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How to make crafted flowers
October 05, 2018 Family Restaurants 2 comments

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Since buying my Cricut, I have had big visions of using it for out-of-the-box home decor projects. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll be making cards and vinyl t-shirts, too, but I wanted to get it to make more unusual things for my home. 

I was inspired for this project by a sponsored Facebook ad. Way to go Mark Zuckerburg, you got me again. I was targeted with this Paradiso Large Mirror from Anthropologie. I love the vibe, but this mirror cost $400-500, depending on the size. No thanks! Of course, I had to DIY my own, inspired by the Anthro version. 

This project had a lot of trials and tribulations. If you follow me on Instagram stories (and you should!) you know that it took me 3 weeks to get this to work! That’s 3 weeks of limited, nap time work time, but still. It was rough. 

Cutting soda cans with the Cricut

My initial idea was to try cutting my flowers + leaves out of thin metal. I discovered that the Cricut can cut soda can material. So, I diligently drank several Dr Peppers and did not crush the can. It’s harder than you might think to resist that urge.

I used an exacto knife to cut the can into a rectangular sheet of metal. I rolled it flat and taped it to my mat. Online, I found that I should use a fine point blade + 325 pressure setting x2. 

When I tried this setting, it did not cut all of the way thru the metal of the soda can. 

I was advised to try the knife blade, but the knife blade cannot cut any pieces more narrow than a pencil, and most of my pieces were more narrow than that. 

Instead I tried multiple passes with the fine point blade, but that just tore up my metal. 

I finally discovered that people online were using the 325 setting x2 and then gently wiggling/bending the soda can to complete the perforation and pop out the pieces.

That was not going to work for me. My pieces were too delicate and tore. Also, I had way too many pieces to do that much manual work!


So, it was time for plan B. I ordered double sided gold shimmer card stock on Amazon. Thank goodness for 2 day shipping! 

This cardstock is 250gsm thickness and I was able to cut it perfectly with the metallic poster board setting. 

I love the cut file that I designed. It is a series of flowers and greenery that are thick enough to cut without tearing but also delicate enough to evoke the look of the inspiration mirror.

In addition to cuts, my cut file features scoring with the scoring wheel. This scoring gives the paper a 3D feel. Once they are cut, you gently fold along the score line to give the leaves and flowers that extra pop. 

I used super glue with a precision point to add the flowers to the mirror. Tip – I used my weeding tool (but any straight item would work) to push each flower in while the glue was wet to stick more securely. 

The results

I love how this mirror turned out! 

To be fair, there are some major differences between my mirror and the anthropologie version. Their mirror is 36″ and mine is only 10″. Their mirror is metal and mine is paper (I tried!) But, I think that I evoked the feeling and style of their mirror on a serious budget! 

DIY Gold Flower Framed Mirror (made from paper flowers cut with my Cricut!)

Get this high end looking mirror by making it out of PAPER using your Cricut!


  • Gold cardstock
  • Super glue
  • Mirror


  • Cricut
  • Fine point blade
  • Scoring wheel
  • Blue Cricut mat
  • Cricut weeding tools


  1. Add hanging hardware to the back of your mirror in advance if it does not have any.
  2. Download my cut file and upload to Design Space
  3. Cut on card stock using the metallic poster board setting. I needed 2 copies to complete my mirror. You could do more or less depending on the size mirror you used.
  4. Weed excess paper and carefully peel paper off of mat.
  5. Gently fold along score lines.
  6. Lay out flowers on mirror until you are happy with the layout.
  7. Use super glue to attach to mirror.
  8. Let dry.
  9. Hang & enjoy!

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  • Gorilla Micro Precise Super Glue
  • 96-Pack Gold Metallic Cardstock Paper, Double Sided, Laser Printer Friendly - Perfect for Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Craft Use, Letter Size Sheets, 8.5 x 0.03 x 11 Inches
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I am well aware of the fact that not every flower making artist (especially a beginning one) has got a set of traditional millinery tools to shape flower petals and leaves. Although this does cause serious restrictions with regards to the techniques that can be used and the final results that can be obtained, there are several methods that could be successfully applied without the use of tools and help make certain flowers. There are several no tool flower making tutorials for beginners too.
Here on my blog I am explaining how you can shape petals using a so called cold shaping method. This method works great for such flowers as peonies, poppies, irises etc.


Then of course there is a whole branch of flower making that uses artificial fabrics and their qualities. These fabrics can be singed
on the flame of a candle to be shaped into petals and leaves. This technique cannot be used for natural fabrics as they simply burn in the flame. To learn more about this technique and make a bright poppy brooch please check out our Fabric Poppy Brooch Tutorial here.



Luckily some fabric flowers do not require tools simply due to their nature and the way they are. This is the case with Silk Dandelion Clock Brooch. Yes, you’ve got it right, to make a dandelion clock out of pure silk you do not need any millinery tools. We do use tools to shape the foliage in the tutorial, so if you wish you can get those tools from our website (hurry as the offer is very limited). Otherwise feel free to omit the tooling.




If you have not yet invested into a set
of tools but would really like to have a go at making flowers why not try leather blooms? The thing is, leather is such a luxurious and beautiful material to work with that often you do not need to do much before you turn it into a lovely flower. Hand shaping combined with the use of a pair of tweezers can create beautiful as well as pretty realistic flowers.


They are a good point to start from if you want to explore leather flower making

without the need to invest in a set of millinery tools.

The best way to bring the tropics to your home this summer is by crafting beautiful tropical blooms. Make our crepe paper hibiscus for some island flavor!.

Hey folks, it’s me Jenn from A Jennuine Life again.  This month I’m not sharing a project I’ve made – gasp!  Instead, my daughters (okay, I helped a little!) created these bright and fun paper flowers.


I took a great post which was shared recently at at my weekly Thrifty to Nifty Thursdays linky party as inspiration and changed it up to make it a kid-friendly craft.  All you need is some cardstock, crayons, buttons, wire, and a willing kidlet (or two).

Cut strips of cardstock – mine were 3 – 3.5″ x 12″ and set their creativity free!  My younger daughter Hadley mostly added some pointillist accents to her papers, and Arden set to work filling her strips with one color at a time.

Once the strips are decorated to their liking, make parallel cuts into the long end, leaving about an inch uncut.  Arden did this all by herself on her strips and did a really great job!


I let her dig through my button jar and strung the button on the wire through two of the holes.  On a later one I used a button with a shank and I really like how that one turned out!
Arden had a try at rolling her fringed strip…
But that worked best as a Mommy job.  With the decorated side to the inside, roll tightly around the button + wire.  I started out with floral tape to keep it closed and wrap the wire, but later found that washi tape worked a lot better and was way cuter, to boot!  Curl or roll the “petals” to the outside of the flower – the original post has a wonderful video tutorial and you can see how she curled hers back.

All done!  I’ll admit that I had to finish up a few of these.  The lure of the swing set in the backyard was just too much…

Hadley found playing with buttons more fun than coloring after a short stint.

I really enjoyed spending some crafty time outdoors with my two daughters.  Thanks for having me again this month, Diana!  If you enjoyed this craft, I’ve got plans to make the glass container into something a whole lot more fun!  Drop by to check that and my other projects out at A Jennuine Life.


These masterfully crafted paper flower headpieces are fascinator dreams

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I had first come across Jessie's work through mutual friends. I was immediately taken by the detail ...and handiwork of her floral creations. What I was particularly fond about her work was how life like and realistic it looked, as each bloom, flower, bud, looked as vibrant as the real thing. I was excited, as I had been looking for something to give to my brother's wife (then fiance) for their wedding. I had wanted to give something that would last - a keepsake, something that they could look back on and reflect on their special day.

I purchased a floral arrangement for her, and it did not disappoint - It Was Beautiful. The colours, the florals used, the greenery, the detail, the arrangement - amazing. I am so happy that I got the bouquet from Jessie, and would definitely recommend anyone looking for a beautiful, handmade, realistic floral bouquet to seek out Jessie. She is so lovely to work with, willing to hear your input and concerns in order to help make you a great product, great work ethic, and all around great person.See more

24 August 2017

Unique metal flowers made out of % aluminum. Perfect for gifts THEY DESERVE EXPERTLY CRAFTED, AND HAND-FORMED SYMBOLS THAT WILL LAST FOR GENERATIONS. BUILT FROM Build your own custom Enchanted Rose.

DIY Tissue Paper Flower

Last updated on August 22nd, 2019 at 09:59 am

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Make your own paper flower bouquet! This collection of paper flower tutorials will show you the many different types of flowers you can create! Paper Flowers are the perfect touch to any wedding, gift or as home decor.

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Looking for Fabric Flowers? Check out How to Make 20 Different Fabric Flowers!

What snowflake crafts have you made? Share and leave a comment below!


And let’s be friends on Pinterest so you can see all the fun crafts and DIY I’m pinning!

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how to make crafted flowers

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how to make crafted flowers
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