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How to craft a pokeball in pocket craft

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How to craft a pokeball in pocket craft
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Whether you’re a fan of the show or the game, you’re sure to love these Pokémon Crafts for Kids! Make them for fun or to give to your friends!

Pokémon  has it’s own fan following, and judging by how popular the game became, we know that anything Pokémon sells! That’s why Pokémon Day is being observed, to celebrate the launch of Pokémon.

Did you realize that it’s been 22 years since Pokémon was first introduced in the world? Yes, that’s quite a long time! So with Pokémon Day coming up on 27th February, we’ve put together some really cute Pokémon crafts for kids. Make them to play with, display in your room or gift to your friends!!

15 Super Cute Pokémon Crafts for Kids

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1. DIY Pokémon Go Charm Bracelet

This DIY Pokémon bracelet from I Heart Crafty Things is so cute, you don’t need a Pokémon fan to make it! You can get most of the supplies from a craft store or online. Make sure there is an adult to help since there is heat involved.

2. DIY Pokémon Kaleidoscope Paper Toy

This craft from Red Ted Art is super cool! Each paper toy features a Pokémon character evolution, and is a fun toy to play with! Don’t worry, you just need to download the printables – there is a coloring version as well as a ready-to-use version.

3. Clay Pikachu Pencil Topper

If you have a friend who’s a die-hard Pokémon fan, they’ll love this little Pikachu pencil topper, made of clay. This little guy will be your friend throughout your day, whether at home or at school!

4. Pokéball Sun Catcher

This craft from And then comes L is a great option for little kids – or big ones who love making sun catchers! This craft uses tissue paper, contact paper and black markers to create a Pokéball that catches the sun!

5. Pikachu Sock Plushie

If you’ve got a young Pokémon fan in your home, then it’ll be worth your while to make this adorable Pikachu Sock Plushie from DIY Craftsy! It’s easier than it looks and the step by step pictorial is a huge help. The end result is truly impressive!

6. Paper Plate Oshawott Craft

Oshawott, because why should Pikachu have all the fun? The cute little creature comes to life in this paper plate craft from Kids Activities Blog. Check out all the details – the ears, the teeth, even the little freckles!

7. DIY Pokéball Clay Magnets

If you’ve enjoyed making the Pikachu pencil topper from above, then here’s another craft to make out of porcelain clay – Pokéball magnets! With basic colors, these magnets are simple to make, especially with the step by step instructions.

8. DIY Pokémon Go Pins

If you’ve got die-hard Pokémon Go fans in your home, then you don’t need to think twice before making these pins from Do it your Freaking Self! Choose your favorite team and make the matching pin, or go ahead and make the whole set!

9. Pokemon Corner Bookmark Set

Planning to do a whole lot of reading this summer? Then you’ll need lots of bookmarks to keep track of all your book places! Check out these cool corner bookmarks from Red Ted Art that’ll please any Pokemon fan!

10. Squirtle Pokemon Craft

Is it a squirrel? Is it a turtle? No, it’s a Squirtle! This adorable little Pokemon looks cuter in this Toilet Tube craft from The Art Dream. And with a free printable to download, this craft is as easy as A-B-C!

11. Origami Pikachu Tutorial

You know that we’re huge fans of Origami crafts and this Origami Pikachu from Paper Kawaii is just too cute! The smiley little Pikachu will look perfect on your desk or a shelf. Make the other Pokemon too and display them together!

12. Pokémon Pebble Craft

My Very Educated Mother has a fun craft to make with pebbles that looks like fun! Make a bunch of Pokémon Pebbles to use as pocket pals or to give out to your friends. Take it a level up by writing a cute message on the other side.

13. Easy Pokéball Bag Clip

This craft from Kids Activities Blog is a great way to get your Pokémon fan excited about going to school! Make multiple bag clips and hand out to friends, so you’re all matching as you march to class!

14. Pokémon Breakfast Plate

This is such a cute breakfast idea for fussy eaters, and if they love Pokémon then you’ve hit the jackpot! With a pancake and fresh fruit, you can create an impressive Pokémon breakfast plate. Check out We Heart It for details.

15. Oddish Plushie Craft

Want to try something other than Pikachu? Give Milk Polka’s Oddish plushie craft, especially if you’d like to put your sewing skills to the test! The result is a cute little Pokémon that is sure to cheer up any corner of your room.

I’m sure you’ve figured out how to celebrate Pokémon Day this year! Before we go, here are some fun Pokémon facts:

  • The word Pokémon is a combination of pocket + monster.
  • Pikachu’s name is a combination of pikapika (which means sparkle) and chūchū (which refers to squeaking)

  • Pokémon is the world’s second best selling video game

  • Azurill is the only Pokémon that can change it’s gender

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Crafting in Computer Edition

  1. 1

    Open your inventory. Press to see what items you have, and to find the small crafting screen. This is a 2 x 2 grid labeled "Crafting," to the right of your character portrait.

  2. 2

    Drag items to the crafting area. Each craftable item has its own recipe. When you drag the right items into the crafting area, the result of the recipe will appear in the box on the right. Minecraft doesn't tell you the recipes, so it's up to you to discover them.
    • Example: Drag a block of wood into the crafting area, leaving the other three squares empty. The box on the right should show a picture of wooden planks, with the number four next to it. (To get wood, move your mouse over a tree trunk and hold down the left mouse button.)
  3. 3

    Drag the finished item to your inventory. This will put it in your inventory, and destroy the ingredients in the crafting area.
    • Example: Drag the wooden planks to your inventory. The wood you used to make them will disappear.
  4. 4

    Build a crafting table. The inventory crafting screen only allows you to craft certain items. To make most Minecraft items, you'll need a crafting table. Cover the 2 x 2 crafting grid with wooden planks to build one. Drag the crafting table from the box on the right to your hotbar. (Your hotbar is the line of items at the bottom of the screen.)
    • This recipe won't work if you just put one stack of four planks in the same square. Minecraft recipes care about what type of item is in each square, not how many items there are total.
    • Right-click your stack of wooden planks to separate the items into multiple stacks. If you are on a Mac without a right-click button, use +click or use trackpad commands.
  5. 5

    Place the crafting table. Close your inventory by pressing again. Select the crafting table in your hotbar. Move your mouse over a solid block, and right-click to put down the crafting table.

  6. 6

    Open the crafting table. Right-click the crafting table to open up a new screen. This looks similar to your inventory crafting screen, except it has a 3 x 3 grid. You can fit more items in this crafting area, which means you can make many more recipes.

  7. 7

    Craft a pickaxe. Minecraft is all about turning your items into better and better tools. Here's how to make a wooden pickaxe, one of the first tools many people make in a new game:
    • Drag wood into one square of the crafting area to make wooden planks.
    • Place two planks in a vertical line in the crafting area to make sticks.
    • Place three planks across the top row of the crafting area. Place a stick in the center square, and another stick just below it.
    • This last recipe makes a wooden pickaxe. Equip it in your hotbar and select it, and you can break stone blocks.
  8. 8

    Find more recipes. You can experiment to discover recipes yourself, or look up instructions online. Here are some useful basic recipes to get you started:
    • Make a sword to fight monsters.
    • Craft other tools to break down blocks faster or allow you to break more advanced blocks. Get a stone axe and pickaxe as soon as you can, then mine iron ore so you can upgrade again.
    • Build a furnace out of cobblestone to cook food and to smelt iron ore into usable metal.
    • Make torches to light your house, preventing monsters from appearing inside.
    • Make armor out of leather or iron to protect yourself.
    • Craft a bed so you can sleep through night and set a new spawn point.


Crafting in Pocket Edition

  1. 1

    Open your inventory. Tap the . . . button at the bottom of the screen. The "block" tab on the left is selected by default. This shows you a list of all the items you have in your inventory.

  2. 2

    Tap the bookshelf icon. The bookshelf tab on the left takes you to the crafting interface. This shows you a list of all recipes you can craft with the items currently in your inventory.
    • If you don't see any recipes, try chopping down some wood, then opening your crafting screen again.
    • The number next to each recipe tells you how many times you can craft it with your current items. If a recipe is greyed out and has no number, you have all the ingredients, but not enough of them.
  3. 3

    Choose a recipe to craft an item. Select the item you want to craft on the crafting screen. When you select it, the grid on the right will fill up with the items the recipe requires. To transform these items into something new, tap the button underneath the grid, next to the name of the item you are making.
    • For example, if wood is in your inventory, the planks recipe (a wooden cube icon) should appear in your crafting screen. Select it, and you'll see one wooden log in the grid on the right. Tap the button underneath "Planks" to turn this log into four planks.
    • The game has several types of wood, so the button will actually say something like "Oak Planks" or "Spruce Planks." Different wood types look different, but they all work the same way in recipes.[1]
  4. 4

    Make a crafting table. Only a small number of recipes are available from your inventory crafting screen. To access more recipes, you need a crafting table. Make sure you have four planks in your inventory, then make the crafting table recipe. This looked like a wooden cube with a grid on top.

  5. 5

    Put down the crafting table. Before you can use the crafting table, you'll need to put it down somewhere. You might have already figured out how to place blocks. If not, here's how:
    • Tap the block tab in your inventory to return to your items.
    • Tap the crafting table, then tap one of the hotbar slots at the bottom of the screen.
    • Close the inventory by tapping X.
    • Tap the crafting table in your hotbar, then tap a nearby, flat, solid block to put down the table.
  6. 6

    Use the crafting table. Just touch the crafting table while standing next to it to bring up the full crafting screen. This works exactly like the one in your inventory, but there are many more recipes available.

  7. 7

    Gather items to find more recipes. The crafting screen only shows you recipes made from items you have in your inventory. To find more recipes, fill your inventory with different kinds of blocks, plus items that drop from animals and monsters. Here are a few items to gather first:
    • Use wood to make planks, and planks to make sticks.
    • Combine planks and sticks to make various tools. One of the most useful is the wooden pickaxe, which lets you mine stone blocks for cobblestone.
    • With cobblestone, planks, and sticks, you can make stone tools. A stone axe, pickaxe, and sword are all very useful recipes to craft early on.
    • Use your pickaxe to mine new blocks like coal or iron ore to discover more useful recipes. You'll need to craft a furnace out of cobblestone to melt some ores into useful metals.


Crafting in Console Edition

  1. 1

    Open the crafting screen. To do this, press X on Xbox, Y on Wii U, or square on PlayStation.[2] A window should pop up with a line of recipe icons, your inventory in the bottom right, and a crafting grid in the bottom left.
    • If you are in Creative mode, this will take you to your inventory instead. In Creative mode, you can select any item you want and move it to your inventory without having to craft it.
    • If you have Classic Crafting enabled, this screen only shows you an inventory and crafting grid. Classic Crafting uses the PC edition's crafting system. You can disable this in your settings if you prefer the simpler console system.
  2. 2

    Scroll through the tabs at the top. The console edition separates recipes into several groups, such as Structures, Tools & Weapons, and Food. To move between these groups, press the right and left bumpers (R1 and L1 on PlayStation).[3]

  3. 3

    Cycle through the recipes. Use the analog stick or d-pad to move left and right between selected recipes in the same group. (You might only see one recipe early in the game, before you have more ingredients.)
    • A recipe will only show up if you have the ingredients for it. If you don't see anything, chop down a tree for some wood and check again.
    • Some related recipes are grouped into one column. If you see a vertical line of recipes appear when you select a recipe, press up or down to cycle through them.[4]
  4. 4

    Make the item. When a recipe is selected, the grid in the lower left shows you which items the recipe requires. If you want to turn those items into the item you selected, press the crafting button. That's A on Xbox and Wii U, or X on PlayStation.[5] The item will appear in your inventory.
    • If you don't have enough of an ingredient, that box of the grid has a red background.[6]
  5. 5

    Build a crafting table. Under the Structures tab, make planks out of wood, then make a crafting table out of four planks. The crafting table gives you access to many more recipes.

  6. 6

    Place the crafting table. Move the crafting table to your hotbar. Select it, then put it on a nearby, flat, solid block by pressing LT on Xbox, L2 on PlayStation, or ZL on Wii U.[7]

  7. 7

    Access the full crafting menu. Position yourself so the "+" crosshairs are directly over the crafting table. Open the crafting menu again. You should now see a 3 x 3 grid in the lower left, instead of the basic 2 x 2 grid. Many more recipes are available when using the crafting table, although you may need to collect more items before you can see this.

  8. 8

    Craft some starting equipment. Here's the Minecraft 101 approach for crafting items in a new Survival Mode game, after you make the crafting table:
    • Turn planks into sticks.
    • In the Tools & Weapons screen, turn planks and sticks into a wooden pickaxe. Select the wooden pickaxe in your hotbar, and use it to break stone apart into cobblestone.
    • Combine cobblestone and sticks to make a stone pickaxe (for mining stone and ore), axe (for trees), and sword (for fighting).
    • Once you find iron ore, craft a furnace (under Structures). Use it to smelt the ore into iron ingots. You can use these to make better tools, weapons, armor, and more.

Community Q&A

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  • Question

    How to make a emerald block?

    Fill the whole crafting table screen with emeralds. (9 emeralds are required)

  • Question

    How do I place a clock?

    Minecraft clocks are small, handheld objects, so they can't be placed. To tell time with a clock, watch the sun or moon travel across the image on your hotbar, or hold it in your hand to get a closer look.

  • Question

    How do I craft a wooden sword?

    In the bottom row, middle column, put a stick. In the next two rows above that, place wooden planks.

  • Question

    How do I craft an end portal frame?

    You can't, but you can either get it via creative mode or find it in a Stronghold.

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  • If you are playing in Creative mode, there is no need to craft items. You can put any item you like directly in your inventory.
  • The only wooden tool it is necessary to craft is a pickaxe. Punch through dirt and mine the stone to get stone to make stone tools. You don't have to do this but it saves wood and time.

This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft a pokeball banner with NOTE: Pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 Edition are now.

See Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt On Now for more.

Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt is an event held in-game from Oct. 12, 2018 to Oct. 23, 2018.

This event featured special pokémon-themed furniture and clothes which players could obtain through crafting.

Most of the items required an event-specific crafting material, the Poké Balls which was obtained via the player finding the balls on the ground and collecting them, and occasionally as a featured reward through Shovelstrike Quarry.

Poké Ball Spawns[edit | edit source]

The balls could potentially spawn at the Market Place, OK Motors, Breezy Hollow, Lost Lure Creek, Saltwater Shores, and Sunburst Island.

Non-spawn locations are Campsite, Garden, and Camper.

There could be 10 balls spawned on the map at a time.

When playing continuously in spawn locations, x1 new ball will re-spawn at a random location once every 10 minutes for as long as the player is active. If the player closes the game or stays in a non-spawn location for at least 30 minutes, then there will be a total of x10 balls re-spawned across multiple locations.

For example, the player could find x4 balls at OK Motors, x3 balls at Breezy Hollow, x1 ball at the Market Place, and x2 ball at Lost Lure Creek.

This means that if a player spends 2 hours doing activities around the map, the most balls they can collect is x22.
(example: open the game at 8:00pm = x10 balls, 8:10pm = x1 ball, 8:20pm = x1 ball, 8:30pm = x1 ball, 8:40pm = x1 ball, 8:50pm = x1 ball, 9:00pm = x1 ball, 9:10pm = x1 ball, 9:20pm = x1 ball, 9:30pm = x1 ball, 9:40pm = x1 ball, 9:50pm = x1 ball, 10:00pm = x1 ball)

If a player spends 30 minutes in an non-spawn location then travels around the map to collect balls and goes back to a non-spawn location, repeatedly for 2 hours, the most balls they can collect is x50.
(example: open game at 8:00pm = x10 balls, stay at campsite until 8:30pm = x10 balls, exit game, open game at 9:00pm = x10 balls, stay at campsite until 9:30pm = x10 balls, stay at campsite until 10:00pm = x10 balls)

Event Challenges[edit | edit source]

These were timed goals which lasted the entire duration of the event part which rewarded Bells, and Leaf Tickets. The Event Challenges (Timed Goals) are as follows:

List of Furniture[edit | edit source]

List of Clothes[edit | edit source]

Dragon Poke GO

how to craft a pokeball in pocket craft

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Gotta catch em all? Make you own paper plate poke ball! Calling all Pokemon fans! Whether you play Pokemon card games or Pokemon Go, your kids will love some downtime with a very simple paper plate poke ball craft you can pull out any afternoon and be supermom or superdad for the day! Whether you love Pikachu, Bulbasaur, or Charmander, make your own poke ball craft that’s a pocket for your favorite Pokemon character!


We love Pokemon, and we love it as a family. There are so many great benefits to playing Pokemon! One day my son wanted to draw his own poke balls and Pokemon friends, so I ended up coming up with this simple paper plate poke ball craft that uses just a couple ordinary supplies! Once you get started you will want to make enough poke balls because you gotta catch-em all! A fun Pokemon activity for everyone to enjoy.


2 Paper Plates {per poke ball}





Clear Tape

Black Craft Tape {optional}

Black Construction Paper


STEP 1: This is the best part! See that circle in the middle of the paper plate? That’s the outline for your poke ball, so go ahead and cut it out! Make 2. I will then stack the circles together and even them up a bit. As you can see my circles are not perfectly round. They are round enough for my son! Older kids can go for it themselves.

STEP 2: Use a ruler and a pencil to divide each poke ball in half. As you can see, my ruler does not have numbers. I eye balled it and it looks even enough. If you are going to use craft tape for the black band no need to draw lines in for that. However, if you are going to use marker, you will want to make lines for the band. NOTE: I used electrical tape! It’s what we had.

STEP 3: Design your own poke ball. You can either make a traditional poke ball like we did with the red and white {paper plate has done half the work already} or you can design your own. If you google poke balls you will find so many different designs too including master balls, fairy balls, grass type balls, electric type balls, and more! Make sure to color two circles so you can put them back to back to make the pocket.

STEP 4: Add the black band if you are using craft tape {or electrical tape haha}. This disguises any discolored areas quite nicely. I left a bit more on each side of the poke ball. Then I put our two poke balls together and placed another strip of tape on the other side and seal the ends together. You can trim the 2 ends to fit the curve of the ball.

STEP 5: It’s clear tape time to finish up your paper plate poke ball! 6 small pieces taped over the edges of the two balls should do the trick to finish off the pocket or pouch. The black tape we used earlier gives a nice seal to the sides. You can also try using a glue stick, but the tape seems to hold up better with my son. If you are not using craft tape, you will want to add a few extra pieces of the clear tape.

STEP 6: Time to make the circular piece for the poke ball to get the full poke ball affect. A circle of black and a circle of white taped together and then taped to the ball. As you can see, my circles are not round. I suppose if I had the exact right size paper punch…..but I have my hands and a pair of scissors.

STEP 7: Design your favorite Pokemon characters or make up your own! I am hoping to make a printable page of my Pokemon drawings I drew free hand. HINT: If you cut out another paper plate circle like the poke ball circles, draw your Pokemon on it. When you cut it out, the Pokemon will be the perfect shape to fit inside your paper plate poke ball.

Have fun with your kids making these neat paper plate poke balls with pockets! Fun for everyone.


An awesome game for kids and families with many benefits!

Can’t handle all the cards just yet? Make a Pokemon card holder!

Pokemon in a slime surprise egg!

My Pokemon Picks! Amazon Affiliate disclosure

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This event featured special pokémon-themed furniture and clothes which players could obtain through crafting. Most of the items required an event-specific.

Paper Plate Pokeball Craft

Pokemon crafts for kids - over 20 pokemon ideas

Messy Little Monster September 15, 2018 No Comments

Pokemon crafts for kids are so popular in our house! Finding crafts for boys can be tricky sometimes, but these pokemon crafts have gone down really well with both Harry and Daisy! We have found over 20 pokemon ideas for kids to try. Whether the kids want to make a pokeball craft, lego pokemon or a paper craft pokemon there is something for everyone in this list of pokemon crafts. 

Pokemon Crafts for Kids

Scroll through all the pokemon crafts for kids below. If you see some pokemon ideas you want to try click on the links or images to be taken to full instructions for each pokemon craft.

Odish Pebble Craft - Kids Craft Room

Make a pokemon friend with this easy rock painting idea. This Odish pebble craft is the perfect size to fit in your pocket, or you could hide him in the park for someone else to find!

Paper Pokemon Craft - Inspiration Made Simple

Have fun playing a game of knock-down after making and stacking these pokemon cubes. You can even make your own pokeball.

Pokeball Suncatcher - And Next Comes L

If you are looking for an easy pokemon craft for kids, this is it! These pokemon suncatchers will look amazing hanging in the window. 

Origami Pikachu - Pink Stripey Socks

The step by step instructions for this origami pikachu tutorial look easy to follow and the completed pikachu craft looks so cute!

Pokemon Paper Puppets - Ruffles and Rain Boots

Check out these amazing and adorable pokemon puppets. There are 4 pokemon puppet designs to try and they are so easy to make you won't even need a template!

Lego Charmander- Family Maven

Wow! This charmander lego craft is so impressive. Follow the step by step instructions and see if you can make your own lego pokemon.

DIY Pokemon Pokeball Clay Magnets - Artsy Craftsy Mom

These pokeball clay magnets look really easy to make. Head over to the full instructions to get your supplies list.

how to craft a pokeball in pocket craft

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Pocket Craft Pixelmon (pokemon go + minecraft)

Craft jiggly furniture with sparkle jelly Gyroidite nuggets! The third Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Gyroidite Event has begun. Your summer.

how to craft a pokeball in pocket craft
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