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How to craft elf queen set dragon nest forum
July 30, 2019 Family Restaurants No comments


Aanpa the Satyr
Found: Grand prize for completing An Orchestrated Event, July 2016
Drops: Strawberries (x3), Sugar (x1), Magic Fruit (x1 or x2)
Collection time: 8 hours

Crafted: Magic forge
Found: by Sir Pigglesworth (very rare), Deep Mine (rare), Armored Wyvern
Uses: upgrading Deep mine to level 5 (2 are required)
Current thread:

Acer berries
Info: A delicious berry that grows on the branches of Red Acer Trees and Yellow Acer trees.
Found: Red Acer Trees, Yellow Acer trees, Meadow tree, Grand rooted lilium
Uses: item in Base Cider craft (Vineyard Brewery)

Info: Princess of the Realm of Merfolk! She'll help you find purple starfish, purple coral, purple shells and more!
Found: reward after defeating Heksa
Drops: cursed pearls, cursed reef, 10 purple coral, purple shells, purple starfish
Collection time: 4 hours

Adult Bijou Dragon
Info: The sparkling dragons have one of the most unique scales. No, they not lay jewels.
Found: market, 400 gems
Drops: coal, dragon scales, earth wisp, jewels, light armor, longsword, gems, energy
Collection time: 22 hours
Speed up: 88 gems

Adult Flare Dragon
Info: These dragons hatch in extreme heat conditions. Steer clear when they burp!
Found: market, 400 gems
Drops: coal, dragon scales, earth wisp, jewels, light armor, longsword, gems, energy
Collection time: 22 hours
Speed up: 88 gems

Adult Matrix Dragon
Info: These dragons hatch underwater. It has fish like scales.
Found: market, 400 gems
Drops: coal, dragon scales, earth wisp, jewels, light armor, longsword, gems, energy
Collection time: 22 hours
Speed up: 88 gems

Adult Rouncey and Adult Destrier
Uses: source of energy
Collection time: drops 40 energy every 7 days
Current thread:Choose Your Steed

Adventurer's Badges
Adventurer's Badge - Do you have what it takes to be a true Adventurer? Head to your King's Keep or Queen's Court to find out!
Brewer's Badge - Don't get caught in a sticky situation. Become a master brewer by knowing your way around the Potion Shop!
Chef's Badge - Your Knights will get hungry. Earn their loyalty by keeping them well fed!
Artisan's Badge - True artisans can build great monuments out of anything. Prove yourself by crafting an assortment of materials!
Farmer's Badge - Wheat and corn are the basic staples needed to keep any Kingdom alive. Become a real farmer and harvest all sorts of healthy crops!
Nurturer's Badge - Sometimes a kingdom needs a gentle touch in order to thrive. Tend to your plants and animals and show others how nurturing you can be!
Miner's Badge - Put on your hardhat and journey into the abyss. Head down to the mines and get a little dirty!
Explorer's Badge - What lies beyond your kingdom limits? Become a true explorer and find out!
Trader's Badge - There are some things that even the most thriving kingdoms cannot produce on their own. Head to your Royal Exchange and master the art of trading!
Slayer's Badge - Fend off all the unwelcome beasts that stray into your kingdom. Establish yourself as a dominant force and become an ultimate slayer!

Info: A brave Time Wanderer who wants to live in your realm. Collect from her to see what she's got for you!
Found: Grand prize from the Tale of Time event
Drops: Enchanter's Essence, Golden Apple, Golden Egg, Golden Nugget, Jewels, Lumin Essence, Silver Ore
Collection time: 16 hours (speed up is 64 gems)
related item: Tempus (kingdom walker)

Info: Agnes, a friend of Old Thomas.
Found: 5th individual prize from The Scholar's Wedding event | Town Square citizen
Uses: kingdom citizen

Info: Agni can help you find spellbound dew and more!
Crafted: Ember Cave, 1 hour - 1 Ember Crown
Drops: Spellbound Dew, Red Petals, Blue Petals, White Petals, Orange Petals, Purple Petals, Glimmerdust
Collection time: 22 hours

Aideen - the Leprechaun Faerie
Info: Aideen the leprechaun faerie! She has a chance to drop Golden Nuggets, Golden Apples, Golden Eggs, and more!
Found: reward for upgrading the Rainbow River to level 6.
Drops: builders paste, golden apple, golden egg, golden nugget, jewels, lumin essence, wheat
Collection time: 16 hours

Albino pig
Found: market, adventure box drop
Uses: bacon, truffles
Requirements: 120 gems
Collection time: 4 hours

Info: This enchanting steed seems to have a mind of her own. pet Alcina to see what she's found for you!
Found: reward for completing goal 1 of Maya the Mystic
Drops: blue mystic card, carrots, fertilizer
Collection time: 4 hours (speed up 16 gems)

Alicoltcan be sold
Info: A mystical Alicolt from the heavens above!
Found: Grand prize for having a Level 5 Moon Crystal Base in the Galloping through the Galaxy Event, September 2016.
Note: once you complete the upgrade, additional Alicolts can be purchased in the market for 500 gems. You still get a free one (goes to inventory)!
Drops : +5 Energy, +10 Energy, Carrots, Horse Hair, Jewels, Lumin Essence, Silver Ore, Sugar, Water
Collection time: +50/8 hours
Speed up: 32 gems

Crafted:Love shack only
Found: market for gems. If you have the Love Shack, then wings and horns will drop from adventures. They are the rarest drop in the game.
Uses: source of energy (40 energy, once a week)
Collection time: initial, then 5 pets every 22 hours till fully grown, then once every 7 days
Current thread:
Note: In the market, the alicorn is shown with a box next to it. The box is an indication that you craft an item. The alicorn box is the exception to the rule because it means that it is only able to craft if you have the Love Shack. Without the LS you can only buy the alicorn with gems; it cannot be crafted.
Sacred Horns and Sacred wings only drop from these adventures:
1. Search the Ancient Vaults
2. Hunt Roaming Bandits
3. Explore Dark Caves
4. Traverse the Desert Sands
5. Dispel the Love Magic (this adventure available only if you have the LS)

Alicorns (generally)
* There is a craft box on the Alicorn entry in the market which indicates you can craft an alicorn. You can only do this if you are a long term player and have the Love Shack (released in Feb 2013). Without this crafting building (which has not been re-released) you cannot craft an alicorn.
* There are now many kinds of alicorns and they all drop different items. Please refer to the individual entries for drops.
* There are also caps on each kind of alicorn you can purchase. 99 all up for daily alicorns.

These alicorns drop energy in varying amounts of 2, 4-20, 50 or 100 daily: armored alicorn, faerie alicorn, flower power alicorn (cap of 99), glimmer alicorn, glimmeregg alicorn, pink alicorn, skelecorn, wedding alicorn (cap of 5), fairy alicorn, rainbow alicorn, Sweet Tooth (2+), Pastel Alicorn (2+), Aquatic Alicorn (4+), Candy Corn alicorn (2+)
These alicorns do not drop energy daily; only as part of their drops randomly: alicolt
These alicorns drop energy weekly: White alicorn
These horses also drop 40 energy weekly: Destrier, Rouncey
These horses drop energy daily: Royal Kelpie (4+)
These unicorns drop 40 energy weekly:Sweetheart unicorn, Royal Dark Unicorn
These unicorns drop energy daily Spring Unicorn
These items also drop 40 energy weekly: Portia Bella

Info: Allegra, friend of the realm.
Found: reward for completing the Seafoam Serenade event
Uses: kingdom citizen

Allergy potion
Crafted: potion shop
Found: Witch Alicolt
Uses: plume hive adventure
Requirements: 2 hours. 1 Vital extract, 2 sugar, 1 apple

Info: A fuzzy and adorable Alplaca! Pet it to see what items it found for you!
Found:thank you gift from S8 July 2017
Drops: prime cut, rope, wool
Collection time: 4 hours (speed up 16 gems)
also see Thankful Alpaca, Grateful Alpaca

Info: An old ship's anchor.
Found: market, 500,000 coins
Drops: reef slab, orange coral, seaweed, starfish
Collection time: +50 / 1 day

Ancient Pottery
Info: An ancient relic from Elven past, restored to top condition!
Crafted: Reliquary, 1 hour - 5 living wood, 5 blue dye, 1 superglue
Uses: unknown as yet

Anda the Sphynx (grey/tan) other one is Medea the Sphynx
Found: Baron's Game Tent
Uses/Drops: 1XP, $50 coins, 1 milk plus 1 rat tail or 1 creep tooth or 1 FUR (lol)
Collection time: 8 hrs
Size: 1x1 each

Info: Anthia, a friend of the realm
Found:Town Square citizen
Uses: kingdom citizen
Note: available only if you completed the event

Found: through adventures only
Uses: decoration

Found: Apple tree (drops 1 at each collection), Sir Pigglesworth, Glimmerbat habitat, Pie Cart, Noble Stable, Giles (gnome horse), Vampire bat, Armored Kitsunecorn, Pilu
Uses: item in Apple pie
Current thread:

Apple pie
Crafted: kitchen + winter bakery, 1 hour - 10 apples, 1 flour, 2 sugar
Found: Pie Cart, Armored Shadow Wolf, Armored Kitsuncorn, L10 Trade Post
Uses: goals Skunkless apple pies (requires 2) and Cooking caravan (requires 10); Delicious trade (requires 2 and gives 1 gem)

Apple tree
Found: through adventures; buy with gems
Uses: getting apples and golden apples
Requirements: water to grow
Collection time: 2 hours
Current thread:
Note: when you exchange Gems for a Fruit Tree from the Market, you'll need to tend to it in order for it to grow. Once it's fully grown, it'll yield fruit. Trees rewarded from Adventures will come fully grown.

Aqua Silver505 gems
Info: Metal infused with water magic!
Crafted: Magic Forge, 12 hours - 20 aquanther scales, 30 silver, 4 lumin essence
Uses: item in Storm Trident craft

Aquamarine Alicorn
Found: Baron's Game Tent
Uses/Drops: 4-10 energy plus 2-4 mermaid scales. Rare chance for 20, 30, 40, 50 or 100 energy!
Collection time: 22 hrs
Size: 1x1

Aquamarine Dragon
Found: Baron's Game Tent
Uses/Drops: coal, earth wisp, dragon scales, jewels, light armor, longsword, mermaid scales, 2 gems or 5 energy
Collection time: 22 hours
Size: 1x1

Aquamarine Gazebo
Found: Baron's Game Tent
Uses/Drops: 200 coins
Collection time: 6 hours
Size: 2x2 decoration

Aquamarine Spire
Found: Baron's Game Tent
Uses: 1x1 decoration

Aquamarine Watchtower+15RP
Found: Baron's Game Tent
Uses: 1x1 decoration

Aquanther (2x1 craft)
Info: A beast of teeth and scales and fishy smells!
Crafted: Mermaid Workshop, 4 hours - 40 aquanther scales, 10 mermaids perfume, 13 white pearls (speed up 16 gems)
Drops: Aquanther Milk, Aquanther Scales, Black Pearls, Seaweed, White Pearl
Collection time: 4 hours (speed up 16 gems)

Aquanther (monster) You cannot spawn the Aquanther until you get the goal for Aquanther scales.
Spawns from: blue anemone, coral reef, Coral Castle, coral trap
Drops: Aquanther Milk, Aquanther Scales

Aquanther Cub
Info: An adorable baby aquanther. Pet it to see what it found for you!
Crafted: Ivy's Magic Nursery, 1 day - 70 aquanther milk, 50 aquanther scales, 76 reef slabs
Drops: mermaid scale, seaweed, white pearl, black pearls
Collection time: 8 hours

Aquanther milk
Info: A nourishing milk used to raise Aquanther cubs! Drops from Aquanthers.
Found: Aquanther pets, drop from defeating a spawned aquanther
Uses: Aquanther cub craft (Ivy's Magic Nursery)

Aquanther scales26 gems
Info: Scales from a vicious deep-sea Aquanther!
Found: Aquanther pets - blue and pink, Aquatic Wyvern
Uses: item in Aquanther craft, item in Mermaid's brew craft, item in Aqua Silver craft

Aquaria flower
Info: A beautiful bulbous plant, filled with seawater. Tend it to collect Wayward Fish!
Found: market during Unfamiliar Water event
Uses: 1x1 decoration

Aquarium Column
Info: A tall column filled with sea plants and fish. Prepared in the workshop.
Found: crafted during Unfamiliar Water event
Uses: 1x1 decoration

Aquarium Terrarium | (2x1)
Info: A wooden terrarium, filled with water to house fish.
Found: crafted during Unfamiliar Water event
Drops: blue fish, fish, mermaid scales, water
Collection time: 10 minutes

Aquatic Alicorn
Info: This beautiful Alicorn loves to get her hooves wet! Drops various amounts of energy.
Found: market, 250 gems (4 day offer, June 2018)
Drops: energy (4-100), blue coral, blue starfish, ocean hors d'oeuvres, orange coral
Collection time: 22 hours

Aquatic Dragon
Info: This beautiful dragon explores the land and sea! Pet her to see what she's found for you.
Found: Baron's Game Tent
Drops: Blue Coral, Coal, Coins, Dragon Scales, Earth Wisp, Energy, Gems, Jewel, Longsword, Light Armor, Orange Coral, Pink Coral, Purple Coral, Red Coral
Collection time: 22 hours

Aquatic Wyvern
Info: Wyverns don't have arms but that doesn't keep them from swimming! Pet her to see what she's found for you.
Found: Baron's Game Tent
Drops: Aquanther Scales, Black Pearls, Coal, Coins, Dragon Scale, Earth Wisp, Jewels, Light Armor, Longsword, Seaweed, White Pearl, Wyvern Milk
Collection time: 8 hours

Archery Range
Found: Baron's Game Tent
Uses/Drops: xp/coins, apple, golden apple
Collection time: 16 hours
Size: 2x2

Arctic Bearcannot be sold
Info: A cute and friendly Arctic Bear. Pet it to see what items it found for you!
Crafted: Workshop, 5 minutes (during Ice Queen event Ice Queen event only.
Requirements: 40 arctic fur (40 gems each)
Drops: creep tooth, fur, jewels, rat tails, silver, white petal
Collection time: 4 hours (speed up is 16 gems)

Arctic Bear Bait (trap) 1x1 cannot be sold
Info: This is sure to draw an Arctic Bear! Only 1 monster can be in the kingdom at a time!
Found: market, 20 gems (goal gives you 20 gems back on first purchase)
Uses: chop to lure an arctic bear

Arctic Fox
Found: Baron's Game Tent
Drops: coins plus various multi-drop combos of 1 milk, 1 rat tail, orange petals, 1 creep tooth, fur
Collection time: 8 hrs
Size: 1x1

Architect paste
Crafted: potion shop, tinkers camp
Found: Cauldron, Witch Alicolt
Uses: crafting Magic cement; - building Cathedral (3), Deep mine and Amphitheater (3); - upgrading Cathedral to level 2 (2 required), Royal Manor to level 10 (3), Wizard School to level 5 (3), Knight's Hall to level 3 (2) and 4 (2)
Requirements: 2 builders paste, 1 enchanter's essence, 5 living wood
Collection time: 8 hours
Current thread:

Armor stand
Info: A classic suit of armor.
Found: market, 200 gems (limited offer 5 days, July 2018)
Drops: longswords, light armor, hearty feast, mithril, simple feast
Collection time: 22 hours

Armored Alicorn
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre
Drops: Energy, Jewels, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Light Armor, Mithril
Requirements: 15 gold tokens, 7 staff tokens, 10 mithril | max craft of 4
Collection time: 22 hours

Armored Black Bear max 4 | released during Monster Hunt season 16
Info: A fierce armored bear! Has a chance to drop Mithril and energy!
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre, 3 hours - 15 Troll Token, 10 Staff Token, 15 Mithril
Drops: ~1200 coins, coal, dragon scales, earth wisp, 5 energy, 2 gems, jewels, light armor, longsword, mithril, wisp lanterns
Collection time: 8 hours

Armored Dark Unicorn (pet)
Info: I wouldn't joust with this Armored Dark Unicorn. Pet it to see what it sound for you!
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre, 4 hours - 40 troll tokens, 40 staff tokens, 30 golden apples
Drops: carrots, fertilizer, horse hair, spellbound dew, sugar
Collection time: 12 hours

Armored Direwolf
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre, 4 hours - 85 gold tokens, 25 staff tokens, 75 mithril | max craft of 4
Drops: 20-60 energy, Direwolf milk
Collection time: 5 days

Armored Fire Dragon
Crafted: Magic Forge, only available during the Fire & Ice event
Drops: coin, dragon scales, energy, coal, jewels, longsword, earth wisp (similar drops as a normal dragon)
Requirements: 1 Dragon Stone
Collection time: 22 hours

Armored Flyger
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre
Requirements: 15 gold tokens, 20 sword tokens, 25 prime cuts | max craft of 4
Drops: Expansion Permits, Flyger Milk, Earth Wisp, Wisp Lantern, Elvenite, Fur, Tail, Creep Tooth, Fey Crystal, Jewels, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Mithril, Light Armor
Collection time: 22 hours

Armored Ice Dragon
Crafted: Magic Forge, only available during the Fire & Ice event
Drops: coin, dragon scales, energy, coal, jewels, longsword, earth wisp (similar drops as a normal dragon)
Requirements: 1 Dragon Stone
Collection time: 22 hours

Armored Kelpie | max 2 | released during Monster Hunt season 19
Info: A fresh water warrior with rust-proof armor. Visit it to see what it found for you.
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre, 4 hours - 55 troll tokens, 45 orange shell, 25 cursed pearl
Drops: black pearl, blue coral, blue shell, carrots, cursed pearl, cursed reef, jellyfin, jellyfin jelly, orange coral, orange shell, pink coral, pink shell, purple coral, purple shell, red coral, white pearl
Collection time: 12 hours

Armored Kitsuncorn | released during Beast Master challenge season 17
Info: An armored mythical Kitsunecorn, ready to defend the realm from magical onslaught. It might give you a Golden Apple.
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre, 4 hours - 35 troll tokens, 15 staff tokens, 10 apple pie
Drops: apple, apple pie, golden apple, 3 lemons, lemonade, orange cobler, 5 oranges, sugar
Collection time: 22 hours

Armored Lion
Info: A mythical lion. Pet him to see what he's found for you!
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre, 4 hours - 20 gold tokens, 50 sword tokens, 30 gold nuggets during Monster Hunt season 13
Drops: creep tooth, earth wisp, elvenite, fey crystal, fur, iron ore, jewels, light armor, mithril, rat tail, silver ore, 3 trade tickets, wisp lantern
Collection time: 22 hours

Armored Manticore
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre
Drops: Manticore Whisker, Mysterious Venom, Fur, Jewels, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Light Armor, Mithril
Requirements: 3 gold tokens, 7 sword tokens, 30 iron ore | max craft of 99
Collection time: 22 hours (speed up is 88 gems)

Armored Maxotaur | max 1 | Monster Hunt season 20
Info: A armored soldier, returning from his conquest. Has a chance to drop Mercury Feasts and Sweet Feasts.
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre, 4 hours - 45 troll tokens, 25 hearty feast, 20 light armor
Drops: hearty feast, mercury feast, simple feast, spicy feast, sweet feast
Collection time: 2 days

Armored Shadow Wolfmax 4 | released in Monster Hunt season 15
Info: An armored wolf with sharp fangs to protect the realm! Pet it to see what it's found for you.
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre, 3 hours - 25 troll tokens, 7 staff tokens, 50 sword tokens
Drops: apple pie, bacon, boar pelt, bone, creep tooth, egg, fish, fur, golden apples, golden eggs, golden nuggets, glimmerdust, hide, jewels, lemonade, living wood, magic fruit, manticore whisker, milk, mushroom, naga fin, orange cobbler, rat tail, roast chicken, skunku-pie, strawberry, sugar, trade tickets, truffle, water, wool
Collection time: 22 hours

Armored Siren | max 4 | released during Beast Master Season 18
Info: An armored warrior, prepped for battle on the coast. Visit her to collect blue coral, orange coral, clownfish and orange shells.
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre, 4 hours - 50 troll tokens, 35 clown fish, 30 electric eels
Drops: blue anemone, blue coral, clownfish, ocean clay, ocean reef, orange coral, orange shell, reef slab, seaweed
Collection time: 2 hours

Armored Widow | Monster Hunt season 21 | max 1
Info: An armored widow warrior. Visit if for a chance to find adventure supplies.
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre, 3 hours - 50 troll tokens, 20 staff tokens, 75 jewels
Drops: creep tooth, earth wisp, elvenite, expansion permit, fur, jewels, light armor, wisp lantern
Collection time: 22 hours

Armored Wyvern
Crafted: Mythic Research Centre, 4 hours
Requirements: - 20 Troll Token, 5 Staff Token, 35 Coal | max craft of 4
Drops: adamant, coal, earth wisp, iron ore, jewels, mithril, silver ore, stone, wisp lantern, wyvern milk
Collection time: 10 hours (speed up 40 gems)

Info: These arrows seem to have missed their target. Used to craft pink arrows.
Found: farmhouses during Part 1 of the Search for Sabina
Uses: item in Pink Arrow craft (Magic Forge)

Auranticum Shrub
Info: Harvest Auranticum shrubs for 3 times the flower petals!
Crafted: Arboretum
Drops: 3+ orange petals
Requirements: 3 auranticum flowers , 2 lumin essence, 20 water
Collection time: 5 minutes

Autumn Arch
Info: An arch full of colorful fall leaves for your Kingdom.
Found: 2nd community prize from The Soup Kitchen event | market, 25 gems
Uses: decoration

Autumn Beam
Info: An elegant beam with a fall flourish.
Crafted: Workshop
Requirements: 5 autumn bloom, 5 autumn wood
Drops / Uses: item in upgrading the Autumn Carriage
Collection time: 2 hours

Autumn Blooms
Info: Lush Autumn Blooms. Tend for Autumn Flowers and White Petals
Found: market, 100 coin
Drops: Autumn Flowers and White Petals
Collection time: 1 minute

Autumn bouquets
Info: Beautiful flowers picked from Autumn Blooms.
Found: from neighbour requests
Uses: to complete goal only

Autumn Doe
Info: A rare Doe that can be seen during the Autumn months. Drops wood, living wood, glimmerdust and earth wisps.
Crafted: Prize from the Fall Queen event, November 2016
Requirements: 1 Autumn Scroll
Drops: earth wisps, glimmerdust, living wood, wood
Collection time: 22 hours

Autumn Fawncannot be sold limited event item
Info: Find this fawn prancing around the forests of your Kingdom!
Crafted: Workshop, 10 minutes
Requirements: 10 buckets of seeds, 4 forest oak, 2 fall leaves
Drops: earth wisps, glimmerdust, living wood, wood
Collection time: 5 hours (20 gems to speed up)

Autumn Flowers 0/99 4 gems each
Info: Beautiful flowers picked from Autumn Blooms.
Found: collecting from Autumn Blooms
Uses: item in upgrading the Autumn Carriage

Autumn Fur
Info: The soft fur of an Autumn Raccoon
Found: drops from defeating Autumn Raccoon
Drops / Uses: item in crafting Autumn Raccoon

Autumn Jewels
Info: Autumn Raccoons love the shiny quality of these jewels.
Found: defeating raccoons
Uses: item in crafting Autumn Rings

Autumn Leaves
Info: Clear for Glimmer Acorns and double the chance at Sparkle Truffles!
Found: 4th individual prize from The Soup Kitchen event
Drops: chop for event items

Autumn Raccooncan be sold, be careful!
Info: A furry forest friend! This one's been tamed, so it won't eat your crops!
Crafted: prize from Autumn Raccoon Roundup Event, November 2016
Drops / Uses: corn, creep tooth, fur, rat tail, sugar cane, tomatoes, wheat
Collection time: 1 hour
Skunkupines can spawn on collection

Autumn Raccoon Trap
Info: chop to lure an Autumn Raccoon
Found: market, 20 gems
Uses: chop to lure an Autumn Raccoon

Autumn Rings
Info: A ring to represent love and dedication.
Crafted: Workshop
Requirements: 4 Autumn Jewels and 1 Golden Band
Drops / Uses: item in upgrading the Autumn Carriage
Collection time: 30 minutes

Autumn Stag
Info: A rare Stag that can be seen during the Autumn months. Drops wood, living wood, glimmerdust and earth wisps.
Crafted: Prize from the Fall Queen event, November 2016
Requirements: 1 Autumn Scroll
Drops: earth wisps, glimmerdust, living wood, wood
Collection time: 22 hours

Autumn Trail (path)
Info: Feel the leaves crunching under your feet!
Found: 1st community prize from The Soup Kitchen event, market 2 gems
Uses: decoration

Autumn Wolf Pup
Found: Baron's Game Tent
Uses/Drops: 1XP, coins, milk plus 1 rat tail or 1 creep tooth or 1 fur
Collection time: 8 hrs
Size: 1x1 ea

Autumn Wood 0/99 4 gems each
Info: Find this fall wood flourishing in Red Acer trees and Yellow Acer trees.
Found: chopping Acer trees
Uses: item in upgrading the Autumn Carriage

Avian Feasts
Info: This meal is filled with all the nutrition a bird needs to remain healthy and strong!
Crafted: Kitchen, 3 hours - 30 seeds, 3 magic fruit, 5 rat tails
Uses:Unlocking the Feather - goal related only

Info: Princess of the Realm of the Merfolk! She'll help you find seaweed, mermaid scales, glimmerdust, starfish or Ocean Hors D'oeuvres!
Found: reward for completing Part 3, goal 7)
Drops: Blue Starfish, Glimmerdust, Mermaid Scales, Ocean Hors D'oeuvres, Seaweed
Collection time: 1 hours (speed up 4 gems)

The Elf Queen's Corps Set is the first one you can get in the game with a level of 24 or more. You can collect the needable crafting items from the Minotaur Nest.

Set Bonus

Set Amount VIT AGI MAX HP MAX MP Final Damage
2 47 - - - -
3 47 78 - - -
4 47 78 1249 - -
5 47 78 1249 1166 -
7 47 78 1249 1166 98


Name Attk Power Magic Attk Critical Crafting Item 1 Crafting Item 2 Crafting Item 3 Fee
Elf Queen's Corps Shortbow 119 - 146 97 - 119 405
Elf Queen's Corps Longbow
Elf Queen's Corps Crossbow
Elf Queen's Corps Quiver


Set Information

  • Resealed - 5 times
  • Durability - 180
  • Level Req - 24

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I’ve been playing almost exclusively Orcs for the past 3 weeks, and I’ve come to some strategic conclusions about the Hero Cards and their usefulness.

Let’s start with the basics. Who are the Orc Heroes?

So far, I’ve collected all the Orc Cards (With exception to the Dragon. And I assume the last slot is the Dragon card based on how each race has a Creature Card as a Rare. Spiders for Goblins, Ents for Elves, etc.)

The top row is the Common Tier, the middle row is the Uncommon Tier, and the bottom row is the Rare Tier.

Here’s their current abilities, costs and whatnot…

As you can see there is a lot of focus on Leadership bonuses (Strength per unit) depending on who is leading and where they are located. The Orcs also have a couple of good utility units, but the trade off is only one viable range unit.

The Orcs are also part of the “Average” speed group (Along with Humans) Which is great! (at 4 Leagues/hour by Road.)

So before we split the Hero Cards into groups of “must haves”, and “probably should bench”, let’s take a look at the Strength per Gold ratios to get the best bang for a buck when it comes to defeating the Blight and Defense of Settlements.

The default Orc military unit “Orcish Swords” comes in on top for most Strength per Gold at 2 to 1.

The worst Strength per Gold unit is the Jolly Tavern Keeper… at 0.18 Strength for Every 1 Gold. (Poor Guy)

The Trade-off for the Jolly Tavern Keeper is a Leader bonus of +4 for ALL units (including units of other races.) But if you’re rolling with an All Orc Deck, the Desert Maiden is the superior choice with a +6 Bonus. And even then… Leadership Strength bonuses really only benefit 3 of the units, as we can see in this chart:

The more Units that are part of a Hero Card, the more effective the Leadership Hero Bonus. This means that Orcish Swords is the obvious go-to pairing. Followed by Dragon Brigade & Wolfriders.

The Wolf Chariots do come in groups of 5 Units, but the Bonus is still a small blip compared to the above three examples. And all the other Orc Hero cards are 1 Orc Units. (1 Dragon in the case of the dragon units.)

So the Leadership bonuses to begin with are only useful if you’re stacking them with large unit armies. And if you’re not rockin’ a +6 bonus, the coin and population resources better spent elsewhere.

So how would I rank the Orc Heroes? Which ones do I use?

We’ll start with what I consider the “Must Have Champions!”


“Speed is King.”

Orc Wolfriders
These guys are a bit pricey (400 Gold), but seem to always be the Vanguard of your forward fighting forces. They are Common, so easy to obtain, (They’re also usually part of the Orc Essentials so you get them for free when starting most Orc Maps.) They do the same amount of damage as Orcish Swords, with a very noticeable speed boost (3 Leagues / Hour by Road.)

The Wolfriders can dance around any Blight group, and are great for hit and run funeral pyres. They are also great in early game to reach settlements and mana pools quickly to add them under your ownership.

Orc Wolf Chariots
This unit is Wolfrider’s little brother. (Both have a speed of 3) at Half the cost of Wolfriders (200 Gold), Half the Strength (300), But comes with a very nice First Strike ability called “Chariot Charge” (Basically a free (150) attack before any battle begins).

The “Chariot Charge” ability is great for running over small Blight groups without taking damage. And in the late game, combining all your Wolf Chariot units into a single card can make for some great Blight steam rolling fun!

You use them the same as you would Wolfriders: Hit and Run attacks behind enemy lines, Funeral Pyre Burning, and reaching settlements and mana pools quickly.

Orc Wolfpup Handler
Don’t let the cute picture on the card fool you. You’re basically buying a single Wolfrider unit for 50 gold! Sure the Strength is only 24, but you’re not using this unit for attacking, you’re using it for:

  1. A Quick purchase at 50 Gold means you can usually always deploy at least one.

  2. With a speed of 3, they can easily dance behind enemy lines and burn thousands of bodies.

  3. They can act as cheap early game runners to quickly add settlements to your territory.

  4. If they die out in the field, they are only 1 orc body, so if they become a risen Blight, they are easier to deal with.

When you’re not sure which way a Blight group will go and you need to get around them, you can send out two Wolfpup Handlers, one on each side, and be able to adjust the paths depending on whichever way the Blight turns. It’s win-win!

“The Defenders”

Orc Dragon Brigade
The Dragon Brigade is basically the Orcish Swords, but for 25 Gold More (325 Gold Total) you get the added ability of a range attack in exchange for Mana. These guys are the Ken & Ryu of Blight of the Immortals. For 10 Mana, These guys can fire off a 1 League, (375 Strength) attack, that restores in 12 hours.

Compared to other races’ range attacks, the Mana cost may seem a bit hefty at first, but in mid to late game, as you combine your Dragon Brigade units into a single fighting force, you can do massive amounts of damage and wipe out very large Blight groups without experiencing any casualties.

For example, I’m currently in a game that’s on day 11. (Yes Day 11, and what a long war it has been.) But we’ve finally got a foothold on things and the tide has turned in our favor. One of the things that helped us get this far was a very large Dragon Brigade group…

That’s 60 mana for a (2265) attack. Not too shabby. (And it really is roughly 6 Brigades combined together.)

These guys, like the Orcish Swords, are great for defending Settlements and Mana Pools. They’re even better when lead by a Desert Maiden. (with an extra +150 Strength per Dragon Brigade group)

Orc Slavedriver
For those familiar with the Human Marshal, this is the “Green Skin” version of that Hero Card. Able to train a default military unit in any Orc, Goblin or Troll city is the best way to min-max your Gold spend. Now you can raise large armies through Mana costs, and save your Gold for the really good units. (Wolfriders, Dragon Brigade, etc.)

The Orc Slavedriver also has the added benefit of having a decent Strength, when compared to other single unit cards. (180 Strength unit for 175 Gold). He’s cheap, he’s useful, and he will save you lots of Gold during a war. (Also because of his ability, you never have to bring Orcish Sword cards of your own. Besides for almost the same price, you can drop a Dragon Brigade and get more benefits.)


Because at present we can only bring 6 different car types into a new game, the 6th card chosen is mostly dependent on map size, starting location or strategic preference.

Depending on the above circumstances, my 6th champion Hero is chosen from the following 3:

Orc Desert Maiden
Probably the best “Leadership” unit in the game. (The Troll Ironshell Sergeant comes close, but his need for being in a Swamp, and his slow speed keep him down.) The Orc Desert Maiden gives +6 Strength to all Orcs in her army. She herself has a beefy Strength for a single Unit Hero Card (180).

So when do I bring the Orc Desert Maiden? Honestly, very rarely because by default you are given 4 of them in the Orc Deck Essentials, and usually you only need 2 or 3 for the entire game. So you technically have her in your deck whether you want them to be or not. Which allows us to bring one of the other two “Wild Card Heroes”…

Orc Dragon Banner
The Orc Dragon Banner is your “Deployment” unit for the Orcs. Every Race has a “Deployment” unit where you (and your allies) can deploy / spawn a Matching Race Hero Card at the location of the “Deployment” unit.

When do you bring the Orc Dragon Banner? Large Maps. It can take days to traverse some of the more popular 6 player maps, and a Dragon Banner, not only allows you to quickly deploy Heroes to the front line, but allows your allies a spawn point near your units, so they too can quickly jump in the action.

Orc Shaman Priestess
The Orc Shaman Priestess is a fairly cheap (125 Gold), Average Strength (60) Common tier Orc Hero, but where she shines is her special ability, “The Gift of Flame”. For 12 Mana, she can completely remove a Battlefield Grave that is 1 League away. the best part is that this ability refreshes in 6 hours. The Orc Shaman Priestess is perfect for those walls of Blight where it would take a day or so to send a rider around, but you can get just close enough to burn the bodies. She’s also useful where natural barriers are involved, like burning corpses across a river, without any risk of the Blight being able to cross over.

So when should you bring the Orc Shaman Priestess? She seems to work best on smaller maps, or maps where there are many blighted settlements (or soon to be blighted settlements) next to each other. You really want to make use of that 6 hour cool down, and because she’s a 4 League per hour / Road speed character, she can usually get to the next node within 6 hours. (Perfect timing!)

If you’re on a larger map though, where there is more room to move around, it’s probably best to focus on your fast movers (Wolfriders, Wolf Chariots and Wolfpup Handlers) and just do the behind enemy lines dance to burn the bodies. It takes a bit longer (but it saves your mana for the Slavedriver training and Dragon Brigade “Fist of the Dragon” strikes.)


So what about the poor orcs that never get to play? Let’s go over why I never use them in a deck unless they show up as a volunteer mid game.

“The Go-To Kids”

Orcish Swords
Don’t get me wrong… The Orcish Swords are a great unit! But for 25 Gold more, I can deploy Dragon Brigade. With that said…

I use Orcish Swords ALL the time (because many start at settlements you recruit, and the Slavedriver whips 'em into shape for 12 Mana instead of 300 Gold.) Because of this, there is never any good reason to bring them in a deck, if you have the Dragon Brigade numbers you desire, you bring those instead. Which is fine, because they’re the default military unit, you will see them in every game anyway.

“Every Orc, a Leader”

Orc Warchief (Leadership +2 in Forests & Swamps)

Orc Vicious Sergeant (Leadership +3 in Deserts)

Orc Butcher (Leadership +2)

Orc Jolly Tavern Keeper (Leadership +4)

These 4 Heroes are the “Leadership for All” units. Any unit of any race can be placed under their leadership and receive a bonus. So for multi racial deck builds, it could be a strategy some would use. But I would argue that the numbers involved are probably not high enough to warrant the bonus. Also, some of these Orc Leader Heroes require the army to be in certain terrain types (Forest, Swamp, or Desert) to even receive the bonus. And because the best bonus you can get is +4 from the Jolly Tavern Keeper (and because he has no terrain restrictions) If you want a leader for a multi racial deck, there is no reason to bring any of the other leaders.

Because Desert Maiden is rockin’ the +6 to all Orcs any time, anywhere, she will always be the obvious choice for solid Orc decks. And best of all, she’s usually always part of the Orc Essential Deck, which means you don’t even have to own her unless you want to increase the chance of getting her in the opening hand. (Which for her, honestly doesn’t matter till mid and late game. You want to get your fast movers out first, then deploy your defenders and leaders later at your forward positions.)

“Too Expensive For My Tastes”

Dragon (750) Attack, Range 1, Restores 12 Hours, 12 Mana

Dragon Rider (1000) Attack, Range 1, Resores 12 Hours, 12 Mana

The Two Dragon Cards… Dragon (1500 Gold) and Dragon Rider (2500 Gold) is way too expensive to even consider. Yes, I know they can fly and bypass Blight groups, Yes, I know the Dragon Rider is the fastest Orc Hero unit at 2.5 Hours / League. And yes those are very tempting special abilities to fall in love with…

But consider the costs…

For the price of a single Dragon Rider (2500 Gold), I can buy 7 Dragon Brigade units and 1 group of Wolf Chariots. (Or 6 Wolfriders and a couple of Wolfpup Handlers) That’s 8 very powerful all-star units, for the price of 1 unit who has a good chance they will just disappoint you and die after the first large battle. (and potentially create a dead zombie dragon you’ll have to deal with later…)

Which would you rather have?

Also, (And this may have changed recently) I think you can only spawn the dragon units from a Dragon’s Nest… which means No Nest on the Map… No reason to put it in your deck. (Although I also hear that if a volunteer steps forward during the game-play, you can deploy them from an Orc Settlement instead.) Being able to spawn the Dragons by default from an Orc settlement would make these Dragon units better, but I’d still probably keep them on the bench because of their high high Gold cost.

“Fear the Blood Moon?”

Orc Blood Shaman
The Orc Blood Shaman is an area Buff / Debuff type of unit. His “Blood Moon” ability adds +2 Strength to all Orcs within 4 Leagues, but also adds a -2 Strength debuff to all Humans within 4 Leagues.

We’ve seen earlier that anything less than a +4 bonus doesn’t amount to much, unless you have very large groups of high population units. And yes, you could say that Orcs gaining +2, while Blighted humans have a -2 Strength Debuff would amount to a +4 Strength difference, let’s remember this one thing…

The Buff goes to ALL Orcs (Mortal or Blighted), and the Debuff goes to ALL Humans (Mortal or Blighted).

Because of this, any Human allies in the area will get the unwanted debuff, and much worst, any Blighted Orcs you are fighting off will get the +2 buff bonus.

This means that this ability is VERY special case. Optimum use requires:

  1. No Friendly Humans within 4 Leagues
  2. No Blighted Orcs within 4 Leagues
  3. Many Blighted Humans within 4 Leagues
  4. Enough of a Friendly Orc Military Population to even begin to benefit from a small +2 per unit bonus. (And as we’ve seen in the chart above, a +2 bonus is not that impressive, there are better Hero Cards to use in place of the Blood Shaman.)

All four of those conditions being met is a very rare event in the world of Blight. You are better off with a strategy that can stand up to multiple types of threats.

“Evil Intentions”

Orc Scarface Lord
The Scarface Lord has had an interesting history. Originally his ability, “Fear and Valour”, was used to attack the population of a settlement, and converting settlement population into Valour. (Much like the Goblin Pirate’s ability to convert Settlement Population into Gold) But his ability has been changed to attack military units with a very small (50) attack, and gaining 1 Valour for each unit killed.

Here’s why I’m not fond of this. To effectively use this ability, you need to have a military unit that’s already low in strength, or you risk using the ability and not killing anyone. Also, most of the Orc units are just 1 unit, so at best you’ll only get 1 Valour for those units. Attacking larger strength unit groups usually only allow for a small 1 - 3 Valour gain. You could eek out 4 Valour if an Orcish Sword group got to just 4 units left in the group (From the starting 50 units).

This means that the Mana cost (6 per attack) (12 hour cooldown time) and Not to mention the initial Gold cost for both units are totally not worth it with regards to the Valour exchange. (Yes you can get lucky and kill a lot more through crazy lucky RNG), but we’re going for sure bet strategies, and not once in a blue moon wins.

He also has a pretty low Strength to Gold ratio at 0.4, which keeps him permanently on the bench.

“Good on Paper”

Orc Elder Shaman
The Orc Elder Shaman is a low cost unit (75 Gold), with average speed (4), and low strength (24). The one thing he is good at, is his ability, “Flaming Sacrifice”, which for 4 Mana, he can kill every civilian in a Settlement.

The only time killing everyone in a Settlement is useful is if a Large Strength group of Blight are coming, and you don’t have the time or resources to deploy military units at the settlement. So burning them all for 4 Mana is a decent trade. (Considering the 12 Mana costs for the Shaman Priestess to burn an entire graveyard.)

But his speed and strength are an issue. If you see a settlement far away that’s about to get eaten, the Elder Shaman will never get there in time to be of any use. (And if you could get there with a faster unit, you may be able to salvage the situation by pulling some military units out of the settlement before it falls, or even prevent it from falling.)

Even if the settlement does fall, you can have better units in place (Wolfriders, Wolf Chariots, Wolfpup Handlers) to be ready to clean up the blighted city as soon as the Large Blight group moves on, costing you zero Mana, and it sets up your fast movers to move onward deeper in enemy territory to continue burning bodies.

Because of these reasons, I can never see a reason to bring the Elder Shaman along. He’s way too specialized with not enough “Bang Zoom” to make him worth it.


When playing the Orcs, you are usually stuck with 3 cards in your Orc Deck Essentials

Bring Fast Movers to handle the Funeral Pyres behind enemy lines, and quickly taking new settlements. (Wolfpup Handlers, Wolf Chariots, Wolfriders)

For beefy defenses with teeth, bring Dragon Brigades (For range Attacks) and Slavedrivers (For “Zero Gold” army building)

And for your 6th and final card slot, bring one of the following:

Shaman Priestesses (For Small Maps)

Dragon Banners (For Large Maps)

Desert Maidens (If you really want to go Strength Bonus, plan to spread out your forces, or want to easily replace a Desert Maiden if one dies.) … (The Good news is the Orc Deck Essential usually gives you 4 of these in your deck by default. So you’re better off with Shaman Priestesses or Dragon Banners anyway.)

(Keep in mind: This was written around February 16th, 2016. And the game rules and cards are in flux and may change.)

Thoughts? Comments?


Eatup's Guide to China & The Far East - Part II

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Minotaur Nest

  Every week, you can only enter Minotaur Nest for 7 times. It drops crafting materials required to make Epic Grade Equipment (You can see them under Item Production over at the Blacksmith). If you want to find out how many times you can enter Nests, you can press “O” and go to the “Nests” section to check. Entering Nests also won’t drop your Blessing Point values.The entrance to the Minotaur Nest is at「Lower Ridge」. If you are unsure of the location, you can press “M” to look at the world map.。As for the requirements for entering the Minotaur Nest, you need to be level 24 and above. Your party members have to satisfy this requirement as well. Another requirement is to have a Minotaur Nest entry item called “Red Army Commander Seal” before you can enter the nest. To obtain this stamp, you have to complete dungeons in

abyss difficulty because a Dimensional Rabbit will appear. If you open the Dimensional Rabbit Treasure Chest, you will have a chance to obtain the “Red Army Commander Seal”.

Entrance!Press M to check your location.

Dimensional Rabbit Chest gives a chance to obtain the Red Army Leader Stamp.

All members must be Lv 24 and above to enter the Minotaur Nest.

In the Minotaur Nest, you can only used revive yourself a maximum of 5 times using life stones or resurrection books. It is highly recommended to form a party to clear this Nest. Not only it increases your chances of success, you and your party members can also collect crafting materials together.

After entering, you will see 2 minotaur bodyguards dozing. Walking closer to them will wake them up. However, these 2 minotaurs are rather easy to kill. Finishing these 2 bodyguards, you will enter the main arena.

Abyss mode!Wake up the 2 bodyguards!

The first wave will be small minotaurs. Even though they have low attack, you still need to be careful because they can charge at you out of a sudden.

The fearsome red-armored Bull Leader!Many minotaurs from all directions!

After the first wave, there will be more types of monsters that will appear. Other than minotaurs, orcs with shield and tribe magicians will appear as well. Other than the frontal attacks of the minotaurs, you will need to be careful of the magicians too.

Increased numbers for 2nd wave.Using AOE skills!

Finally the 4th wave, the 2 larger size minotaurs appear. They have high attack and there will be black elves helping them as well. You have to clear the 2 minotaurs as fast as possible. If not, the black elves can resurrect after they die. If the 2 minotaurs die, the 2 black elves will disappear. And now, the final boss, General Ummanba, appears.

Bull rampage when gate opens.Big minotaurs with high attack and speed!

Players must be careful to avoid the continuous attacks of the boss. Maintain a distance from it if you see it on the process of casting a skill. When it roars and gives out a blue aura, do not stand in front of it. Other than causing damage, it will weaken you. When it gives out a purple aura, it means that it is going to deal a critical hit. When using this skill, it will be in the process of channeling. You will have to avoid this skill at the right timing. When the boss gives out a red aura, it is increasing it’s attack stats significantly. During this moment, it is your best chance to attack.

Big minotaurs are terrifying!BOSS【General Ummamba】appears!

General Ummanba has also another skill which throws axes continuously. It is also a range skill. You have to keep moving in order to avoid them.

Upon completion of the nest, you will be able to get high ranked crafting materials from the chests like Pasu’s Powder of Epic Grade. Various epic heraldry plates/crests also drop as well (to be confirmed when SEA releases it).

Crafting materials in the chests!

Do note that this guide is adopted from an old guide, also shortened and edited by DNB to fit into the new updates. There may be changes to this in the future.

Credits to

You can refer to this guide for more tips on Mino Nest.

Like this:



Treasure Chests gained from defeating a Dark Anchor have a % chance to drop a ring or amulet set piece from the zone they are located in.

Dragon's Nest Open Beta - July 26th

Thread: [Update] Beware the Poisonous Mist Nest

  1. System Account

    Beware the Poisonous Mist Nest

    Originally Posted by Nexon

    The pollution poisoning the Elven woods has corrupted the last reserves of the elf queen's will. A perverted mockery of the Tree of Life, the Weeping Quen of Mist�s Tree of Death possesses a singular instinct: To infect any adventurers hoping to cleanse the once-sacred grove. Do you have what it takes to endure the acrid air of the newest Nest? It's time to cross the threshold and face the challenges of the Mist Nest!

    Poisoned Air, Poisoned Earth

    Six trials wait inside the Mist Nest, and each offers a unique set of challenges.

    As you enter the first gateway, you will come see the Crow's Nest. Be careful as you make your approach; if you are spotted by the giant raven, a murder of crows may descend upon you. Destroy the putrified mounds to release purifying growths that will fight back against the corruption.

    Beyond the second gateway lies the Wailing Forest, so named for its nightmarish protector, the Howling Ornird. This lumbering, rotting husk of a tree will knock down warriors with a powerful rush attack. Be wary of the fruits you may find during battle; their poisonous cores will sap you of your life force. No manner of fortification will shield you from the Howling Ornird, who can summon a horde of albino bats with a simple command.

    Nothing but death awaits you beyond the third gateway. The Embermist Grave is a land of the dead, ruled by the sinister Corroded Mist Wraith. A shade summoned by the wraith will pursue a random player - if the distance is closed, the stalker will detonate in a fiery explosion. The Mist Wraith is also capable of exploding in a wall of fire, forcing challengers to navigate the flames. The Corroded Mist Wraith will also condemn one unlucky soul to battle four phantom shades before all players are released from the nightmare.

    The fourth gateway leads to Chainwind Hill. A howling gale tears through Chainwind Hill, pushing away all who would approach the twisted visage of the fallen guardian. Destroy the toxic growths to make your journey through this mountain pass a little bit safer.

    The deeper you venture inside the Mist Nest, the thicker the choking mists become. Welcome to the fifth gateway, the Wolf King's Lair, guarded by a fearsome werewolf known as Hermit Hrollief. This lycanthropic beast is protected by an invisible barrier and will reflect your initial attacks. Once you've destroyed his force field, the werewolf leader will summon minions to help prepare a sacrifice to the gods... YOU.

    When Hrollief senses his end is near, he will enclose himself within a barrier and muster up a chilling roar, inflicting crippling damage to anyone caught inside its thunderous blast. Invigorated by his battle cry, Hrollief will become possessed by a terrible bloodlust, inflicting greater damage on any who still survive.

    Upon defeating Hrollief, you will be rewarded with entry to a once-beautiful grotto. This is the final gateway, the Queen of Mist's Sanctum. Before you can gain an audience with the Queen, you'll need to face her court: The trinity of bosses you just defeated. They're already weak thanks to you, but you'll need to put them in their final resting place at the foot of the Queen's gnarled and diseased throne. You now stand before the Weeping Queen of Mist. It is time to snuff out the corruption and cure the poisons of the Mist Nest before they take root and destroy all of Altera!

    Patch Notes

    Bug Fixes

    - Magma Monument + now functions as intended.
    - Electric Smite now functions as intended in PvP.
    - The Assassin trainer has been removed from the Carderock Pass Travel menu.
    - "Guild" function has been mapped to the "G" key.
    - The "Quick Turn" function has been mapped to the "<" key.
    - The "Title Book" no longer displays MIDs.
    - The in � game mail sent from the "Title Book" no longer displays MIDs.

    System Improvements and Changes

    - Arendel Abyss level dungeons now have the chance to drop the entry item for the Mist Nest.

    - The Remote Quest for the Mist Nest (Solo) will appear when entering Saint�s Haven at Lv. 70.

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how to craft elf queen set dragon nest forum

Have you see these images on the page of Dragon Nest SEA? ANU Arendrel is the hometown of the elves who compose the and she is currently residing in Anu Arendel as the Queen who has 70S Black Dragon Armor/Weapon set See the link for

how to craft elf queen set dragon nest forum
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