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September 26, 2018 Family Restaurants 4 comments

Reed’s having a bad day: her spaceship crashed, she’s one of three survivors, and the other two won’t stop hitting on her. Unfortunately for her, she’s beautiful, which means that they’re immediately enamoured with her; unfortunately for them, she’s gay, which means the feeling is definitely not mutual. Her life is a constant hellish stream of corny pick-up lines and work for the colony.

RimWorld is a scifi colony management sim that seems to effortlessly weave dynamic stories around the player’s attempts to survive on an often harsh alien world, but when it comes to sexuality, romance and gender, it tells variations on this one story far too often. We dug into the code to find out why that is.

Returning to Reed, we can see that the pick-up lines don’t get her down. She receives no penalty to her mood for being barraged by come-ons. But the two men, Rob and Boots, feel differently. They have a near-permanent mood and relationship penalty for Reed, because they keep asking her out, and keep getting rebuffed. But it’s not really their fault – Rob and Boots can’t stop hitting on her because they’re men, and because she’s just so gosh-darned pretty. More precisely, that’s how they’ve been programmed.

The eerie thing is, remove the bit about the crashed spaceship and this scenario mirrors a common narrative about romance, sexuality, and relationships between men and women. It is not at all uncommon to hear stories, in media and in real life, of how men ‘just can’t help themselves’ around beautiful women, and to hear how devastating it is for men to be rejected by the women to whom they are attracted. Setting aside the truth of those stories, and how demeaning they are to men and women both, why is this the story that RimWorld tells about relationships? In order to get to the heart of the situation, I unpacked the latest publicly-available build of RimWorld to see how romantic interactions are determined. For the sake of non-coders among us, longer sections are presented in pseudocode that tells you what it does, without requiring you to be fluent in C#.

To be clear, the anecdote I’ve described above is not a unique scenario in RimWorld. The current top-rated post of all time on the RimWorld subreddit is a user asking for “strategies to deal with attractive lesbians”. Additionally, an earlier decompilation of the game, summarizing how RimWorld models romantic behaviour, was a pretty good indicator that the answer to Reed’s dilemma lay somewhere in the game’s source code.

So why were Reed’s fellow survivors constantly hitting on her? The answer lies, partially, in how romance attempts are calculated differently for male and female “pawns”, the game’s term for all the colonists you control. All pawns start out with a base chance of turning any social interaction into a romance attempt, and a minimum threshold of attractiveness and positive opinion for this to happen. In other words, you have to actually like someone and find them attractive in order to try to start a romantic relationship with them. Things become interesting when the random chance of initiation comes in.

// Change chance of initiation based on gender of initiator if(me.gender == male) { // no change initiation-chance = initiation-chance * 100%; } if(me.gender == female) { // initiation chance is 12.5% of what it would be Initiation-chance = initiation-chance * 12.5% }

In other words, female pawns are about eight times less likely to try and start a romantic relationship. Granted, this is not the only factor – other elements include presence or absence of an existing romantic partner, and how they feel about said partner. However, this single check on gender has such a profound effect that it makes female-initiated romance attempts incredibly rare. Notice that neither a history of rebuffals nor the presence of the “gay” trait in the recipient are factored in, which would explain why they won’t stop. This behaviour is one-way, though. Reed doesn’t hit on them, not because she’s female, but because she finds them unattractive.

So how is attractiveness actually calculated? For both male and female pawns, attractiveness rests on a few variables: the genders of the initiator and the recipient, the sexual orientation of the initiator, the beauty of the recipient, age, and physical ability.

Before going into gender-specific differences, let’s first look at some universal variables..

else if(me.gender == female) {

if(me.orientation == gay and them.gender == male) { // zero attractiveness, no matter what return 0.0; } // And for non-gay women if(me.orientation == straight and them.gender == female) { // Only 15% as strong as it would otherwise be attractiveness = attractiveness * 15%; }

There are no straight women in RimWorld, as in, there are no women only attracted to men. Instead, every single non-gay woman in the game has some chance of being attracted to another woman. As for the men, it works a little differently.

float calculate_attractiveness(Pawn me, Pawn them) { float attractiveness = 0.0; if(me.gender == male) { // Enforce sexual orientation for male pawns if(me.orientation == gay and them.gender == female) { // zero attractiveness, no matter what return 0.0; } if(me.orientation == straight and them.gender == male) { // zero attractiveness, no matter what return 0.0; }

Notice that there’s only two possible orientations for men, gay or straight. In RimWorld, there are no bisexual men, only gay or straight men; there are no straight women, only gay or bisexual women.

Lastly, we move on to the most complicated part of this, age-based attraction. These are hard to visualize just by reading the code, so here they are in diagram form.

In RimWorld, male pawns will always find pawns between 20 and their own age attractive. If the male pawn in question is under 20, that doesn’t make a difference – because it’ll check the “lower” bound first, they’re guaranteed to find a 20-year-old attractive. This explains why Rob (age 32) and Boots (age 17) keep trying to ask out Reed (age 23). But, since the same code doesn’t check for relative age, 17-year-old Boots wouldn’t actually find a fellow 17-year-old teenager all that attractive. There’s also a minimum age for attraction, 16 years old, and a maximum age, any pawn 15 years older than themselves. So in this case, Boots wouldn’t find any woman over the age of 32, or any woman under age 16, attractive.

On the other hand, women overwhelmingly prefer partners older than them. And, unlike for men, there’s no firm cutoff for pawns that are “too old”: even pawns 40 years older than the woman in question have a chance of being perceived as attractive. Contrast this to the calculation for men, where pawns 15 years older than them have absolutely no chance.

In summary:

  • Men are about eight times as likely as women to try and start a romance.
  • Pawns with disabilities will always be found less attractive.
  • Beautiful pawns are always considered vastly more attractive; ugly pawns, vastly less. Physical beauty is the only trait that governs attractiveness, aside from sexual orientation.
  • Straight men always find men unattractive. Gay men always find women unattractive. There are no bisexual men.
  • Women may find women attractive. Gay women always find men unattractive. There are only bisexual or gay women.
  • All men consider partners aged 20 to their own age most attractive. If they’re under 20, they’ll find pawns 20 or over most attractive, with no regard for pawns that are a similar age to them.
  • All women consider partners the same age and older most attractive. Partners slightly younger than themselves are very unattractive, and partners that are 10 years younger than them are always considered unattractive.
  • All men consider any pawn 15 years older than themselves to be unattractive.
  • There is no “old age” cutoff for women. No matter how much older a partner is, women have some chance of finding them attractive.

Now, RimWorld is not finished. It’s a game that’s still under constant development, and so this relationship system might well continue to develop and change. On top of that, the various numbers thrown into these governing formulae might well be there because of a late night, or as placeholders, or just to try and make the systems work. In other words, there might not be any specific commentary on or interpretation of gender roles behind this, malicious or otherwise. Any game system that tries to represent or model complicated real-world scenarios necessarily has to make abstractions and sacrifices, and human relationships might be one of the most complicated things you could possibly portray.

But we are not analyzing RimWorld on the basis of what it might be in the future. The question we’re asking is, “what are the stories that RimWorld is already telling?” Yes, making a game is a lot of work, and maybe these numbers were just thrown in without too much thought as to how they’d influence the game. But what kind of system is being designed, that in order to ‘just make it work’, you wind up with a system where there will never be bisexual men? Or where all women, across the board, are eight times less likely to initiate romance?

On top of that, what RimWorld doesn’t model is as important as what it does. Remember how constantly being hit on and rebuffing people doesn’t lead to a mood penalty, only a reduced opinion of the person pursuing? In daily life, the feeling of having to constantly turn people down is not a nice feeling. But these negative feelings are only reflected mechanically for those being rejected, and because of the way romance initiation is handled, you end up having to cater for the sad rejected men, rather than the women who are always having to turn away these unwanted encounters.

We could label that behaviour a bug, perhaps. But those are just the surface symptoms. Those are the easily-noticed, in-game consequences of a system whose base structure has literally encoded assumptions about how men and women operate. Now, representation is a tricky subject, and we will probably never create a perfect model of romantic behaviour.

But the problem with this model isn’t that it’s flawed. It’s that it’s flawed in a way that perfectly mirrors existing sexist expectations of romance, with such specificity that it is hard to view it as unintentional . And if it is unintentional it is on us to ask what this system is trying to show. What are the possibilities that it allows? What is RimWorld setting as the boundaries of possibility?

Decompiling the source code provides a very clear look at how these gender differences were written into the game. However, it’s not something that’s intuitive to grasp just by playing the game. At the same time, this is a system that has an enormous impact on how you play, because one of the key challenges in RimWorld is keeping your colonists happy. Code is never neutral. All of these coded structures push a particular scenario over others, and most of the time this is fairly benign. However, this does not mean that it should escape scrutiny, because we can end up uncritically coding in harmful assumptions, which ultimately means we are constraining what our games could be while also alienating other players.

As for Reed, things have gotten a little better. Other women have joined the colony, and one of them, nineteen-year-old Roughchild, has gotten engaged to Rob. Reed’s on better terms with Rob, now that he’s spending time with his fiancee instead of constantly trying to get with her. Everyone still adores her, of course, because she’s beautiful; everyone still talks to her, and Boots is still making passes at her. But the feeling is never mutual.

Editor’s note: The developer was contacted for interview as part of this article, but declined to take part unless we ceded editorial control over the publishing of that interview. We do not cede editorial control to developers or interview subjects and so no interview took place. The developer has left a response below in the comments and here on Reddit. We stand by the accuracy of the article entirely.

Nearly 5 years ago I backed an interesting looking colony sim called Rimworld. When I started playing a couple of months later I found it was… alright. Ugly, a bit clunky and prone to the same AI issues that most tycoon games run into. I let it be.

But two years ago, I decided to dive into it again after coming across an old sendowl code in an abandoned hotmail inbox. Now I’m 200 hours down on the Steam version alone, and I just can’t stop.

Last month I just put my latest colony to rest after we failed to stop an orc invasion and our food stores had been burnt down, leaving the crippled survivors to starve in the harsh winter. I could have tried to travel across the new world map and tried to raid a nearby ape tribe, maybe steal their food and settle again but it was no use. Better to let them die with dignity. The dying were frozen, hopefully to be saved by those more able than us.

While the developer’s work has brought Rimworld along in leaps and bounds, I can say without a doubt that it’s thanks to the plethora of mods that I’ve fallen this deep into the rabbit hole. From full overhauls like Medieval Times to quality of life changes like Research Pal, mods are what makes Rimworld so full of potential.

So if you’re late to the party and aren’t sure what mods you’ll need then you’re in luck, here are the mods I can’t play without.

First up, How To Mod:

Rimworld can be a bit strict on how it deals with mods and if it detects a nasty clash it’ll unload all of them so keep yourself right with these handy tips.

Some of these mods require HugsLib which is a community code library and any mod that serves as groundwork (HugsLib, JecsTools, Misc Core) should be at the top of your load order so dependent mods can read from it.

Any mod that reads from other mods should go low on the load order to make sure they can get all the information they need. Hospitality, for example, takes faction mods into account and should be low on the list to prevent clashes.

Thankfully Tynan has said that the way mods are handled will be changed in the upcoming 1.0 release. 

The mods you Need:

EdB Prepare Carefullyby edbmods (Link)

If you’re new to Rimworld, play at least one save without Prepare Carefully, just to get a feel of what the ineffable dev Tynan Sylvester intended. Then, after you’ve been suitably dragged through the mud, get this mod.

Prepare Carefully allows you to tweak everything about your colonists from their appearance to their names, stats, traits, and equipment before giving you a nicely laid out menu for you to pick your starting resources from. It removes the points limit the base game uses to ensure a fair loadout so have some sense in what you choose. A dozen max level colonists armed to the teeth with laser weapons can be fun but it gets old fast.

Colony Managerby Fluffy (Link)

Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t recommended this before as it’s a huge improvement. With the manager you can take out the micromanagement of manually designating hunting and wood cutting jobs. All you need to do is designate how much wood and meat you want to have stored and your colonists will try to keep it as close to that as possible. The manager also helps with herds, letting you set up auto-butchering, designate areas to keep predators away, as well as taming and training to your specifications.

Seriously, this is an important one if you want a smoother colony. In fact, check out most of Fluffy’s work to make the micromanagement easier.

Hospitalityby Orion (Link)

One of my biggest gripes with the base game - that has been addressed somewhat in alpha 18 - was that visitors had very little purpose. They would wander into your map, stay around for a little while (usually in front of the turrets or out in the rain) and then wander off home. Occasionally traders would come but they were few and far between.

Hospitality fixes this by giving you the ability to build guest rooms, to tell guests where they can and can’t go, to designate items in an area as buyable, and to improve (or damage) your relation with a faction by having someone dote upon them. It adds a lot of options like opening a hotel where you serve colony brewed beer or having a nice human trafficking ring going on.

Tech Advancingby GHXX (Link)

One of my biggest gripes with Rimworld is that for the life of me I can’t work out how to get my tech level to advance. Seems I’m not the only one either as modder GHXX has put together a handy little mod that advances your tech based on what you’ve researched.

Once one of the two Conditions(either A or B) is fulfilled:

Condition A: If you researched all projects of techlevel X and below, then the techlevel rises to X+1

Condition B: If you researched more than 50% of the projects with the techlevel Y, then the techlevel rises to Y

Nice and simple and strangely absent from the base game.

Dubs Bad Hygieneby Dubs (Link)

I like my tycoon games to feel realistic and while Rimworld goes in depth with moods and needs, it neglects one of the most basic needs: hygiene. I was more than unreasonably excited when Dubs Bad Hygiene released as it made my bases more believable.

Toilets, showers, sinks, baths, waste processing plants, sewage, and pipe systems are all added as well as the hygiene and bladder needs. And of course, the more opulent a bathroom, the happier your colonists will be.

Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansionby Rah (Link)

Slightly less important in B19, RBSE has been a staple of the Rimworld modding community as it allows for the creation of prosthetics, bionics, and advanced bionics, synthetic organs, and brain implants.

It also changes how organ implants work, allows for bone repairing, and adds a whole slew of changes across the board. There are two versions available, LITE and Hardcore which both use different costs for the various craftables.

Do not use with expanded prosthetics and organ engineering.

Mod Managerby Fluffy (Link)

Modding can be a massive headache, doubly so if you don’t have the right tools. Thankfully Fluffy provides again with a mod manager that is reminiscent of the Nexus Mod Manager.

It’s mostly painless and allows for much easier list organising, mod list saving, and (most importantly) allows you to store local copies of your mods. Less of an issue now that 1.0 is out, but still useful if you want to ensure the safety of your long playthroughs.

Some Quality of Life mods:

Colour Coded Moodsby PorqueNoLosDos (Link)

While Tynan, blessed be he, has done a lot to improve the moods and how easy they are to tell, this little mod makes it just a little easier.

Normally your colonists have a bar behind them that will lower as their mood sours, this changes the colour of the bar depending on how low it goes. Green for happy, yellow for meh, red for sad. Simple.

Common Sense Mod by Avil (Link)

Y’know that frustrating moment in tycoon games where you design a beautifully laid out base/theme park/hospital only to watch the AI clumsily route itself through the gardens/fridge/minefield? Well, Common Sense aims to fix that by making your colonists just a bit smarter.

From cleaning their workstations and rooms before working or sleeping, getting their outdoors fix during recreation, and just generally handling a bunch of things better, this is definitely one for the bigger colonies.

Dubs Break Mod by Dubwise (Link)

A micromod that, for someone who sorta sucks at Rimworld, removes a painful niggle. Usually colonists will have extreme breaks if they’ve got a bunch of little problems (ate without a table, small room, tattered clothing) and haul off to go murder their friends and family. Not the most realistic thing in the world (though I’m sure a lot of us can sympathise) so Dub’s Break Mod necessitates at least one -20 mood thought to cause an extreme break.

Replace Stuffby uuugggg (Link)

Rimworld doesn’t have a replace or upgrade command by default which can make upgrading your perimeter wall a dangerous task. Either you break it down and replace it as you go, build it one block further out or closer in, or you stick with the wooden wall until it gets destroyed and your last colonist is cut into mince meat by a scyther.

Replace Stuff allows you to upgrade walls and items by placing objects of a different type over them. Then, much like placing a floor over a tree, your colonists will break them down and build over them. Handy.

Realistic Roomsby Crisniper (Link)

The default Rimworld scenario has you control three colonists that crashland on a namesake rimworld, some distant wild planet. Then they have the cheek to get upset about not eating at a table and about having a small room and having to wear Kyle as a hat because we’re freezing to death and he was incapable of hauling. Snobs.

Realistic Rooms reduces the size requirements for bedrooms to something a bit more manageable which just makes things much nicer.

Research Palby Charlotte (Link)

The research tab has always been a bit finicky, especially once you start adding research from mods to it. Sometimes certain mod research can cluster together on the vanilla tree, making it very difficult to follow.

Thankfully Research Pal clears the table up and takes some lessons from recent Civilisation games, allowing you to choose a research and automatically queuing the necessary steps.

While You’re Upby kevlou (Link)

It’s always frustrating to watch someone walk past something you want moved. Doubly so when they then have to track all the way back to pick it up, wasting even more time. Thankfully there’s a mod for that (which is a phrase I love).

While You’re Up makes colonists check to see if they can haul anything while they’re heading to their current job. So a cook passing some crashed meals will pick them up and take them to the freezer first. Remember, time saved means lives saved.

Some mods that add Cool Stuff to the game:

Misc. Robots++by Alæstor (Link)

While it is possible to train animals to haul and hunt, the common badger finds it very difficult to cook a decent meal and Labradors make terrible surgeons. So what are we to do? Do it ourselves? Bah!

Misc Robots adds robotic helpers that come in different tiers (I - III) that specialise in certain skills and can really take the weight off your colonists. Cleaning robots are my particular favourite. A really fun mod if you prefer your game with more of a hard sci-fi flavour.

Requires Misc. Robots and Misc. Core in descending order: Core - Robots - Robots++

Save Our Ship [Reloaded]by pipakin (original by Kentington) (Link)

By far my favourite mod that had been sadly abandoned. With the final goal of Rimworld to be building a ship and escaping the planet, it’s very easy to get disheartened. The colonists you’ve seen grow so much over the past few hundred hours will escape but that’s the end of it.

Well not anymore! With Save Our Ship your next save can start with your previous colony and ship touching down on another Rimworld. The suffe-fun, the fun never ends!

You will need to build and launch a ship before you can use the mod.

Fashion Rimstaby Spoonshortage (Link)

As I said before, I played a lot of Sims when I was younger and I bought a lot of DLC so you probably saw this mod coming.

Fashion Rimsta (Fashionista, get it?) adds a bunch of new clothing options to the game, including uniforms that improve a colonist’s abilities in certain areas. Want your surgeons to look the part and work better? Scrubs. Better builders, hi-vis vests. I’d recommend mixing this with Apparello 2 for maximum customisation.

Dinosauriaby spincrus (Link)

Adding in giant carnivorous reptiles and insects may not sound like the most sensible option for the already difficult task of surviving on a Rimworld but hear me out. You can tame dinosaurs.

With art that fits perfectly with vanilla Rimworld, Dinosauria is my personal favourite expansion, even if it does make the game much harder. It’s like 2D ARK: Survival Evolved, what’s not to love?

Just, don’t expect sauropods to go down easy…

Rimsenal Seriesby rooki12k (Link)

This is actually a collection of mods but they’re at their best when used together so:

Rimsenal Core adds new weapons and armours from 4 weapon companies that each focus on different strengths (sort of like the weapon companies in the Borderlandsseries).

You need Rimsenal Core to install the others.

Rimsenal - Federation adds new energy weapons alongside a new pirate faction born from the remnants of an interstellar empire. They had powerful heat weapons, new armour tech, their own custom mechanoids, and are generally a frightening sight to see dropping in from orbit.

Rimsenal - Ferals adds even more new weapons alongside a new pirate faction. The ferals are brutal psychopaths reminiscent of the Reavers from Firefly that field twisted mutants and junk weapons.

Rimsenal - Security adds new turrets based off of the 4 weapon companies from Rimsenal Core, as well as explosive barrels and dummies to distract enemies.

The mod author has also made a custom hair pack called Rimhair, a mod that expands on the vanilla weaponry called Rimsenal - Enhanced Vanilla Pack, and a Rimsenal - Storyteller Pack that includes three new storytellers that are designed around the Rimsenal lore.

The link leads to the collection where all of these mods can be found.

New Big Stuff

With Rimworld finally stable, modders have been able to spend more time building their big projects. From Save Our Ships getting more and more complex to a plethora of mods working on compatibility, Rimworld is evolving. The two biggest ones that I want to highlight are:

Twitch Toolkitby spare some ¢ence please (Link)

If you’re a fan of Twitch streamers then this one will really excite you. By some sort of coding magic viewers are now able to earn currency by watching the stream and spend it to trigger events. Hire mercenaries for or against the streamer, spawn traders, and more as the beta mod develops.

If you are a Twitch streamer, the mod also gives you various options when interacting with your fans like letting them buy colonists or gifting them lootboxes with a random amount of coins.

The mod is currently in beta and will get more stable and have more content as it develops.

Survive Togetherby Zetrith (Link)

This mod is currently only available on GitHub but has instructions for installing.

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Multiplayer!

Survive Together allows you to play cooperatively with friends over LAN or online with direct joining or with your Steam friends. Most vanilla features are supported and you can play with mods as long as you both have the same mod list installed (though it is recommended to check the Tested Mods list to avoid any issues).

The possibilities with this one are incredible. As you can spread out into different maps and have consecutive colonies on the go (just like vanilla), you can build a proper empire with each colony headed by its own player.

All mods are compatible with 1.0, check your version before installing.

If you have any mods you think should have made the shortlist, leave them in the comments section below and maybe they’ll let me do another one of these!

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In Rimworld, players will have to micro manage many different many different aspects of the pawns to increase your colony successfully. a list of skills like Shooting, construction, Medical, Intellectual, crafting and more.

I know it’s been a few months since RimWorld was released. While version 1.0 was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews (at least according to Steam) after years in alpha and beta access, modders have run wild with adding their own personal touches to an already amazing game. Sure, the base game checks off all the boxes for a great survival strategy game:

  • Limited survivors and resources to start with – CHECK
  • Fending off the elements, rabid animals, and hostile humanoid inhabitants – CHECK
  • Building a settlement that can not only provide shelter but project influence to the surrounding area – CHECK
  • Cannibalism and organ harvesting Needing to be resourceful and recycle whatever you can to survive – TRIPLE CHECK

Even with all that, there’s plenty of modders that added even more survivalist realism with their own creations. This list of RimWorld mods is by no means exhaustive but this is a cross-section of my favorites that I’ve personally tested and enjoyed. Some of the mods are geared more towards survivalism than others, but the whole collection just seems to make for a more immersive experience.

To make things easy for you, I’ve included them in a workshop list I’ve curated so you can just subscribe to them all at once (check back every so often since I’ll try my best to keep it updated over time). But if you’re like me and enjoy curating your own mods or want a brief synopsis of what each one does, read on!

A note before you continue: the headers for each of the mods are links to the Steam workshop page so in case you’re wondering where to click… wonder no longer. I’ve also listed the workshop pages for each of the modders where applicable in case you want to check out their other work I don’t mention here.


So before we get into the good stuff, these two mods will make your life much easier — plus in some cases, HugsLib is required for other mods to run. Make sure to put these at the top of your load list in-game to avoid conflicts.

Mod Manager

Creator: Fluffy

As you could deduce by the name, the Mod Manager mod… well… manages your mods. Though RimWorld has its own mod list feature built-in, this mod makes it much easier to keep your mods organized by type, lets you create lists (maybe you like playing with multiple groups of mods that might not always play nicely together; now you can save multiple lists to swap out everything at once), and presents mod descriptions and workshop data in a clean, easy-to-read UI. Not having Mod Manager isn’t going to cause other mods to break, but it’s sure handy when you have dozens of mods and you want to make sense of your lists.


Creator: UnlimitedHugs

HugsLib is a library of shared functionality for other mods. In other words, it helps other mods play nicely with one another along with the base game. While not required of all the mods listed, it’s still a dependency for a good portion of them so make sure to download this one and set it to the top of your mod load list right after Core (that is, the base game).

Quality of Life Mods

The following are some QoL mods that simply make your gameplay experience much smoother, whether it’s beefing up the AI or cleaning up the interface.

Common Sense

Common Sense

Creator: avil

The name’s pretty straightforward: your pawns just act smarter and can prioritize tasks better. One major example (which you can see in the gif at left) is how pawns will collect all the crafting ingredients you need in one fell swoop (inventory capacity notwithstanding) rather than getting the first ingredient, drop it off, then the second, drop it off, etc. Having more efficient pawns means you can get more done in less time — a welcome benefit in a world that’s just waiting to swallow your colony hole (especially if Randy Random is watching over it).

Cut Before Building

Creator: tammybee

In the name of efficiency, this mod marks any plants or trees in the way of new construction for cutting (before, you’d have to manually order pawns to cut them down).

Draggable Corners

Creator: sparr

Rather than building walls line by line, you can drag walls into corners, making all the L-shapes you could ever want. This is super useful for lining conduits through walls or creating defensive positions in corner areas with sandbags.

Dubs Mint Menus

Dubs Mint Menus

Creator: Dubwise

This mod makes a few menus more robust, chiefly crafting and health bills, selecting plants and customizing grow zones, and building objects.

Interaction Bubbles

Creator: Jaxe

As a fan of The Sims franchise (and always curious about what my pawns are doing), the Interaction Bubbles mod makes it easier than ever to creep on your people. This is especially useful if you want more instant feedback for why certain pawns might be in a good or bad mood to help you mitigate any impending disaster or to take advantage of their elation.

Research Pal

Creator: Charlotte

Research Pal turns your technology research menu into a Civilization-esque tree, complete with colors and previews of the objects you can build or plants you can grow after you discover the technology in question.

Share The Load

Share the Load

Creator: Uuugggg

This mod allows your pawns to deliver items to a construction site simultaneously instead of one pawn being assigned to move things to that site at a time. This drastically speeds up construction and keeps your pawns from being idle.

While You’re Up

Creator: kevlou

Similar to the Common Sense mod, While You’re Up helps your pawns grab as much as they can and bring it back to the stockpile. In other words, if there’s a stack of wood next to a stack of freshly harvested corn and you tell your pawn to haul the wood, if there’s enough space in their inventory, they’ll grab as much corn as they can too since they know it’s all going back to base.

Resource and Object Mods

Not satisfied with the amount of vanilla objects? These mods will pump those rookie numbers up, no problem.

Dubs Skylights

Creator: Dubwise

Want to build an indoor garden yet don’t have the components or technology for grow lamps? You can now create skylights to let that nourishing sunlight in and give your indoor plants some much-needed photosynthesis. 

More Vanilla Turrets

Creator: Paradox

If you’re looking for more creative ways to turtle up your base, More Vanilla Turrets adds eight more lore-friendly gun emplacements to choose from including mortars and automated vulcan cannons.



Creator: Crustypeanut

Not only do you get a ton of extra food options that actually look like food, but plenty of new crops that you can process into new items to use (such as drugs, medicine, and textiles) or just to sell. You can also preserve food by drying and salting it, pickling, or canning, depending on the resources available (you need steel for the cans) and if you’ve researched the requisite technology.


Creator: Dubwise

Ever wanted to know what it feels like to take back the oil? Wonder no more as oil — along with all the means to process it into chemfuel, plastic, composites, and even napalm — is now a thing on the Rim!

VGP Vegetable Garden Collection

Creator: dismarzero

The Vegetable Garden Project (or VGP) is actually a collection of over a dozen mods that further expands on crops and goods you can process from them. Testing with RimCuisine, there doesn’t seem to be much conflict between the two though some assets might overwrite one another visually, depending on the load order. At the time of writing, they still play nicely together and give you many more options to mix and match when cooking up something tasty or valuable.

Survival and Realism Flavor Mods

I’ve saved the best for last. These are some gameplay mods that favor hardcore survival and realism, adding some extra difficulty and depth to the game. These mods can make your RimWorld game harder and more complex, but while building a colony was never meant to be an easy undertaking, it makes you value the struggle even more.

Children, School, and Learning

Creator: Dylan

Jealous that animals can reproduce yet your pawns can’t? Well, now you don’t have to be since the same code has been added to your pawns, allowing for pregnancies and children who are a mix of both parents (you can even artificially inseminate as well as create birth control drugs for more direct manipulation of your population). Though the children are born at age 15 (not the most realistic, I know, but the most feasible given the game’s current architecture), you can now teach them different skills in class until they’re 16. The higher the teacher’s intelligence, the more effective the classes and the more the students benefit.

Colony Leadership

Creators: Nandonalt; Adapted for 1.0 by McKay, [TruE] Captain Staky

This mod lets your pawns elect leaders, either the most skilled tradespeople or simply the ruler of your band of pawns. These leaders get stats boosts and can teach others to be better at those stats — a useful trait for helping your people further specialize after they’re too old to sit in school.

Crash Landing

Creator: Katavrik

If you’d prefer coming in super hot as opposed to gently touching down planetside like a delicate little daisy, Crash Landing is the mod for you. Your starting colonists will land ahead of the rest of the ship crashing down to the surface where it’s your job to then dodge the debris and grab what supplies and injured survivors you can. Depending on difficulty, your initial landing party can also be injured. If you decide on this option, remember triage: stabilize yourself before helping others lest you all bleed out.

Defensive Positions

Creator: UnlimitedHugs

You can now set default positions when drafting pawns for combat. This is super useful if you want to keep sentries posted in specific areas or want to streamline your defenses rather than having to manually re-select fighting positions every time you’re attacked.

Dubs Bad Hygiene

Dubs Bad Hygiene

Creator: Dubwise

Adds water and hygiene needs to the game. Finding clean water to bathe in and drink and figuring out ways to manage gray water and biological waste makes surviving on this strange and foreign planet even more daunting.

Facial Stuff

Creator: Killface

While the name of the mod is, indeed, Facial Stuff, the main reason I love this one is because it adds friggen hands and feet to your pawns. Now I could find a gif where I show this, but you need to try this one out for yourself and look how adorable your pawns are with their little feet. Oh, and it adds more facial features for you to choose from too.


Creator: Orion

If you ever wanted to set up a bed and breakfast, look no further, fam. More importantly, you can barter with your guests, increase relations with their factions, and even attempt to recruit them to your colony (though at a penalty to their home faction, depending on their own relationship to the original group). This gives you more options to grow your colony beyond taking prisoners and brainwashing them or just reproducing through Children, School, and Learning.

Let’s Trade

Creator: EarthyTurtle

This mod adds more trader variety to RimWorld, making caravans even more interesting. Aside from that, it also helps to ensure new items from mods show up in trade menus — though this isn’t true for all mods as there are some incompatibilities (but not with any on this list).


Creator: Charlotte

Waste not, want not. MendAndRecycle lets you repair equipment that’s falling apart or just break it down and scrap it entirely so you can use the materials for something else.

Mercer’s Backpacks

Creator: jaeger972

Beef up your pawns’ carrying capacity with custom-made backpacks.

Misc. Training

Creator: Haplo_X1

If you want your pawns to be ready for combat, before actual combat, this mod lets them train their fighting skills or just to blow off steam.

Pawns Are Capable!

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rimworld how to increase crafting skill

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There are a few ways to increase the Social skill of your colonists, but unfortunately none are as easy or direct as training other skills, like Mining, Construction, Growing, etc.

  • Neurotrainer mech serum (formerly Neurotrainers) - the quickest way to raise any skill, Social neurotrainer mech serum can instantly and permanently raise a colonist's Social skill. There's a wildcard factor here, though; not only is the serum not common (until you can craft it yourself) and expensive to buy, but you can't tell how much it will raise the relevant skill level; it could be by 1 level, or even 8 levels!

  • Socializing with prisoners - Capture prisoners and, instead of harvesting them for body parts, recruiting them into your colony, or releasing them for sport out of kindness, set their option to "Friendly Chat", instead. Then your colonists with the "Warden" work type checked will occasionally go and chat with the prisoner, raising their social level.

  • Relaxing activities - Create relaxing activity opportunities: providing your colonists with a pool table, a TV lounge, a chess board, a social gathering spot, even a single horseshoe pen will all provide opportunities for them to relax and chat with each other. Unfortunately, you cannot force your colonists to be social, so this is, like the rest of the options, not an easy method to utilize.

  • Related ways to increase Social skills that don't really apply for one reason or another:

    • Passive boosts - There are occasions where a colonist will become "inspired" for a certain time period in some skill. During this time, any work type that uses the inspired skill will be done faster and better. This skill is typically boosted either by experience gain or level.

    • Colonist selection - During pre-game setup, you have the opportunity to select a new colonist or colonists if you don't like the ones you're given by default, or if you want to min-max some of their stats. If you are really getting hurt consistently with your starting colonists' stats, use this method during configuration to make sure you start with colonists that are skilled enough to know a boomrat from a pitfall trap.

    Since playing a17 I have noticed that crafting skill is not increasing much, if at all, doing certain jobs like creating medicine and crafting blocks - some of them.

    Top 10 Tips for New Players – A RimWorld Guide

    A lot of things can go wrong in Rimworld. Get Smart with these Rimworld Tips.

    Surviving on the rim is hard. There are many things out there that will wipe your colony if given the chance. But, if you’re paying attention, it is viable to reduce risks and greatly increase the survivability and viability of your population. Making everything sustainable can be challenge though, after all, the game is designed in such a way to make drama happen at every turn.

    So here we’ll look at some tips that can help you get started, in case your colonies are failing a little too much.

    Choosing your starting site:

    Planet generation screen.

    • First thing you gotta do is choose where to land on your planet. If you click on a hex on the map, you can find some information about them. The two most important aspects are the temperature and the growing seasons.
    • It helps to have some natural barriers to stop raiders at the beginning. To take advantage of that, Large Hills have a balance between having those barriers and keeping your base out of the mountains.
    • Rivers are a plus, since you can use them both for defense and power generation.
    • Don’t settle too close to other colonies. Whether they’re friendly or not, being too close will cause your relationship with them to constantly deteriorate. Lower relationships means less trading and more attacks.

    Choosing your colonists:

    Colonist generation screen.

    • When choosing colonists, you should try to get a balanced team. Although the game allows you to randomize them, they have a point system to balance their pros and cons. Therefore you will hardly ever have a perfect colonist.
    • Always check the health tab before choosing. You don’t want a colonist with a high shooting skill and cataract or a crafter missing a hand. Scars can also be a problem, because they will give your character an almost permanent mood debuff.
    • The most important skills for starting are, in this order: Growing, Shooting, Construction, Crafting, Mining and Intellectual. Cooking and Medicine are also important, but there are ways to get around these.
    • Avoid colonists who are unable to do certain jobs. People who don’t haul or don’t care for the injured are bound to give you a headache.
    • Always check the traits. See if they are good or bad and worth your time. Sometimes bad traits can be managed, but sometimes that’s a little harder. Pyromaniacs, for example, will set fire to your base from time to time. So unless you’re having a barbecue, you should probably avoid them.
    • Colonists with lower skills but very good traits are better for the long run, but will make things harder at the beginning.

    Getting more people:

    • It might seem at first that you want as many people as you can, but it might be better to reject people sometimes. Don’t be afraid to do that. More people means you’ll need more food and resources, and if they don’t pull their weight that could be a problem.
    • When raiders are downed and not killed, you can capture them for recruitment purposes. Always pause the game and check if they’re worth your time before doing it. An unwanted prisoner might not be worth your time and resources. Leaving a raider to die has no implication on the mood of the colony, but letting a prisoner die does.
    • If you really want to capture a raider and make sure you won’t kill them, use blunt weapons, like clubs, maces, fists or even melee attacking with guns.
    • Unless you really need extra hands, people who are being chased and call you asking for asylum might not be a great plan. They give you a bit of information about themselves, but you won’t know details about their skills and traits. So it’s sometimes not a gamble worth taking.
    • People will drop from pods sometimes. They will be hurt and need medical attention. Again, check their stats and see if they’re worth your time. If they belong to a different faction, they’ll likely not join you, so if you really want them it’s better to capture instead of rescuing. However this will make your relationship with that faction go down. If you rescue someone from another faction and let them go after they’re healed, your relationship with that faction will get a boost.


    A little thriving Colony.

    • Starting the game using structures made of wood is a good plan. They’re cheap, easy to come by and fast to place. Just remember to replace them later, since they’re very flammable and not very strong against attackers.
    • A lot of resources like food, components and clothing will deteriorate when left outside. If you have some storage space inside, prioritize the perishables. Resources like steel, gold and stone will not deteriorate outside.
    • A quick and cheap structure to store materials and food can be made with a 9x9 roof and a wooden or steel wall in the middle. It’ll only take 5 resources to build since roofs don’t cost anything and it’ll be a good enough starter storage. You can add a couple of  walls on the corners to make it safer from roof collapse. Resources deteriorate from being unroofed and outside, so putting a roof over them removes at least one of these penalties. Remember to upgrade it once the colony gets going.
    • Diversify your power production. It’s good to have different sources of power in case something happens to one of them. Night and eclipses will halt your solar panel production and wind turbines are not constant. Watermills and Geothermal generators are more reliable but they need to be place in specific locations and might break.
    • Avoid batteries if you can help it. They’re a great way of keeping you from having power issues, but if they’re overcharged they might cause a short circuit explosion. You might need them eventually though, so try to install switches to avoid overcharging.
    • In very cold biomes you can use geysers to heat up your colony. They are a constant source of heat, even during solar flares, and can be the difference between surviving and dying in the early-game.
    • Run your conduits through the walls so they don’t hurt the aesthetic of the rooms.
    • Carving a base out of a mountain is viable and gives you security from raids, but it takes a long time and will make you open to the possibility of insect infestations and these are quite difficult to deal with.
    • Diversify your defenses. Sometimes enemies will try to get around them or maybe the circumstances will keep them from working. Use traps, lay down different kinds of turrets, and build cover for your colonists.
    • Giving individual rooms to your colonists is a must, since it gives them a mood buff. Don’t make them too small though. 4x4 rooms are good enough if you’re short on space, but if you make them a 6x6 good-looking room, the bonus will be even better.
    • Nutrient Paste Dispensers are great ways of making the best out of your food. Colonists don’t really like it, and it will give them a mood penalty, but they make your food use more efficient, will never cause food poisoning and won’t take your colonists’ time for cooking. They require power, so it might be a good idea to have some nutrient paste meals stored in your freezer in case a solar flare happens.
    • Be careful with hoarding resources. Everything you add to your base, like structures, crops, stored resources and people will increase the wealth of your colony. With increased wealth, come harder and stronger raids.

    Colony management:

    • Assigning work priorities is essential. You should always set firefight, patient and bed rest to 1. The other priorities need to be done based on your needs and your colonists’ skills. This might be a bit boring at first, but it reduces the need to micromanage everything later.
    • Try to keep a good amount of components on hand, even if you need to buy them from traders. Electronic devices will break once in a while and need components replaced. If you don’t have any and an essential piece of equipment stops working, you’ll be in trouble.
    • Also try to keep a good amount of stone bricks for building. Having some extra in hand might really make a difference when building quick defenses or repairing broken walls.
    • If you don’t want to think about your crops too much, go with potatoes. They’re balanced in production and time taken to be harvested. If you can grow crops all year long though and are not in a rush to get food, corn is the one to go with. Rice is good for when you need food quickly, since it grows really fast, but the amount produced is quite low.
    • Pay attention to the map temperature at all times. If your crops are not fully grown, colonists will not harvest them automatically, but you can still give them the order to do so if you think the plants will die because of the temperature.
    • Always keep a stock of extra clothes in case you need it. Clothes worn by colonists deteriorate over time and will give them a mood debuff when they’re below 50% quality. In the beginning, go with whatever fabric or leather you can get your hands on, but as you progress, try to make clothes better suited for your situation.
    • Remember to check your colonists’ moods so they’re not prone to having mental breaks. Try to satisfy their demands to the best of your abilities. You can keep recreational drugs around in case an unexpected event lowers their mood too much.
    • Sometimes animals will self-tame. When that happens, check how useful that animal is and if your colony has enough food to keep them. Most are not worth the trouble and you’re better off using them for food.
    • Animals can be used to ease the amount of work in your colony. They can be trained to haul resources to your stockpiles and although they won’t do it as soon as they can, they can really help colonies with lower population and abundant food. Just remember that as of 1.0, trained animals require maintenance, so too many might be more work than they’re worth.


    Mechanoid attack wiping a colony.

    • If your enemies have ranged attacks, cover is your friend. It makes your colonists harder to hit, be them trees, walls or rocks. Of course walls are better covers usually. It also helps to take the cover away from enemies when you can, like chopping trees from possible battlegrounds or shooting them while they’re crossing a river.
    • Checking your guns’ stats is a good way to see what they’re good for. This way you can know their range, damage and shooting speed.
    • Against melee attackers, it’s a good plan to keep moving. Before doing that, compare their move speed with your colonists’ to make sure you can outrun them. If they’re faster than you, try to slow them down with some leg shots.
    • Check your foes stats and try to take out their better trained and better equipped units first. Be careful with grenadiers and snipers specially.
    • Dress your colonists to kill, I mean, survive! Good amour will greatly reduce and sometimes even negate damage. Give shield belts to your melee users so they don’t have to worry about being shot.
    • In case a manhunter pack of animals bigger than you can handle comes to your colony, it’s possible to keep your colonists safe by placing them inside structures until the pack is gone or falls asleep. It’s a bit boring and eating/sleeping might be a problem depending on how your colony is built, but it’s better than losing all your progress because of 46 blood-thirsty chinchillas.
    • When attacking enemy outposts, you can take out their turrets by shooting their power source or conduits from a range they can’t reach. This way you can also uninstall them and take them home with you after you’re done!
    • If a colonist or raider you want to capture is very hurt and will die before you can take them to a hospital bed, you can quickly lay down a sleeping spot and set it for medical to give them first-aid before they bleed out. After that, just delete the spot and try to rescue them again so they’re taken to a proper bed.
    • Mechanoids are difficult to fight against, but with well placed traps and colonists, you can take them down from a distance before they can do any real damage. Range and traps are the best choices, but you can also use EMP grenades and other guns to do the work. Remember to disassemble the mechanoids at a machining table for some extra goodies.

    Dealing with Disaster:

    • Beavers! They might not seem like a lot of trouble at first, but they will eat all the trees on the map fairly quickly. You should send at least two colonists to deal with them. By dealing with them, I mean shooting. They might turn manhunter and attack you colonists though, so be careful.
    • A Blight will sometimes emerge on your crops, making the affected plants not produce any food. They will also spread if not taken care of, so you should have them removed as soon as possible.
    • Cold Snaps and Heat Waves will make your region significantly colder or hotter respectively. It is usually a good idea to harvest your crops and turn the heater or cooler up. Also, try to keep the temperature in your freezer controlled so the food doesn’t spoil. If it’s too bad, use fires and passive coolers inside your base as temporary solutions.
    • If a fire breaks out inside a structure, the first thing to do is open the doors to the outside, so the heat escapes. You don’t want your firefighters passing out inside a burning room due to a heat stroke.
    • Always have some medicine stored in case a disease breaks out. They usually affect several colonists and prisoners and can be fatal. Have them take it slow if they get sick and try to keep them comfortable and treated.
    • Prisoners will sometimes find a way to escape. For this reason, you shouldn’t keep weapons or clothing close to your prison, because they will go for them if given the chance. You can capture them again if you knock them out.
    • Psychic drones will sometimes affect your colonists in both good and bad ways. Usually people from one specific gender will be affected by it and get a temporary mood boost or penalty. You can use drugs like beer to keep their mood higher during these events.
    • Solar Flares will keep all your electrical devices from working. This includes temperature control, turrets and hydroponic basins. It doesn’t last long and it’s usually not a big deal, but it can really harm your colony if it happens during a raid or a cold snap. Also, harvest those crops from your hydroponics ASAP!
    • Volcanic Winters will obscure the sun and make solar panels produce less power and plants grow much slower, sometimes not at all. It’s not a big deal if you’ve set up an inside food production and diversified your power generation as well. But this event is a real colony killer, since it might last for over a year. There’s not much to do about it besides being prepared in case it happens.
    • Toxic Fallouts are another pain in the butt. They will make every unroofed living thing build-up toxicity until it dies. If the living things are your colonists they might actually develop dementia or a carcinoma. All you need to do is keep your colonists indoors and greatly reduce their time outside. Make sure your animals stay inside too. These can last a few days to two months, so similarly to Volcanic Winters, do your best to be prepared.

    These will get you started quite nicely. Remember that the keys to surviving Rimworld are understanding the mechanics, anticipating problems and being prepared. These will take time and experience, so don’t worry too much if your colony doesn’t make it too far.

    You can always correct your mistakes in a new one and make it even better.

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    rimworld how to increase crafting skill

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    rimworld how to increase crafting skill
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