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:: Yak Training ::

By: Duckduck2003

http://img523.images...fightingdw8.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

  • 1.0 [ Introduction ]
  • 2.0 [ Requirements ]
  • 3.0 [ How to get there ]
  • 4.0 [ Yak stats and drops ]
  • 5.0 [Inventory]
  • 6.0 [ Ranging ]
  • <3<36.1 [ Cannons ]
  • 8.0 [ Frequently Asked Questions ]
  • 9.0 [ Credits ]
1.0 [ Introduction ]

This is my first guide, so be nice. No flaming, only constructive criticism and comments. Now I know what you're probably thinking at this stage. "Why would anyone want to train at yaks?" Well, the reason is that yaks are actually very fast experience. If you read this whole guide you'll find out why. Yaks are located in a small pen on the island of Neitiznot [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


2.0 [ Requirements ]

To get to yaks, you need to have done Fremennik Trials, and have started Fremennik Isles.

To do these quests you must meet the following requirements:

1. 20 Construction
2. 40 Agility
3. 46 Crafting
4. 56 Woodcutting


3.0 [ How to get there ]

http://img523.images...mapimagedw2.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Yaks are located on the Fremmnik island of Neitiznot. I have created a map of how to get there.
There are three main ways to get there. They all end up on the same path however.

1. Camalot teleport - Requires 45 magic. Teleport to camelot, then walk north until you reach the Fremmnik provinces.

2. House portal - If you own a house just outside Relleka use house teleport then walk outside and go north.

3. Enchanted Lyre - Teleport using the Enchanted Lyre from Fremmnik Trials and walk north-east to the gates, then follow the main route.

Once on Neitiznot go north along the path, following it east until you reach the gates to the village. Beside the village gates is a gate to the pen which holds the yaks.

http://img74.imagesh...ieldviewys2.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


4.0 [ Yak stats and drops ]

In the field there are 6 Yaks. Each Yak has 50hp, and can each in turn give 200xp per kill. Each Yak has a waiting time of 5 SECONDS before it respawns. The fields are very quiet areas and rarely have anyone else, apart from a quester every now and again. They are combat level 22 and almost NEVER hit. I would fight these gladly all day skulled with all my best stuff on with 1hp. that's how secure they are. They have no drops apart from 100% drops, which are: Yak hair, Yak meat, Yak hide and Bones.

Yak hide can be "cured" (5gp per hide) so it can be crafted into Yak hide armour. It is level 43 crafting to make Yak hide legs (1 cured hide, 32 crafting xp) and level 46 crafting to make Yak hide tops (2 cured hides, 32 crafting xp). Yak hair can be spun at a spinning wheel to make ropes (25 crafting xp).

Yak armour and stats: [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


5.0 [ Inventory ]

http://img257.images.../wearingww6.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

What you should be wearing should not consist of defense. It should consist of attack bonus, and strength.

Helmet of Neitiznot > Bezerker Helmet
Abyssal Whip > Dragon Scimitar > Dragon Long
Fury Amulet > Glory Amulet > Power Amulet > Strength Amulet
Rune Defender > Obsidian Shield > Other Defenders
Bandos Top > Fighter Torso > Anything
Bandos Tassets > Anything
Barrows Gloves > Combat Bracelet > Any other gloves down to mith > Family Crest Gauntlets
Dragon Boots > Rune Boots > Climbing Boots > Addy Boots
Bezerker Ring > Warrior Ring > Any Ring
Fire Cape > Obsidian Cape > Legends Cape

http://img259.images...nventoryvj3.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

In your inventory there is no need for food, however, I always like to keep food for random events. Super attack pots are only 1-2k per, so if you buy them they speed up training alot as they make you hit more often. It is always good to carry a Dragon Battle Axe for specials, so you get some strength bonus.


6.0 [Ranging]

When ranging Yaks you can easily stand outside and range away at them. The--Corrupt did us all a favour and checked the amount of experiance an hour you get with iron knives.

Just timed myself. 59,732 xp in one hour using iron knives, range potted with 97 range.

http://img96.imagesh...4/range1ca8.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]

Robin > Blessed Coif > Archer Helm > Snakeskin bandana > Coif
Mage Shortbow = Knives = Darts
(Iron > Steel > Bronze (Iron is best as they are cheapest projectiles))
Fury Amulet > Glory Amulet > Power Amulet
Unholy Book > Book of Balance
Karils/Black dragonhide > 3rd Age Range Armour > Other dragonhide in decending order
Barrows Gloves > Black dragonhide vambs > 3rd Age vambs > Other dhide vambs
Ranger Boots > Snakeskin boots > Rune Boots
Archer Ring > Any other dagganoth king rings > Any ring
Ava's Accumulator > Fire Cape > Obsidian Cape > Legends Cape > Any other cape

I have made a picture showing the four best safespots.

http://img523.images...afespotsoj4.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


6.1 [Cannons]

Cannons can be quite useful, and can be used in the field. If you were using a cannon you could have it set up in front of the gate, or in front of the trees. Cannons could speed up range training as if you are safespotted it can attack multiple targets.

http://img103.images...5525/yakrp5.png [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]


7.0 [ Frequently Asked Questions ]

Q: Why shouldn't I just go train at experiments?

Hey it's up to you, but experiments is packed, has slow spawn times and is full of usually rude and arrogant pures.

Q: Is it easy to range yaks?

Yes, and you can leave the gate open for easy running in to grab your projectiles if you aren't using an accumulator.

Q: Should I collect hides?

I would say no. Just get 3 so you can make some yak armour for yourself.

Q: How many people train at yaks?

Over the past week I haven't seen anyone training there. Only questers every few hours.

Q: How much xp would I get per hour?

Depends how fast you can kill them really. Super attack pots help boost your xp by roughly 10k+ in my experiance. I get about 60k+ xp an hour. It seems like "omg you're lying" but it's only 300 kills to get that amount per hour, and that's only asking for 5 a minute, 12 seconds per kill. Which is VERY manageable.

Q: Should I bring a dragon battle axe/dds/d mace for special attacks?

I would say no to dds and d mace, it's a hassle constantly changing to use up specials. For DBX it's your own personal preferance really, it lowers attack however which my mean lowering how often you hit.

Q: Are Yaks aggressive?

No. Even if they were, they're level 22, and you'd have to be under level 45 for them to auto attack you.

Q: Is it a multi-combat area?

No it is not.

Q: Do I need a seal of passage?

No, a seal of passage is for lunar isle, not Neitiznot.

Q: Can I kill yaks with 1 defence?

You need to do fremmnik trials and fremmnik isles, which both give you defence. So no. Sorry. They are "rock crabs for non pures".

Q: Do I need to wear yak hide armour?

No. I just like to wear it.

Q: What food should I use?

Any, they hardly hit you at all.


8.0 [ Credits ]

Duckduck2003 (me): Writing the guide
soulegleon: Grammar correction, armour suggestions, submitting map of getting there
Ben Goten78: Guide Template
The__Corrupt: Checking range xp per hour
dahaka13: Suggesting combat bracelet
Harry: Submitting cannon picture

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fixed images

Team Chickon/Team Guinness/Team Scream

Cow Hides & Leather

Cow hides can be obtained by killing cows all over runescape. Here are some of the best places to kill them:


North of Lumbridge's Grain Mill

South of Falador

Next to the Crafting Guild

North of East Ardougne

West of Port Phasmatys

You can also buy them from other players for 90 to 130gp each. After you have obtained your hides go to Al Kharid and have the Tanner tan your hides into soft leather for 1gp each. While you are in Al Kharid stop by the crafting store and buy a needle and plenty of thread (1 thread per 5 pieces of leather).


Levels 1-7

Make leather gloves, approximately 48.

Levels 7-9

Make leather boots, approximately 20.

Levels 9-11

Make leather cowls, approximately 22.

Levels 11-14

Make leather vambraces, approximately 35.

Levels 14-18

Make leather bodies, approximately 57.

Levels 18-38

Make leather chaps, approximately 996.

Levels 38-99

Make silver tiaras, approximately 247,696. Silver can be mined in the mines of: Al Kharid, Edgeville Dungeon and the Crafting Guild(40 Crafting required). When you get bored of making tiaras go to the Crafting Guild and craft clay bowls.

Fast Leveling (Members)

Levels 1-7

Make leather gloves, approximately 48.

Levels 7-9

Make leather boots, approximately 20.

Levels 9-11

Make leather cowls, approximately 22.

Levels 11-14

Make leather vambraces, approximately 35.

Levels 14-18

Make leather bodies, approximately 57.

Levels 18-38

Make leather chaps, approximately 996.

Levels 38 - 57

Make leather coifs, approximately 4,672.

Levels 57-66

Make green vambraces, approximately 4,726. To get green hides either kill green dragons in the wilderness or buy them for approximately 1,800gp each from players.

Levels 66-99

Make blue vambraces, approximately 179,117. For blue dragon hides kill blue dragons in Taverley Dungeon or the Heroes' Guild dungeon. You can also buy these from players for around 2,300gp each.

Level 80

You can make glory amulets. If you wish, you can trade your dragonstone amulets or glory amulets for dragonstones from other players. This will give you some good experience as well as make you a known and nice RuneScape player.

Level 85

You can make toy cats. You will need to have a fully upgraded crafting table, 42 construction required, in your Player Owned House or use a friends crafting table to make. These can be sold or used for fun.

Levels 90

You can make fury amulets. The best crafting item is yours! To obtain onyx stones, you will need to buy it from the store for 2,700,000 TokKul. You can also buy from players or trade a fury amulet for a onyx stone and 50,000 to 100,000gp.

Money Making (Members)

This way can make you over 123million!

Levels 1-7

Make leather gloves, approximately 48.

Levels 7-9

Make leather boots, approximately 20.

Levels 9-11

Make leather cowls, approximately 22.

Levels 11-14

Make leather vambraces, approximately 35.

Levels 14-58

Spin bow strings, approximately 15,883. You can either pick the flax or buy it for 100 to 110gp each. Bow strings sell for 180 to 200gp each making you a nice profit. The best place to spin flax is in Lumbridge Castle.

Levels 58-66

Make Earth battle staffs, approximately 1,470. Read the Seaweed area for tips on how to get it fast. For complete information including maps and tips on how to make battle staffs read the guide here.

Levels 66-99

Make Air battle staffs, approximately 59,706.

Level 80

You can make glory amulets. If you wish, you can trade your dragonstone amulets or glory amulets for dragonstones from other players. This will give you some good experience as well as make you a known and nice runescape player.

Level 85

You can make toy cats

You will need to have a fully upgraded crafting table, 42 construction required, in your Player Owned House or use a friends crafting table to make. These can be sold or used for fun.

Level 90

You can make fury amulets. The best crafting item is yours! To obtain onyx stones, you will need to buy it from the store for 2.7m Tokkul. You can also buy these from other players.


Seaweed can be obtained by either fishing (using a big fishing net), as a drop from rock crabs, picking it up in its respawning spots, or buying it from Charter Ships in the Catherby area.

Respawn Areas

On Entrana, you can pick some of the seaweed up and use telekinetic grab to get the others.

Note: One great benifit of the Entrana spawns is that they are near the Law Altar. If you have 54 Runecrafting, it is easy to craft or Run Laws while you gather seaweed at the spawn. As the altar is on the route, it takes only a few brief seconds to craft the runes. You can use pouches if you have them. Simply wear your Law tiara, bring the pouches and/or essence with you. Then craft the runes and walk over to the spawn.

Shilo Village, there are four seaweed that respawn here.

Northeast of Rellekka, this is the best way by far as it is close to a bank and it has nine seaweeds respawning.

There are three main ways go get and bank seaweed here. The first is to make many lyres and have them enchanted. This will take one raw shark per lyre or one raw bass each while wearing your Ring Of Charos (a). After you have enchanted them all, use the lyre teleport to get close to the seaweed, pick the seaweed up then glory amulet or dual ring teleport back to a bank and repeat. The second way is to have started the Giant Dwarf quest. Bank your seaweed in the Keldagrim bank. The fastest way is to use Fairy Rings. Above the Keldagrim entrance, is a fairy ring (DKS), which you can use to go to the Zanaris bank.


Gems can be mined from any type of ore rock. Wearing a Glory Amulet (4) will increase your chances of getting gems. You can also mine gems in Shilo Village if you have 55 Mining and have completed the Shilo Village quest. Of the gems you can mine in Shilo Village, Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds can be used in crafting jewelry. Opals, Jade and Red Topaz can be cut and either sold to a General Store for a few gp, or noted and brought to Gabooty in Tai Bwo Wannai Village who will buy them for Trading Sticks. You can use the trading sticks to buy village clothing or to get into the Mahogany and Teak tree area.

Another good place to obtain gems is the Rogue's Den as well as through many random events.

Helpful Quests

  • Hand in the Sand - 9,000 exp
  • Elemental Workshop II- 7,500 exp
  • Cabin Fever - 7,000 exp
  • Enakhra's Lament - 7,000 exp
  • Recipe for Disaster - 3,500 exp
  • Observatory Quest - 3,250 exp
  • Shilo Village - 3,195 exp
  • Nature Spirit - 3,000 exp
  • Fremennik Trails - 2,813 exp
  • Giant Dwarf - 2,500 exp
  • In Aid of the Myreque - 2,000 exp
  • Murder Mystery - 1,406 exp
  • Tears of Guthix - 1,000 exp
  • The Golem - 1,000 exp
  • Making History - 1,000 exp
  • Dwarf Cannon - 750 exp
  • In Search of Myreque - 600 exp
  • Elemental Workshop I - 5,000 exp
  • Goblin Diplomacy* - 200 exp
  • Sheep Shearer* - 150 exp

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Updated on: September 29, 2011 06:07 AM UTC by Salmoneus

Results 1 - 10 of 13 How To Make Money With Slayer Osrs On Sale. If not your going to have to get to Rellekea either by using a lyre, house teleport (if your.

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Alex 43
 Post subject: Lunar Diplomacy Quest
Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 7:58 pm 

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RS Name:Alex 43
RS Status: P2P
Clan Name:Rsbandb! All the way!
Lunar Diplomacy Quest

Items Needed:

- 1 tinderbox
- 1 guam leaf
- 1 marrentill
- 1 mortar and pestle
- 1 dramen staff
- 4 talismans – one of air, one of water, one of earth, and one of fire (tiaras work too)
- 400 coins
- 1 pickaxe
- 1 hatchet (optional)

Teleports Used:

- 1 Falador teleport
- 1 Lumbridge teleport (or charged glory amulet to Draynor)
- 1 Ring of dueling (To duel arena)
- 1 Varrock Teleport
- 1 Camelot Teleport / enchanted Lyre / house teleport if it’s near Relekka


- Level 61 crafting
- Level 40 defence
- Level 49 firemaking
- Level 5 herblore
- Level 65 magic
- Level 60 mining
- Level 55 Woodcutting
- Completed The Fremennik Trials
- Completed Lost City
- Completed Rune Mysteries
- Completed Shilo Village
- Must fight at least 4 level 114 monsters that mage and melee.

Difficulty and Length:

- Long, and difficult for those who aren't adapt to problem-solving situations and don't have patience.

Start Location:

- The docks in Rellekka. Speak to Lokar.


To start this long and truly fascinating quest, speak to Lokar near the docks. He is next to the ship that takes you to Waterbirth.

After a few … interesting suggestions, you’ll be told to get a Seal of Passage from Brundt the Chieftan to become a diplomat, even though you don’t really need to do any … yet.

Brundt will give it to you to wear like an amulet. Return to Lokar and he’ll bring you to his ship.

Climb up 2 ladders, and find and speak to the captain.

Ask him all you want about the Moon Clan, then when you’re ready to depart, depart!

After a very enjoyable … trip … which doesn’t go very well because all you did was circle the port … go below deck and talk to Jack. After no success, talk to the Captain again, then talk to Jack once more. After a conversation, you’ll learn that someone aboard the ship is jinxed.

Speak to the captain again, and he’ll ask you to find the jinx. Afterwards, talk to Eagle-eye here at the northern end of the ship for an explanation of a jinx.

Of course, you can have a few laughs talking to some other guys, but the one you want is Beefy. Go below deck where you found Jack, then go to the northern end of the ship for another ladder. Inside, you’ll find Beefy.

After talking to him and having a conversation with the captain, climb up the ladders near him and talk to Lee here.

He’ll say that he saw the First Mate sneak off somewhere during the feast. Interesting! Talk to him. He’s in the southern room on the captain’s level.

After a false accusation, you'll learn that he's not guilty, but he does point the finger at the cabin boy, who is where Lee was. Go back and speak to him.

Caught! He’ll confess to putting 5 jinx symbols on the ship and give you a special lantern to find them. You’ll need to use a tinderbox on it.

To search for the marks, you just have to use the lantern on the object. He gives you 5 locations:

- A wall
- A box
- A container
- A support
- Something big and metal. Like … this cannon!

The other places are as follows:

I don't like having to reveal the entire quest, so I'll let you guys figure them out without TOTALLY giving it away. This is one quest reward that you have to EARN.

Once all the symbols are rubbed off, talk to the captain and you’ll be off!

Finally! Take a look around. There’s a nice clothes shop, a bank, a number of citizens to talk to …

Even a walking runes shop!

Anyways, if you want that lovely quest reward screen, I suggest you speak to Meteora.

And she’ll tell you their “leader” is on the south-east area of the island.

She will explain a ritual you can go through to learn their ways of magic. What fun! To do it, though, you need 3 things – A walking sleep potion, a Lunar staff, and ceremonial robes.

The potion is the easier to get. You’ll need to fight some of those level 114 suqahs around the village that cast spells and melee. However, bring dragon hide armor and a good weapon and you’ll be fine. You need to kill them for a tooth, which you will grind with a mortar and pestle.

You also need to talk to the rune seller in the chicken-house for a special vial, which you need to fill with water.

Once you get it, add the guam, marrentill, and ground tooth, then talk to the oneiromancer again.

Next up is the Lunar staff, which is made by taking a dramen staff (staff used to access Zanaris and the Fairy Rings) on the air altar (for runecrafting), fire altar, water altar, and earth altar in that order. You don’t need any rune essence or anything, just the talismans / tiaras.

I used a number of house teleports because I have a bunch of portals. But by whatever means necessary, get to those altars and use the dramen staff on each. Don’t forget your talismans.

Once you made the staff (or staffs, depending how many you have …), return to Lunar Isle.

Now the suit. There are 8 parts:

HELMET – Mine it from a stalagmite and craft it. There is a mine to the northeast section of the island that houses gold ore, gem rocks, and even a rune essence!
CAPE – Talk to Pauline Polaris in the village. She’s in the northwest area. She will quiz you and ask for her real name. Choose the second option from the top and you’ll win the cape.
AMULET – Speak to Meteora. You’ll be asked to get a tiara back from a suqah.
TORSO – Craft with a suqah hide. (All hides must be first tanned by the clothes shop owner, who tans them for 100 coins each)
LEGS – Craft with a suqah hide.
GLOVES – Craft with a suqah hide.
BOOTS – Craft with a sugah hide.
RING – Speak to Selene. She will send you on a treasure hunt. Grab your spade and head to the south-western most part of the island, and you’ll find these flowers that you need to dig on with your spade for the ring:

Once that’s dome, you’ll get everything back (you need 11 spaces after giving the clothes) including some kindle, which you will need to soak in potion and through in the large building’s torch.

Like so.

Now you’re in dream-world. If you leave it or log out by mistake, don’t worry. Talk to the oneiromancer again and she’ll replace the kindling and potion free.

Anyways, talk to this guy.

There are a number of tests you must go through. If you look around, you’ll see multi-colored platforms that you must walk on to ... move to another area. I'll help you with them a bit.

This game looks complex, but it’s really simple. The dice, instead of giving all 6 numbers randomly, switch from 2 different numbers: The 2 dice on top gives either 3 or 4. The center ones give 1 and 6, and the bottom ones give 2 and 5. Just remember that each dice has both digits that total up to 7.

This game is basically a miming game. Talk to it, watch its moves, then do the same emote.

There's a racing game. Basically, you hurry up and race a walking slowpoke, except you have to jump hurdles. Sorry, no picture.

This game is a chopping race. Quickly chop 20 trees and put them in your pile. If you forgot your hatchet, you'll be suplied with a bronze one.

This is a game similar to the trap you find in the underground pass and the Burgh De Rott minigame. Jump to each platform and remember which ones you are able to stand on. I'm afraid it's different for every player, so I can't help you with a guide.

There is one more game, which you have to press numbers to complete patterns. Again, no picture, but it's very straightforward.

After all 6 tests are done, talk to the main guy and face your final challenge:

You have to fight: YOURSELF!

It’s level 79, and you both teleport to opposite ends of the arena at certain times. Other then that, he doesn't hit very much. Just run at him and give it your all, and you'll be fine.

Once you beat the tar out of yourself, you’ll return and be told to read your life. Do so, and you’ll return to the village.

Talk to the oneiromancer to finish the quest.

To switch between Lunar spells, just pray at the altar. Unlike the Zaros altar, this one doesn’t drain anything.

You can also use the altar to make these runes for fast and easy exp, as well as mine the rune essence in the mine you got the helmet ore from.



Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 3:34 pm 
Another great guide Alex fantastic you have an amazing talent for quest guides. I will use this guide to do the quest.


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Unstrung lyre

how to craft a lyre osrs

how to make craft musical instruments for kids
How to craft jewlery eso
how to craft mining multitool
How to link new cartridges to cricut craft room
how to make craft glue for kids
How to open the ring on craft keychains
how to craft steed feed trove
How to craft med in alien isolation

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Fremennik Trials: Lyre?

Started by Lunar_Drifter, Jun 12 2007 10:00 PM

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Posted 12 June 2007 - 10:00 PM

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Since I don't feel like getting my crafting up to 40 from 33, I want to get the lyre as a drop from one of the citizens. Any clues on how rare the drop is? I don't want to waste way too much time and food over here killing these helpless dudes..

Thanks in advance,


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Posted 13 June 2007 - 12:13 AM

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you'll probably get it faster by level your crafting.

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Posted 13 June 2007 - 12:55 AM

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Nah got it within minutes of posting this.

Thread ova'!



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Yak Training - Fast Xp



It's a musical instrument I don't know how to play.

A lyre is crafted by a player during the Fremennik Trials quest. The lyre is needed in the quest to perform in the longhall to get Olaf the Bard's vote to become a Fremennik.

The lyre can then be enchanted by Fossegrimen to make an enchanted lyre and progress with the quest.
















Attack speed

Creating the lyre

The lyre can be made by using an axe to cut a branch from the swaying tree east of Rellekka, and then using a knife on the branch to obtain an unstrung lyre, then attaching golden wool. Doing so requires 25 Fletching.

Golden wool can be obtained from buying golden fleece from Lalli (1,000gp), then spinning it on a spinning wheel (nearest spinning wheel is in Seers' Village).

The Fremmenik Trials

During The Fremennik Trials, you have to go to the stage in the main hall and play the lyre. Wearing a skillcape or being in a guild, champions', heroes' or legends' guild will make the song lyrics different.

After you've played on the stage, you get to keep the lyre.


Players may also kill Lanzig for a Lyre. He can be found in the south-eastern corner in Rellekka.

how to craft a lyre osrs

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{Reward} [5QP] Crafting XP, Gold bar . Cooking; 30 Ranged; 40 Agility; 20 Construction; **25 Fletching (If crafting Lyre in Fremmy Trails).

how to craft a lyre osrs
Written by Gokree
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