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How to craft a knife in mm2

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How to craft a knife in mm2
February 27, 2019 Family Restaurants 4 comments

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Murder Mystery 2 Codes Roblox – Full List

Valid & Active Codes

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  • AL3X: Use this code to earn a free purple knife
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As you can see there were 6 knifes waiting for you in Murder Mystery 2

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Ever since the crafting update it has been so hard to play! After a while of playing, and you want to equip a new gun or knife nope! You tap.

The Goal

The goal of Murder Mystery 2 (link to the game) depends on your character. The goal of the murderer is to kill everyone else on the server. They lose if they even if they miss one person. The goal of the sheriff and heroes are to kill the murderer and prevent him from killing any more people. The goal of innocents is to survive as long as possible. That can be pretty hard with an experienced killer, and many possible suspects surrounding you everywhere you go. This is MM2 Tips and Tricks.

 MM2 Tips and Tricks

In Murder Mystery 2, you really want to buy weapon boxes, because they look cool, and you can trade them for even nicer weapons. Weapons don’t really help you with the game, they are just for show.

Perks or Powers are what really help you rise to the top. There are 7 perks. When you first join the game your character has the default perk, which is footsteps, where you can see everyone’s footsteps and they change color depending on age. The other six perks are

  • sleight
  • ninja
  • fake gun
  • haste
  • ghost
  • x-ray
  • The only time you can use your perks is when you are the murderer. To equip a perk, you have to go to the shop, and under your items click perks. Then, you have to click on the perk you want to use (after you have bought it) and click the button in the lower-right corner that says “equip.”

Radios are a cool thing you can buy with robux on the game. They look stylish and play your music, but they make it hard to hear the murdering. Someone with a radio-equipped might be trying to cover up the murdering noise.

Types of Characters

There are types of people chosen by the random wheel, at the beginning of the game. The Sheriff, the Murderer, and the Innocents. After the sheriff dies, any innocent can pick up his or her gun and become the hero. You can help even as an innocent by texting out clues so that others can know who the murderer is. After you die, you can still watch the action on spectate mode. Finally, if you die just know that anything you say cannot be heard by living people.

Watch out for…

Some really dangerous perks are silent knife, sleight, and fake gun.

Silent knife is just as it sounds. The murderer’s killing goes silent. This makes a sheriff’s job harder, because you can’t kill an innocent as a sheriff or hero, or else you die.

Sleight is very dangerous because you can throw your knife. Instead of getting up close, you kill people even ten feet from you.

Fake gun will trick innocents into thinking the holder is the sheriff, and people flock around them, easy for the kill. Because of this, you should avoid people especially if they are following you. You should also hang in a big group because there is safety in numbers. If the sheriff watches over your group, only the bravest would dare come near to kill.

Your main goal on any round should be to collect all your coins because average people can only collect 40 coins, and elite can only collect 50 coins. With such high prices for anything good, you need all the money you can get.

For more BLOXtips Tips and Tricks, click here.

Murder Mystery 2 Codes – Roblox – November 2019

how to craft a knife in mm2

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Learn more about "CRAFTING INFINITE KNIVES IN MURDER MYSTERY 2!! ( Roblox)" on In this video I show you how to get a rich MM2 inventory.

MM2 Tips and Tricks (Murder Mystery 2)

Okay, so here is the thing for Murder Mystery 2 for mobile players...

Ever since the crafting update it has been so hard to play! I'm a mobile player myself and it really sucks that I can't play properly and I bought Elite and Radio... ;-;

What's so bad about it you ask?

Well, let me tell you.

Ever since the crafting update as I said, there has been a bunch of annoying glitches in the game.

This includes:

• Constant Lagging

15% of the time the game doesn't lag or crash for you if you are lucky.

• Extreme Lagging When Murder

When you are murder, you lag two frames per second. This really sucks. I always say "Lag" after I die of lag being murder so they don't think I'm a noob. Of course, some people say that even when they are not lagging so people don't think that they are a noob so sometimes the people that kill me say "HA! NOOB"! I ignore it... but they keep harassing me so we sometimes get into a fight and it's not fun.

People tell me that when they go past me they lag really badly... so this effects all. Also, if you were not lagging as badly before you were murder... after you are murder the lag gets worse.

• Cannot Craft Or Equip

After a while of playing, and you want to equip a new gun or knife... nope! You tap on it and nothing happens. You have to restart your game. Which sucks because if you have a friend with you, you can no longer play with him/her.

• Crashing

Crashing happens when you lag a lot. Also, if you were not lagging, after a good 30 minutes of playing, your game crashes out of the blue. Crashes can happen really frequently, or every 15 minutes or in lucky cases, every 30 minutes. About 35% of the time, it crashes when you craft something, or unbox something and 50% of the time you don't get the item.

• Things Not Showing Up

If you want to unbox a knife, it takes a good 10 seconds for every single thing to load in. Not just a couple. Everything. This is also lag but in another form.

Please spread this message to the creator of the game! I did myself but he ain't listening. If more people tell him about it! The more likely he will fix it! Please tell him viva twitter so us mobile players can play normally again!


how to craft a knife in mm2

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: How To Craft Weapons On Murder Mystery 2 - Roblox

Learn more about "CRAFTING INFINITE KNIVES IN MURDER MYSTERY 2!! ( Roblox)" on In this video I show you how to get a rich MM2 inventory.

how to craft a knife in mm2
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