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How to craft legos legion
December 25, 2018 Family Restaurants 3 comments

Eric León

Partner / Director of Multicultural Advertising

Eric “Master Chief” León is responsible for strategic planning and multicultural creative product. As a fourth generation “Madman”, the craft runs in his veins!

His career spans 25 years and two countries. His skills were forged at Leo Burnett (with both copywriter and art director qualifications) and McCann Erickson. He amassed dozens of creative awards before deciding these were of scant value to the real tasks of the advertising endeavor.

In January of 2000 in Dallas, he founded Legion Advertising which in turn joined the Levenson Group in 2006.

His experience includes brands like: P&G, Grupo Bimbo, Pepsi-Cola, MoneyGram, Nestlé, Reckitt & Colman, Anderson Clayton, General Motors, Motorola, TI, LA Times, Disneyland, KFC, IHOP, Qwest and Miller, among many others.

Of French-American heritage, Eric grew up in Mexico, Switzerland, the UK and the US. He speaks five languages and has founded and operated six companies. He’s also a published author, an active advocate for education for underprivileged girls, is addicted to gaming and travels avidly with the love of his life, Abby Leon.

Eric’s motto: “You are nothing if not what you create”

Fernando Sánchez Servitje

Partner / Director of Strategic Planning 


Fernando (we call him Fer) heads up the marketing for the group. He is in charge of brand strategy and marketing insight as well as new business development.

Marketing insight is a treasured, all-encompassing asset to our team as it allows us to better appreciate our clients' business, needs and priorities.

Fer’s distinguished career began in Mexico, then continued in the US. He provided hands-on direction for global and continental brands like Bimbo, Barcel, Marinela and Tía Rosa as a marketer. Fer boasts16 years of hands-on CPG experience, ranging from production and packaging to sales, distribution and branding. He learned this from the world’s largest bakery, Grupo Bimbo.

A proud SMU Mustang, Fer is also fluent in three languages and cherishes his other role in life as a loving, dedicated husband and father of three. He resides in Dallas, TX.


Fer’s motto: “My word is my bond”

Pablo Hernández O’Hagan

Partner / Director of Digital Communications


Pablo started building websites at age 14 and chose the entrepreneurial path early on, so as you may imagine, he’s the digital wizard in our team. He is the Vice President of AMAP (Mexican Association of Advertising Agencies).

He was awarded the Don Lorenzo Young Entrepreneur Award for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2013, which was created to honor the founder of Mexican Grupo Bimbo.

Pablo has been the Digital Strategist and Architect for brands like: Grupo Bimbo, Lego, Coca-Cola Company, Ricolino, Visa, Sky, Compartamos Bank, Banorte, The Mexican Stock Exchange, Diageo and many more.

He founded the Global Student Entrepreneur Award in Latin America and is an active member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs. Business Insider ranked Pablo as one of the most influential Ad Execs on Twitter, so you might want to follow him at @pablohernandezo

He is also an Ironman triathlete, happily married and proud dad of 3 kids!

Pablo is always on the go around the world, mainly in Mexico City and Houston.

Pablo’s motto: “Get s**t done!”

FIRST LEGION NAP0079 - French 2nd Carabiniers Cavalry Carabinier Charging NAP079

unopened and undamaged item, EAN: : Does not apply, See the seller's listing for full details, French 2nd Carabiniers Cavalry Carabinier Charging NAP079 FIRST LEGION NAP0079 Toys & Games, FIRST LEGION NAP0079 - French 2nd Carabiniers Cavalry Carabinier Charging NAP079, The 2nd Carabiniers were present at both Borodino in 1812 and Waterloo in 1815 and thus can be used for either of these two battles or a whole host of others, See all condition definitions : Type: : Military Personnel, Toys & Games French 2nd Carabiniers Cavalry Carabinier Charging NAP079 FIRST LEGION NAP0079, MPN: : NAP0079: Material: : PAINTED DIECAST METAL, unused, NAP0079 - French 2nd Carabiniers Cavalry Carabinier Charging, Scale: : 1:30: Brand: : FIRST LEGION, Condition:: New: A brand-new

Toys & Games French 2nd Carabiniers Cavalry Carabinier Charging NAP079 FIRST LEGION NAP0079 FIRST LEGION NAP0079 Toys & Games French 2nd Carabiniers Cavalry Carabinier Charging NAP079 FIRST LEGION NAP0079 French 2nd Carabiniers Cavalry Carabinier Charging NAP079 Toys & Games French 2nd Carabiniers Cavalry Carabinier Charging NAP079 FIRST LEGION NAP0079 Toys & Games Toys & Games French 2nd Carabiniers Cavalry Carabinier Charging NAP079 FIRST LEGION NAP0079

LEGO Baukästen & Sets-LEGO® Star Wars Figuren Sammlung Legion Trooper ( Jahre)Lego Vintage Classic Space Shuttle Craft - 's - NISB.

Black Legion objective markers

they are easily painted with any acrylic paints, Warhammer Toys & Games Black Legion objective markers, These are fan made and not a GW product, Condition:: New: A brand-new, unused, Warhammer Toys & Games Black Legion objective markers, Black Legion objective markers, See the seller's listing for full details, See all condition definitions : , unopened and undamaged item

Warhammer Toys & Games Black Legion objective markers Toys & Games Black Legion objective markers Warhammer Warhammer Toys & Games Black Legion objective markers Toys & Games Black Legion objective markers Warhammer Warhammer Toys & Games Black Legion objective markers

Warhammer Toys & Games Black Legion objective markers

how to craft legos legion

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This Set is about "General Claw" who is a super intelligent villain who wants to control the world using his army of bad guys to apply his plans. But a group of extraordinary heroes with extraordinary abilities "Legion of Elites" stands against his evil plans.

I used mainly the Lego Digital Designer to create characters & vehicles, except for the costumes design & backgronds, I used a graphic designing software. I wanted to show models of each character & vehicle in detail, but I was not able to upload more than 4 photos. For detailed photos please follow the (Updated) link Legion of Elites

I tried to keep designs simple & easy to assemble considering price if marketed.

Actually I was a Lego freak during the 80's. I used to create & design new space ships, planes & vehicles that time. Now I'm Buying Lego for my son (He is an obsessed fan of Lego too) so I started creating him new vehicles & we used to modify the characters to create new ones , then I had the idea of submitting some of what I designed to Lego through CUUSOO.

Hoping for your positive verdict, acceptance & support, to motivate me to submit also the other 3 sets I developed.

This is the the Concept Design of Each Group Costumes:
- Legion of Elites: Dark Blue & Brick Yello, With "E" Logo.
- Claw Army: Dark Red, Dark Gray & Black, With a Claw Logo

The "Claw" Army Consists of:
* General Claw:
He is the Head & the Mastermind of the bad guys.
He is a super intelligent villain who wants to control the world. But the "legion of Elites" stood against his plans.
He gathered a bunch of bad guys around him & invented mostly all the technologies they are using to apply his plans.

* Major Cyber:
He was an officer in the army but after an explosion "General Claw" replaced parts of his body with robot limbs & washed his brain.
He became the second guy after "General Claw" with a powerful body & military mentality.

* Phantom:
He is a cunning spy with the ability to be invisible using a device he holds on his chest & the ability to see in the dark using night vision glasses.
His job is to spy on enemies & to do sabotages beyond enemy lines.

* Chopper:
He is a helicopter-man.
He is not so clever like his other fellows, but when it comes to Blades he is very dangerous.

* Dr. Poison:
He is a psycho scientist who deals with toxic materials & converts them into harmful weapons.

* Claw-Men:
These men have no special abilities but they are the troops of "General Claw" and by them he is trying to conquer the world

The "Legion of Elites" Consists of:
* Commander:
He is only known as "Commander".
He is the Head of the "Legion of Elites".
He is a great strategic planner & Leadership flows with his blood.
He has a great respect from his team & everyone in the Legion considers him his father.
In addition to his leadership, He is a peerless sniper who never misses a target.

* Blast:
He is an expert in all kinds of guns & explosives, he has the knowledge of driving various kinds of heavy vehicles.
His major problem is that he some times can't control his nerves & explodes very fast.

* Rapid:
He speaks very little & rarely you see him even smiling.
He spends most of his time in training.
He combines his amazing ninja skills with the high-tech gadgets & extreme endurance to accomplish almost impossible missions.

* Jet Wing:
Jet wing is the bird of the Legion.
With his wings he can go very high & far.
He is also an expert of all flying machines invented till date.
He keeps throwing jokes & making fun of others, & that puts him sometimes in troubles especially with "Blast".

* Dart:
She has an amazing archery skill. She can split a hair with her arrow from a long distance.
She is also an ultimate athlete with high gymnastic skills.

* Seal:
They say that Seal was born in the ocean due to his diving skills & they say that he could hold his breath under water for 30 minutes.
But what ever they say, Seal is matchless under water.

Here are some of the vehicles of the set (Others are under Design with Scenarios)

* Claw Army:
- Tri Beast (General Claw)
- Sea Monster (General Claw)
- The Chopper Machine (Chopper)
- The Armadillo (Major Cyber)
- The Shadow/ Invisible Craft (Phantom)
- The Toxin Vehicle ( Dr. Poison)

* Legion of Elites:
- The Elite 4x4 (Commander)
- The Silent MiniCopter (Rapid)
- The StingRay (Seal)
- The Elite Bike (Blast)
- The Elite Tri (Dart)
- The Elite Hawk (Jet-Wing) "NEW"
- The Elite Jet-Cycle (Blast) "NEW"

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Minecraft - Good vs Evil - ROME FORT DEFENSE: Gallic Wars! (Rome vs Gaul)

We read a book, sing, say poems or rhymes, and make a craft to take home. .. Legos? MeeperBots? Or something else altogether? Come and see what Miss.

LEGO: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom

Bring Minecraft to life using LEGO bricks! Resourcefulness, creativity, and cooperation come together in this unique building adventure game; roll the dice to mine for resources, craft tools, and watch out for Creepers! This ultimate LEGO Minecraft experience is an original game designed by Play-Well instructors, using gameplay elements and characters inspired by the popular Minecraft video game. Students will have a blast, even without any prior experience with Minecraft or LEGO materials.

Summer Camp Goals

What are the goals of the summer camps?

  • Develop and enhance students' problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Expose children to concepts and vocabulary of:
    • Engineering
    • Architecture
    • Physics
  • Provide an opportunity to have a great time with a terrific and versatile building system

Our Pre-Engineering summer camps are primarily focused on BUILDING techniques.


What is the format of a Play-Well TEKnologies Engineering summer camp?

We typically work on 2 different engineering and architectural projects per day. Projects typically start with an introduction and short presentation by the instructor followed by a design/building assignment. Students have access to approximately 100,000 pieces of LEGO® materials to use in creating their engineering projects.

Students are introduced to engineering terminology that they are encourage to use throughout the class when identifying pieces, posing questions, or assisting each other. Instructors circulate and assist the children in realizing their project goals.

When the participants have satisfied basic requirements of a project, they are encouraged to further explore engineering applications of the principles and construction methods by inspecting, testing, modifying, and rebuilding. At the end of each class session, students are expected to dismantle their projects and put away their materials.

Will the students take anything home with them at the conclusion of the summer camp?

Unfortunately, the campers don't get to take any of the LEGO® materials home with them. We re-use the materials with our other summer camps and classes. If we saved projects, we would not have enough materials for our other summer camps.


What are some of the concepts covered in your summer camp?

1st, 2nd, 3rd Class LeversMotors, batteries, leads
Compound gear trainsOverlapping
Crown gears / bevel gearsPneumatics and pumps
Beam bridgesRack and pinion steering
Belt drive transmissionsRack gears
Cams and clutch gearsSkid steering
Connected systemsSteering mechanisms
Eccentric motionDifferentials
Gear drives, torque, speedTiming Mechanisms
Load & stress testingWorm gear drives
Moment of inertiaFriction and Gravity


Will Play-Well TEKnologies Engineering summer camps be a repeat for my child if they have already attended previous Play-Well summer camps and/or enrichment classes?

While there are some fundamental projects that are revisited in summer camps, our instructors offer advanced challenges and modifications for any model that will push even the most experienced Lego Maniacs to the next level! Our curriculum is flexible and adjusts to the interests and experience level of the students. With hundreds of projects to choose from and a constantly expanding curriculum, our instructors look forward to continually challenging the most advanced students to reach their full potential. We also encourage our students to communicate when they desire a new challenge that meets their building skill level. Our responsibility as instructors is to never leave any student bored or unchallenged!


Are the Junkyard Challenge and Bash `Em Bots summer camps more advanced than the Engineering Fundamentals summer camps?

Yes. Instructors expect that participants in either the Junkyard Challenge or Bash `Em Bots summer camps are already familiar with basic engineering concepts and techniques taught in our Fundamentals summer camps. These advanced classes require a more open-ended creative application of building techniques to accomplish specific goals and challenges. We strongly encourage students to take our Fundamentals summer camps before enrolling in our more advanced summer camps.


Do I need to sign my child in and out?

We ask that you sign your child in and out each day of the summer camp. To ensure the children's safety, our instructors stay in the classroom with the child until a parent / guardian is there to pick them up and sign them out. This also gives us the opportunity to get to know your family and touch base before or after class!


Can we get pictures of our child's final projects?

We encourage parents to come 30 minutes before the end of class if you would like to see your child's specific project. If you cannot come early, we suggest giving your child a disposable camera, which would allow them to save a "snapshot" of their project.


Can we purchase the LEGO® parts used in summer camps?

Unfortunately, we do not sell the Lego parts used in our summer camps and classes. We encourage parents to visit our website,, and check the `materials' link which lists the places where we obtain pieces for our kits.


Should my child bring a snack to summer camp?

We will take one break midway through class. We do not provide snack but encourage parents to provide a peanut-free snack for their child. For parents of children allergic to peanuts, we cannot guarantee that Lego pieces in our kits are completely free of peanut oils.


Do the kids go outside at all during summer camp?

Depending on the weather, we may take the group outside to eat snacks during our break. At this time we may allow the kids to run around and play a bit if there is a sufficient amount of space at the site. Please feel free to send your child with a hat/ sunscreen if you choose (please apply sunscreen before class begins!).

how to craft legos legion

Lego custom minifigs French foreign legion. This item is unavailable. Try these other items: Browse more items from Etsy. French Foreign Legion Officer.

how to craft legos legion
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