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How to make lilies out of craft foam

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How to make lilies out of craft foam
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Crafts Way provides the highest quality foam, clay, and silk artificial flowers to customers since 2004. Our flowers are handcrafted by artisans to achieve the appearance of natural flowers. We offer a variety of unique flower arrangements, a great selection of tropical flowers, and gifts for holidays and all special occasions. If you have an idea in mind, let us create your unique custom-made hairpiece, wedding bouquet, or other floral arrangement. Looking to accessorize your business or outfit the members of your halau hula with beautiful lasting flowers and lei? We accommodate large orders and we ship internationally.




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2nd Annual Kalakaua Festival
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Home > Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids > Crafts with Craft Foam Sheets

CRAFTS WITH CRAFT FOAM SHEETS FOR KIDS : Here are Ideas for Arts and Crafts Projects with Crafts Foam with the following crafts ideas, instructions, and patterns for Children, Teens, & Preschoolers

Crafts foam is a material that is a versatile, flexible, and colorful piece of materials. Crafts foam comes in larger and smaller sizes. You are able to cut foam with a scissor and it is thin enough that you can wrap it around cylinder / roundish objects. It comes in vibrant colors and is perfect for most child crafts. The best part of crafts foam is that it has such a nice finish and it repels water. Craft foam has various uses, from decoration to refrigerator magnets to cutting out letters and numbers.

Craft foam is perfect for making fake (pretend) food, home-made stamps, pencil/pen toppers, an eye patch for Halloween, finger puppets, visors, mouse pads, a big foam finger and the list going on and on. They are also perfect for making pin-wheels and windsock too. On this page you will find many crafts that you can use crafts foam with.

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Clothespin Penguins - We made these penguins with clothespins, a finger of an old glove, paint, and some crafts foam. Learn how to make this little guy too.

Crats Foam ot of Gold Shirt Pins- Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day by wearing a Pot of Gold Shirt Pin.

How to Make Clothespin Witches - This witch on a broomstich is made with a clothespin, some crafts foam or felt, paint, yarn, and a twig from outside.

Crafts Foam Spool Chameleons - These cute chameleons are made with a thread spool covered with green crafts foam.

African Tribal Pouch Crafts Foam Activity - Make an African tribal pouch using craft foam, hemp, wooden beads, scissors and a hole punch.

Animal Buddies Crafts Foam Bookmark Project - Reading is FUNdamental -- any time of year. Young readers can mark their place with these easy-to-make critters, created from craft foam.

Astronaut on a Space Walk Instructions for Kids - Use Crayola products to make a cool astronaut.

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Bull's Eye Toss Game Making Instructions with Crafts Foam - How much more fun is a game that you make yourself? This one takes just a few basic supplies and craft tools.

Bunny Door Hanger Making Instructions - Created from inexpensive and non-toxic craft form and your child's imagination.

Butterfly Kisses - Learn how to make this beautiful scented butterfly decoration by following these instructions.

Butterfly Pocket Pal Crafts Directions for Children - Find out how you can make a butterfly pocket craft that you can carry with you everywhere.

Camping Frame - Create a frame to store and cherish your first camping experience to last a lifetime.

Camp Journal with Crafts Foam - Make a camp journal so you can document your days at the camp.

Canada Day Party Hat - Celebrate Canada Day proudly by wearing this easy to make party hat.

Carry Along Crafts Foam CD Holder - Carry your favorite CD or DVD with your everywhere using this cool foam holder.

Clip Hearts - Make these cute clip hearts using craft foam hearts, click-style barrettes, scissors, colored card stock, marker and hot glue.

Colored Lights - Make unbreakable colored Christmas lights decoration using craft foam!

Craft Foam Animal Masks - Craft foam masks combined with your child's imagination bring Old MacDonald's Farm to life! More durable than their construction paper counter-parts they may even live to see another playdate.

Craft Foam Beanie - Create wonderful beanies with the use of Craft foam which can be formed into any form of hats for the kids to use.

Craft Foam Camping - Craft foam is so versatile and easy to use, your kids will have a great time making this camping.

Craft Foam Wall Pocket - This simple project serves two purposes: It’s decorative and controls the clutter!

Craft Foam Photo Albums - Personalized with craft foam accents, these foam albums are a kid-friendly way to let them remember their fun days in the sun for summers to come.

Crafty Computer Frame - Find out how you can use craft foam to decorate your computer monitor frame.

Crayon Photo Frame Ornament - Personalized with craft foam accents, these foam albums are a kid-friendly way to let them remember their fun days in the sun for summers to come.

Dangling Snowman - This video tutorial will show kids how to make a dangling snowman decoration.

Door Hanger for Mom - This is a creative and easy to make Mother's Day gift for mom or grandma.

Dragonfly Bag - Darling dragonfly bags, created with kid-friendly craft foam, are great group activity for a class or a children's party.

Dreidel Magnets - Kids can make these Dreidel magnets using colored foam craft sheets, a magnet strip and other materials.

Easy Fun Foam Journal - Kids express themselves inside and out of this handmade journal.

Egg Garden - This is an excellent Easter craft for children to make using their Easter eggs and craft foam.

Embellished Craft Foam Visors - Crafted from pre-cut foam pieces, this visor project keeps little hands busy, reducing cries of ''Mom, I'm bored.''

Eyes for You - Make this crazy heart glasses for Valentine's Day out of craft foam and pipe cleaners.

Fall Refrigerator Frame - This is a great way to display your favorite fall photo on your refrigerator.

Faux Gingerbread House - Make this colorful faux gingerbread house using a cork board and foam.

Festive Ribbon Dragon - Celebrate Chinese New Year by making this festive ribbon dragon with your kids.

Firecracker Crowns - This is a great addition to your kids patriotic 4th of July outfit!

Firefighter's Hat - Your kids can make this firefighter's hat using the giving hat patterns and craft foam (red, white and black).

Flapping Bat - This is a spooky bat decoration your children can make for Halloween by following these instructions.

Flying Foam Airplanes - This is a fun airplane craft children can easily make use recycled materials.

Foam Beads - Use craft foam, glue gun, tacky glue and satin cord to make this colorful necklace.

Foam Caterpillar - Find out how you can make this caterpillar using foam golf balls, a serrated knife, colored craft foam, gauge wire, wooden skewer and a permanent marker.

Foam Door Hangers - Follow these instructions to make one of these foam door hangers for your bedroom door.

Foam Friends - Learn how to make these dolls using craft foam and your imagination.

Foamie Awards - Make these foamie awards for your family games.

Foamie Fall Fairies - This is a fun craft to keep toddlers busy during the autumn season.

Foamie Hand Centerpiece or Doorhanger - This quick & easy classroom project is a fun & inexpensive harvest-themed idea that kids will love making!

Foamie Leis - Make these colorful leis using big foamie flowers and colorful straws.

Foam Masks - Take a peek at these cute and easy-to-make Halloween disguises. Masquerade as a monkey or bear.

Foam-Tastic Frame - Picture this: a frame perfectly themed to accompany a featured photo! Here's a quick & easy way to customize frames for your favorite snapshots.

Foam Tree Ornament - Finally a Christmas tree ornament craft toddlers can make and cherish for years to come.

Friendly Frankenstein & Miss Witch - More kooky than spooky, these cute Halloween pals are fun and easy to make and give a friendly welcome to your trick-or-treaters!

Fruity Foam Frame - Almost cute enough to eat! This frame looks mighty sweet with cheerful cherry, strawberry & watermelon motifs.

Fun Foam Heart Purse - This is a creative Valentine's Day craft for kids and it's also a great craft for kids to practice sewing.

Fun Foam Purse -This is a great purse girls can make for their first day of school. It’s also perfect for sleepovers parties.

Fun n Funky Flowers - Green thumbs aren't needed to grow these pretty posies. Simple-to-cut craft foam petals team up with painted STYROFOAM to keep these perennials blooming year round.

Fun-to-Make Foam Wall Decor - Sheets of Styrofoam brand foam, patterned scrapbook paper and crafting basics such as scissors, glue and acrylic paint make it easy, affordable and downright fun to jazz up an empty wall with decorative panels.

Glittering Tiara & Wand - Help your little princess rule the Land of Make Believe in sparkling style. It takes no time at all to craft a twinkling tiara and whimsical wand with craft foam, glitter and glue-on gems.

Glowing Constellations - Use a foam produce tray with Crayola products to make a glowing constellation to hang in your bedroom.

Go Away Room Sign - Foam craft letters and characters make it fun and easy to create a sign for your kid's door that little siblings to scat.

Holiday Handprint Banner - Find out how you can make this amazing holiday handprint banner by following these instructions.

Independence Day Bells - Celebrate Independence Day with these festive bell decorations.

Jester's Hat - In this tutorial you will learn how to make a jester's hat using craft foam and a free template.

Keepsake Pumpkin Centerpiece - This makes an incredible Halloween table centerpiece decoration.

Kids Clock Craft - Learning about time has never been this fun. Find out how you can make a clock using craft foam of many colors.

Ladybug Wind Chime - Find out how you can make this ladybug wind chime using a terra cotta pot, acrylic paint, paint brush, black fun foam and wool.

Lamb Pin - Making this lamb pin is easy; you just need brown craft foam, bulky texture yarn, pin back, tacky glue, googly eye and scissors.

Locker Pockets - Store extra stuff in style! Easy-to-craft pockets make the perfect place for a comb, extra pens or markers, maybe a mirror...and they make a locker a little more like home.

Love Bug - This sweet love bug makes a great present for your sweet Valentine.

Make-A-Face Mask - Get ready for Halloween parties by creating original masks. Making masks is a great way to learn about other cultures.

Make Your Own Bobblehead - Make a bobblehead doll representing your favorite sport team.

Moon Shot - This is a cute idea that kids will love for a space themed birthday party.

Mouse Pad - Follow these instructions to make your own mouse pad from craft foam and felt.

Moves Count - Make a fun game at home using Crayola supplies and a cardboard or foam core.

Musical Stars and Stripes - These musical American flag wind chime is the perfect decoration for any patriotic holiday.

Native American Medicine Pouch - Make a Native American medicine pouch using the free pattern and craft foam.

NEW! Personalized Locker Mirrors - Learn how you can dress up your school locker with these craft foam mirrors.

Pet Stocking - Make a festive Christmas stocking for your dogs and cats!

Pikachu Trading Card Pouch - Carry your Pokémon trading cards safely in this Pikachu pouch.

Pilgrim Hat Snack - This pilgrim hat snack bowl is great addition to your Thanksgiving dinner party.

Pink Flamingo Party - Use a foam core, recycled materials and Crayola products to make this beautiful pink flamingo.

Puppet Theater & Fun Stick Puppets - Creating this clever theater is just the beginning of fun for your junior puppeteer.

Resolution Magnet - Start off the New Year the right way with this resolution refrigerator magnet.

Rudolph Table Topper - This is a great Christmas table decoration that your children will enjoy making.

Sea Life Poem Craft - Write your own sea life poem and use the following instructions to make this wonderful frame for it.

Slam Book! - Here are cool ideas on making your own slam book.

Snowball Pitch - Make this snowball pitch using only a plastic container, cotton balls and adhesive craft foam in black and white.

Spider Treat Bag - Make this spooky spider trick or treat bag for Halloween!

Sport Pennant - Learn how to make your own sport pennant by following these instructions.

Spring Wind Sock - This wind sock is a beautiful and easy spring craft for children of all ages.

Starry Night Ornaments - Have your kids make their own starry night themed Christmas ornaments!

Summer Door Hangers - This is a cute hanger you can put on your bedroom door when you’re out by the pool or at the beach.

Sun Screen - Children can use craft foam and curly shoelaces to design their own hat to wear during the summer.

Survivor Pouch - Learn how to make your own survivor pouch to store all your exploring supplies.

Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece - This is a great craft to occupy the kids while Thanksgiving dinner cooks. It makes the table look festive, too.Just make sure you do any of the cutting.

Thumb Ring - Create a wrestling ring for your thumb war matches!

Tissue Paper Star - Make this beautiful star shaped sun catcher to hang on your window.

Totem Pole - A fun and colorful totem pole craft all kids can make on Native American Day.

Trained Seal - This is a creative seal craft kids can make using craft foam, clear vinyl tubing and a small Styrofoam ball.

Unforgettable Elephant - Find out how you can make this cute elephant by following these instructions.

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Welcome to Handmade Foamiran Flowers - first, most popular and friendly group sharing foamiran. Hi and thank you for accepting me in your wonderful group, I make flowers from crepe paper Wanna see what's on my craft table today?.

13 Oct The Complete Guide to Making Paper Flowers

Do you want to learn how to make whimsical or lifelike paper flowers?  If you do, you came to the right place.  I’ve outlined a comprehensive guide to paper flower making.  You can make almost any flower out of paper.  The designs range from fun and imaginative to elegant and realistic.  Paper flowers are a great substitute for real flowers because they are significantly cheaper and they will last longer because well…..they are made of paper!  Also, your friends and family will be impressed with the thought and effort you put into making a flower instead of simply buying one from the store.  I’ve included some great links to the best DIY paper flower tutorials at the end of this article.

History of Paper Flowers

I only recently discovered the art form of making paper flowers.  Therefore, I was surprised that paper flower making is actually one of the most popular crafting art forms that date back centuries ago. According to the Old Testament Book of Kings, Queen of Shelba asked Solomon to determine which of the 12 lilies were not real.  Solomon was able to identify the real flowers by watching which flower the insects would land on.  Over 2,000 years ago, China made many crafts out of paper such as paper lanterns, paper fans, paper cut art pieces and of course, the paper flower.  The paper flowers were used in religious ceremonies as offerings to the deceased and for meditation purposes.  In the Middle Ages, silk, paper and metal flowers were used to decorate alters and statues.  In the warmer seasons, real flowers were used.  There was an entire industry of paper flower making, which was led by Italy.  By the 1800’s, France became well known for making artificial flowers because of their dominance in fashion.   The French used paper flowers as decorations for clothing, hats and other accessories.  It’s obvious that people many years ago saw the countless uses for paper flowers, but why should we make paper flowers?

The Many Uses for Paper Flowers

Whether you are a beginner crafter or an expert paper artist, making paper flowers is a great art form that has many exciting uses.  I’ve made a list of cool things you can do with paper flowers:

  • Decorate your home with floral arrangements that last forever
  • Make a heartfelt paper flower for the love of your life for Valentine’s Day or their birthday
  • Impress mom by making a paper flower and giving it to her for Mother’s day
  • Spruce up a party(birthday, bridal shower, baby shower) by placing paper flowers on tables and walls
  • Embellish a wrapped gift
  • Create barrettes, head bands, and other accessories
  • Brighten up a wedding by making giant flower decorations or delicate flowers to garnish a wedding cake
  • Make simple flowers as art projects for kids
  • Add color to your car interior with colorful paper flowers that don’t die or require water
  • Sell paper flowers on or to your local market; it’s amazing how much paper flowers cost…just do a quick search on

The list goes on and on.  Why do you want to make a paper flower?

Materials For Making Paper Flowers

Depending on what kind of flower you will be making, you will need different materials.  For example, a rose will typically require a flatter and more rigid paper while a carnation will use a softer and thinner paper.  The material you use for your flower will also determine how realistic your flower will look.  Some materials are more expensive than others, so if you are just starting or if you are making many flowers, you may want to use a cheaper material.  Also, you may want to use a cheaper material if you are making paper flowers with kids.   If you are really trying to impress someone or make something that looks ultra-realistic, your materials will most likely be more expensive.  There are numerous techniques for making paper flowers but here is a general list of materials that are commonly used.

  • Printer paper or regular colored paper: This is the most common and accessible. You can make flowers directly from some printable templates.
  • Card stock: This is of course my favorite material since  I make all of my pop-up cards card stock. You can use card stock for flowers with rigid petals like roses, orchids, tulips and bird of paradise flowers.
  • Crepe paper: This is surprisingly hard to find and comes in many different qualities.  You can stretch crepe paper and worked it into many shapes. Therefore, crepe paper is great for flower petals because most petals have a curvature to them and you can work the curvature into the paper.  Crepe paper comes in large sheets so it is used to make giant flowers.  Crepe paper typically comes in standard (60 gsm), heavy (100 gsm) and Extra heavy (180 gsm) thicknesses.  The heavier the paper is, the more you can shape it.  Party streamers are made of crepe paper and are typically 60 gsm.  If you buy crepe paper online, many suppliers are overseas so delivery can take a while.  The best quality crepe paper you can buy domestically is Lia Griffith’s paper.
  • Foam core sheets: Foam sheets are great for flowers that have more rigid petals like a calla lily.
  • Coffee filters: These make great materials because they are soft, thin and when painted, make great colorful designs because the colors bleed through the paper.
  • Metallic paper: Metallic paper is can have different thicknesses but the main reason it is used is because it gives off a subtle shine.  If you want a realistic looking flower, use metallic paper.  It’s also the most expensive material.
  • Wafer paper: Wafer paper is an edible material used to make flowers that you can eat and is used for making cake decorations.
  • Felt: You can make soft flower petals with felt.  I find it a little hard to work with unless you have very sharp scissors.
  • Floral wire: Make flower stems with floral wire. You can buy them pre-cut or wound in a roll. They also come in different thicknesses or gauges.  The lower the number, the thicker the wire.  For example, 18 gauge wire is thicker than 22 gauge wire.  Thicker wires usually come precut.  For most flowers, 22 gauge wire is adequate.  If you need something really rigid, or if you make a flower with a very long stem, then you may want to use a thicker wire (18-20 gauge).
  • Floral tape: Floral tape is really one of the key items that was created specifically for flowers.  Floral tape is stretchy, and has a coating of a weak wax based adhesive.  It only sticks to itself and is water resistant.   You can also wrap live flowers for this reason.  You will use floral tape to attach flowers to stems and to wrap floral wire.
  • Pipe Cleaners: Use pipe cleaners for flower stems, typically for children’s projects.
  • Clay or play dough: Use clay or play dough to make the thick spadix in the center of calla lilies.
  • Pom poms: Use pom poms for the center of simple flowers.


Tools Used For Making Paper Flowers

Just like materials, there are many different tools you can use to make paper flowers.  The type of flower you plan to make will determine which tool to use.  You can substitute many of these tools for everyday objects you can find in your home.  Here is a list of common tools for making paper flowers:

  • Scissors: Use scissors to cut out petals and other details of a flower.
  • X-acto knife: You may need a sharp knife to cut out intricate designs that you are unable to use a pair of scissors for.
  • Glue: There are many types of glues you can use.  Faster setting glues are more desirable since many flower tutorials require you to hold a petal in a certain position until the glue dries.
  • Hot Glue Gun: This is a great glue to use because it sets very quickly.  There are different levels of quality hot glue guns.  The cheaper ones tend to leak hot glue in between uses.  The more expensive ones have gun-like triggers that allow you to precisely control the amount of glue applied.
  • Foam tape or stickers: Use foam tape or stickers in place of glue if you want something to stick immediately.  Foam tape is great to stick objects to the center of flowers to give it a 3-dimensional look.
  • Tweezers: Tweezers will help you handle very delicate pieces. You may not need them if your flowers are large enough to work with your fingertips.
  • Wire cutter: Cut floral wire with wire cutters .  If you have precut floral wire, you wouldn’t need a wire cutter.  If you don’t have a wire cutter, you can use an old pair of nail clippers.  However, don’t use your scissors because you will damage them.
  • Embossing tool: Embossing tools are great tools to help you fold card stock. You can probably get away with using a toothpick or pen with no ink.
  • Bone folder: You can use bone folders to make creases in flower leaves.  You can probably use a butter knife or any utensil that is not sharp.


Paper Flower Tutorials

I picked out the top 11 most commonly made paper flowers and researched the best free tutorials on how to make them.  If you want to learn how to make a paper flower, then take a look at the links below.  For each flower, I have compiled between 3 to 5 different tutorials varying in different levels of difficulty.  Some tutorials may be harder, but the flower will look more realistic.  These tutorials are perfect for making hair accessories or one-off gift decorations.   However, if you plan on making many flowers, for example, to decorate an entire wall or for many centerpieces, then you may want to choose an easier tutorial.

  • Roses: Roses symbolize love and are perfect for Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, weddings and birthdays for that special someone.
  • Daisy: Daisies signify innocence and are simple to make with kids.
  • Sunflower: Sunflowers can brighten anyone’s day and reminds us of the warmth of summer.
  • Orchids: Orchids are delicate and denote beauty and luxury.  They make wonderful decorations for gifts and hair accessories.
  • Calla Lilly: Calla Lilies are elegant and simple and work well for modern decorations. If you want to make a lot of flowers for an event or party, then calla lilies are great to make.
  • Tulips: Tulips represent springtime and are another easy flower to make with children.
  • Stargazer Lily: Stargazer lilies are great for bouquets and work well with other flowers.
  • Iris: Iris’ suggest purity and are one of the most beautiful blue or violet flowers.
  • Bird of Paradise: If you want to make a tropical themed flower, the Bird of Paradise is your best bet.
  • Carnation: Carnations are easily recognized, fun to make and are also great for Mother’s day and Valentine’s day.
  • Lotus: Lotus flowers imply compassion, love, purity and rebirth. They are the most spiritual flower.



Paper flower making is one of the most common paper crafts.  You will find endless ways to use paper flowers and the ideas will keep flowing.  The best time to make paper flowers is for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  You can show your true love how much you care by making a flower that will last forever.  Try any of the tutorials in the links above to learn how to make a wide variety of flowers.  You can even customize the flowers to give it your own personal flare.   I had a lot of fun making these flowers and I can now incorporate some of these ideas into the pop up cards that I make.  I have decorated the front of my pop up cards with some of these paper flowers for added detail.  Now you can make the ultimate gift of a bouquet of handmade flowers with an amazing pop up card.  If you found any of this information useful, please comment below and share this link.


Debuting Art Foam Paper and Flower Stamens

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Feel the romantic atmosphere on your reception accented with life-like calla lily flowers from Balsa Circle! Delicate calla lilies are sure to make an excellent addition to your wedding centerpieces or home decorations. Use these flowers with individual stems to enhance any decor or attach them together to create an outstanding and sophisticated floral presentation. WHAT YOU GET:
Each order is for twenty (20) single stem calla lilies.
Total length: approx. 14 inches.
Total width: approx. 2 inches.
Flower size: approx. 4 inches long x 2 inches wide.
Stem thickness: approx. 0.40 inches.
Stem color: Green.
Material: Poly foam, wire and plastic cover.
Use individually or in bunches.
Other decorations are not included.
Upon arrival, we recommend removing the flowers from the packaging and allowing them to expand. We also recommend steaming the flowers, so that they fluff up and take their full form.

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JZK® Foam yellow calla lily small artificial flowers for crafts favour box gift box card making embellishment decoration for wedding birthday Christmas party: .

How to Use Floral Foam

Other Products: Green Card Stock : Green Bazzill, A4 Crafters Companion Pearla Hint of Gold 300 gm. Inks and colouring mediums: Pan-Pastels: 24703 violet Shade, 22505-Dairylide Yellow, 26603-Chrom.OX Green Shade, 26083-Bright Yellow Green. StazOn: Royal Purple, Black Copic marker 100. Other: Paper distressing tool, Scissors, Ruler, Double sided Tape, Paper distressing tool, Needle and gold thread, Paper piercer, Pricking mat, Green organza ribbon, Misti stamping tool, Scrap paper, Paper clips, VersaMark, Hot glue gun, Photo.

For more tips on creating with the foam paper & stamens, watch the tutorial at

Instructions: The finished size of this slider card is 8 1/4” x 7” (21 cm x 17.8 cm ) Taking the A4 card stock, make the card base. 

Visit HERE to see a detailed photo tutorial and instructions on how to make the card base. 

For the card front, take the green card-stock, cut this to 6 3/4” x 5 1/2 “ (17 cm x 13.8 cm ) Find the orange and the world map design papers in the paper collection. From the orange paper cut 8 1/4 “ x 7 “ ( 21 cm x 17.8 cm ) for the background and 8 1/4 “ x 2” (21 cm x 6 cm ) for the card foot, cut also to fit the slider stop. From the world map paper cut a little smaller than the green card stock. Ravel both the design paper edges with the paper-distressing tool.  

The world map design paper card front has embroidered hearts in the curved flying line. To do this, sketch on to a piece of scrap paper cut to the same size. Secure the two papers together with the paper clips. Taking the pricking tool and pricking mat, make holes for the backstitch embroidery on the drawn line.  Embroider this with the gold thread. Adhere the papers and cardstock together as shown in the tutorial.  

Find the airplane in the paper collection and die cut this. Using the misti stamping tool, stamp the image with the gold embossing powder. Cut x 4 extra of the airplane from the white cardstock, adhere together to make a chipboard embellishment. 

Taking the circle dies, green cardstock, the world map design paper from the collection and the photo make the circles. The green card-stock size is the 4th of the Small circles set, cut x 4 extra from the white card-stock as backing. The world map design paper is cut from the 5th circle of the large die set. Cut x 4 extra from the white card-stock for backing. The photo is cut from the 3rd circle die from the same set. Cut extra circles for the photo if needed. The photo is adhered to the circles with the 3d foam double dots. The circles are adhered with dries clear adhesive to the card front. 

For the sentiment circles, stamp the sentiment with VersaMark and heat set with gold embossing powder onto the world map design paper, cut a circle to fit from the die sets. From green cardstock, cut a matting circle a little larger. Adhere these together. Trim to fit in against the larger circles, adhere in place. Adhere the airplane to the card front in line with the embroidered flying line. 

Make 3 triple bows from the organza ribbon. Taking a bow, fold it back on it self and secure this with the hot glue gun. Do this for 2 bows. The third bow. Put aside for the slider stop at the top of the card. 

To make the Art Foam Paper flowers and leaves, use the StazOn inks for stamping, as this will be permanent. Cut the flowers and leaves with the coordinating dies. Use the green Pan-pastels to colour the leaves and the Violet and yellow to colour the lilies and small flowers. Use the Heat It Craft Tool to bring heat onto the Art Foam Paper flower shapes. While still warm, shape with the flower shaping tools and your fingers. You will need to do this to one flower petal layer at a time and try to work quickly as to utilize the heat. Stack the flower petals then pierce a hole in the flower centre ready for the stamens. 

The stamen colours used for these flowers are black and yellow from the Assorted Pearl-medium  collection. Fold the stamens back on them selves then thread them through the flower hole. Once the stamens are in place, secure with the hot glue gun, this will also secure the flower layers together. Trim the excess stamen at the back of the flower away. 

Arrange the ribbon, flowers and leaves around the circles. Adhere the bow to the card slider stop at the top of the card then adhere the lilies and leaves to finish the card.

how to make lilies out of craft foam

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: How to Make a Gum Paste Stargazer Lily

For our July Member Make, we are going to craft our first-ever crepe paper water lily! Reach out to me and others in our crafting community if you need some.

how to make lilies out of craft foam
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