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How to blow an egg for crafts

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How to blow an egg for crafts
September 18, 2019 Family Restaurants 1 comment

Blowing out your eggs is a great way to save your prettiest or use them for craft projects.  It's easy, especially with the help of an egg blowing kit (link to buy one on  You can also use a thumbtack, paperclip and plastic coffee stirrer if you wish or a Dremel tool.  If you have a Dremel, it's the way to go, it makes a nice round hole without the spider webbing you sometimes get using anything else.


 Use the other tool to carefully enlarge the hole.

Use the bellows to carefully force air in and empty the egg.

Fill the bellows with water several times to rinse the inside of the egg.

Then I squirt some bleach/water or white vinegar/water mixture through the egg to clean it thoroughly.  A quick scrub with an old toothbrush and some baking soda will make white eggs sparkle on the outside.

 And there you have a perfectly blown-out egg.

Set the egg on a paper towel in a carton to dry with the hole end down. The paper towel acts as a wick to remove any last traces of water inside.  You can also microwave the shells for a minute or two to dry them out completely.

~the hole should be pointing down so the egg will drain~

So, now you've got a bowl of blown-out eggs. What do you do with them ?

For Christmas of course ornaments are the natural choice. Duck eggs make the most beautiful ornaments.  These were made by applying stickers to the blown eggs, then applying a clear layer of Modge Podge the each egg.

Pretty ornament caps glued onto the top and bottom with some ribbon to hang the egg from your tree, along with some seasonal stickers and a light coating of Modge Podge make simple, yet beautiful, ornaments that almost look like they are made of porcelain.

These ornaments were made by gluing a miniature wreath (available at craft stores) to each egg and then using baker's twine and shirt buttons to make a loop to hang each ornament.

I threaded a button then pushed both ends of the twine into the egg through the hole I used to blow out the insides. 

Leaving a loop, I then glued the button to the top of the egg. 

You can also make hanging doorknob decorations.  Just apply letter stickers to spell NOEL, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, JOY, PEACE, etc. and lightly brush the egg with Modge Podge. Let dry and then string the eggs on a piece of twine with a wooden bead in between each egg and tie a seasonal bow at the top. Use naturally colored eggs, or dye them before you string them.

You can also 'dress up' some eggs using a hot glue gun and scraps of felt or fabric and create cute holiday-themed tableau scenes for Christmas, Thanksgiving and even Halloween.  I used some fun-tack to anchor the blown eggs to the tray.  These are all from the 2011 Holiday Season.

~holiday-themed tableaus from 2011~
~Blown egg Christmas Santa scene from December 2011~

For Easter, try stamping the eggs and then stringing them on pastel ribbons with wooden beads.

~idea adapted from

Hang the eggs from doorknobs or cabinet knobs for some Easter cheer !

Either Blas-fix kit is well worth the price, especially since once you start blowing out some eggs, your imagination will run wild !


It is easier if the eggs are at room temperature when you start.  First poke a hole in one end of the egg and swirl the needle to break the yolk and scramble the insides a bit (or make your hole with the Dremel and then scramble the insides with a straight pin, bent paper clip or the gadget from the Blas-fix kit).

A Dremel tool works very well to make uniform holes quickly.


I have to say, figuring out how to blow out Easter eggs with kids wasn’t something I looked forward to tackling this spring. But knowing that it would be a fun tradition and a BLAST for the kids, we decided to go for it!

I learned a few tips along the way that I’ll share with you, and we even did a Facebook LIVE (video below) sharing the process so you can see how it all goes down and know what to expect when you’re navigating learning how to blow out Easter eggs with kids. It’s not without some egg casualties (on my part, NOT the kids LOL!). It’s actually fun!

How to Blow out Easter Eggs WITH KIDS!

Supplies for blowing out Easter Eggs

  • Eggs!
  • Thumb Tack
  • Long sewing needle
  • Bowl
  • Antibacterial all-purpose spray


Taking this journey learning how to blow out Easter Eggs with your kid is almost DEFINITELY not going to go smoothly or as planned. There will be cracked eggs. There will be a mess. But if you’re able to  let go of your up-tight control-freak tendencies, this will be fun for you and the kiddos!

Step 2 – Wash your eggs!

Your and your kids are going to have your mouths on these egg shells. Let’s make sure they’re clean and nobody gets sick! I threw them in a bowl, squirted in some dish soap, and filled it with water. Then just gently wiped each of them with my hands in the water. Then drain out the water and you’re ready to go!

Step 3 – Poke a hole!

If your kids are still little (like under 10), I wouldn’t let them attempt this part. But if you’re a super chill parent and don’t mind lots of broken eggs and potential needle pokes to the finger, you should go for it!

I used a thumb tack and gently poked a small hole in one end, then flipped ‘er over and poked several small holes close together until I had a larger hole for all the sloppy egg to come out of. Then, take a longer needle and stick it in the hole to pop the yolk. This will make it easier to blog out the egg!

*TIP* …you could put some scotch tape on the ends before you poke your holes to help prevent cracking. I learned this from someone that was watching our Facebook LIVE! I did it both ways with success, so just do what works best for you!

Step 4 – BLOW!

Gently pass the egg to your child, and instruct them to blow through the small hole, leaning over a bowl to catch all the eggy sloppiness! My girls are 6, and they blew out about a dozen eggs, and didn’t break a single one! CHAMPS!

Step 5 – Let dry

Leave your eggs to sit for a bit and let the innards of the egg dry out so you don’t have raw egg oozing on you when you’re decorating! After they had some time to dry, I sprayed them with some all-purpose cleaner and wiped them clean with a microfiber cloth. And we’re ready to decorate!

Step 6 – Decorate!

This is not a tutorial on decorating Easter Eggs, so I’m gonna let you use your own creativity here. We just brushed on some watercolor paint, and added some pretty washy tape. I used a long plastic needle to put a thin ribbon through the holes to hang these from out Easter Tree! Which is just a bunch of fake pussy willows in a vase.

My kids were inexplicably obsessed with this Easter craft, and announced that they want to blow out Easter Eggs every year! OKAY THEN! Eggs are cheap, and thumb tacks are plentiful. Let’s do it sisters!

This video below takes you along for the ride of our egg-blowing adventures! Like I said, it was filmed as a Facebook LIVE and is very raw and un-edited. Real life folks!  (psst… if you’re reading this post in a reader like Feedly or Bloglovin, you may need to click on the post to see the video below)

And while you’re in the Easter-with-kids mood, try out this fun Easter craft below! It’s fun for all ages!

Thanks for pinning!

Raw eggs Thumbtack Toothpick or bamboo skewer Small bowl Straw (narrower How to Blow Out an Egg for Decorating and Craft Projects.

Easter crafts are such a lovely craft to make – they are full of Spring colours and really help brighten the home after the long Winter days. We particularly love decorating Easter Eggs and love to share our Egg Decorating Ideas with you. We also have a great set of bunny crafts, chick crafts & Easter Basket Crafts for you too! Easter crafts and Easter Egg Decorating in particular form part of every Easter celebration and I hope my children grow up with happy Egg decorating memories!!

You can decorate your egg shells (from blown eggs) or you can decorate hard boiled eggs.

How to Blow Eggs:

How To “Blow and Egg”, Colouring with Food Dye and a Traditional Design

That is a long title, but it is kind of my “introduction to Egg Decorating“, as it shares three things – how to blow and egg and some tips to make it easier. How to dye your eggs using food colouring (though we do often paint ours) and a simple “very traditional” Austrian design, that I love! (Well I would, as I am Austrian!

Egg Decorating ideas for Preschoolers

Food Dye and Tape Resist

These are fun, as the kids can help make these quickly and easily. All you need is some tape, food dye and water!


Hot Crayon Eggs

This is a super fun craft Crayon Eggs – a wonderful way to use up crayon odds and ends with a beautiful colourful result!

Spotty Eggs

Another favourite of mine – purely because it is so simple and yet delightful. Spotty eggs, perfect for toddler hands. And you won’t feel bad to crack these open and eat them on Easter Day!

Eric Carle Egg Decoration for Preschoolers

Or how about this Eric Carle Egg Decoration for Preschoolers? Both my kids loved making these, especially Pip Squeak (3yrs old), who just wanted to make more and more and more of them!

Drip Art Easter Rainbow Eggs

A mesmerising and fun way to create Rainbow Easter Eggs. The kids adored the process and we loved the lovely Eastery colours. Wonderful.

We love this hen and chick nest complete with hen printable. A super fun Easter Egg Decorating ideas for little ones!

Egg Decorating For Preschoolers – Animals

Painted Owls and Birds

I decided to paint these owls and birds egg decoration, as it is easy to control the colour this way (food colourings have a mind of their own). It does mean, that I painted the eggs and Red Ted “only” decorated them. But he LOVED making them and I still love these owls all this time later (we still have them). Check out the post to see both the owls and birds.

Tissue Paper Birds

One of my favourite Easter Egg decorating crafts to date are these Tissue Paper birds. The kids ADORED making them (bright colours and tactile) and the tissue paper and glue protects the egg a little like paper mache. My little one even cracked one of the eggs (she went bang bang bang on the table) whilst crafting and we were able to rescue it with the tissue paper. Perfect. These little guys also proudly feature in my by book Red Ted Art!

Super easy bunny eggs

Yep, another “must” do egg decorating idea.. turn your Easter eggs into Bunny Easter Eggs!! Quickly and easily. The kids will love them.

Make gorgeous Spring Bird Eggs and decorate with this super easy Easter Tree for Kids.

Here is a super simple one for you – wash out some egg shells, pop them on some playdough or blu tack and use them as mini vases with the kids. SO CUTE!

Egg Decorating Ideas for Grown Ups And Teens


Have a go at these DELIGHTFUL Unicorn DIY Eggs – you will be surprised to learn how easy these are to make!

Cutest little Flower Bunny Eggs! How fun are these?! Love!

Get Arty, and learn hot paint Galaxy Eggs – Galaxy DIYs are all the rage right now and this easy tutorial will show you how to paint this fabulous pattern quickly and easily!

Napkin Decoupage Eggs

We wanted to give napkin decoupage a go and see how well it really works. When at a friend house she gave us a pretty patterned napkin. This post shows us how the decoupage Easter eggs worked – we rather liked it – and it opens up such a fabulous range of opportunities at napkins come in so many colours and designs and are so inexpensiv

Character Easter Egg Decorating ideas for School Egg Decorating Competitions

My son entered these Mr Men Eggs in the School Egg Decorating Competition a few years ago and WON! YAY!

Pok-egg-mon – we loved this play on words Pokemon DIY Egg Decorating idea for the School Egg Decorating competition. The Pokemon Characters were quick and easy to make.

Bring this classic Nursery Song to life with a fabulous Old MacDonald Egg Decorating diorama – complete with template for all the animals and the Farm Barn!!!

Mermaid Under the Sea Diorama

We love these little Mermaid Eggs. We had great fun creating this Ocean Mermaid Diorama a couple of years ago (post will be live on 19th March).

This super simple “Hair Dress Scene” won my daughter first prize when she was in Year 1. We actually did it very simply and in a bit of a “hurry” and last minute.. but I think the teacher’s could resist that Cress Hair!! The Eggcellent Hairdress indeed!

Angry Bird Easter Eggs

Get older kids enthusiastic by decorating eggs in their favourite characters. Angry birds are sure to be popular and we have a whole set of them. We should have adde these to a “scene” in order to do better in the school Egg Decorating competition I think!

Humpty Dumpty Easter Eggs

You have to at some point in your egg decorating life make a “Humpty Dumpty egg“. Here the kids designed and made their own interpretations!

Batman Egg Decoration

Another great craft for the boys, is to encourage them to pick a favourite character of theirs and see how they can convert it into and egg. My 5yrs old decided he wanted to make a Batman egg and using Lego for his inspiration came up with this. Of course I helped him a little, but the design and concept is ALL HIS!

Calling all Dr Who Fans with this Dalek Easter Egg!

May the force be with you, with this simple YODA Egg Decorating Idea!

More fun and quirky egg decorating ideas from the web:

Cactus Egg Decorating

Donut Eggs!

Gumball Easter Eggs

Strawberry Easter Eggs

Hope you enjoyed our Egg Decorating ideas!!! Have fun!!

Need ideas for the School Egg Decorating competition? Take a look at these, including information about WINNING DESIGNS!!

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Blowing Out Eggs for Crafts, Christmas Ornaments & Holiday Tableaus

how to blow an egg for crafts

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Want to know how to blow out an egg the easy way, so you’ll have Easter eggs that last for years? Here’s how!


How to blow out an egg, the easy way!


Which kind of egg should you use for Easter decorations?

You can see the complete Eggs and Birds Unit here.


When your decorating eggs for Easter there are a few different options for which kind of egg is best to use with children.

You can use hard boiled eggs which are more robust for children to handle, but they will only last a few days as decorations.

Blown-eggs are better to use for decorations that you want to keep, as they will last much longer. They are a little more fragile, but I find my children can handle them gently and they are fine.

If you don’t want to use real eggs you can find wooden, styrofoam, papier mache, and card eggs in craft stores and online at Amazon.



The easy way to blow out an egg

To blow out your eggs, use a drawing pin to push a hole in each end of your egg.



Use a toothpick / cocktail stick to enlarge the holes.

Top tip: Poke inside the egg too and break the yolk – if it’s ‘popped’ it will come out much more easily.



Then blow from one end, catching the insides in a bowl so you can use them for lunch!

You can also insert a drinking straw and blow through that way, or use a syringe to suck the insides out.

Wash out the egg very well before decorating.


The holes you use to blow out the inside of the egg can then be used to thread in a loop of string to hang your egg. Tie your thread around a pin, or even better a piece of toothpick which is less slippy, and poke it inside. Once in, the pin / toothpick will turn so that it doesn’t come back out through the hole.


Decorating Our Own Eggs

Here are some easy and interesting ways you could decorate eggs. They look wonderful displayed by hanging them from the branches of a Spring / Easter Tree: place some branches of willow, forsythia or cherry in a vase and add your egg decorations.


Pysanky eggs

How to dye eggs with shaving foam

Using wax crayons to decorate Easter eggs

Leaf print botanical eggs

How to dye eggs with oil

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Raw eggs Thumbtack Toothpick or bamboo skewer Small bowl Straw (narrower How to Blow Out an Egg for Decorating and Craft Projects.

How To Blow Out an Egg

Decorating empty egg shells is the perfect Easter holiday activity for your little ones. Once you know how to prepare the eggs, the only limit is your child's imagination. Plus, you can make an omelette for lunch afterwards with the leftover unused egg yolks.

You will need: 

  • Fresh eggs in an egg box
  • A safety pin
  • A toothpick
  • A straw
  • A measuring jug or bowl
  • Pens and other art materials to decorate


1. Sit an egg in your egg box to steady it. Holding the egg still, carefully tap and push a hole in the top centre of the egg with your safety pin. Once you have made the hole, carefully push one end of the pin in as far as it will go to widen it.

2. Take the toothpick and insert it into the hole; stir it around to help break up the yolk and make it easier to remove the insides at step 4.

3. Flip the egg over and make a second hole on the opposite side with your pin. Try to make the hole on the bottom a little bigger but be careful not to crack the shell. Break up the yolk again with your toothpick.

4. Hold the egg over a measuring jug with the bigger hole facing down. Use a straw to flush out the contents of the egg by placing the tip of the straw over the hole and blowing hard. First the egg white will come out, followed by the yolk - it can take a minute to get going, so be patient. You will know that it's all out when it becomes lighter and you are just blowing out bubbles of egg white, followed by air.

5. Clean the shell by holding it carefully under running hot water from the kitchen tap. Wipe carefully with kitchen paper and leave to dry. Now you’re ready to decorate with paint, pens, stickers, felt, glitter or whatever else takes your fancy.

6. We created written hashtag designs with permanent markers, like ‘fresh’, ‘goodegg’ and ‘dippy’, plus an Easter chick using yellow, orange and black coloured markers and the snipped-off tied end of a red balloon for its crest (we poked the bit of the balloon into the hole on the egg top).

Our little flower girl design was just a sprig of thyme snipped from the garden and secured at the back with a little bit of tape.

If you want to paint your shells, you will need to cover them in a few layers of tissue paper and glue first like paper mache before leaving to dry and painting - but coloured permanent marker pens are a quicker alternative to painting and give a good, neat result.

Did you enjoy this activity? Try these...

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How to make paper mache

Have you ever made decorated Easter eggs? We'd love to hear your creative ideas... 

how to blow an egg for crafts

Learn how to blow out an egg leaving the hollow shell intact in just 3 easy steps! Make Easter decorations and crafts that can be reused again.

how to blow an egg for crafts
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