angle according to thickness and material (90°/ second)
  • Profi le duplication and modifi cation
  • Radius by stamping mode in 3 defi nable qualities
  • Anti-collision clamp calculation in bending simulation auto sequencing
  • Parts management reversion and turning over instructions on screen
  • Produced parts counting and tallying down
  • Electrical back gauge

Useful bending length (mm)3 1004 100
Capacity (mm) steel S235JR incl. apron 25 mm1,51,0
Table height (mm)830830
Clamping tool angle (°)160°160°
Clamp opening (mm)130130
Interchangeable apron tool, width (mm)10, 15 or 25 mm10, 15 or 25 mm
Power supply400 V (3 phases + neutral + ground)400 V (3 phases + neutral + ground)
Power kW3,04,0
Dimensions including back gauge (mm)4 260 x 1 778 x 16505 260 x 1 778 x 1650
Gross weight (kg)27003 300

Flat Bar Bending Machine

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Service Details:

Maximum Capacity100 x 10
Dimensions330 x 330 x 350 mm
Weight35 Kg

A strong machine of reliable construction, fitted with steel claw. For fast and easy fi tting the vise is equipped with an eccentric operating system as standard

Service Details:

Power0,18 kW
Bend Heights Maximum100 mm

PBS: reliability in all its shapes
The PBS bender is specially adapted for use in zinc insulation and aluminium workshops as well as for use in shop fitting, maintenance and prototype workshops

PE model: electric clamp bender
Developed to provide precision bending and excellent repetitive productivity in thin sheet metal

The control provides robust and regular clamping and allows the operator to keep hands free to manage insertion and extraction of metal sheets
  • Conforms to EU safety standards
  • Allows automatic unclamping after bending (in order not to waste time)
  • Equipped with anti-pinching system (stop 1 cm)


T model: segment keys bender
Version T of the PBS will produce perpendicular bends on the same sheet metal as necessary; in order to produce boxes, trunking and frames, etc..

The clamp is equipped with a fractioned heeled type tool consisting of various length elements,


  1. Apron provided with an interchangeable 15 mm narrow tool and with a 25 mm large tool to increase bending capacity
  2. Adjustable angular stop graduated from 0 to 160° performing very precise and identical bends
  3. The clamping tool is removable for special rules settings and easy maintenance Pedal-operated clamp control allowing operator hands free use. Eccentric driven clamp control
  4. Bending radius adjustment by horizontal apron fittings
  5. Cleared sides to allow up to 500 mm sheet metal edges, or ø 18 mm upwards and 20 mm downwards fl anges to go by



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Workshop Benders PBS

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Bender Machine type HS13

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Service Details:

Bending Length1050 mm
Gross Weight190 kg
Dimensions1500 x 800 mm

  • Clamp, table and key type apron
  • Pedal operated clamp control
  • Height adjustment of the apron




Additional Information:

Useful bending length (mm)1 050
Capacity for steel S235JR (mm)1,2
Maxi bending angle150°
Height of the table keys (mm)50
Height of the apron keys (mm)45
Useful height of the keys (mm)72
Dimensions (mm)1 500 x 800
Gross weight (kg)190
Width of the keys (mm)25, 30, 35, 40, 45,
50, 75, 100, 150,
250, 250

Fully Electric Bender

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Service Details:

Fork Length(mm)1150mm
Power SupplyAC

With pedal operated clamp control Clamping and apron operation  are activated by an electric motorised reducing gear This machine has been specifi cally designed to cope with several requests for a bender with stronger capacity and better productivity

Manual Bender

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Service Details:

Power SourceElectric
Power1.5 kW
Gross Weight1250 kg

Manual control of the apron Regular manual clamp on wheel control

Standard Equipment:
  • Manual angular gauge graduated from 0 to 160°
  • Clamping tool curved on 40° to provide the U bend
  • 50 mm apron tool (PTN2050-40, 2550-30 and 3050-30) and 40 mm on other models





Additional Information:

Useful bending length (mm)105015502050205020502050205030503050
Capacity for steel S235JR (mm)3,03,02,03,0
Dimensions not including2 110 x 8302 610 x 8303 110 x 8303 110 x 8303 110 x 8303 610 x 8303 610 x 8304 110 x 8304 110 x 830
Back gauge AR (mm)x 1 160x 1 160x 1 160x 1 160x 1 160x 1 160x 1 160x 1 160x 1 160
Gross weight (kg)1 2501 6501 90024002 8002 8503 1003 1003 400
Width of the apron tool (mm)404040405040504050
Power kw1,51,51,52,23,02,23,02,23,0

Automatic Line for Insulation

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Service Details:

Voltage380 V
Frequency50 Hz

Uncoiling, adjustable punching, longitudinal beading, rear end beading and roll forming

Cutting and Slitting Line Machine

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Service Details:

Dimension1500x1.5 mm
Diameter Rollers80 mm

System made up of an input table with rollers, adjustable guide and mechanical counter with display to 0.1 mm. A motorized machine feeder system with two 80 mm diameter rollers, one steel roller and one rubber gripping roller with crank operated vertical adjustment and a fixed slitting unit

Semi Electric Bender

Get Best Quote

Service Details:

Power SourceSemi Electric
Max Bending Radius150-200 mm

Electric control of the apron Regular manual clamp on wheel control

Additional Information:

Men's Bend Key Ring,O ring Hook,Solid Brass Key Ring Belt Hook Key Buckle for Leather craft Bag Hardware Accessories DIY EDC. SEPTEMBER IN STYLE.

Florida Events, Month by Month

We consulted our ergonomic experts, and these are the most important features to look for:

Key feel and well-functioning keys: The shape and size of the keys, how much force you need to press a key before it registers (called actuation force), and how much tactile and auditory feedback you get all affect how comfortable your hands will be after a long day of typing. Key feel will also influence how effectively you’ll type.

Rempel told us to look for “relatively light-touch keys with an actuation force between 45 and 60 grams.” According to Rempel, “The haptic feedback and consistent force are indicators of good quality. Typically a good feel is a key with some click about halfway through the stroke.” The keys should be easy to press to reduce strain on your fingers when typing.

For these reasons, we focused on mechanical switches, which are more responsive and comfortable to type on than cheaper and less durable membrane keys. We recommend Cherry MX Brown switches (or their equivalent), because they have a tactile bump and a lighter actuation force of 45 grams compared to other kinds of switches.1

Flat keyboard slope from front to back: We focused on ergonomic keyboards with at least a zero-degree slope or, even better, a negative tilt option. "To minimize the risk of injury and to optimize performance, it is important that a keyboard can be used with the hand in its most neutral position," says Hedge. "That is, straight and level." Most keyboards are angled upward from front to back, which makes you flex your wrists up 10 degrees or more to reach all the keys. This position, called extension, is a major cause of strain. The little feet that most keyboards have in the back, which raise the back edge of the keyboard upward like an old typewriter? Don’t use those.

“Repeated extremes of wrist extension can put excessive pressure on the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel of the wrist, and this impairs nerve function and eventually results in injury,” explains a Cornell research study. That same study noted that a keyboard with negative tilt (angled downward, away from the user) protected the carpal tunnel from critical pressure far more than regular keyboards.

In lieu of a negative tilt, however, you can adjust any keyboard’s tilt with an adjustable keyboard tray or, if you use a standing desk, an ergonomic keyboard stand.

Split keyboard: With split keyboards, you can hold your upper arms at the most comfortable position: by your sides. Conventional keyboards force your hands to angle in and your elbows to push out from your sides. This leads to hunched shoulders and upper back strain.

Split ergonomic keyboards come in two flavors: partially split and fully split. Partially split keyboards have a gap of an inch or two down the middle but the keyboard is a single unit, like a traditional keyboard, so there's a lower learning curve. However, you can't adjust the split or the tenting of the keyboard (more on that below). A fully split keyboard is basically a keyboard cut in half. This option is more flexible and adjustable; you can angle and position each half exactly how it would be most comfortable for you. It does come with a steeper learning curve, though.

If you’re a touch typist like me who crosses over (i.e., you type the Y key with your left hand and the B key with your right), it might take some time to adjust to a split keyboard—you’ll need to relearn how to press the keys near the middle with the appropriate hand. (To be fair, there’s a learning curve whenever you get a new keyboard of any type, much like switching from a car you’re used to driving to another.) But if you have wrist or shoulder pain, adjusting your typing technique is a minor hindrance if it might bring some relief.

No number pad: The built-in numeric keypad most keyboards have on the right side not only makes your keyboard take up more space on your desk, it also can cause strain on your body because it forces your right arm to stretch to use the mouse. A keyboard without a number pad lets you keep your right arm most properly closer to your side. That's why we focused on keyboards without built-in numpads, also known as tenkeyless keyboards.

Tenting: Some ergonomic keyboards raise the middle of the keyboard slightly (it looks like a tent, hence the name), so your hands rest in a more neutral position. If you rest your hands on your keyboard and your wrists naturally bend outward, a keyboard with tenting will be more comfortable for you. "When you put your hands on [a regular] keyboard, your wrist is often bent so that the little finger is really bending away from the wrist, since your arms are coming in from the sides,” explains Hedge. “That’s called ulnar deviation. That results in compression on the ulnar nerve, and also it can cause compression of some of the tendons used to flex the fingers.”

Customizability: Since we first wrote and last updated this guide, most new ergonomic keyboards have been mechanical ones, targeted especially towards keyboard enthusiasts interested in programming alternate layouts for their keyboards. For this guide, we prioritized customizability when it comes to typing comfort and proper posture (including remappable keys and multiple tenting and tilting options) over customizable macros or backlighting (although those features are nice to have).

Palm rest: Large, comfortable palm rests are also nice to have so you can rest your hands in between typing; ideally, you shouldn't be typing with your hands on the palm rests but rather hovering them over the keys at a neutral angle to prevent the wrist extension mentioned above.

We ruled out ergonomic keyboards that:

  • You have to build or that require soldering. While the build-it-yourself keyboard community is thriving, with many interesting options for self-assembled split keyboards, most people want to use their keyboard out of the box.2
  • Felt cheap or plasticky. We looked for keyboards with solid build quality that gave us confidence the keyboard would last for years.
  • Ditch commonly used keys. In an effort to be more compact, some keyboards eliminate navigational keys like the arrow keys and the function keys row at the top. They're accessible via special key combinations, but most people want those dedicated keys, so we eliminated ultra-compact split keyboards.
  • Have all blank keys, such as the Koolertron. Blank keys—those that don't have printed letters or numbers or symbols on them—are fine for touch-typists and ideal for those creating their own alternative keyboard layout. For the rest of us, printed keycaps and a standard layout are more important. Ergonomic keyboards take time and patience to get used to, so throwing in blank keycaps is just another complication.

how to bend keys for crafts

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Bending Wire to Make a Keyring : Decorative Crafts & Accessories

It's pretty hard to bend, don't hurt your wrists! Curl the left tine and bend it out as in step 7. . I dabble in varied guides for crafting, cooking, art, and jewelry.

how to bend keys for crafts
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