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How to craft an arcane compass in portal knights

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How to craft an arcane compass in portal knights
December 02, 2018 Family Restaurants 2 comments

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Ultimate Portal Knight (Platinum)
Unlock all other trophies.

As usual you will unlock the platinum once you have unlocked all the other trophies. Enjoy it!

Whack-No-Worm (Silver – 30G)
Defeat the Worm Boss without defeating any Small Worm.

The Worm Boss is the first boss that you will come across while playing through Portal Knights. To initiate the battle you need to first attack the tail which is at the top of the stairs.

The Worm Boss battles in stages and you will only be able to damage the boss when you strike his tail which will eventually show itself.

Throughout the Worm Bosses attacks Maggots will spawn on the platform. To unlock the Trophy you cannot kill any of these Maggots. I would avoid attacking them all together as the Maggots have very little health and will likely die from one hit.

The Worm Boss is a very simple Boss and I unlocked this trophy the first time I killed the boss.

If you are struggling watch my video below.

Evasionist (Silver – 30G)
Defeat the Dragon Boss with 5 Saurian Fighters alive.

The Dragon Boss is the Second Boss that you will encounter when playing Portal Knights.

To initiate the battle you need to attack the Fireball which is in the middle of the Boss platform.

As with all the bosses in Portal Knights there are 2 main phases during the fight. The first phase is where you cannot damage the boss he will fly around the platform alternating between clockwise and counter clockwise firing Fire Balls at you. The second phase is where you will be able to damage the boss.

The fireballs will land on the platform and you will be able to hit them back towards the Dragon. If you manage to strike the Dragon with a fireball he will fall from flight and land on an edge of the platform where you will now be able to damage him.

By the end of the second phase any fireballs which are still on the platform will transform into a Saurian Fighter. You need to have at least 5 Saurian Fighters still alive by the end of the Battle for the trophy to unlock.

I struggled to get this on my first attempt but once I had levelled up a bit I came back and was able to get this trophy.

If you are struggling watch my video below.

Can’t Touch This (Silver – 30G)
Defeat the Hollow King Boss without taking damage.

This is the hardest trophy / achievement in the Game.

The Hollow King Boss is the last Boss that you will encounter when playing Portal Knights.

To initiate the battle you need to attack one of the 3 (4 if playing in co-op) Crystals which are in the middle of the Boss platform.

When you hit the Crystal the Hollow king will do the first of his 2 attacks which is a spinning melee attack where he will spin towards you. Whilst playing as a knight I found this a very difficult attack to avoid. When the Hollow king stops moving he will then do his second attack where he will shoot three sets of Astral Orbs at you. The Astral Orbs are devastating when they kit you but are very easy to avoid as strafing to the left then to the right will allow you to easily avoid them.

To be able to damage the Hollow King you need to destroy all of the Crystals which will cause the boss to explode leaving his head on the ground where you will be able to attack it.

To unlock this trophy you need to kill the Hollow King without taking any damage at all which is very difficult to get legitimately. This took me many attempts with my first character as I had built a Knight which was very slow. I wouldn’t recommend using a Knight for this trophy as you need to be next to the Crystals to attack them where as with the Mage or Archer you can attack them from a greater distance.

The spin attack is the hardest attack to avoid and you need to be quick and be able to roll away from the boss as he is spinning towards you. If you have a lot of distance between you and the boss before he starts spinning you should be able to avoid him.

The Astral Orbs are easy to avoid just move from left – right while locking onto a Crystal and attacking it.

If you have a Co-op partner and don’t mind cheesing this trophy you can join your partner right at the end and get a hit in on the boss and the trophy will unlock. I have included a video showing this glitch if you want to use it.

Workbenching (Gold – 90G)
Place a Workbench on every Island.

Keep a few stacks of wood with you as you play through the game so you can make Workbenches on the fly. I would recommend putting the benches down as soon as you travel into a new island so in case the trophy doesn’t unlock you will be able to check for the Workbenches as soon as you spawn on an island.

The workbench you repair on the first island does not count for this trophy so you will need to put another workbench down on the first island.

You cannot put workbenches down on the Boss islands or the last two Islands so these islands are not needed. You also do not need to put a workbench down on the Ghost Island.

If you are visiting each world while you playthrough this trophy should unlock just before you face the Hollow King.

Traveller (Bronze – 15G)
Use a Portal for the first time.

You will unlock this as you make your first jump from the tutorial level.

Adventurer (Bronze – 15G)
Unlock 20 Islands.

This will unlock through natural play.

Great Explorer (Silver – 30G)
Visit all Islands in the World.

I would recommend using the Arcane Compass to help you while you travel through the game. This requires a Level 2 Workbench and 1 Copper Bar, 8 Blue Portal Shards & 1 Verdant Emerald.

If you start your game using small world you will be able to find the portals much easier.

If you don’t mind cheating you can also duplicate your items to make an unlimited amount of Portal Shards/Stones so that you don’t need to farm for the materials to be able to use the portals.

Do-It-Yourself (Silver – 30G)
Upgrade the Workbench to the maximum Level.

The Work Bench has 5 Levels which must be crafted to unlock this trophy the materials required are:

Level I (4x Wood Logs)
Level II (8x Wood Logs & 8x Copper Ore)
Level III (10x Wood Logs & 4x Iron Bar)
Level IV (12x Wood Logs & 4x Gold Bar)
Level V (14x Wood Logs & 4x Titanium Bar)

I would recommend building this at you base as you will need it fully unlocked to be able to craft end game materials/tools.

Master Smith (Silver – 30G)
Upgrade the Anvil to the maximum Level.

The Anvil has 4 Levels which must be crafted to unlock this trophy the materials required are:

Level I (10x Copper Ore)
Level II (4x Iron Bars)
Level III (6x Gold Bars)
Level IV (8x Titanium Bars)

I would recommend building this at you base as you will need it fully unlocked to be able to craft end game materials/tools.

Master of Magic (Silver – 30G)
Upgrade the Altar to the maximum Level.

The Alter has 4 Levels which must be crafted to unlock this trophy the materials required are:

Level I (4x Copper Ore & 8x Wood Logs)
Level II (2x Iron Bars, 10x Wood Logs & 4x Verdant Emeralds)
Level III (2x Gold Bars, 12x Wood Logs & 6x Sea Sapphires)
Level IV (2x Titanium Bars, 14x Wood Logs & 8x Sun Diamonds)

I would recommend building this at you base as you will need it fully unlocked to be able to craft end game materials/tools.

Man Made (Bronze – 15G)
Craft your first Item.

This will come naturally whilst playing through the tutorial.

Tinkerer (Silver – 30G)
Craft 50 Items.

This will come naturally whilst playing through Portal Knights.

Mass Production (Gold – 90G)
Craft 1000 Items.

You could unlock this through natural play but if it does end up being your last trophy then you can craft Wood Blocks until this unlocks as it only takes 1x Wood Log to create 4x Wood Blocks. If you are using the Duplication Glitch then you will be able to get this without having to farm for materials.

Baby Steps (Bronze – 15G)
Mine 10 Blocks.

This will come naturally whilst playing through Portal Knights.

Cubicide (Gold – 90G)
Mine 53,596 Blocks.

This will likely be your last or second to last trophy and will need to grind it out.

To get this trophy quicker build a Titanium Mining Drill (8x Titanium Bars & 5x Coal – Workbench V) pop some music on and run around mining through a few worlds.

Unfortunately, this will still be a grind so sit back buckle up and get through it!

Exterminator (Bronze – 15G)
Defeat the Worm Boss.

See the Whack-No-Worm (Silver – 30G)
Trophy for details on how to beat the Worm Boss.

Dragon Slayer (Bronze – 15G)
Defeat the Dragon Boss.

See the Evasionist (Silver – 30G) Trophy for details on how to beat the Dragon boss.

Ghost Buster (Bronze – 15G)
Defeat the Hollow King Boss.

See the Can’t Touch This (Silver – 30G)
Trophy for details on how to beat the boss.

Fledgling (Bronze – 15G)
Complete all Tutorial Parts.

The tutorial will teach you the basics of the game just work your way through on the first Island and this will be one of the first trophies you unlock.

Down the Rabbit Hole (Gold – 55G)
Collect and equip the complete Rabbit Armor and eat a carrot.

Get Praying to the RNG Gods for this one!

For the Rabbit armor you need to first unlock 4 recipes for each piece of the Rabbit Set. The Helmet (Fluffy’s Wits) is a 100% Drop from the Training Dummy Harrold on the first Island.

The Gloves (Fluffy’s Strength) is a rare drop from the Worm Boss, the Chest Piece (Fluffy’s Courage) is a rare drop from the Dragon Boss and the Leg Piece (Fluffy’s Speed) is a Rare Drop from the Hallow King Boss.

Each piece took me a while to get I think the Hallow King took around 30 tries ☹.

Once you have all of the recipes then you will need to craft the armor for this you will need:

20x Cotton Cloth – Fluffy’s Witts
20x Silk Cloth – Flffy’s Strength
40x Linen Cloth – Flffy’s Courage
40x Magic Fleece Cloth – Flffy’s Speed

Once this has been constructed (it takes a while) you need to equip the items take some damage then eat a carrot.

If you are struggling or want a boost (PS4 only) check out my YouTube Video.

Level Up! (Bronze – 15G)
Level Up for the first time.

This will come naturally whilst playing through Portal Knights.

Level 10! (Bronze – 15G)
Reach Level 10.

This will come naturally whilst playing through Portal Knights.

Level 20! (Silver – 30G)
Reach Level 20.

This will come naturally whilst playing through Portal Knights.

Portal Knight (Gold – 90G)
Reach Level 30.

You will reach Level 30 while working your way through the 200 Events needed for the Dedicated Knight Trophy. If you need a quick boost then you can mine some blocks on a Level 30 island or break open crates and pots on a Level 30 Island.

On the other side… (Bronze – 15G)
Visit the Ghostworld.

To Unlock this Trophy you will need to complete the Random Event called Mysterious Portal.

You will need to craft 6 Red Portal Stones which requires 30 Red Portal Shards.

If you are at a low level you will be able to collect Red Portal Shards by killing the enemies surrounding the Mysterious Portal or killing Slimes in the Rainbow Island (if you have the pre-order DLC).

Once you have created your Red Portal Stones simply place them into the portal and enter the new Island.

If you are struggling watch my video below.

A Happening (Bronze – 15G)
Encounter your first Event.

See Dedicated Knight

Eventing (Silver – 15G)
Complete 10 Event Quests.

See Dedicated Knight 

World Changing (Silver – 30G)
Complete 50 Event Quests.

See Dedicated Knight

Dedicated Knight (Gold – 90G)
Complete 200 Event Quests.

This Trophy will only unlock by completing 200 Events which are found on the “World Map” the events from NPC does not count towards this.

Each day there will be a few events available so if you go for this legitimately then it will take you a few months to unlock it.

There is an exploit available which will drastically cut down the amount of time it takes you to unlock the trophy and it is very simply to do. You will still need to complete the 200 Events but you can pick and chose which events to go for. Simply change the date on your console and it will change which event is currently active.

I have created a YouTube video showing this exploit so if you want to see it in action follow the link below.


By following a crafting recipe, Hunters can create items through the combination of ingredients. The following is a list of all the ingredients that are used for crafting. These items can be found in a Hunter's Inventory on the Crafting Table section of the Crafting tab. They are arranged below based on the categories shown in the FreshCoat layout.

The Source column marks how an item can be acquired. The Use column lists the crafted items of which the ingredient is a component.

Items can be found as loot, purchased from Shoppes or the Marketplace, by using the Hunter's Hammer on other items, staling cheese, and crafting.

Event items are often not available as loot or for purchase after an event ends, but they can still be used as a crafting ingredient, provided all other recipe requirements are met..


These crafting items are required for creating new Weapons, new Bases, and (rarely) Blueprints or Maps and Keys.

Item Type Source Used In Description
Ambush Trap BlueprintsTrap Blueprint Ambush TrapThese blueprints are vital in knowing how to construct the Ambush tactical trap. These prints show how to set up the eight required droids as well as how to construct a wall separator from splintered wood, rice paper and a Furoma Master's Seal. Be warned, Grandmasters have been known to ruin the trap parts during assembly!
Ancient Box Trap BlueprintsTrap Blueprints
Ancient Frayed Blueprint Piece
Ancient Mangled Blueprint Piece
Ancient Ripped Blueprint Piece
Ancient Torn Blueprint Piece
Ancient Box TrapThese slightly damaged blueprints diagram the steps in constructing the Ancient Box Trap, yielding Forgotten power. The heavy stone box glows with power, making the perfect distraction for a power-hungry mouse.
Ancient Frayed Blueprint PieceBlueprint Piece Ancient Box Trap BlueprintsSketched onto this torn piece of blueprint is a glowing stick standing up straight on a trap base. The print is too tattered to tell what object it may be propping up.
Ancient Mangled Blueprint PieceBlueprint Piece Ancient Box Trap BlueprintsAmongst various holes and rips is the faint drawing of a hinge. The rest of the print is too discolored and mauled to read.
Ancient Ripped Blueprint PieceBlueprint Piece Ancient Box Trap BlueprintsAn oddly slanted box is drawn in this small scrap of blueprint, as if being held up on one end. The print is torn, omitting what object this may be.
Ancient Spear Launcher BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Ancient Spear GunThese blueprints detail how to properly load an ancient spear into a launcher to create a slightly mystical hydro trap
Ancient Torn Blueprint PieceBlueprint Piece Ancient Box Trap BlueprintsThis slightly damaged scrap of paper appears to be the corner of a blueprint. Etched onto the paper appears to be plans of an ancient trap. Only occasionally found washing up on the eastern shore of Cape Clawed, these scraps of blueprint are rare and valuable. Perhaps finding the rest of the blueprint will unlock its mysteries...
Blackstone Pass Trap BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Blackstone Pass TrapWith these blueprints, and a few extra materials, Hunters can create the ultimate trap temptation for Mystic mice. Although you suspect there may be a Mystic Crystal used in the recipe somewhere, other Hunters will think your trap is really coal.

This trap requires the rank of Lord/Lady or higher.

Clockapult of Winter Past BlueprintTrap Blueprints Clockapult of Winter PastCombine these blueprints with Clock Parts to create a more festive version of the Clockapult of Time. The Clockapult of Winter Past sends caught mice into the not-so-distant past where they learn a valuable lesson that gives mice a change of heart.

This trap requires the rank of Legendary or higher.

Clockwork Portal Trap BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Clockwork Portal TrapThese blueprints detail how to create the Clockwork Portal Trap. They call for:

1x Clockwork Portal Trap Blueprints
1x Clock Parts
8x Umbral Capacitors

Deep Freeze Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Deep Freeze BaseThe lettering on this blueprint is in an unfamiliar, shifting script that glows with an eerie light. Sometimes you feel you can make out meanings, but never words. There's something on here about un-meltable icebergs, but perhaps that could be turned to your advantage, if only you could figure out how to built it.

Two of the sections of the blueprints seem to refer to advanced power sources, and look familiar.
The next three sections seems to be talking about construction materials - familiar wires, but a strange mixture of metals.
The next two sections are clearly about binding magic to the base, but the materials referred to are far less clear. Something about magic past its prime, and something about the essence of life itself.
The final section grows fainter as it progresses, ending in a long, downward scrawl and a splotch of ink.

Dehydration Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Dehydration BaseThese blueprints are required to craft the crude, yet effective dehydration base from four splintered wood and over 200 salt. Although the salty base does not have the most power, it is well suited for keeping bait fresh.
Endless Labyrinth BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Endless Labyrinth TrapThese blueprints are filled with meticulous, elaborate, complex and unorthodox methods of combining 150 Tech Power Cores, 150 Scholar Scrolls, 150 Plates of Fealty. A singular Infused Plate acts as the stabilizer for the power coursing through this trap. Additional instructions need to be deciphered from a rare Sacred Script. This can all only be assembled by using the might of a Powercore Hammer!

This trap requires the rank of Duke/Duchess or higher.

Event Horizon Trap BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Event Horizon TrapFormulas, equations, diagrams and graphs are littered all over these blueprints. As complex as this seems, a simple list of parts are provided near the end. A Sacred Script with the writings of 225 scholars provide just enough mystical smarts to get this trap going. Two Arcane Crystals are required to provide a containment field set with 30 pieces of Scrap Metal.

This last section looks to be covered in warnings of all languages: An Essence of Destruction is to be used with the utmost care and is to be placed last within the centre before initially triggering the Event Horizon.

Hunters require the title of Duke/Duchess to equip this trap once built.

Fluffy DeathBot BlueprintTrap Blueprints Fluffy DeathBotTo honor spirit of our loyal hunters, the Deathbot has a new paint job, to give it some extra frills and flower power! Combine these blueprints with DeathBot Parts to obliterate mice the cute way... you know you want to.

This trap requires the rank of Journeyman/Journeywoman or higher.

Gingerbread Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Gingerbread BaseA single gingerbread plank, five festive candies and a pack of icing sugar make a base that is sure to bring festive cheer to any trap!
Gingerbread House PlansTrap Blueprints Gingerbread House SurpriseEvery successful architect needs blueprints, even those planning to use gingerbread for construction material! Building a home has never looked so easy! Two gingerbread planks for the roof, four to make the walls and no gingerbread house would be complete without one more plank for a chimney! All the planks are carefully glued together with five sugary packs of icing sugar and ten festive candies for decoration!
Grand Arcanum Trap BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Grand Arcanum TrapThese blueprints detail how to create the Grand Arcanum Trap. They call for:

1x Grand Arcanum Trap Blueprints
1x A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Parts
1x Arcane Crystal
40x Tiny Platinum Bars

This trap requires the rank of Baron/Baroness or higher.

Grungy DeathBot BlueprintTrap Blueprints Grungy DeathbotThe Deathbot, painted up for our loyal hunters, gives you that gritty, post-apocalyptic feeling while hunting, without leaving the comfort of your own dimension. Combine these blueprints with DeathBot Parts to show your tough side while hunting mice!

This trap requires the rank of Journeyman/Journeywoman or higher.

Hearthstone Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Hearthstone BaseWarmth and comfort emanate from these blueprints, so much that it makes you wonder just how warm and comforting the base you build with it must be! Certainly enough to dissuade the crazed, distress-loving Zealot mice from visiting your trap.

It requires 14 Wire Spools, 8 chunks of Frosty Metal, 8 pots of Heating Oil, and a huge amount of an intense form of energy to power it.

Heat Bath BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Heat BathThe wise Dragon Mouse has designed a few changes to the Harpoon Gun that hunters sometimes use in Elub Shore. These plans require a couple of launcher parts modified with scrap metal to form fuel tanks that house a coal-based combustible fluid.
Icy RhinoBot BlueprintTrap Blueprints Icy RhinoBotThese blueprints when combined with RhinoBot Parts make the Icy RhinotBot! Hunt mice with sub-zero flare! Don't let the cute matching hat and scarf fool you, those frozen fists mean business!

This trap requires the rank of Legendary or higher.

Magnet Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Magnet BaseThese blueprints appear to describe the construction steps for a base made from powerful electromagnets, which would be excellent for attracting metal tool-carrying Tunnel Rats.

It requires 5 Wire Spools, 5 chunks of Frosty Metal, 2 pots of Heating Oil, and a fair amount of an intense form of energy to power it.

Minotaur Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Minotaur BaseBlueprints made for those daring enough to hunt the minotaur in his own maze! Six stacks of Really, Really Shiny Precious Gold from the minotaur's private stash will be required to create this mighty, maze-defying base. Accenting those pieces with 225 sheets of Gold Leaf and 18 Epic Orbs gives it that artisanal look. Combining all of these items alongside 700 of each district's main export will yield you the mighty Minotaur Base.

This trap requires the rank of Duke/Duchess or higher.

Mysterious BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding MysteryThese blueprints outline how to harness the power of the Onyx stone into an arcane obelisk of incredible power. This unstable rod uses magic essence to bring to life a dozen scraps of metal, forming roots that attach itself to any base.

Take caution when choosing to construct this trap. Some fear that the power of the Onyx stone is too great to be meddled with! The scientists of Digby are on a personal mission to burn these blueprints in an effort to protect humanity.

Ninja Ambush BlueprintTrap Blueprints Ninja Ambush TrapWith a few small tweaks, the droids of the Ambush Trap become the SUPER NINJA GO-GO DEATH SQUAD!!! Smash an Ambush Trap with your hunters' hammer and use it with these blueprints to hunt, ninja style!

This trap requires the rank of Grandmaster or higher.

Nutcracker Trap BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Nutcracker Nuisance TrapThese plans outline how to create the festive Nutcracker Nuisance Trap! The plan is rather simple, only requiring six pieces of Splintered Wood and one extremely powerful LED light bulb.

Unfortunately, the only LED bulbs powerful enough for this trap have all been stolen by the Mad Elf Mouse! Be at the ready, hunter: Once enough hunters reach the rank of Master Builder, the King will call upon you to track down the missing LEDs and put an end to the Mad Elf's evil plan!

Oasis Water Node Trap BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Oasis Water Node TrapThis trap design may appear as a beautiful desert oasis, but below the sand is a masterfully crafted tunnel full of water brought to life by a thousand Living Shards. A splash of coconut milk has been superheated using Flameshards to produce a unique cheese-bearing palm tree that provides a healthy attraction bonus.
Obelisk of Incineration BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Obelisk of IncinerationThese blueprints detail how to construct a fiery trap that deals arcane damage. Obelisk parts and 2 scraps of metal form a staff that draws power from a single piece of coal. Splintered wood set alight starts the flow of energy from the coal.
Obvious Ambush Trap BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Obvious Ambush TrapThese blueprints show you, in detail, how to construct a trap that Technic mice can't help but walk into! Naturally, droids are involved in this ambush, but to pull it off properly this time, they're going to need a little lift.

This trap requires the rank of Lord/Lady or higher.

Onyx Mallet BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Onyx MalletA very crude trap design consisting of an extremely heavy mallet made of 12 Onyx Stones. The tremendous weight is held up by platinum supports made from 10 Tiny Platinum Bars.
Phantasmic Oasis Trap BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Phantasmic Oasis TrapThese blueprints detail how to create the Phantasmic Oasis Trap. They call for:

1x Phantasmic Oasis Trap Blueprints
1x Oasis Water Node Trap Parts
3x Phantasmic Essence

Polluted Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Polluted BaseDamp from soaking in sludge, this blueprint contains instructions on how to contain a small, localized toxic spill. There are references to a substance called "Pollutinum" to infuse with metal, lined with shard-laced sludge.
Pumpkin Pummeler BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Pumpkin PummelerThese blueprints are a diagram of a unique farming process that will grow an Evil Pumpkin Seed into a mouse pummeling sight to behold!
Reaper's Perch BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Reaper's PerchThese blueprints describe the careful process of imbuing six slabs of metamorphic rock with magical runes and onyx to create a perch for a deadly reaper droid.
Refined Pollutinum Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Refined Pollutinum BaseThese plans provide clear instruction on how to properly assemble Polluted Base Parts with 450 Refined Pollutinum in order to create the more powerful Refined Pollutinum Base.
Remote Detonator Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Remote Detonator BaseWhoah, this looks dangerous! The device described in these blueprints looks like it could detonate nearly any explosive remotely, which would certainly help with Bomb Squad Mice.

It requires 8 Wire Spools, 2 chunks of Frosty Metal, 1 pot of Heating Oil, and a fair amount of an intense form of energy to power it.
RhinoBot BlueprintsTrap Blueprints RhinoBotThese blueprints detail an elaborate method of combining a rhino horn and 24 stale SUPER|brie+ with DrillBot parts to make the mighty RhinoBot.
Rift Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Rift BaseInscribed on these blueprints with an ink only visible by the light of the fading moon is a detailed description of how to harness Rift energy into a solid base with hidden powers. Combine these blueprints with three different but powerful forms of Rift energy to craft this base.

This trap requires the rank of Baron/Baroness or higher.

Sandstorm MonstroBot BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Sandstorm MonstroBotIn the midst of the Sandtail Desert battle, the most experienced of the local trapsmiths have drafted plans for a massive physical trap of unmatched power. The Sandstorm MonstroBot harnesses the power of Flameshards to fuse heavy pieces of rare Sandblasted Metal to RhinoBot Parts.
Scum Scrubber Trap BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Scum ScrubberLooks like an incredibly complex piece of cleaning machinery! Almost calls for a little bit of everything: Soapy Suds, refined Pollutinum, some Scrap Metal, and O-shaped rings.
Ship BlueprintsMap Piece S.S. Huntington III
Unchristened Ship
Sometimes discovered by hunters after defeating a Hydra mouse in the Lagoon, these rare prints show how to build a ship capable of sailing the open ocean.

The plans call for 900 splintered wood, 70 bolts of cloth, 100 coils of rope, 18 scrap metal and a bottle of the King's Reserve Bubbleh champagne.

To captain the ship a hunter will need Legendary experience.

Soiled Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Soiled BaseThese blueprints detail how to create the Soiled Base. They call for:

1x Soiled Base Blueprints
3x Fresh Living Garden Soil
1x Dewthief Petal
1x Duskshade Petal
1x Graveblossom Petal
1x Lunaria Petal

Spellbook Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Spellbook BaseThese blueprints describe how to turn the Chess Master's spell book into a functional base for your trap, but right now, it's got a long way to go. The Master Binding will need some more pages to fill it out before a trap will hold steady, and that aging leather might need some precious metals to protect it from the elements.

This trap requires the rank of Lord/Lady or higher.

Sphynx Wrath BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Sphynx WrathThese blueprints outline how to encase a rare Sphynx Crystal in gold leaf to unleash a fearsome feline mouse adversary. Upon a mouse approaching the mighty sphynx, the power of Flameshards summon her to sentience, unleashing an unrivaled tactical mouse adversary.
Spiked Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Spiked BaseIcy Brutes pack a surprising punch, but the base depicted on these blueprints looks like it can neutralize their knock back.

It requires 8 Wire Spools, 2 chunks of Frosty Metal, 1 pot of Heating Oil, and a fair amount of an intense form of energy to power it.

Temporal Turbine Trap BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Temporal TurbineThe ancient script scrawled upon these blueprints depicts a Shadow trap of soul-shattering proportions. It calls for two Temporal Shadow Plates and a staggering 16 Umbral Capacitors to power it. A whopping 225 Plates of Fealty for structural integrity and an Infused Plate must be used to hold this much power together.

Hunters require the title of Duke/Duchess to equip this trap once built.

Thorned Mouse Trap PlansTrap Blueprints Thorned Venus Mouse TrapThese plans show how to carefully combine thorned vines and the husk of a Venus Mouse Trap to create a deadlier trap hungry for mice.
Tiki Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Tiki BaseThese blueprints describe how to assemble pieces of Tribal Timber into an ornate base capable of mesmerizing the mice of the Elub, Nerg and Derr tribes. The enchanting effect results in a +6 luck bonus when hunting the three tribes. These plans are printed by Ronza herself, and are often available when she visits. Due to her limited supply, a hunter may only own 5 copies of the blueprints.
Washboard Base BlueprintsBase Blueprints Washboard BaseWashboards, the original cleaning machine! An old design souped up with Soapy Suds! Looks pretty straight forward, 100 Splintered Wood and 400 Soapy Suds should do it.
Zugzwang's First Move BlueprintsTrap Blueprints Zugzwang's First MoveThese blueprints show you how to mould the smashed remnants of Zugzwang's Last Move into a single, powerful knight, brought to life by a magic feather.

This trap requires the rank of Knight or higher.

Item Type Source Used In Description

Blueprint Images

Charms Crafting Items

These crafting items can mostly be found throughout the Kingdom and are used to craft a wide variety of Charms, and as part of a few other recipes.

Item Source Use Description

Brain Bits

  • Various zombie mice when hunting with:
Brain Charm
Super Brain Charm
Small, chewy bits and pieces of brains.


Used in crafting a variety of CharmsCharmbits are a vital ingredient used in crafting Charms. Some say they are impossibly small nanites, while others state that they are condensed magic, experts suggest it is likely a combination of them both. The one thing everyone can agree on is to handle with care and never breathe it in!

Divine Orb

Used in crafting a variety of CharmsOf unknown origins, the Divine Orb defies common understanding. Not made of glass like other orbs, it is made of an unknown crystal that can contain the strongest charms while crafting. This orb should only be used to craft the most powerful of charms and nothing else.

Epic Orb

Used in crafting a variety of Charms, Minotaur BaseThere are a few charms so powerful, so world-shatteringly incredible that not even the Divine Orb can contain them. This orb is designed to do just that. One thousand Charmbits will be required as a base and a Garden Essence will be needed to power it, though eventually more ingredients and abilities may be uncovered.

Flawed Orb

  • Barmy Gunner and Corrupt Commodore mice in Harbour
  • Angelfish, Betta, Eel, Cuttle, Koimaid, Treasure Hoarder, Treasure Keeper, Tritus, Serpent Monster mice in Sunken City
  • Farmhand and Spud mice in Windmill
  • Scruffy mice in Harbour, King's Arms, and Windmill
  • Funglore, Lumahead, Mouldy Mole, Nightshade Masquerade, Spore Muncher, Sporeticus mice in Fungal Cavern
  • Gelatinous Octahedron, Mutated Siblings, and Spore mice in Toxic Spill
  • M400 mice
  • Prospector mice in Claw Shot City
  • Rift Guardian mice in Gnawnia Rift
  • Labyrinth Charm Shoppe
  • Zokor Charm Shoppe
  • Marketplace
Used in crafting a variety of CharmsThe Flawed Orb is used in crafting rudimentary charms. Its poor workmanship and porous surface make it incapable of being used in crafting more advanced charms.

Flawless Orb

  • Betta, Coral Guard, Eel, Old One, Serpent Monster, and Tritus mice in Sunken City
  • Burglar mice in Bazaar, Harbour, King's Arms, Laboratory, and Tournament Hall
  • Cherry mice in Calm Clearing
  • Crystal Cave Worm, Crystalback, and Stalagmite mice in Fungal Cavern
  • Derr Lich, Elub Lich, and Nerg Lich mice in Balack's Cove
  • Goblin mice in Lagoon
  • M400 mice in various locations
  • Mage Weaver mice in Muridae Market
  • Master Burglar mice in Bazaar
  • Rift Guardian mice in Gnawnia Rift
  • Shipwrecked mice in Cape Clawed and S.S. Huntington IV
  • Sludge Swimmer mice in Toxic Spill
  • Labyrinth Charm Shoppe
  • Zokor Charm Shoppe
  • Chamber Cleaver mice in Bristle Woods Rift
  • Marketplace
Used in crafting a variety of CharmsThe Flawless Orb balances quality workmanship with quality glass for superior performance. This quality orb makes a perfect vessel for powerful charms.

Heavy Gold

Golden Anchor CharmThis seemingly-precious metal is actually very toxic to the touch and should be handled carefully. Made from a mix of elements, the gold inside of these incredibly dense and heavy bricks is tainted by some unknown impurity, giving it great anchoring abilities and some strange magnetic properties, but rendering it useless as a commodity.

You won't find any shoppekeepers accepting this "gold" in trade, but it's the main ingredient in crafting Golden Anchor Charms for use in the Sunken City, which helps you find an extra Sand Dollar when one is dropped by a mouse!

Mini Maelstrom

Smart Water Jet CharmThe terrifying, ship-destroying watery whirlpool of death barely contained within this canister is kinda cute at this size, don't you think? But don't be fooled, this is a life-threatening, menacing maelstrom of destructive power when unleased, so be careful!

This wonderfully wicked monster of nature is combined with some basic charm items and the same fishy ingredients used when buying a Water Jet Charm, but it creates something a bit smarter, and you can hang onto your Sand Dollars!

Powdered Bleach

Super Soap CharmPowder is the essence of water... And water is the essence of cleanliness.

Mix these flakes of strong smelling sanitary powder with Soapy Suds to create a simple but charming mixture that's sure to scrub clean the Polluted Mice!

Simple Orb

  • Bilged Boatswain, Cabin Boy and Dashing Buccaneer mice in Harbour
  • Angelfish, Betta, Eel, Jellyfish, Koimaid, Treasure Hoarder, and Treasure Keeper in Sunken City
  • Blacksmith, Cyclops, Hydra, Leviathan, Mage Weaver, Mutant Ninja, Pyrite, Silvertail, Squeaken, Theurgy Warden, and Warmonger mice
  • Crag Elder, Crystal Cave Worm, Gemstone Worshipper, Gemorpher, Shattered Obsidian, and Splintered Stone Sentry mice in Fungal Cavern
  • Diamond and Gold mice in Dojo, Harbour, Mountain, Town of Digby, Training Grounds, and Windmill
  • Rift Guardian in Gnawnia Rift
  • M400 mice
  • Labyrinth Charm Shoppe
  • Zokor Charm Shoppe
  • Marketplace
  • Portal Plunderer and Skeletal Champion in Bristle Woods Rift
Used in crafting a variety of CharmsThe Simple Orb is an ideal choice for crafting average powered charms.

Spiked Metal

Spiked Anchor CharmThese spiked panels of metal are used in the construction of Spiked Anchor Charms, giving them an awesome power bonus alongside their usual dragging effect in the Sunken City.
Item Source Use Description

Charms Item Images

Cheese Crafting Items

These crafting items can be found throughout the Kingdom and are used to craft a wide variety of Cheeses and other items.

Item Source Use Description

Aged Grape Juice

Fusion FondueA delicacy among the older mice in Gnawnia. The rotting Grapes of Wrath from Balack's Cove give off a succulent stench and bitter taste that complements some of the more stronger types of cheese.

"A cup a day with old curds and whey keep the hunters at bay!"

Cheddar Powder

Fusion FonduePowder made from dried and ground-up Cheddar Cheese. Mix into some elbow macaroni with butter and milk!

Curds and Whey

Used in crafting a variety of CheeseCurds and whey are a common ingredient in a variety of cheese flavours. Elaborate flavours often require a greater quantity than more basic flavours.

Faceted Sugar

Abominable AsiagoA sickly-sweet shard of sugar that forms along the Mountain slope, near cave openings.

Gooey Gruyere Curd

Fusion FondueOne of the finest cheeses for melting, perfect for cooking and combining in a multitude of different recipes. Has a slightly nutty flavour.

Iced Curd

Abominable AsiagoA fresh morsel of cheese curd that has iced over in the cold climate of the high Mountain altitude. Refreshing and delicious!

Ionized Salt

Used in crafting a variety of CheeseImported from the Salt Mines, this salt has a high mineral content and is extremely conductive. Little is known about what possible uses this salt could have. Working with this salt carries a high risk of electrocution, extreme dehydration, and destruction on a universal scale. Handle with extreme care!

Living Shard

Level up your character and craft powerful gear to defeat your enemies in real- time tactical Follow us on Twitter @PortalKnights and @_Games Like us on .

The New Version of the Knights of Avalon Challenge Event has started!

What’s New!

New Avalon Family

Much like Atlantis Heroes, Challenge Event Heroes will now have a Family Bonus when multiple unique heroes are used on the same team.

Avalon Family Bonus for 2/3/4/5 Heroes:

  • +5%/10%/15%/20% Critical chance
  • +4%/6%/9%/13% Healing

New Heroes/Bosses:

Lady of the Lake – 5* – Nature

Black Knight – 5* – Fire

Bauchan – 3* – Fire

Slightly Adjusted Summoning Odds

The Summoning Odds are still very similar to before, with slight adjustments.

Please note that Challenge Event Heroes are amongst the lowest odds of any Hero in the game. Even with a large number of Summons, you are very likely not to get Challenge Event Heroes, particularly 5*.

I highly recommend setting and sticking to a budget for Summoning to avoid overspending and frustration.

Rare Classic Hero: 63.1%
Epic Classic Hero: 20.8%
Legendary Classic Hero: 1.5%

Rare Event Hero: 7.9%
Epic Event Hero: 5.7%
Legendary Event Hero 1.0%

Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

New Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins are a new free way to Summon in the Challenge Event Summons Portals.

Challenge Coins can be received from Challenge Event Rewards, as well as from new “rare enemies” called a Suspicious Chest that appears at random in Challenge Event Stages.

10 Challenge Coins can be used for a free Summon from the Challenge Event Portal.

Challenge Coins appear to be copper colored (more orange than EHT and ETT), and are pentagon shaped. They have each of the 5 Challenge Event Family symbols on them, so they appear to be intended for use across Challenge Events, not specific to one Event.

The premise of Suspicious Chests appears to be similar to the concept of Orichalcum Seadragons appearing at random during Atlantis Rises and dropping Atlantis Coins, which can then be used for Summons. One difference is that in initial testing, it appears that Suspicious Chests only drop a single Challenge Coin — but you only need 10 of them for a Summon, not 100.

In-Game Tooltip Text for Challenge Coins

Used for a free summon at the Event Summon. You need 10 coins for one summon.

This item can be received as loot from a Rare Challenge Event enemy.

More Details on the Suspicious Chests

They appear at random in a mob/monster slot. So far I’ve only personally seen a few in Beta, so this information may need to be updated, but there were 3 useful things to note:

  1. The Suspicious Chest was Ice/Blue, so it had an Ice Elemental Barrier that reflects all direct damage and status effects from the same element. I believe they are intended to always be the element that has an Elemental Barrier for each Challenge Event.

  2. The Suspicious Chest is “Invulnerable” and “Shielded,” which means that it’s “Vulnerable to damage only during the turn before it attacks.” This is an intrinsic attribute, not a Status Effect, so it can’t be dispelled, and shouldn’t be removable, even by Guardian Chameleon. The chest shows the word “INVULNERABLE” below it at all times, and the pop-up information when you tap and hold on it shows “Shielded,” along with the explanation above.

  3. Defeating the Suspicious Chest added 5000 bonus points to the Stage Score in Beta — but it’s possible that might change.

Suspicious Chest Screenshots

Shielded Suspicious Chest, can’t be damaged:

One turn before attacking, the Suspicious Chest opens and can be damaged or killed:

New Stages, Bosses, and WE Costs

There are now 15 Stages for each tier of the Challenge Event (Rare, Epic, and Legendary), and they have new Bosses and WE costs, many of which are effectively reduced vs. the current Challenge Events.

@Mariamne has prepared an update to her fantastic infographic:

Knights of Avalon (September 2019 …)

New Event Duration & Schedule

The starting time for Challenge Events has shifted backwards one day, and the duration has been extended from 3.5 days to 5 days.

This will of course provide more time and WE to complete Stages, but will also likely affect competition as well.

New Rewards

The Rewards have been fairly radically improved.

The brackets are still broken up by number like the current Challenge Events, not percentage like Raid Tournaments, but the brackets are vastly larger, and the loot for lower brackets is substantially improved.

There are also more Emblems in the Completion Reward for each Tier.

New Completion Rewards Time Cutoff

Completion Rewards will now be given even if the final stage is completed after the event ended.

This was a frequent request from players. One of the recent discussion threads can be found here: Challenge event glitch – Didn’t Get Completion Reward for Finishing After Event Ended

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wen I got this game, I had ben bored out of my mind with no good games to play. But than by brother told be about it. I got it, played it, and in the first one second I could of told you this game is worth 4$ by far. I love the wide range of monsters this game has, I love the armor, AND I love the fact that weapons get weaker, they don’t break. I killed a monster this one time, or maybe it was a vase, and I got a copper throwing axe!!! At that point I wasn’t sure if there was any other weapons, so I was super excited. I love how absolutely everything is mineable and how you can find treasure chests. ALSO I killed a dust maggot and got a football!!! SO COOL I love playing with it and I like the fire trail!!! BUY THIS GAME ITS 100% WORTH IT!!!!!! Wen I found the portal to the worm boss, I was awestruck by how cool it was and how it all fit together... THE FIGHT WAS EPIC I love how you go thru a portal to the great beasts island!!! Also, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HOW GOOD THE ANIMATION IT AND HOW SMOOTH EVERYTHING IS!!!!!! I CANT say enough about how AMAZING this game is!!!! IF I COULD GET ANY GAME WHATSOEVER FOR HOW MUCH THIS GAME COSTS IT WOULD BE THIS ONE By FAR!!!! It’s like Minecraft but there’s INFINITE stuff to mine and to make and to do, and to find, and to use, and to explore. I love finding huge castles and dungeons and I love making portals and EVERYTHING also, the animation is ONE THOUSAND TIMES BETTER THAN MINECRAFT!!!! I love the BILLIONS OF CHOICES wen making your character, and I love how there’s island events, and I LOVE how chests open and spew gold and LOOT everywhere!!!! BUY THIS GAAAAAME!!!!

Compass is the compass in your pocket, when you need it, where you need it. Compass has the following functions: Shows direction of north.

Fusion Gaming

Portal Knights is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played for a while. The first thing you need to do is decide what Class you’ll play, Mage, Warrior or Ranger. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, talents tree and unique armor and weapons. You can win the game with any of the classes but the Warriors focus more on close ranged combat, the Mage on magic spells and the Ranger on ranged attacks.

You begin on the first island called Squire’s Knoll. Clicking on the center wheel changes from 1st to 3rd person and back again. Fighting enemies is easier to do in 3rd person mode. A target will automatically be selected. If you press TAB you can change the selected enemy.

The First Quests: As you progress you’ll come across numerous NPCs. Some of them will give you quests to perform. The first thing you’ll want to do is find the house and repair the broken Workbench inside. You’ll need 4 Wooden Logs to repair the Workbench. You can now use the Workbench to craft items. The Cotton can be used to craft Cotton Cloth that’s needed for many of the armour recipes.

As you defeat some of the little critters on this island you’ll pick up Portal Shards. You can place this together in your crafting screen to make Portal Stones. Each Portal needs 6 complete stones to open a path to another island. The first portal on Squire’s Knoll already has 2 Portal Stones in it so you need to craft another 4 for the Portal to open.

Before going to the next island you may want to completely explore the first island. You’ll find a tower with a dungeon underneath. You can break all the jars to find more loot and you may be able to find a Chest with useful items inside. Most islands will have secret dungeons and hidden areas for you to explore.

General Tips

Enemies drop loot but not weapons or armor. Sometimes they drop Recipes that can be used to craft new equipment.

Finding all of the Portals on some islands can be difficult. Craft an Arcane Compass which when used will point to the direction of the nearest Portal.

Tired of fighting? Digging in the world will not only give you XP but occassionally Portal Shards.

You don’t need to jump to climb straight up. Just aim a block at your feet and place it to automatically move higher.

Switching between 1st and 3rd person is essential. Combat is easier from 3rd person perspective and building from 1st person.

A Mining Drill is a usefull way of quickly digging through a world. It will mine up to 7 blocks at a time.

If you need more Mana the Moonstone Blocks used to light up dungeons drop Mana Potions when destroyed.

Rangers are more powerful in the early game while Warriors and Mages tend to be more powerful in the late game.

You can always take a light with you by crafting the Miner Helmet. This requires the Workbench II. If you have another armor set you can place the Miner Helmet in the Vanity Head Slot and still get the light from it.

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how to craft an arcane compass in portal knights

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Portal Knights S6 Ep. 8 "Arcane Compass & Not a Boss Fight!" PC PS4 XBOX Gameplay Tips & Tricks

I just crafted an arcane compass just so I could find the portals on large maps Portal Knights How do you actually craft arcane compass?.

how to craft an arcane compass in portal knights
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